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  1. UncleCreepy

    Speed limit of 40 detected, missed detecting the 70; how to tell the car it is 70?

    Sometimes I wish I could do that, but I can see why Teslas don't have this option. Sooner or later someone would accidentally use CC when they meant to use TACC, then end up in an accident and blame Tesla for it.
  2. UncleCreepy

    Age of Google Maps used by Tesla?

    The map data does not necessarily match the satellite image. The map data is updated more frequently than the satellite images. Here is an example: https://www.google.ca/maps/@45.0273255,-74.8962642,17.87z The intersection became a roundabout a few years ago. The map data correctly shows a...
  3. UncleCreepy

    Heated Steering Wheel - 3 Clicks

    I'll take your heated steering wheel if three clicks are too bothersome😁
  4. UncleCreepy

    Will AP still work if have the cabin camera covered?

    I have a 2020 Model 3 with a covered camera and AP still works with 2021.32.21.
  5. UncleCreepy

    Does the Y reduce the speed when corner is approached too fast?

    It does. Not sure how it works, but it slows down before it reaches a tight corner, so it's probably based on map data rather than an accelerometer.
  6. UncleCreepy

    Regenerative braking on icy roads

    The car dynamically adjusts regen if senses that a wheel is about to lock up (much like ABS). You can see that on an icy road the green bar is all over the place if you suddenly take your foot off the accelerator. Obviously there is no substitute for safe driving, especially in the winter, but...
  7. UncleCreepy

    Master thread: Model 3 Tires, Tire Sizes, Types, make / model recommendations, tire discussions, etc

    Same here, 45 psi cold. If in doubt, it's never wrong to stick with the car manufacturer's recommendation (which I believe is 42 psi).
  8. UncleCreepy

    What is this screen and how do I get to it

    Swipe to the right right there where the window is. It shows several trip counters, all of which are self-explaining.
  9. UncleCreepy

    Is vampire drain still a thing?

    Thanks for all the responses, that was very informative. I seem to remember that I read somewhere that the car consumes more energy if it stays plugged in after charging, even if it doesn't actually charge. I'm not sure if that's true but what @jjrandorin wrote seems to support that idea...
  10. UncleCreepy

    Is vampire drain still a thing?

    So I had to leave my car in the garage for 14 days. There was no phone with the Tesla app nearby. When I parked the car without plugging it in, the battery was at 81%. After a week I was curious to see how the battery was holding up, so I checked with the Tesla app and it still showed a SoC of...
  11. UncleCreepy

    Trans-Canada Drive

    I went from Eastern Ontario to Fernie, BC last summer and back to Eastern Ontario. All in all I drove 9,000 km in 14 days. Charging was never an issue, there are plenty of V3 superchargers along the Trans Canada highway. If you check plugshare, you'll even find hotels with destination chargers...
  12. UncleCreepy

    Gen 3 Wall Charger - Power Sharing

    What is the max amps that you guys can get from the grid? I have a 2x200 Amp service in rural Canada and I can charge both our cars at the same time, cook, bake (actually I can't cook or bake, but that's not the point) and run the dryer and the water heater at the same time without issues. Your...
  13. UncleCreepy

    What charging cables do I need?

    Actually he said "I have a 14-50 outlet installed in my garage from previous owner". Your answer is still correct though, all OP needs is the NEMA 14-50 adapter. On top of that I would probably also check the breaker and the wiring to make sure everything is sized to handle 40 Amps continuous load.
  14. UncleCreepy

    Gen 3 Wall Charger - Power Sharing

    Your answer is just two posts above yours... #32
  15. UncleCreepy

    Tesla to J1772 adapter recommendations?

    Uh-huh. Just for the sake of testing, I set my gen3 wall connector to charge only Tesla vehicles and it still charges my gf's Bolt and my motorcycle just fine. The setting doesn't do anything. This may change with a new firmware, though.
  16. UncleCreepy

    WTB Gen 2 Wall Connector with 8.5' cable

    Thanks, but unfortunately I have already made other arrangements and forgot all about this post.
  17. UncleCreepy

    Charging table - time to charge at 120/240V considering efficiency+

    You can drain the battery as low as you are comfortable with a preconditioned battery, if necessary. During a trip from Eastern Ontario to BC I frequently drained the battery to 4-6% and then enjoyed the high supercharging power (250 kW or 1666 kph or about 17 miles/minute). Never had enough...
  18. UncleCreepy

    Regen... manual driving vs TACC.

    Same here, we have a M3 and a Bolt (and an electric motorcycle that does exactly what the Bolt does when I cancel CC). Both are valid approaches, but personally I like the regen ramping up. It doesn't take long but makes the transition between CC and manual driving much smoother. In the Bolt I...
  19. UncleCreepy

    High power consumption at "start up"?

    Enev without HVAC the reading is high at the beginning and that's perfectly normal and accurate. When I pull out of my driveway and accelerate to 80 kph fast I get readings of up to ~1000 Wh/km. The reason it goes down shortly after is not that it gets more accurate over time. Truth is, I just...
  20. UncleCreepy

    Under what driving habit and condition is FSD subscription worth it to you?

    I had two FSD trials in the past. Most features are useless to me, like autopark (slow and hard on the tires) and summon (useless due to regualations here). NoA and auto lane change sounds great, but at least when I had the trial it was notoriously unreliable. It would start signaling left and...
  21. UncleCreepy

    San Lorenzo family blames Tesla Autopilot for crash that killed teen son: lawsuit

    Agreed. Let's sue the phone companies because they give us phones that have gps so they know we're moving fast and yet, they let us write text messages. Clearly it's their fault for distracting us from driving. ;)
  22. UncleCreepy

    New M3LR loud fan noise when Supercharging

    I don't know what you mean by "when adjusted for battery size". Do you mean it takes the same amount of time to charge an SR+ or an LR? That sounds about right to me. However, you get more mph with the LR and the power the car gets from the supercharger is also significantly higher in a LR (250...
  23. UncleCreepy

    When is First Scheduled Maintenance for Model 3

    Every year or 20k km. @house9 quoted this part of the manual in post #7 in this thread.
  24. UncleCreepy

    San Lorenzo family blames Tesla Autopilot for crash that killed teen son: lawsuit

    I think you're contradicting yourself here. Let's assume for a moment that AP was indeed as unpredictable as you say. Thus, the unpredictability ("frequently changing behavior"-your words) would become predictable which would cause a reasonable person to pay attention at all times (apart from...
  25. UncleCreepy

    San Lorenzo family blames Tesla Autopilot for crash that killed teen son: lawsuit

    One thing I would like to add is that due to the focal length of the cameras, the distances or speeds are not always what they appear to be. I've looked at quite a few recordings from situations I was in and it looked entirely different from the actual situation. Most notably was one situation...
  26. UncleCreepy

    San Lorenzo family blames Tesla Autopilot for crash that killed teen son: lawsuit

    Not at all, I was just observing. I'll leave the legal stuff to the parties involved (or their attourneys).
  27. UncleCreepy

    San Lorenzo family blames Tesla Autopilot for crash that killed teen son: lawsuit

    I'm surprised that nobody has mentioned yet that the pickup truck driver stepped on the brake right after he changed into the Tesla's lane.
  28. UncleCreepy

    Reasons for going with Tesla

    Mostly the supercharger network. I don't use it all that often, but it's there when I need it (went on a 6k mile road trip last summer, no problems at all). At the time I bought my car there were no real competitors out there. Either the range was mediocre, they decided to go with FWD (on an...
  29. UncleCreepy

    sub / bass cutting out?

    It's not spotify specific. I only use my phone as an audio source (via Bluetooth) and it happens there, too. Sometimes the subwoofer fails for a few seconds, sometimes all I hear is a ticking sound before the music resumes.
  30. UncleCreepy

    sub / bass cutting out?

    Both my M3s did/do that occasionally, but not often enough to bother me. It's always been there, regardless of software.
  31. UncleCreepy

    Almost new vehicle unable to start.

    Not without further information. What do you mean "did not start"? Does the screen remain dark or are you unable to put the car in gear (if so, have you tried using the key card) or can you put the car in gear but it won't drive?
  32. UncleCreepy

    Road tripping and navigation

    I guess it depends on how detailed you want your trip displayed/planned. I've never used anything other than the car nav, even on a 6000 mile road trip and never had any problems. I like to keep it simple which is why I don't use any external apps unless I need to find hotels where I can...
  33. UncleCreepy

    14-50 Receptacle

    I didn't mean to say (and I believe I didn't) that the breaker can just be swapped out. Not going into details here, NEMA 14-50 has been discussed a thousand times. The search button would've been the right starting point.
  34. UncleCreepy

    14-50 Receptacle

    It shouldn't be hooked up to a 30 Amp breaker (50 Amp is the right size), but as long as you don't ask for more than 24 Amps (80% of 30 Amps) you should be okay. If you dial in a higher charge current, the breaker will trip.
  35. UncleCreepy

    Tesla Wall Connector Charging Non-Tesla Vehicles?

    That's a fair point. And you are right, obviously I'm using the North American unit.
  36. UncleCreepy

    Tesla Wall Connector Charging Non-Tesla Vehicles?

    The gen3 Wall Connector has an option in its setup menu to either charge any vehicle or Teslas only. Last time I checked, the setting didn't do anything. I set it to "Tesla only" and was still able to charge my gf's Chevy Bolt as well as my Zero SR/S motorcycle (with an adapter, of course).
  37. UncleCreepy

    Gen 3 Wall Charger - Power Sharing

    There is already a thread about that topic here: Gen 3 Wall Charger - Power Sharing Tl;dr: Power sharing on a gen3 wall connector works now after a manual firmware update.
  38. UncleCreepy

    It's A Wall Connector!!

    Wall connector? Is that the unit that runs at 220 V and can charge at up to 11.5 kWh? ;)
  39. UncleCreepy

    Gen 3 Wall Charger - Power Sharing

    I can confirm that the firmware can actually be installed now. I remember there was a firmware out there not too long ago that I tried to install, then I received the "success" message but when I rebooted the wall connector it was still on 1.4.4 (0). This time however 21.18.1 (0) is actually...
  40. UncleCreepy

    Zero SR/S

    Looks like there are a few details where Zero could have done a better job. The brake light doesn't care about deceleration from regeneration. No friction brake equals no brake light. This is pretty dangerous because the regeneration can be fairly strong. Sure, I can dial it down, but that...
  41. UncleCreepy

    V11 in ~1 hour?

    Don't know, don't care. I'll get it when it's available. Meanwhile there are better things to do than worry about updates :cool: EDIT: I see I got downvoted by another user. My apologies. There is nothing better to do than to worry about an update.
  42. UncleCreepy

    Zero SR/S

    No trailer for me. The bike came with wheels, so I'm just gonna ride it ;)
  43. UncleCreepy

    Zero SR/S

    After owning the bike for roughly 24 hours there isn't much I can say. Generally speaking the battery in a motorcycle faces different challenges than in a car. It typically doesn't have to deal with low temperatures as most people wouldn't ride their bikes in freezing temperatures. On the other...
  44. UncleCreepy

    Zero SR/S

    @Watts_Up yes, I checked a few options, especially those with DCFC. Personally I'm not a big fan of naked bikes which is why I decided against the LifeWire. The Energica is an interesting bike, too, but unfortunately they don't have a dealership here in Canada. Also I'm not sure if I ever want...
  45. UncleCreepy

    Zero SR/S

    Today was the day. I picked up my brand new Zero SR/S Premium. I'm pretty impressed with the bike so far. I don't have the extra battery just yet (hopefully next week) but I can still do around 150 km on county roads. With the extra battery it should be 25% more range. It feels totally...
  46. UncleCreepy

    Model Y: Tesla Vision - no radar drive at night

    There are a few things that occasionally make me curse, but that's probably not what you mean by "curse setting". What do you mean?
  47. UncleCreepy

    Acceleration Boost - M3P / LR - AWD

    According to this thread it is still available. https://teslamotorsclub.com/tmc/threads/model-3-lr-has-acceleration-boost-upgrade-been-discontinued-no.226717/
  48. UncleCreepy

    It's okay, it's just gas...

    https://www.cornwallseawaynews.com/2021/05/30/fatal-crash-on-hwy-138-near-cornwall/ So someone dies in a burning vehicle and we don't learn anything about the make and model? Also, no wild assumptions what kind of driver assist features the car may or may not have had? Would it be impolite to...
  49. UncleCreepy

    Model 3 gets rained on by bricks

    Has anybody noticed the "cosmetic" licence plate behind the windshield?

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