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  1. Lawsteve

    Hurricane Dorian to Florida

    Hello Fellow Florida friends. Just a polite reminder for any of you in the potential path of hurricane Dorian this weekend. Time for a 100% charge before the storm hits and power is lost. Your ICE friends will make fun of you until they realize loss of power means no power for the gas pumps to...
  2. Lawsteve

    Plantation, FL Supercharger congestion?

    I’m headed from Tampa to Fort Lauderdale for a weekend wedding. Because the wedding hotel (Marriott Harbor Beach) apparently does not have destination charging, I will need to charge at the Plantation charger over the weekend. I have not been there since they expanded to 16 stations. Before...
  3. Lawsteve

    NEMA 10-30 adapter

    My Tesla OEM 10-30 adapter (Gen 1) got fried last weekend. Replacement is no longer available on the Tesla site. Has anyone had any experience with this one: NEMA 10-30 Dryer Outlet Adapter for Tesla Model S and X Gen 1 I use the adapter quite a bit and want to get a replacement. Any thoughts?
  4. Lawsteve

    Elon - thanks for all of the FW updates - well, most of them

    Being bored during lunch, I decided to check on how many FW updates I actually have received (at least since my first report on the EV-FW site). Since my first EV-FW entry on March 31, 2015 I have received and installed 44 updates (I received 24.1 last evening). Because I purchased my first...
  5. Lawsteve

    iPhone X “garbled voice” issues resolved?

    i was one of the folks with garbled voice issues using my iPhone X over Bluetooth. I’m not sure if it is the latest iPhone IOS update (11.4), the Tesla update (2018.21.9), or both, but my phone has been working fine lately (without needing to put my Apple Watch into airplane mode). Have others...
  6. Lawsteve

    Youngest Tesla Owner?

    In Chicago visiting my grandson. He got his first Tesla while I was here! Is 4 months too early? Just think, by the time he is 16 most likely he will not need to own a car and he certainly will not need to know how to drive one.......
  7. Lawsteve

    FS - Lloyd Luxe Front Mats - Black

    Sold my 2013 P85 and replaced it with a P100D. My Classic P85 came with the crappy floor mats that were not attached by Velcro and flopped over your feet. I replaced them with the Lloyd Luxe Mats ordered through AutoAnything. Here is the info: Lloyd Mats Luxe Floor Mats They are the two...
  8. Lawsteve

    FS: Tesla Frunk Organizer Box

    I traded my "Classic" p85 at the end of last year. Unfortunately there is no place for my Tesla frunk organizer box in my new P100D. It is this item that is no longer available on the Tesla site: Tesla — Front Trunk Organizer Box I paid $125 for it. It has been in the "microwave" area of my...
  9. Lawsteve

    Farewell my "Classic" Friends

    Well I did it. My pre parking sensor, pre folding mirrors, pre everything "Classic" Red P85 is gone. Actually pretty bittersweet. But I'm excited with my new blue P100D. I guess, in honor of the USA, my next one will need to be white. Now I no longer get to ignore all of the "AP" postings...
  10. Lawsteve

    Beam me up Elon

    ok. My S P85 classic is in the garage. All four air valves are facing Fremont. I have solid wifi connection. I'm plugged into power. And my grandmother had her 100th birthday on Sunday and asked if I had 8.0 yet. I felt like I let her down when I had to say no. Please help me salvage my...
  11. Lawsteve

    Tampa to Ponte Vedra

    i need to get from Tampa to Ponte Vedra next weekend. I have a P85 (2013). Is the run from Tampa to the supercharger at St Augustine (approx 195 miles) doable if I don't drive like a maniac, or do I need to detour to Port Orange for a quick stop?
  12. Lawsteve

    Do you know your VIN?

    Back in the ancient times (for me that was 2013), we early adopters knew and were proud of the last five digits of our VIN numbers. We could recite them upon demand, and the Service Center reps knew all they needed to do was ask for the number. Our mirrors didn't fold, our bumpers didn't beep...
  13. Lawsteve

    Tesla Saturday Social - Tampa session.

    I'm signed up for the Apr 30 session. I'll be there in my old "Classic" clunker. Who else is going?
  14. Lawsteve

    Seat Belt Recall Poll

    Had mine checked today with no problem. Service Center said no other defective cars have been discovered yet. I thought it might be interesting to start a poll for those who have had their belts checked. No need for an endless thread re "Mine are good".
  15. Lawsteve

    CD ripping for use in my Model S

    I have used some ripping software for a few of my CD's to convert to FLAC for use in my P85, but do not have the time to sit and convert my entire collection of CD's (probably over 800 and less than 1000 discs). Has anyone had a good experience with any of the companies that do commercial CD...
  16. Lawsteve

    Everybody remembers their first time.......

    I'm referring to supercharging, of course. Mine was Port Orange, FL. It was my first road trip and I had extreme range anxiety regarding whether I would make it from Tampa to Port Orange on one charge. Where was your first time?
  17. Lawsteve

    Florida / Hawaii Meetup

    Hey Larry, While on a little trip to Hawaii (high school reunion), I met up with a few of our Hawaii owner counterparts. I think you need to get to work planning a joint Florida / Hawaii meetup for next year! Of course, I vote that we meet in Hawaii!
  18. Lawsteve

    Valet Mode - confusing energy reading

    Used valet mode for the first time at a charity event at the Marriott Waterside Hotel in Tampa last night. Got my car back to see the energy graph below. I've never even gotten my energy use that high myself! Of course, the manager said they were sorry, but there was nothing they could do...
  19. Lawsteve

    High kWh consumption on 6.2

    I've had 6.2 for about ten days (ver .153). During that time I have had unusually high power consumption for my daily driving around town. My typical average is around 350 or so. Since I loaded 6.2, it has been 425. i have a pre parking sensor "classic" P85 and have not been driving crazy...
  20. Lawsteve

    Warning re Ft Myers SC Directions

    Just headed south from Tampa to Marco Island. Missed the exit for the Ft Myers SC. The exit for the spot has been moved about 1/2 mile north, and the Tesla NAV map does not show the change. Look for the exit signs for Germain Arena and Alico Road. They are at least 1/2 mile north of the exit...
  21. Lawsteve

    Marco Island Charging

    I'm planning to be at a conference on Marco Island in early March. Are there any updates re charging on the island? If there is a hotel with charging, I'd like to give them my business.
  22. Lawsteve

    Need to borrow NEMA 5-20 Adaptor - Tampa or St Pete

    I'm heading up to Tallahassee this weekend and will be doing some 110 charging at the hotel where I am staying. I waited too late to order a 5-20 adaptor from Tesla. Does anyone on the Tampa / St Pete area have one they might let me borrow for the weekend? I know it only gives me one or 2 mph...
  23. Lawsteve

    West Coast FL Supercharger Opening Suggestion

    In a recent post, Larry Chanin mentioned Tesla might still be planning ribbon cutting ceremonies for Tampa, Ocala, and Lake City. It might be fun to have all three happen on the same day and coordinate a road trip convoy of Tesla's, most likely starting in Tampa, then on to Ocala, and finishing...
  24. Lawsteve

    Vero Beach, FL Charging?

    Am heading over from Tampa to Vero Beach for a wedding in early April. Plugshare shows an electric supply company with a charging station, but not sure I can access it after business hours, and I really am not sure I want to shop for electric supplies for two hours! The hotel has 110 for a small...
  25. Lawsteve

    Tampa - Sebring - Tampa

    I have some business in Sebring on Thursday. Map software says round trip is 200 miles from my office in downtown Tampa. I assume that with a large enough charge, and some relatively conservative driving, I should be able to make it in my P85, but I've never pushed the car to that limit...
  26. Lawsteve

    Welcome home Larry

    From the amount of replies I just saw on the forum, you obviously were anxious to get back to the US to make sure all of the Florida Tesla fanatics were ok. Maybe we will see you at the Dupont Registry Cars and Coffee this weekend? regards, Steve
  27. Lawsteve

    Believe it or not - a favorable Fox News Tesla story

    Tampa, Florida Fox News affiliate actually aired a favorable story on the Tesla.... Here: Test driving a Tesla, an automotive marvel - FOX 13 News
  28. Lawsteve

    Even the young "progressive" members of Reddit bash Tesla

    [Moderator: linked site contains crude language] Tesla bashing thread here: Those smug Tesla car owners : funny i elected to to not feed the swarming trolls..........
  29. Lawsteve

    Good Tesla Article in Tampa Tribune

    Here: Mullins: Tesla isns electric car
  30. Lawsteve

    My first valet parking experience

    Went to a local Tampa, Florida restaurant with valet-only parking. I pull in and the valet runs over, obviously excited to be driving a Tesla. I pointed to the parking spot in front of me and said "I will pay for valet, but I'm parking it right there myself." His response? "If I owned that...
  31. Lawsteve

    For all of you drummers still on the fence.....

    Model S - "best drum car ever" Tesla Model S - The greatest drum car ever? - YouTube
  32. Lawsteve

    Trouble re iTunes MP4a files playing on usb

    I have an 8gb Sandisk USB stick formatted FAT32. I have been trying to copy the mp4a (unprotected apple lossless format - I ripped my own cd's, not purchased from Apple). When I put the USB stick into the car, the system recognizes the album artwork and song titles, but will not play the...
  33. Lawsteve

    Opticoat Pro on MC red P85 -Tampa, Florida

    Just had my new Red P85 paint correction and Opticoat Pro application done. Turned out fantastic. Here's the video from the detailer - Garry Dean - in Tampa Florida. Has lots of info re Opticoat. As you can tell from the video, the guy is pretty into his detailing. 2013 2014 Tesla Model S...
  34. Lawsteve

    Flat Tire Repair Kit

    I own a "ContiComfortKit" that is an air pump that also has a latex injection system for a one time flat repair. Bought it for a prior car after I took off the crappy runflats. The unit is not recommended for certain types of tire pressure monitoring sensors, which would get ruined when coated...
  35. Lawsteve

    P85 Nose ground clearance

    I'm set to receive my p85 in a couple of weeks. My office parking spot is against an adjacent building, and I must be very careful to avoid hitting the building with the nose of my car. My landlord has offered to put a concrete parking curb in the front (to keep the nose of the car away from...
  36. Lawsteve

    Ford announces new SUV

    Interesting article my son just sent me: Ford Develops New SUV That Runs Purely On Gasoline | The Onion - America's Finest News Source

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