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  1. perfectg

    PPF and Ceramic after 2+ years?

    I Have the full front covered and ceramic coat, and car still shines like new.
  2. perfectg

    No car or voucher when car in for service!

    Wrong, I have been to the Service center twice, both times Rental car at Enterprise, did not refill the car, they charge Tesla directly. Both times I walked the few blocks down and back. And since you live in Nelson, its the chance you take to buy a Tesla and not be close to a Service center.
  3. perfectg

    Vendor Looking for Model 3 Owner to test electric tailgate

    Interesting. what are the parts cost?
  4. perfectg

    Trade in Value -

    I must have lucked out, as Tesla gave me more than what I could have gotten privately and more than what the dealership said it was worth.
  5. perfectg

    Please share your Ceramic Coating feedback

    3m PPF on the front (full hood, bumper, full fenders, mirrors, headlights, foglights. Then Cermaic pro over the whole car.
  6. perfectg

    Vancouver (GVRD) - Ceramic Coat & Tint

    partial tint on rear window is for shops who can't or won't tint past the factory tint line, full tint is all the way up (either 1 piece or 2 pieces)
  7. perfectg

    Vancouver (GVRD) - Ceramic Coat & Tint

    Unique did a fantastic job. Will be using them from now on. N-motion is for tint and PPF. Talk to John
  8. perfectg

    P3D+ spoiler in Canada

    I see you still have the same plate from Club RSX days!
  9. perfectg

    Tesla shop shipping times?

    ordered floormats late last year, took about 2 weeks to arrive, never got shipping notification, they just showed up.
  10. perfectg

    Giveaway: Model 3 Centre Console Tray/Organizer (VANCOUVER ONLY)

    *sugar* missed this by a day
  11. perfectg

    Vancouver (GVRD) - Ceramic Coat & Tint

    I used Kurtis at Unique detailing for ceramic pro, and N-motion for tint and PPF.
  12. perfectg

    Vancouver (GVRD) - Ceramic Coat & Tint

    N-Motion for the tint and 3m clear bra, Unique Detailing for Ceramic Pro
  13. perfectg

    Is the trade in price Tesla offer negotiable?

    I got more than what the mazda dealer said they would even take my old car back for. I got $35,000 as a trade in, while the dealerships wanted to give me max $29k. Privately they were selling the CX9 for about $37k.
  14. perfectg

    Model 3 FSD Upgrade Price is $4,000CAD

    Tesla.com is down. Keeps saying we will check your location in 15 seconds and nothing happens lol
  15. perfectg

    Software Update 2018.50 7e49f8a

    Always on Wifi for me too.
  16. perfectg

    Nav on Autopilot- Vancouver

    I havent tried on my commute from Queensborough to burnaby. Seems to work fine when I take Hwy from Burnette heading to Abbotsford. Don;t use autopilot on Boyd rd, no road markings and the car slowly drifts to the ditch! lol
  17. perfectg

    No referral rewards for BC residents now

    damn it
  18. perfectg

    Supercharger - Victoria, BC

    Sweet can;t wait!
  19. perfectg

    Hello from Vancouver, Canada

  20. perfectg

    LOL Funny Post on Tesla Motors Forum

  21. perfectg

    Hello from Vancouver, Canada

    We are proud owners of a Model 3 Dual motor, white with black interior, EAP and 19" wheels. We walked into the dealership expecting to lay down a deposit and wait a few months. Low and behold Vancouver had a huge shipment of unsold M3 come in, and 1 white one with the options we wanted was...
  22. perfectg

    Supercharger - Victoria, BC

    Sweet, will take advantage of it next time i head over to the island
  23. perfectg

    I want Speed in KMs, proximity in inches

    BMW, AUDI and Mazda, all of my previous cars had the option of switching between both. I wouldnt mind knowing in inches as well
  24. perfectg

    Toronto Model 3 Dash Swap?

    If anyone in Vancouver wants the wood trim dash, let me know I would be happy to swap it out since my car is white!