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  1. M1tch

    Tesla's stealth decarbonisation bonus

    Yet another nonsense “statistic”
  2. M1tch

    UK and Ireland Marketplace - For Sale / Wanted / Free

    Literally 2 posts up ^^
  3. M1tch

    [UK] 2024.20 Software Update

    I haven’t, I’ll give it a go tomorrow
  4. M1tch

    Is this for real? Passport and driving license upload or you can drive your tesla!

    Yeah, not doing it. Although I foresee the next step will be a threat of ending my finance agreement early…..
  5. M1tch

    [UK] 2024.20 Software Update

    Awesome. Thought it was something along those lines. Thanks for clarifying
  6. M1tch

    [UK] 2024.20 Software Update

    Recently updated from 2024.2.8 and had many new updates. Now on 2024.20.7 and had a good 3 hour drive yesterday. Speed camera chimes seemed accurate and the new display for average speed zones was nice. Despite not moving from 50mph, it showed 48 through every 50 zone - very odd. On the M42...
  7. M1tch

    [UK] 2024.20 Software Update

    Updating now from 2024.2.8 to 2024.20.7. (Been deployed hence the delay) It’s going to be like Christmas with all the new toys! 😀
  8. M1tch

    [UK] 2024.26 Software Update

    Don’t yours work perfectly already? 🤣🤣
  9. M1tch

    [UK] 2024.26 Software Update

    Wow, quite a seemingly good update. Strangely interested in the weather app. 🤔
  10. M1tch

    Congestion charge 'discount' removal

    Another government backed scam to steal money from the pocket of the driver! We are just a cash cow. I wish everyone refused to pay it and there would then be nothing they could do but sadly the iron fist of stealing money continues.
  11. M1tch

    Speed restrictor -July changes

    Personally I see these limiters as another government backed scam that controls the many because of the few. It’s going to cost to implement, cost when it goes wrong, cost to retrofit and all of this is taxable income for the govt. it won’t work, as with almost every modern policy on anything...
  12. M1tch

    M3 Highland whirring sound turning steering wheel ???

    Pretty sure mine does similar (not a highland though)
  13. M1tch

    Supercharger Scotch Corner Fine!

    As with so many things these days it’s a legal loophole where companies exploit the public and steal money. It’s shocking and disgraceful.
  14. M1tch

    [UK] 2024.20 Software Update

    Deployed overseas. Although I can connect to the car, it’s not on wifi so can’t download them.
  15. M1tch

    [UK] 2024.20 Software Update

    I’ve now got 2024.21.1 waiting for download - on top of the other 6 still waiting all the way back to 2024.14. Gonna be like Christmas 🤣
  16. M1tch

    Autopilot is getting worse, not better.

    Mine does it too - at very specific junctions on the M4 specifically. Not seen the car for a while now so may have changed
  17. M1tch

    [UK] 2024.20 Software Update

    I didn’t think the UK was getting the cornering effect? Don’t know where I read that though… Anyone had a play yet?
  18. M1tch

    Is this for real? Passport and driving license upload or you can drive your tesla!

    I got it too but not uploading my docs as I got another email and turns out I’m the son of a Nigerian prince who wants to give me the millions of pounds I’m owed. Just uploading my docs and bank details…..
  19. M1tch

    Rear brake discs - 2020 model 3 performance

    The jagged edges aren’t through wear, mine were like that from new. I can only assume it’s a n attempt to reduce informing weight from the car. Can’t help with sourcing any components I’m afraid. If it were me I’d log a service request and ask to collect the parts you want from your local SC...
  20. M1tch

    Will this buff out?

    can you share the vid?
  21. M1tch

    Will this buff out?

    That’s an anti aircraft weapon 😜
  22. M1tch

    [UK] 2024.20 Software Update

    Jesus! When will the nanny state stop?
  23. M1tch

    Model 3 performance mods

    I got everything off Amazon or eBay. No pics with me I’m afraid. Just over a month to go and can get some if you still need. Also got rid of the ghastly plastic number plate surrounds. The rear is directly attached to the car and the front is now a vinyl stick on plate.
  24. M1tch

    Model 3 performance mods

    I haven’t done any of the above but have done: Additional light strip in the boot. Under door lights now project the Tesla T. Changed the chrome Ts to black. Changed chrome T on the back to TESLA. Added a rubber cup holder liner. Added a front storage compartment drawer - and then modified it so...
  25. M1tch

    London, No lez, Yes ulez, huh?

    It’s all a con and a scam to steal yet more money off the public.
  26. M1tch

    Do they wash the cars that come off the ship in Southampton?

    I collected it from Bristol. I never mentioned cleaning it or not but it certainly hadnt been. I didn’t mind either way, excusing a few stone chips it is still immaculate.
  27. M1tch

    Do they wash the cars that come off the ship in Southampton?

    Mine was not washed and had a good layer of grime all over. As far as I know, I gave it its first wash and ceramic coating and it looked amazing. (And still does although not seen it for 3 months!)
  28. M1tch

    New (to me) MX+ - Day 1 Puncture - Can it be repaired in the UK

    I think it was Gloucester tyres on Bristol road. If not there are a good 15+ garages and tyre shops on there so someone will do it.
  29. M1tch

    New (to me) MX+ - Day 1 Puncture - Can it be repaired in the UK

    My local independent garage also repaired a foam lined tyre when I did my last winter summer swap. They peeled the foam away in a rather unceremonious way and made the repair as normal.
  30. M1tch

    Bought a Model 3 from a 3rd Party Seller

    Personally I recon it’s a second hand car and you’ll be lucky to get anything. Were the tyres pictured on the advert? Probably not something you would have paid attention to and were looking at the alloy condition instead but if so, and if they are the right size, legal tread etc I think you...
  31. M1tch

    [UK] Does FSD have any second-hand value?

    No. The end.
  32. M1tch

    Tesla open up the SuC network [in UK]

    My last Audi (A7) didn’t even have a dipstick. Needed to get the engine to temperature and check it on the screen - great idea if it’s low on oil….
  33. M1tch

    Charging a cupra born on an old tesla wallbox

    When it was installed, there is an option (via software option) to set it to Tesla only, or all cars. Try and connect to the chargers wifi and check how it’s set.
  34. M1tch

    LFP Model Y battery drain whilst on Holiday

    I’ve been deployed for 2 months (ish) now and lost 7%. A big chunk of that was in the hours prior to leaving leaving and hoping I’d get the matrix update so kept checking the app - wasnt to be. And the second big thing was waiting for a delivery so watched the sentry camera, opened the boot...
  35. M1tch

    Car location on Map is off by few meters

    Have you been into service mode and checked for any faults? Is the car showing off when you check its location in the app? I assume you tried the trusty 2 button reboot?
  36. M1tch

    Warming up

    Don’t worry about the numbers on the screen. Set it till you’re comfortable and roll with it. I had a similar thawing on a previous inshitnia (insignia) and may as well have set the temperature to W or G as the numbers had zero correlation to the actual temperature.
  37. M1tch

    Why does the Model 3 not have privacy glass?

    £120 and you no longer have a problem…..
  38. M1tch

    Uk enhanced autopilot changed??

    How do you know when you get a strike? Does it literally say “strike 1 of 5” etc? I’ve not had one as far as I know…..🤷🏼‍♂️
  39. M1tch

    Hows your adaptive high beam?

    Tried the recalibration / levelling thing? Can’t remember what its called
  40. M1tch

    M3H - Which software version?

    There’s nothing to worry about, it will come when it’s ready and your car has good wifi. Mine normally downloads itself when on wifi and I choose when to install it.
  41. M1tch

    [UK] 2024.8.x

    I used to do that until I got my first car with auto dipping lights 12 years ago. Don’t think I’ll change my behaviour with this update either
  42. M1tch

    Hows your adaptive high beam?

    One of the best videos I’ve seen showing it working well 👍🏻
  43. M1tch

    Hiring a Tesla Q

    When I last had a courtesy car from Tesla, there was a QR code on the screen, I scanned it, the car appeared in my app and all my settings transferred. I’m sure I read hertz (? ) were having something similar on their fleets of teslas?
  44. M1tch

    Clear-coat problem on matt black wheel.

    And I think you may have the answer….. Didn’t key the surface which is why the lacquer is peeling
  45. M1tch

    Clear-coat problem on matt black wheel.

    Wow, not ideal. I’ve got one kerbed far worse and so sign of that sort of flaking. Defo never been refurbished?
  46. M1tch

    Clear-coat problem on matt black wheel.

    Got any pics?
  47. M1tch

    What’s your job?

  48. M1tch

    What’s your job?

    nobody has to answer. Just a bit of interest / fun 🤷🏼‍♂️
  49. M1tch

    What’s your job?

    Simple question really, what do you do (or did you do) for a living? I’ve been on here for about 2 years now and some people talk about some amazing things that I literally have no idea about - primarily kWh, solar power, software and other electrical stuff. So just thought it would be...
  50. M1tch

    [UK] 2024.8.x

    I’ve still got 2024.8.4 pending - according to Tessie. Trying tot to use the Tesla app and wake the car as it’s parked up for many months while I’m away so may be an anomaly and just not updated? 🤷🏼‍♂️