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    My experience upgrading to MCU2

    This is the path that I took. I had a late model 2017 refresh AP 2.5 MCU1 Model S. I upgraded and got everything needed for FSD, and can now "subscribe" to it for $100/month but it does not come with the upgrade. Also, I did not get live Sentry Cam from cellphone as you mention. You will...
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    2024 EV tax POS tax credit no tax liability required

    I just ran through the Model X configurator yesterday, and in essence, the only way to purchase a Model X (and claim the credit)is to go plain vanilla. That means black paint, black interior, no wheel upgrades, five seater only. Kinda sucks because I'd love to transfer my FUSC to a new X but I...
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    Claiming your 2023 Tax Credit

    What about the $80k MSRP limit on the tax credit. No one seems to be talking about this. The only way I can see to get a Model X that qualifies is to go plain vanilla at purchase. Literally no upgrades is 79,995.00. What am I missing here?
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    Sunroof Vents when Opening the Door

    @scronce I wasn't initially sure how I wanted to reply to your post but let me first just say 'thank you'. On the one hand, we have new info that hopefully will result in Tesla recognizing that a fix is possible and that their own mismatch parts/software is the cause. On the other hand, you...
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    Software Features after MCU2 upgrade

    I had Spotify issues after my MCU2 upgrade. Songs would only play once and then go into a repeat loop instead of the next song. But the repeat wouldn't work and it sounded like a record skipping for the first 1 second of the song. Also couldn't stream Disney+ at first but that's been resolved...
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    Sunroof Vents when Opening the Door

    Well perhaps not. I didn't think I spoke too soon because I was unable to repeat the issue, which was very repeatable prior. However, in the last couple days I've walked out to find my sunroof vented, and I also witnessed the sunroof vent upon opening the doors after using the keyfob to unlock...
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    Sunroof Vents when Opening the Door

    Hey Sunroofers, has this this issue finally been resolved? It just occurred to me that I haven't had the sunroof issue lately. I just tested this twice by walking out to the car and testing. I waited 10 minutes in-between tests and no auto-venting occurred. This is a very repeatable issue and...
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    My experience upgrading to MCU2

    Yep, had similar issues. Voice command didn't work along with a few other things I posted in the OP. I eventually realized that the software install didn't take 100%. I took the car back and in the parking lot, they performed a "reinstall". I have since realized you can really initialize that...
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    What a crazy night! First highland, then model S and X drop to the cheapest I’ve seen yet with free paint colors!

    I have to admit, I've wanted to upgrade my S to an X for a while now. With the new pricing, and a new X coming in under my 2017 loaded S (non-plaid), I'm salivating. But I'm 1 month from paying off my S with FUSC so ...
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    FSD Price Cut to $12k Tonight, Aug 31/ Sept 1 2023

    In my opinion, no, not even close. Auto pilot is even a stretch but at least functional and I'd probably buy it again if I purchase a new Tesla. Paying over $10K for a beta is not my cup of tea. I don't usually buy into futures anyway so I won't buy a product until it's working. The day my car...
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    Update 2023.26.8 broke regen braking on 2017 S

    Just for another data point, my 2017 upgraded straight to 2023.26.9, bypassing the 26.8 versio. No sign of this issue. I normally keep my car at 65% charge.
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    Sunroof Vents when Opening the Door

    This release contains minor improvements and bug fixes. Just not this bug fix.
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    Sunroof Vents when Opening the Door

    You are 100% correct. Also, I found that if I unlock the doors with the keyfob by pressing the actual button, this condition will not happen. For me it only seems to happen when I use the "walk up unlock" feature (keys in pocket).
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    Sunroof Vents when Opening the Door

    Yeah it's a work around but I use my sunroof all the time so not having it set to the button when I'm driving makes using it more difficult. But yeah I've had to resort to the same at times. Thanks for the reply.
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    Sunroof Vents when Opening the Door

    I was just thinking yesterday as it happened to me twice. Every time I get a new software update in the car that reads "minor bug fixes", I'm going to post that here and write "but not this one yet"... 😡 @xtian666 Just curious, this only seems to happen to those that have had their scroll...
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    My experience upgrading to MCU2

    No noticeable difference with supercharging that I can see. Sorry.
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    My experience upgrading to MCU2

    The radio upgrade is an additional $500 on top of the $2250 (or $1750 for older cars). This will give you FM and retain your XM if you already had it in the car. Sounds like you did. I may do it in the future but elected not too. The upgrade was already expensive enough.
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    My experience upgrading to MCU2

    I've been doing well with TuneIn and Spotify till Spotify broke somewhat after the upgrade. Switched to Tidal and all is good now. I don't miss AM/FM or Sirius honestly.
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    My experience upgrading to MCU2

    It was a while back. I think it was just a few days. They said a week but I got it back early.
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    Totaled a Model S that had unlimited supercharging... who could I beg for the trade in credit on a new one?

    So sorry to hear this. I have no advice for you other than to push for extra from the drunk driver's insurance for the perk you will now lose. I fear this happening to me too.
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    My experience upgrading to MCU2

    Couple of extra things I remembered after posting this topic: Experience: Like many others (and this may be specific to my 2017/MCU1/AP2.5 build), if you ask Tesla "will the Infotainment upgrade come with AP3.0", the likely answer you will receive is "No". That is also 100% false but again...
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    My experience upgrading to MCU2

    Is that true? I don't know the answer 100% but the Infotainment upgrade did upgrade my AP computer from 2.5 to 3.0. So it's plausable that the AP experience could improve. I can't say that it did or didn't honestly. AP had way too many phantom braking issues for me to use regularly. I did use it...
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    My experience upgrading to MCU2

    Just a post to give my experience upgrading from MCU1 to MCU2. My car prior to upgrade: 2017 Refresh Model S, MCU1, AP2.5, Sunroof, Sirius XM, AM/FM, LTE, FUSC, WiFi 2.4GHz, Free Premium Connectivity, EMMC Recall active, Autopilot (not FSD) My car Post Upgrade: Still 2017 Refresh Model S...
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    The beginning of the end of free Supercharging ?

    Yeah I noticed that too. Thanks but no thanks. There's a 10% chance I might have considered a new MX with 6 years FUSC. But 3 years and a "sorry if we're late" clause? Nope.
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    The beginning of the end of free Supercharging ?

    I'm not sure what you mean by this. Here's what I see in my account when Iog in and look at the "order a new Model X" page.
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    The beginning of the end of free Supercharging ?

    Interesting that when I log on to my Tesla.com account, I am only offered 3 years FUSC instead of 6. Anyone know why? I have a 2017 MS non-transferable FUSC. Perhaps that's why?
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    Blind spot mini

    Agree with Airborn's reply. For years, I had my side mirrors adjusted to (just barely) see the left or right side of my car. After reading a few articles about how to properly adjust my side mirrors, in line with my rear view mirror, I changed. I'm of course not alone. 100% of the people I know...
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    Spotify Issues after Infotainment Upgrade

    Original Car: 2017 Model S, 75D - MCU1, AP2.5, Premium Internet (or whatever it's called) Infotainment Upgrade: MCU2, AP 3.0 Issue: When I request a song in Spotify, the song will play. But after the song completes, Spotify will attempt to reply the same song again (instead of advancing to the...
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    Does your sunroof vent on its own out of nowhere?

    More detail here from a thread I opened a year ago if you're interested. https://teslamotorsclub.com/tmc/threads/sunroof-vents-when-opening-the-door.267447/
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    Fun story that means nothing.

    It's always fun to have the "How far can it go" conversation. Sometimes I say "honestly I don't really know. I've never run my car completely out of electricity as I'm sure you've never run your car out of gas. All I know is that I wake up every day with a 'full tank' (so to speak) and then I...
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    Sunroof Vents when Opening the Door

    No workaround yet AFAIK. I really hoped that after my MCU2 upgrade, I would start receiving updates again and that the fix would be in one of them. As of now, nothing. Unfortunately, those of us with sunroofs are the minority priority.
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    Is Tesla still offering a discounted MCU2 upgrade if done instead of the eMMC recall?

    I remember paying ~$2250 about 4 months ago for MCU1, AP2.5 upgrade and my eMMC recall was still pending. No discount for me.
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    Cost? Windshield crack getting worse everyday - Bay Area CA

    Did you schedule a service in the app? I don't know what you mean by "taking forever". I scheduled service for Windshield Repair in the app on a Saturday morning and selected the following Friday for the appt time. I uploaded a pic of the crack (optional) and the repair was done on Friday as...
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    Cost? Windshield crack getting worse everyday - Bay Area CA

    I literally just did this 3 days ago. Got a small chip and within 3 days, the crack was verticle up and down the entire driver's side. Probably could have had it repaired (vs. replace) had I called immediately but 2 days later it was fully cracked. I looked up Safelite direct and it was $1700+...
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    Blank screens after MCU2 upgrade

    I had this happen a couple time as well. And it was when I forgot to plug the car in when I got home. In my scenario, I got in the car and as OP stated, all screens were blank but the car was "functioning", i.e., HVAC on, car making familiar start up sounds, etc. I couldn't drive cause I...
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    Replacement Wipers sold by Telsa - opened and they were just Bosch!!

    Are we really using the word scam for a transaction that resulted in a $4.00 difference in price? And for a car that was $100k? Or is this about feeling bait and switched a little? OP, as others stated no OEM makes their own wipers. But they put their brand name on OEM parts for this...
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    MCU upgrade and AP3

    Infotainment upgrader here...Went thru the same drama as the OP. My former car was MCU1, AP2.5. No FSD purchase or subscription active. Only Autopilot. Paid the $2250 and definitively have AP3.0 with MCU2. Didn't have to pay anything more or do subscribe to FSD to get it. It's simply included...
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    Sunroof Vents when Opening the Door

    Yes and that's what we've had to do. But after driving the car for 5 years with the scroll wheel being my "sunroof" function, changing habits isn't easy. I've set mine to the "temperature" setting for now. When I forget and mash the scroll wheel up, I end up setting the temperature at 81 degrees...
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    Google calendar settings access

    I figured this out ... Samsung user here. In your phone, there is a "main" calendar app that is doing the sync. In my case, I have Outlook installed for work and I pretty much use it for everything. However, Google has a calendar and Samsung has a Calendar app on the phone too. I don't believe...
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    Strange Spotify Issue

    My Spotify went wackco after my Infotainment upgrade. For the most part, I can play songs. But if I choose the "Play Radio" of a song or artist, the feature that will play songs similar to the selection, things get weird quick. The main issue with pressing the "play radio" button is that it...
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    Sunroof Vents when Opening the Door

    OK so no sooner did I post this and the issue presented again. Bottom line, problem not fixed. So Infotainment upgrade will not fix the issue. Doesn't seem as pervasive as before but definitely still happening.
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    Does free Supercharging transfer to a new owner?

    Very helpful post. Was fairly certain my FUSC was not transferrable and now I know it isn't: SC05. Thanks for the post. To be honest, I've wanted to trade my S for an X of similar year but giving up FUSC is harder than I thought, despite that I don't use it as often as others. I definitely use...
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    Homelink is not working after MCU2 upgrade

    I had my HomeLink reset after a failed MCU2 (Infotainment) upgrade. When I got my car back the first time, there were a litany of issues with the software. I brought it back and they fixed it but my Homelink doing what the OP reported. When I first drove up, the chime and animation happened but...
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    Sunroof Vents when Opening the Door

    Update on this post: I upgraded the Infotainment System to the latest MCU2, AP3.0 and it appears to have fixed the Sunroof issue. I'm fairly certain this is because I'm now getting updates again and that Tesla has fixed this bug in a FW version that may simply not make it to MCU1 cars. I've...
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    Voice Command not working after MCU2 upgrade

    I had these exact issues after my 2017 AP2.5 MCU1 upgrade. Plus no Caraoke and a few other issues with Spotify, phone calls, etc. Scheduled an appt w the service center and now I have TineIn and voice commands again. Spotify has never been the same though and Disney+ has never worked. Maybe...
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    Missing functions after MCU2 upgrade

    I just had my Infotainment upgrade on 2017 Model S, prior MCU1, AP2.5. Here's what I posted in another thread with the issues I'm having: No Caraoke, Disney+ won't play (black screen), No Voice Commands (Connection error, Try again), Tune-in not working (spinning circle), Phone calls won't "hang...
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    TuneIn won't work after infotainment upgrade?

    Good to know this is an easy firmware update fix. Same is happening to me after my upgrade last week. No Caraoke, Disney+ won't play (black screen), No Voice Commands (Connection error, Try again), Tune-in not working (spinning circle), Phone calls won't "hang up" and Spotify only plays 1 song...
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    Shout out to Tesla Mobile Anaheim

    SHOUT OUT to Tesla Mobile Anaheim. I so wish I could edit the title...ugh. Summary: In short, I was on a road trip with the family at Disneyland when I got the dreaded "Your 12V battery has insufficient charge. Please contact service to have it replaced". I know exactly what happens when the...
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    Want your sunroof to open? Tell it to close!

    I have noticed that the latest updates to my car has really improved on the voice commands. I can now reliably (85%) of the time voice out a text message or ask the car to play a song. Prior to, it was about 30%. I'm currently on 2022.8.10.5 but I'd say ever since v11 came out, things have been...
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    thoughts on Pirelli P Zero All Season Plus Elect for Model 3?

    My 2017 has four 245/45 R19 tires. I don't have different size on the rears.