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    Key Fob Reader Break Ins/iPhone?

    I have heard of thieves who use key fob readers to break into and steal your car. Can they do the same thing if you use uour iPhone to unlock and run the car? How to thwart if so. Thanks
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    Flat Tire in Remote Location

    We recently were in Death Valley National Park in my Model 3. Someone else in a rented jeep blew a tire on a rocky road. Their 20 year old grandsons just jacked up the jeep and changed the tire. I had no problems but what should I have done if I had.
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    When you sell a Tesla does FSD stay with the car?

    When I go look at the Tesla site they are selling existing inventory aka used cars for more than new at least for the model 3. I also understand that if you trade in to Tesla you get nothing for the FSD. If you sell a Tesla with FSD privately does the FSD go with car. I know it does not...
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    Discussion: Tesla Vision system for Model 3/Y

    Just saw this Software Updates Tesla Vision and Cabin camera updates 📷 Tesla started delivering the first vision only 3s and Ys and here are some interesting findings: The cabin camera is also used to detect if the driver is distracted while using Autopilot Autopilot hard limit is 75 for now...
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    [Not sure why my car ] Charged to 100%

    I have my charging set to stop at 80%. I also do not drive that much. Two days I had only a very short trip. Automatically I plugged in the charger. Then yesterday got a notice that charging at stopped at 100%. Guessing that I got some charge and actually started past the 80% point, or...
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    Update 2021.4.3 Release notes blank

    I got the same thing.
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    Do you pay for Premium Connectivity? If so, why?

    My free year is up. I am not driving much now due to Covid and just wondered if I need it. Thanks
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    To use spotify on a Tesla you need both Premium Connectivity and a Premium Spotify account. Is that correct? Thanks
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    Autopilot/FSD Questions

    I do not have FSD beta but did pay for FSD. For fun yesterday I had it on autopilot going down a wide street and approached a large trash truck that was parked as the men got the trash. The car wanted to sit behind the truck. I disengaged and safely passed the truck. Later I came to a...
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    Vampire Drain while Unlocked

    I am now leaving the car unlocked at home. It seems to me that vampire battery drain is increased. Has anyone else experienced the same thing? What is the best practice to reduce vampire drain? Thanks
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    Am I too picky

    I like it that my Model 3 no longer locks itself in the garage. However, the windows do not fold. So I set it to fold the windows at the location. Now my problem is that the windows do not automatically unfold when I leave the garage. Is there a way to set this up? Am I just too picky and...
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    Free Supercharging Time Expiration

    I bought my Model 3 in late November and had referral for 1000 miles of free supercharging. Only used supercharging once, actually thought I would in the spring and summer. Well with COVID my driving has been reduced and all charging done at home. My app said I had free supercharging until...
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    still waiting for 12.5 in Southern Cal.
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    Sheltering in Place - Charge or not

    Thanks While I generally charge each night, sometimes I do not if I have only driven a few miles that day. I will just leave it plugged in to 76%. I am also just using the house current and getting along fine.
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    Sheltering in Place - Charge or not

    I am 75 years old and am sheltering in place with no plans to drive for weeks, maybe a month. Should I charge my Model 3 every few nights or just wait until I plan to drive.
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    Garage door opener.

    I just use a door opener in a clip on the visor. A better question is why did Tesla stop installing homeland as standard equipment on the M3?
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    20 mph on screen below the car

    Thats it. I thought I had it on relative . Thanks
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    20 mph on screen below the car

    Let me restate the question. Why I have Speed Limit Warning set to Display why do I get warning when I am going 23 mph in a 35 mph zone. I get this when accelerating from stop signs and I think red lights. The warning is the 20 mph image below the car.
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    20 mph on screen below the car

    Watts_Up What are you setting for Speed Limit Warning?
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    20 mph on screen below the car

    I was not in Speed Limit Mode. I did have Speed Limit Warning set to Display. I turned that off and no longer get the image. Not sure why I would get a warning when I am going 23 mph in a 35 mph zone. I used to get these when I accelerating from a stop sign.
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    20 mph on screen below the car

    Here it is. What does the 20 mph symbol mean? Thanks
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    20 mph on screen below the car

    Thank you. I get this when I would not think of using TACC!
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    20 mph on screen below the car

    My page 78 is about TACC and does not show this icon.
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    20 mph on screen below the car

    Sometimes I see an image with 20 mph and some other stuff on the screen below the car. Is it pedestrian warning? Thanks
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    Frunk Issue

    You are right, it went away. I did wash the car yesterday, wonder if water got in. Works fine today.
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    Frunk Issue

    The frunk icon on the screen is light gray and I can not open it from the screen. But it works fine with app. I did the two wheel reset but no help. Any ideas as to what is going on?
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    USB cable and bill of sale

    I got my model 3 on December 20. Live in Southern Cal. SCE has a $1000 rebate but seems to require a signed sales agreement and the final registration from the state, which I am still waiting for. The Tesla agreement on my account web site does not show any signatures. Anyone know if I need...
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    Do you leave the mobile charger plugged in?

    New owner, obviously. I am charging at home using the mobile connector and 12.0 house current. May get 240 installed later. When not charging can I just leave the mobile connector plugged in? I think it is still lit so I could unplug from the wall. Do I need the mobile connector in normal...
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    Charging Recommendation

    New Tesla Model 3 owner here. I am retired and do not drive a lot. Daughter is 30 miles alway and SIL has an S and charging. Right now using 110 to charge. Electrician can run dryer 220 to the garage easily and its 30 amp. Which should be all I need. If I go that route, what else do I...
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    Summon Questions

    New Owner. Loved it so far. Can you steer summon? Our garage is a little small for two cars but not bad If I park mark on the left and kind of close then there is room for why wife to get out of my Tesla or her car. However when I tried Summon it positions the car in the middle of the space...