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  1. ai4px

    Tesla Wall Connector load sharing protocol

    I think you are thinking of RS422.... RS422 has a transmitter on one pair and RX on the other pair. RS485 is semi-duplex (is that a word????) Multi drop and any device can acccess the line by checking to see if in use and asserting it. Usually there is a host that sends a query and that one...
  2. ai4px

    Model S battery warranty

    Our 2014 model S 16 has a battery issue presently. My power display shows that my power is limited to 200 kW instead of 250 kW. We’ve had Tesla do a cooling system diagnostic and they found a problem. Tesla continue to make recommendations and replaced our contactor for free. But none of this...
  3. ai4px

    Reduced power but no error code

    2014 MS60 has been super charging slowly for the last year, seldom getting over 80 kW, tapering to 50 kW really quickly. It’s not cold here at all yet I have a little yellow dashed line on my binnacle display that indicates top end power is reduced… The same sort of dashed lines that show you...
  4. ai4px

    Tesla Wall Connector load sharing protocol

    This thread is all about the GEN 2 HPWC... do you have a GEN 3 unit with wifi? I'm not sure there's anything for that one yet.
  5. ai4px

    Squeaky front suspension

    My car did this and it was covered under warranty. Its a known issue of the upper control arm.
  6. ai4px

    Thoughts on Pickup Truck Beds

    I'm a little late to this thread.... but it seems unloading will be super easy. Drop the rear suspension like one of those "Carolina squat" trucks and hammer down. The massive acceleration of the CT will have that pallet on the ground in short order. I bet it would even be like a coyote /...
  7. ai4px

    Polishing the CT

    I did see one with an 8ball ... so spray paint?
  8. ai4px

    Polishing the CT

    Guys, I've been thinking about putting "shark teeth" on the side of the truck like an old WW2 airplane. Oh and some pinup nose art too. Oh and anyone remember the fake softball in the broken window sticker? yeah, probably that too.
  9. ai4px

    Supercharger - Jacksonville, FL - Philips Highway

    HA! My mother is on her way to the Keys and stopped here. I didn't see it in plugshare or in the supercharge info website so I came here to mention it... and it's ALIVE... you guys already knew!
  10. ai4px

    Looking for nice way to stop charging

    I may end up using some of the digital inputs on teh rasp pi zero to assert a stop rather than using MQTT.... have to stretch by python programming skills.
  11. ai4px

    Looking for nice way to stop charging

    We’re going off grid and I’m looking for a way to signal to one of three hpwc gen2’s (master) to signal the cars to stop charging. Brute force would be to use a contactor to kill 240v. We have 12kw of inverters and I need the cars to stop charging if the hvac compressor needs to start and/or I...
  12. ai4px

    Cybertruck FSD price history

    Mine is showing $10,000 instead of the $7000 when I pre-ordered. They need to fix that.
  13. ai4px

    Supercharger - Hilton Head Island, SC

    It was working a few months ago. Maybe there's a CCS charger being installed and that's the one your dad went to? Once upon a time I had a friend text me and say very excitedly that there was a tesla supercharger in Mt Pleasant. Turns out it was the HPWC's at that shopping center. lol.
  14. ai4px

    Adjusting charging amps remotely?

    There is a project on another thread here about using a raspberry PI zero to act as a "master" in the gen 2 HPWC units. The PIzero then connects to a MQTT server in your house that instructs it what the max current draw is. All you then need is the solar inverter to tell the MQTT server what...
  15. ai4px

    Molded Rubber Floor

    The idea of shooting the whole CT with rhinoliner is intriguing. There's details like window seals though. Maybe only do it below the midline of the body? But hey , the lack of curves means a lot of folks are going to be vinyl wrapping at home.
  16. ai4px

    Molded Rubber Floor

    You mean like the Honda Element had?
  17. ai4px

    Allowing someone to unplug you?

    His evse was tripped and not working. I reset it, used for a while and left him ina better state than he had been.
  18. ai4px

    Supercharger - Columbia (Columbiana Centre), SC

    I’ve called Loves about their new truck stop near Summerton SC on I-95 when they broke ground. I suggested they install a DCFC and explained that the customers pay for the electric and are “captive” for 20-45 minutes. There is no DCFC there. The gas stations just don’t get it.... They don’t...
  19. ai4px

    Reading Speed Limit Signs – Autopilot Crippled

    We've got one in my town where they lowered the speed limit from 55 to 45. They put the sign about 50 feet ahead of the GPS map marker. So my MY with HW3 reads the sign as 45mph, then 50 feet further changes to 55mph. It's not an issue but it could be very aggravating if it was the other way...
  20. ai4px

    120v Extension Cord Charging

    Yes, the voltage drop on extension cords is an issue... but the BIGGER issue is that of a loose/corroded / poor condition receptacle on your house. This is why the EVSE (UMC) measures temperature.
  21. ai4px

    120v Extension Cord Charging

    if you coiled one wire, yes you are correct. But with the extension cord there are two wires and the current "coming" and "going" cancel each other out. The reason to not coil up extension cords is because of heat.
  22. ai4px

    College degree as a REQUIREMENT

    HR departments have gotten lazy... or are they simply taking the easy route to avoid potential lawsuits? I'm being brutally honest here... Did you hire the white guy with 10 years experience in the field instead of the minority candidate with a degree (and not even an internship on his resume)...
  23. ai4px

    120v Extension Cord Charging

    No problem.... quick charge power makes a J1772 extension cord with a tesla plug on one end and J1772 on the other end. I can't find it on their website now... but I bought a 20 foot extension from them 2 years ago that had tesla plug at one end and J1772 at the other... really top quality...
  24. ai4px

    New to Tesla, Need Home Charger

    I'm a little late to the thread.... the UMC (portable charger) that comes with your car will work great. Install a 14-50 plug on the wall i nyour garage and buy the adapter from Tesla for it. If you plan to have more than one EV in the future you might consider the "wall charger". Gen 2 wall...
  25. ai4px

    120v Extension Cord Charging

    Id like to offer a different perspective here... the electric outlets used in residential and commercial are not rated for thousands of plug in cycles. Hospital grade outlets are better. The 50amp RV plugs aren't even meant for thousands of insertion cycles. You know what plug is rated for...
  26. ai4px

    Tesla requires 60A Disconnect switch w/charger?

    86-304 Disconnecting means (1) A separate disconnecting means for shall be provided for each installation of electric vehicle supply equipment rated at 60 A or more, or more than 150 volts-to-ground. (2) The disconnecting means required in Subrule (1) shall be (a) on the supply side of the point...
  27. ai4px

    Will Gen3 Destination Chargers still work?

    I'm sure it will be configurable by the owner. As for the suggestion that non-tesla pay and tesla free, the whole billing scheme depends on the car sending its VIN number over the J1772 plug to the HPWC. No non-tesla car is going to do that. the best you could do is to block cars that don't...
  28. ai4px

    Car starts charging before scheduled time

    I'm running 2020.44.10.1 and my car started charging last night as soon as I plugged it in despite being set for departure mode at 530am. I can only gues that it had so few miles to charge (it was on 99% when I plugged it in, that it just went ahead and finished charging. I'll see tonight when...
  29. ai4px

    Supercharger - Hilton Head Island, SC

    I hear on the news about a 2nd lockdown.... We are very close to curing the disease but killing the patient.
  30. ai4px

    Tesla Dies in IKEA Parking Lot

    So now if you are lucky enough to escape the labyrinth known as Ikea, you still can't get out of the parking lot?
  31. ai4px

    Interior Camera.

    This is a very real possibility.
  32. ai4px

    Ticket Avoidance Mode

    Turbeville also... tickets are the only source of revenue for that town. I-95 exit 135.
  33. ai4px

    Interior Camera.

    I must back pedal my assertion about the camera being active. I find that the car only asks about wiggling the steering wheel on long flat smooth stretches of road. At this point, I'll add another ounce or two of weight and test again and/or tape up the camera. There's a little hostility here...
  34. ai4px

    Interior Camera.

    I drive with a weight on the steering wheel. For the past 18 months my car has never said a peep about having to move the steering wheel until this update. It asked me to move the wheel when I looked at a burned out truck on the side of the road. It asked again on hte way home while I was...
  35. ai4px

    Warranty on HPWC

    This may not be the right place for this thread but here goes.... I have two Gen 2 HPWC in my garage and one failed about 5 weeks ago. I contacted Tesla's powerwall / charger folks and they advised me to send some pictures of the unit not powering up. about 3 weeks later, they responded to a...
  36. ai4px

    Ticket Avoidance Mode

    An issue that I've always loathed.... well, too strong.... wished was better.... the speed limit of the car only starts to drop after the speed limit sign. In one of the little whistle stop towns I drive through every day, that means rolling about 1/4 mile before the speed finally reaches the...
  37. ai4px

    Interior Camera.

    Looks like interior camera is in use on 2020.44.10.1
  38. ai4px

    Handgun Vault or Safe for Model Y

    Glove box has pin code.... aside from that, sneaky pete holster goes with me just about everywhere. When I'm not wearing it, it is in the map pocket of drivers' door. We really don't care how you don't do it in Canada. Le'ts stay on topic here about a USA specific issue.
  39. ai4px

    14-50 Nema plug outdoors cover

    Lowes and Homedepot sell "in use outlet covers" with a clear plastic dome over them. Also, you can buy a NEMA 14-50 outlet box like what RichAZ has under his garden hose box. I recommend getting a Tesla plug socket/hanger from amazon or ebay to stow the plug in. Around my part of the country...
  40. ai4px

    Autopilot camera in use on 44.10.1?

    So I'm one of those weighted wheel guys.... driving this morning on AP and looked to the side to see a burned up truck at a rest area to my right. When Iooked back, the display was just beginning to flash blue telling me to apply pressure to the wheel. I wiggled it a bit and it would not...
  41. ai4px

    Level 2 charging etiquette and ideas for the future

    I made a sticker inside my charge port that says "Need this plug, text me at 803 622 xxxx" .
  42. ai4px

    Supercharger - Charleston, SC

    yes, but who puts it in the Navi system.... no one can preheat a battery so I think the best supercharge rate so far is like 181kw.... COME ONE HIGH SCORE!!!! lolz.
  43. ai4px

    Speculation of pack sizes (kWh)

    Hotshot trailers are 5th wheel... how will we do a 5th wheel with the sides raked like they are? I used sketchup to place a gooseneck horse trailer behind a CT and there's 2-1/2" clearance ... no allowance for the trailer rocking or turns. I would like to replace my 2500hd but I have a...
  44. ai4px

    Supercharger - Charleston, SC

    the electrical specification plates on the chargers indicate max of 500v and 350amps... these are 150kw... but photos I've seen seem to show smaller diameter cables meaning V3. Very confusing right now.
  45. ai4px

    RV parks filling the charging gaps?

    Chances are if you find an RV park, they'll have both the 30amp TT plug and the NEMA 14-50.... may as well use the 14-50. I guess this is why Tesla doesn't bother to make the TT plug adapter. When I'm travelling I scout out hotels and RV parks. For example, the KOA in Richmond Hill GA and...
  46. ai4px

    Gen 3 Charger

    No... service centers do not have them. Tesla is pretty quick with shipping but friday is not going to happen.
  47. ai4px

    Gen 3 Charger

    You can create a "notify me when in stock" notice on the tesla store site.
  48. ai4px

    CCS Adapter for North America

    Yeah, I'm that smart azz too.... roles reversed I would have said the same about you!! ha!
  49. ai4px

    CCS Adapter for North America

    Hate to admit it, but with the addition of supercharger in Charleston SC, my interest in CCS adapter has diminshed.
  50. ai4px

    TM3 Trailer Harness Wiring thread.

    There is a trailer light converter on ebay that connects to that gray plug... but it's $400... too high for my taste. I just used the Tekonsha 119191 kit. Worked like a champ. You use all brake wires from the tekonsha unit... Passenger side: Red = right turn (green tekonsha wire), Driver...

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