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    Random part came out of driver door bottom

    Yeah, in retrospect I wished I had tried a little harder to pull, but I thought at the time that maybe pushing it up would move it to a better position so I could pull it out. I noticed our builds are around the same time, and we both have dual motors. Maybe the same guy on the line decided he...
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    Random part came out of driver door bottom

    Same here, except mine was quite stuck in the drainage hole. I pushed it up to try to loosen it, and instead lost it, and now it's the source of a constant rattle o_O. I'd love to know what it's for as well. Everything on the door seems to work fine (so far!) EDIT: Mine also was located in the...
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    Model 3 Aero Wheels w Tires Used- $99each

    Thanks again, it was nice meeting you. Great seller and a great price!
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    HANSSHOW Trunk Liftgate v3 install

    Does anyone have pictures of where the front passenger connection is? The one in the instructions is pretty blurry.
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    Sad sad battery

    I'm actually worse off than you, so at least you're not alone! A little over 6 months of ownership, 7200 miles, range @ 100% is estimated at 289. Tired all the usual maneuvers to recalibrate, with no benefit. Just slow and steady degradation. Supposedly it plateaus at some point, but haven't...
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    Model 3 19" Sport Wheels & Tires - Low Miles - $600obo + shipping/pickup

    I'm sure you'd like to sell as a complete set, but if you ever decide to split them up, I'd be interested.
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    SMT: Nominal Full Pack tracking

    Thasnk OP, I'd love to see this kind of information gathered, mostly cause I'd like to feel a bit better about my own situation. September 2019 AWD 6300 miles Nominal Full Pack: 72.2 kWh I started tracking at around 3000 miles (December 2019), at that time nominal full pack = 74 kWh. The...
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    Range on midrange reduced to 219 miles

    Same situation here - 9/19 build, 6000 miles, 72.2 kWh nominal full pack, 295 rated miles @ 100%. So about a 5% loss in less than 6 months ownership. When I started measuring at around 3000 miles, I had 74kWh. Haven't able to budge it yet with any of the calibration techniques, and am pretty...
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    Vendor Scan My Tesla, a CANBUS reader for Android

    I posted this recently in a different thread, but I have a fairly concerning data point to contribute: LR AWD, built 9/19, currently 4100 miles, with nominal full pack = 72.7 kWh. Rated miles at 100% = 296. I started using SMT in December, at that time, nominal full pack = 74 kWh at 3000...
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    MASTER THREAD: Range Loss Over Time, What Can Be Expected, Efficiency, How to Maintain Battery Health

    Thanks for the reassurance! It's just a bummer knowing that I'm probably on the lower half (or quartile!) of the distribution, rather than the upper. As for balancing - I have seen what appears to be balancing take place watching the cell max/min values in SMT, as the cell difference value...
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    MASTER THREAD: Range Loss Over Time, What Can Be Expected, Efficiency, How to Maintain Battery Health

    I have never charged to 100%. The 295 ( it is actually 295.56) comes from TeslaFi, which I understand is an extrapolated value.
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    MASTER THREAD: Range Loss Over Time, What Can Be Expected, Efficiency, How to Maintain Battery Health

    Usually from 60% to 80% daily, or 40% to 90% over the weekends, I've done from 20 to 90% three times to try and see if the values would change (which it did not). Supercharged 4 times total, each time to 80%.
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    MASTER THREAD: Range Loss Over Time, What Can Be Expected, Efficiency, How to Maintain Battery Health

    I have a LR AWD built in 9/19, and have had seen my rated miles drop pretty steadily since getting the car, and am currently sitting around 295 miles of rated range at 100%, with 4000 miles on the odometer. To try and better understand things, I started tracking nominal full pack with Scan My...
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    Don't buy from taptes

    UPDATE: Still no floor mats from Taptes. Just to recap, ordered about two months ago (Nov 2). At last communication, TapTes still insists that they need to hear from their shipper. Tracking info they provided has still not updated since Nov 15th (6 weeks ago). I have asked for a replacement...
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    Partial PPF

    I've had the partial PPF before on previous cars, but have a full front on my 3. The partial is definitely more than adequate from a functional standpoint (protecting against chips). However, it looks fine at first, but as things age, you'll notice the line more and more as stuff inevitably gets...
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    Missing Lug Nut Cover Tool (for 19” and 20”)?

    Was missing in my car when I took delivery. Dropped by the SC, and they gave me one, although they had no idea what I was talking about and still claimed they had never seen one used even after finding the part in the back and giving it to me. The advisor told me they just pulled on the legs of...
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    Don't buy from taptes

    Same experience with TapTes here as well. Ordered the all weather mats back on Nov 2. Initially, Tina from TapTes was very responsive to my inquires about order status, responding within 24 hours (or even immediately) and provided an overseas tracking number. When that tracking number didn't...
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    [FS] Assorted Model 3 aftermarket parts (plate brackets and more)

    Hi, interested in a Bandit mount. Tried to message you, but it looks like you may have that turned off.
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    Dropping off for PPF (1st time handing over the card) - Pin to Drive

    I'd personally be most comfortable going to a place that has done a lot of work with Tesla's before. If they have, then most of what you've covered should already be known to them. That said, one thing that's not on your list is to turn off Sentry mode if you have it on. Make sure you leave a...
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    Looks like there's a bugfix already to the 2019.36 release

    Wonder what the issues were with 36.1, as it basically stopped being pushed out 1-2 days after release. Hopefully 36.2.1 addressed those issue and will stick around for a bit, as I was looking forward to receiving 36.1 when it got announced.
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    Group Buy for Power Trunk/Frunk Liftgate! (Round Two 10-23-19 to 10-27-19)

    I'm in, sent you a PM Thanks for your efforts in organizing this a second time!
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    LTE outage SF Bay Area?

    My cellular connection in my model 3 disappeared on me around noontime today while driving, and hasn't come back for the past few hours. Cell phone (which is also ATT) is working fine. Just wondering if anyone else is having issues or if it's something specific to my car. The signal bars aren't...
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    Rear camera issue

    Exactly what I was thinking - I've also noticed quite a few threads recently of rear camera issues, all of which seem to be involving the model 3. I'm having issues with my rear camera as well. However my issues involve the rear camera blacking out only at a particular location
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    MASTER THREAD: Rear view camera image goes black

    Agree that's pretty strange for your issues to be tied to a specific location as well. You'd figure that if there was an overall issue with the backup camera or whatever else downstream the camera is attached to, that the issues would not be tied to a particular location. The only factor that I...
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    MASTER THREAD: Rear view camera image goes black

    I've have my model 3 about a month, build date of 9/19. There's a strange issue that I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced. For some reason, my backup camera always blacks out in my garage at work. I've never had any issues with the camera blacking out (yet!) at any other location, but...
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    Anyone getting 2 Years Free Supercharging/Upgrades

    Wouldn't you know it, I just checked the web page again because I was hoping to use the super charger this weekend, and the free supercharging has been activated! So hopefully it means they'll start getting to some of the others waiting i this thread! However, I was hoping someone could help me...
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    Anyone getting 2 Years Free Supercharging/Upgrades

    Still waiting as well, purchased on 9/13, took delivery on 9/22
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    Tesla API access via iOS Shortcuts App

    I've only had the car a few weeks, but as far as I can tell, the car does not seem to remember charge limit settings when I switch locations. However, it does seem to remember charge amperage limit settings for each location. It would be great it this functionality was already built in where...
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    Tesla API access via iOS Shortcuts App

    So I’ve setup a workflow in the Shortcuts app in iOS that will allow me to set the charge limit to a user defined number. I haven’t previously worked with JSON, accessed an API, etc. So while the shortcut works perfectly, I would like some feedback to make sure I set things up correctly. My...
  30. IOS Charge Limit Shortcuts Page 1

    IOS Charge Limit Shortcuts Page 1

  31. IOS Charge Limit Shortcuts Page 2

    IOS Charge Limit Shortcuts Page 2

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    Anyone still rocking a Pi Zero W smart drive for TeslaCam on Sentry Mode?

    That's my understanding of the rapid flashing as well. However, it never exits the transferring phase, even after an hour or two. If I then remove the pi and reboot outside of the car, it boots no problem and enters the ready stage almost immediately. And I'm still pretty wary about why the...
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    Anyone still rocking a Pi Zero W smart drive for TeslaCam on Sentry Mode?

    I'm having reliability issues with a Pi Zero W that I was hoping to get some help fixing. The setup went without any issues, and I'm using the latest stable release (v1.3). I do have V10 installed, although the issues were still there prior to upgrading. Basically, the Pi zero will work for a...
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    TeslaMate: Yet another self-hosted data logger for your Tesla

    @addison - just go this up and running last night. Thanks so much for the putting this together!
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    PSA: check for rust at this point

    I saw the original post on reddit a few days ago. When I checked, I indeed noticed the driver's front fender touching the frame underneath, on my AWD that I had taken delivery on a few days earlier. I was able to bend the fender point back out by hand enough that there's now about a 1mm gap...
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    How do I disable the noisemaker in my Tesla Model 3

    I posted this in another thread, but figure I'd put it here as well: Male connector: 1-1718643-1 TE Connectivity | Mouser Female connector: 1-1703498-1 TE Connectivity | Mouser
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    Rattle from bumper? Check your noisemaker!

    After taking pics of the connectors, I found them available individually at Mouser: Male connector: 1-1718643-1 TE Connectivity | Mouser Female connector: 1-1703498-1 TE Connectivity | Mouser I bought a few of each since shipping's the most expensive part anyways of ordering small numbers of...
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    How do I disable the noisemaker in my Tesla Model 3

    If anyone is having issues with their Tesla external loudspeaker, I've taken the liberty of posting some pics in case the information may prove useful to someone ;) Tesla External Loudspeaker, 4 ohm, max 25 watts, Part 1299965-00-A The external loudspeaker can be accessed from the front...
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    LR AWD Waiting Room

    I was able to get my comps, but had my doubts about whether or not it would actually happen, mostly because everytime I would try to match with a P3D- (I had ordered a AWD), it would seem like they had no idea about my comps. And when I finally got the delivery text, my online invoice was still...
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    LR AWD Waiting Room

    9/13 - Ordered LR AWD MSM/Black 19" 9/20 - VIN showed up in source code 9/20 - Received text with delivery appointment 9/22 - Delivery Incentives received include paint and wheel upgrade. Delivery went better than expected, no significant issues that I could detect. One small paint nib near...
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    LR RWD Waiting Room

    That's great, glad someone was able to get one! What color/interior/wheels did you end up getting?
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    LR RWD Waiting Room

    Just curious if anyone else was able to take delivery of a LR RWD recently? The sales reps I've talked to in the San Francisco Bay Area haven't seem to be able to locate any LR RWD in inventory.
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    LR RWD Waiting Room

    It would be great if this was an indication that Tesla might begin producing the LR RWD again!
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    Model 3 LR vs. Performance

    Performance has 20" wheels, larger painted brake calipers, a rear spoiler, and possibly a different rear drive unit, as compared to the AWD.
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    LR AWD Waiting Room

    Been lurking for awhile, but placed on order today for MSM LR AWD, 19" wheels. Sales adviser that I've been stringing along for the past few weeks promised the 2 years free supercharging along with discounted color and wheels, and that delivery would likely occur before quarter end. Keeping my...

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