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    If you fast charge, Tesla will permanently throttle charging

    When Tesla updated the chemistry and introduced the 90 and 75 packs. Those fore sure are subject to throttling. I dont know about the 100 packs or the Model 3 packs.
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    My 60/75 just charged over 236 miles

    There were a few variants with software limited battery packs. The common thing is the battery is limited in top, not bottom. Thats the same for all variants. The 40kwh battery is the original 2013 60kwh pack. Then when we got to 2015 and first got the upgraded 70kwh battery with real cells...
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    Car Shutdown on an Urban charger

    Same thing happend last night on a schduled charging. The car went dead and charging didnt start. Ofcourse car started in the morning, but screen needed to be re-booted.
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    If you have the car in "range mode ON" the battery will have a higher target temperature for...

    If you have the car in "range mode ON" the battery will have a higher target temperature for operating and go straight into active cooling when you hit a supercharger. Think the passive target is raised from 35 to 42C. Another downside is reduced AC output.
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    Supercharging: multiple charging speed restriction?

    I think the comment about hot battery is spot on, and maybe you can sort it yourself: If you have the car in "range mode ON" the battery will have a higher target temperature for operating and go straight into active cooling when you hit a supercharger. Think the passive target is raised from...
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    False Advertising - 2014 S60

    If one block fails it will trigger fault and you cant charge the battery. Dont know how much difference is allowed between blocks but when my 85 battery went one block went from 3.9V to 3.5V, that got me a "pull over safely car is shutting down" The way the battery measures capacity is not an...
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    So my car reports 75.1 kwh available in pack (pluss anti brick that we never can see or touch)...

    So my car reports 75.1 kwh available in pack (pluss anti brick that we never can see or touch). 100% charge is 75.1kwh, then every 10% the car uses 7.2kwh so at 0km range the car will have a buffer of 3.1kwh before antibricking kicks in (you can see this in BMS). Makes sence or many people...
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    Hello. Didnt spot this. You need to plug in a bluetooth plug and connect to your phone. Then you...

    Hello. Didnt spot this. You need to plug in a bluetooth plug and connect to your phone. Then you can monitor what the BMS thinks the car has available. But know that once one of the 16 blocks fall below the threshold volt it will stop. So keep a keen eye on the power limiter when you push the...
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    I got invoice from Tesla about new pack for my 2013 S. Same number as you had: HV...

    I got invoice from Tesla about new pack for my 2013 S. Same number as you had: HV BATTERY,S3BB,REMAN,MDLS (1088815-01-D) <---- Is yours still in your car?
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    What's your 90%?

    I had a main battery replacement on my 2013 S. I got the same battery here in Norway now! The invoice says so, havent seen it yet. Struggle to find time to pick it up this week. So I am getting a refurbished 85 battery then?
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    Upgrade my 75kWh Battery?

    Unless you are one of the very very few who got the 85 battery you`re *sugar* out of luck. And that battery only has a few kwh more available than the 75. Like 5kwh or thereabouts.
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    Failed range calculation left me stranded

    And yes, a calibrated batterypack will have about 3-3,5kwh hidden below 0km range. Are you a gambling man? Many have been left stranded this way
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    Failed range calculation left me stranded

    When you stretch it below 5% SOC indicated the car will not charge the 12V battery anymore. Should you take your time before plugging in, park somewhere etc, then use HVAC/lights and other stuff that consumes power you can well find yourself stranded even if the car has more usable power in the...
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    S85 Battery Degradation

    Got a massive imbalance 16 may. 3.9v MAX and 3.5v MIN. Car shut down 20km later. Think something went very wrong. Car was parked for 1.5 days at 80% SOC in hot weather (hot for Norway anyways, 25C). When starting it showed 170km range remaining and 65% SOC. Right now it says 240km on APP...
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    What's your 90%?

    Fiver, how long is a rubber cord? Range is a product of consumption and available battery capacity. You cant sue Tesla over your own consumption. You can however hang their arse out if your car is advertized as 85kwh and only ever had 81kwh. Or can you? Consumption will wary greatly with...
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    Air conditioning diverted to battery

    Under the "Driving" setting. Is the car put in "Range mode ON" ? If so you will be running the battery hotter and that leaves less margin on top before it goes into active cooling. Also the louvers in front mentioned. Think they may be stuck closed. A very common fault.
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    What's your 90%?

    2013 S85. 165.000 km (aprox 140.000 km on battery). 90% = 337km
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    S85 Battery Degradation

    Just a bit of caution if you cycle the battery. When you go deep deep low on SOC keep a very keen lookout on powerlimit and know that it will shutdown at 20kw limit, wouldnt recommend going below 40kw limit. Already there you should be 2kwh below 0km if the algorithm is correct. On my car it...
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    Reduced braking after car wash

    When you first set off in conditions like this your brakes can be none functioning. I live in Norway and this has happend to me once this winter on my 2013 S. It has the upgraded brakes and the software is supposed to every so often warm the brakes just a little. Alas it dosent help on startup...
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    2X range reduction vs. miles traveled

    Put the car in RANGE MODE ON. Then it will not heat the battery and your consumption will go down a lot. Why heat the battery for such a short trip and it maybe gets 2-3C warmer while burning off 6kw, when it will just be as stone cold going back home 8h later?
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    Understanding the battery heater

    My 2 cents with 4 years and 160.000km is the BMS now has more conservative limits on powerlevels when battery is cold / semi cold than in previous software versions.
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    Interesting finding about Range Mode

    No the other way around. In winter I have RANGE MODE ON. This prevents the car from actively heating the battery but uses waste heat from inverter/gearbox to warm battery. Summer I have RANGE MODE OFF. This to keep the battery from getting warmer than it needs when weather is warm to start with.
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    25% slower Supercharging due to degradation

    What method of controlling power does Tesla use while supercharging? This is me speculating. The car asks for Amps from supercharger, the voltage rises and at any given SOC the car will only accept so and so much voltage. So it reduces amps accordingly. As batteries get old it takes less...
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    More aggressive (sooner) supercharge taper on latest firmware?

    I wonder, this increased tapering. How does the system work? When the car asks for current it gets what it asks for if available from supercharger. So at any given % SOC the car is allowed to have a certain voltage while charging? That is the obvious way to control it. The amount of amps to...
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    More aggressive (sooner) supercharge taper on latest firmware?

    My 2013 S85 with 152.000km on clock now starts tapering at 20-22%. Used to hold it`s own to 28-30% Cant for a fact say when this happend. I dont supercharge that often. On a 2000km roadtrip I had in august I didnt spend more time than I actually needed to hit the next charger with as low SOC...
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    (P)100D Battery capacity question

    The only way to know how much is hidden below 0 range is to drive till it stops ;-) That is somewhat impractical. You can however read out what the car estimates remains in the battery with a CanBus reader. My 2013 S85 is very stable over time with both range and hidden reserve, it is reported...
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    S 60 Range Increasing ith

    Only way to measure with some accuracy is to charge 100% then drive slowly untill it stops. That`s likely 3kwh below car reporting 0 range. When you park car you have some consumption to keep everything going, vampire drain its commenly called. Also if you use large amount of power when...
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    Calculate usable battery capacity based on rated miles values

    The 237 Wh/Mi is for the heavier 310 mile car. Surely efficiency will be better on the lighter smaller battery. So likely a 50kwh battery?
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    Price gouging continues on the 3. Can't say I'm surprised.

    The industry standard for car making is the car needs to have a construction cost maximum 50% of the retail price for it to be a success. And looking at that extra range, it makes perfect sence for a 9k price hike. They double the price and then a bit more. Why? 1 Because they can and 2...
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    Slower supercharging on Model 3

    If you check out Bjørns video of roadtrip with Ampera/Bolt it shows DC charging speed. Looks like car is limited by how many amps the charger can put out untill the car orders tapering. Maximum achived 45 kw, doesent say where but likely just before tapering starts on 55% ish SOC. Charger is...
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    Tesla Phantom Battery Losses of 20%

    My best advice is switch the view to % and forget the range number. To get the rated range you need to drive the rated consumption. Your driving habits and environment affects this. Call Tesla and complain about this, tape the conversation and let us all get a laugh.
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    Okay, speculators, what amperage charger will the 3 come with?

    100 km/h Got that setup myself in my garage. Irony is our small 41kwh 2017 Renault Zoe charges the full power 22 kw but our Tesla has a singel charger and is stuck at 11 kw.
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    Okay, speculators, what amperage charger will the 3 come with?

    Having 32A charger makes perfect sence for Europe where the 32A 400V 3 phase type 2 charging stations are common. This gives us same charging speed, 22kw, as in the good old S with a double charger. This was all we could hope for as a onboard charger :-)
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    2014 S85 vs 2017 S75 for road trips

    The 85S will supercharge quicker. Also I will bet you will find the 85S still retain 75kwh or close to that useable energy, and of that you have aprox 72 kwh between 100%-0. You can check this on a CanBus reader.
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    SuperCharging speed consistency

    So there isnt much in it. Like a 3kwh difference over a charging cycle? Why did the unrestricted version drop to 22kw at 90%??
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    Low SOC = Terrible Supercharging

    The older 85 batteries will also limit supercharging to 3kw for first 5 mins or so when very low SOC, like in negative number. -3kwh out of a 4.2kwh buffer indicated between 0 km and batteryprotection. Have been there 2 times.
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    [Rumor]Tesla is reducing speed of Supercharging as your Tesla gets older

    I have charge log on my 2013 S with 135.000km and my newish 85D with 35.000km. They supercharge identical within 1-2kwh. The older pack being the slower
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    DIY HID install. step by step instructions with pix.

    Just put this on my 2013 S. Sweet lord its like the car is designed around the headlights. This job took me 4h. That said my car was a LOT dirtier inside than on the pictures above. Kg`s of road dust. I had great trouble fitting the bulbs in sockets. Took some lubricant on the old one and put...
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    Use L2 charger instead of Supercharger when battery is cold with very low SoC

    Arrived at Brokelandsheia last night with 0km range left. Drove last 50km without heater on. Battery was warm and took supercharging as normal. It was -12C outside! I charged up to 70% without cooling starting at all. When I unplugged and started car the active cooling went beserk a few...
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    New 60D 100% Charge - Losing miles

    Supercharging data strongly suggests battery is top limited.
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    Battery Capacity

    The car protects the battery with the famous anti brick 4kwh, then also it kinda wants to save 3,5-4kwh below 0 and anti brick. My 2013 S85 has 75.1kwh useable energy and it is 3.8kwh below 0% and 71.3 from 100% to 0% Now those 3.8 you kinda step around with a light right foot and dont tempt...
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    Why only 72A, 16kW AC charging?

    The first poster answered his own question himself. Turkey has NO superchargers and NO chademo. For a very good reason. For now the % of electric cars is pitiful and not changing anywhere fast. Get a pre facelift S with duel chargers. Best option.
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    New 60 can be charged to 100% daily without harming long-term battery

    You reach maximum voltage long before 100% SOC on supercharging. One way to test is charge to 100% and unplugg before it finishes, let it rest 15 minutes then hook it up again. Before it starts charging again you will see voltage on battery.
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    Payment Method now on Tesla's My Tesla Page [Since Removed]

    Instead of paying pr kwh I think a better solution is to pay pr minute. That way people will remove their cars from SC once they have enough onboard instead of getting that extra bit of charging that is so slow on top SOC
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    Supercharger Charge vs SOC Peculuarity

    In Lotus lingo it`s a "TADTS" meaning, They all do that Sir. The battery is heat limited in charging, that`s why you hear the fan kicking in. The charging on the 90 is faster than the older 85, mainly in higher SOC where it will keep pumping out amps at a higher rate. My 85D will start...
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    How Many kWh Available in New Software Limited S60

    The SW limited 60 is brand new this summer. Marketing ploy to increase demand.
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    Another facelift S with 60 battery posted he supercharged to 100% and when stopping it was still delivering over 100 amps. So fair to conclude they have taken away capacity in top and that battery in every respect behaves like a 75 except you cant use it all
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    Has your car shut down before it hits zero?

    What the car thinks is range = 0 can be misleading. I find keeping a keen eye on power limiter helps to guess where you are on power left. Car will stop aprox at 40 kw limiter if you are not carefull with applying power. With very carefull driving you can go to 20kw limit.
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    Close Call (4% charge remaining) and Lesson Learned

    You get more thick skin with this with experience. 4% is plenty, that`s like 16km (10 miles) real world range. The end of drive % predictor is pretty good. Had a roadtrip to pick up a dog in easter, was at SC Uddevalla and had a long way to next SC (268km), when I had a some 320km range I set...

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