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    Drop in amps after a couple hours.

    My NEMA 14-50 outlet w/ Mobile Connector would start at 32A, then slowly drop until 16A. I looked at the car screen and saw a warning about the connector overheating. After changing out my Leviton 14-50 outlet for a Bryant 14-50, my charging amps is now rock solid at 32A, day after day. In...
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    2023 MY brake pedal rattle

    Considering that I first had to face this on a 2020-built MY and that customers are still complaining about this in 2023, I wouldn’t bank on Tesla acknowledging that it’s not in spec, unfortunately.
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    2023 MY brake pedal rattle

    Unfortunately, there is no way to access the pin without taking off one of the plastic covers below (remove 3 push pins and unplug electrical connector). After removing the plastic cover by the brake pedal, you could insert a rubber washer (such as from Ace Hardware) on one end of the clevis...
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    2023 MY brake pedal rattle

    Can be fixed by inserting rubber washers on both sides of the clevis pin that makes metal-to-metal contact.
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    2023 MY with dirty glass inside front of driver side B-Pilar.

    This is a consequence of condensation forming inside the camera housing. The moisture dries and leaves residue. Even after you have it cleaned, it will happen again. Don't ask me how I know. I would not be surprised if they told you this is within specs.
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    Just panic ordered a MYAWD. Change it?

    To drive 230 miles in LA traffic, you would not have enough hours in your day to commute 200 miles every day.
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    Estimate Trade-In Accuracy

    It's unfortunate that the quotes are being adjusted on the fly even within the 30 day timeframe. They are obviously reacting to wholesale prices tanking day-by-day. I had a super positive experience with my Tesla-for-Tesla trade-in several months ago. The came in at the highest quoted price...
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    Estimate Trade-In Accuracy

    Doesn't Tesla specify that the trade-in offers are good for 30 days only? Is your complaint about Testa not honoring the quoted price within the 30 day period, or that they adjusted the revised quote lower than your expectation after 30 days? If the former, I understand your complaint. If the...
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    Noisy tailgate on my '21 Model Y - Any body shop pros out there that can give an opinion?

    Glad that the solution is helpful! I also had to apply the exact same fix, for the exact same problem, to my 2022 Model Y. It’s pretty amazing that cars manufactured 1.5 years apart would suffer from the same issues, which means that this is really a design problem.
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    Chirping/tweeting From Front Passenger Dash

    Might want to check if the front of the headliner is fully clipped into the roof. Had the same problem on my previous MY that appeared to be the passenger visor clip, but was actually due to poor factory headliner assembly. If you wrap your fingers over the front edge of the headliner, there...
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    Rolling Resale Value Thread

    For the fun of it, I put in the VIN of my previous 2021 Model Y LR into Vroom. Back in mid July of this past summer, they offered $63k. Today, the new offer for the same car, condition, and mileage is $47k. The bubble popping is real.
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    Nav system is not that good why?

    The Tesla nav has phenomenal voice recognition of spoken destinations, better than Siri or Alexa in understanding speech and inferring the closest match when given destinations that don't exactly match the Nav database. The main deficiency for me is the lack of showing alternate routes (and...
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    Recent MYP Delivery Estimates

    If it makes you feel any better, my former MYLR has lost $9.2k in Tesla trade in value in 1 month (now compared to last month). Good thing they delivered the new car and took in my trade in last month, which I call sheer luck on my part.
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    HomeLink Installation

    I just had Homelink installed by Mobile Service after purchasing the Homelink accessory online. No charge on invoice. I would text the Service Advisor to make sure they correct the estimate.
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    Should I get rid of my LR for a Plaid?

    The Plaid/Performance versions of any Tesla are not rational decisions, but fulfill the enthusiast need for gratification. Therefore, it never “makes sense” to trade in for a Plaid, but it sure can scratch the itch and eliminate the possibility of regret. Just be honest with yourself; you know...
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    Latest EV Tax Credit Status

    Change to a MYLR 7 seater until 2023, then change back to a MYP. Would not need to cancel then.
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    Recent MYP Delivery Estimates

    The SA now is actually primarily the text message you got when you placed the order. Also the 1 (888) 518-3752 Tesla order phone number. Will be different people helping you at different times. Generally speaking, they were pretty responsive by text, as the phone people can see and follow up on...
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    September 2021 Order Delivery Dates

    What are you trading in?
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    What will happen to current owners once Tesla drops the price of new Y's?

    And all it takes is one uninsured lawsuit to wipe out all the savings (and possibly way more) from not having insurance.
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    How well does a new 2022 MYP ride?

    I had a 2021 MYLR with 20” Inductions. Now have a 2022 MYP with Pirellis. Can confirm that the ride quality of the 22 MYP is noticeably less choppy over bumps than the 21 MYLR. The impact noise over bumps is also more muted.
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    Recent MYP Delivery Estimates

    My OD was early July 2022, and I took delivery of my blue MYP with hitch this weekend! Picked up from the Fremont factory. Car was built last week and the service advisor checked that the VIN had never been previously assigned. Traded in my old MYLR. The car is practically flawless, except...
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    Windshield Replacement - MY

    I’m basically relaying what I was told (that all you need to do is drive the car for several miles, and the cameras will self-calibrate) by multiple Service Center advisors, so I guess the point is to expect to hear different answers depending on who you are talking to, but you may need to come...
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    Windshield Replacement - MY

    I had my windshield replaced by a Tesla Service Center several weeks ago. No pain, no fuss. Just make a service appointment through the app. No camera calibration necessary afterwards. Was reimbursed by my insurance company for the cost. Perfect job. Total cost about $1300 (includes parts...
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    MYP Estimated delivery date

    I'm also trading in a 21 MYLR w/ boost and FSD for a MYP. Tesla is offering 69400 for the trade in. My MYLR originally costed 66000 (excluding taxes, but including destination, boost, and FSD). Crossing my fingers that my latest EDD of 7/27 to 8/8 is accurate, since my trade in offer expires...
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    Why choose Model 3 over Model Y if you can have more trunk space?

    Problem is that if you're a M3P or MYP fan, the base Model S just isn't going to cut it. Only the Model S Plaid is compelling, and that's a huge jump in price!
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    Recent MYP Delivery Estimates

    Updated EDD: MYP order (Blue/Black, tow, no FSD, no EAP) OD: 7/7 EDD1: 10/23 to 12/4 EDD2: 9/18 to 10/30 EDD3: 7/27 to 8/8!
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    MYP - April/May OD July/September EDD

    How did you get screwed letting them evaluate your car for trade in?
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    Why choose Model 3 over Model Y if you can have more trunk space?

    There's really no dispute that a small, low sedan will feel lighter on its feet and be more fun to drive than a higher SUV. What makes the Y so compelling for so many is that it's almost as fast, handles well enough, and could be an ultra utilitarian do-everything kind of vehicle. However, if...
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    Recent MYP Delivery Estimates

    I have found that it helps to force quit the app and restart.
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    Recent MYP Delivery Estimates

    MYP order (blue, black interior, tow hitch, no FSD nor EAP) OD: 7/7 EDD1: 10/23 to 12/4 EDD2: 9/18 to 10/30 Trading in 2021 MYLR w/ FSD
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    Recent MYP Delivery Estimates

    What timeframe is normal vs bumped way out?
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    MYP Estimated delivery date

    MYP: Blue/Black + Tow OD: 7/6/22 EDD: 10/23/22 - 12/4/22
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    Is Premium Connectivity Worth it?

    For me, Premium Connectivity became worth the cost when they implemented the remote Sentry mode camera capability. Otherwise, there was nothing Premium Connectivity provided that is not done better by your run-of-the-mill iPhone.
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    Glare from side repeaters in blind spot camera?

    This issue is no doubt why Tesla dragged their feet for so many years before this token offering of some kind of blind spot monitoring function, I'm sure. They knew they were going to open a can of worms, with their shoddy camera designs (which I also have two of). Wonder why they don't just...
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    Side pillar camera fog

    The B-pillar camera glass condensation has happened repeatedly on my 2021 Model Y the past month with the winter storms. On one side, the condensation left water marks on the inside of the glass. The water marks /stay even after the condensation clears. This does not inspire confidence in...
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    Am I crazy for wanting to go from MY to M3?

    Model 3 for those who are single, married without kids, or only need a travel solo commute-to-work car; Model Y for those who have obligations towards the comfort of others or need more of an all-in-one do everything car.
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    V11 is going to be HUGE!

    Makes you appreciate what Apple is able to do with the iOS ecosystem and updates even more. When they say that iOS 15.2 is available for download on a particular date, it is available and available to all at the same time.
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    Wiki MASTER THREAD: Actual FSD Beta downloads and experiences

    This is not a fair comparison. Essentially comparing a space shuttle against a horse!
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    Noisy tailgate on my '21 Model Y - Any body shop pros out there that can give an opinion?

    I had to insert a spacer (or spray grease) in between the two sheets of metal in the yellow box. The metal was flexing and grinding against each other when the gate is in motion.
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    Noisy tailgate on my '21 Model Y - Any body shop pros out there that can give an opinion?

    I did some troubleshooting on my Model Y tailgate and found the root cause of the creak. Just as described in the above post, two pieces of metal were making contact when the tailgate flexes, causing the creak. After removing the interior plastic tailgate trim, I was able to get rid of the...
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    Auto Wipers are awful

    The way Tesla has been raising prices, they should include/improve all the missing/inferior features and just pass the cost onto the customers. Given how many of us bought FSD and still line up to buy the car despite the price increases, it’s safe to say that they have plenty of margin left in...
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    How many didn’t press the FSD button?

    Those who have the FSD button to press are the ones who have already forked over cash for FSD. If we are not suckers and/or are conservative Luddites,, we would not have paid for FSD in the first place. Hence, the FSD button was already pressed the moment the donation was made to the richest...
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    Torn Between Dual Motor LR and Performance [resolved]

    Tesla is actually pretty measured in how they've segmented the trim levels. Basically, the Performance has as much of the range of the LR, as the LR has as much the performance of the Performance. Meaning that both the Performance and LR+Boost definitely already have plenty of performance and...
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    Noisy tailgate on my '21 Model Y - Any body shop pros out there that can give an opinion?

    Also interested in particularly what was fixed to get rid of the creak. I think I may be facing the same thing with my tailgate.
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    Safety Score

    My analogy is to pretend that you have an open mostly full cup of water sitting on your dashboard that you are trying not to spill at any cost.
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    Y Performace vs LR?

    The impulsive and emotional part of my brain liked the sportier cosmetics of the MYP. This part of me also somehow just wanted the best model available, regardless of the fact that the MYLR+AB already accelerates every bit, if not faster, than any competitive BMW (X3M or X3 M40i) or Audi SQ5...
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    How often does your M3P get rebooted? Disillusioned after 25 days.

    My MYLR has not had a single unintentional spontaneous reboot in my entire ownership (11 months).
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    "Acceleration Boost" option, discussion as to which models and how much quicker

    48 hour return period after purchasing through the Tesla app.
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    Y Performace vs LR?

    There are the black and white areas, as you've described, where the failure is isolated to the part replaced. In this case, I suppose it would be relatively easy to identify who is liable for the warranty repair. The murkiness is around the gray areas, where the replaced part can somehow be...