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  1. gursky

    Experience with charging on 120V outlet in winter

    Unsure if the question was directed to me or another but I'll jump in. The heated garage will keep the battery warm and cabin comfortable so that eliminates my two big concerns when I was using a 20A/120V in winter. There will still be long waits for charging but at least your charging speed in...
  2. gursky

    Experience with charging on 120V outlet in winter

    Went through two winters in Edmonton area (2019 and 2020) using a 20A/120V connection. I parked my SR+ in a partially insulated garage which did create a bit of a difference in temperatures from garage and outside but the garage would still be below freezing. I agree with all the comments but...
  3. gursky

    Tesla owners in Edmonton

    I took my SR+ to Method Mobile (Sherwood Park) last September. I had tinting on seven windows, PPF applied to front, a-pillar, rocker panel and rear trunk and then finished with ceramic coat. Method Mobile are now sponsors for TELUS Owners Club of Alberta and definitely have experience working...
  4. gursky

    Tesla app down?

    Dang, that's what I get for doing some troubleshooting. I will try and be patient to wait this out. There is a thread on Reddit now so seems like this is growing. EDIT: Working as of 12:40PM MT now, able to sign in to the app.
  5. gursky

    Tesla app down?

    Same here, I am not sure what app version I have but I'm having issue (may still be on v 3.10.1). When I began getting issues I signed out of the app, changed my password to generate a new API token (for TeslaFi) and not can't sign in to the app (receiving the "no products in your account" error).
  6. gursky

    Trade in Value -

    Here is the Canadian Trade In form: Trade-in Value | Tesla Canada. I used it in the summer and had a reply from an employee who worked at the closest Service Center to me (Calgary). I imagine the form is similar to the one Chetanh mentioned above.
  7. gursky

    Financing Tesla vehicles in Canada

    Received my financing contract yesterday and this is what I had. A week ago my Tesla account page was showing RBC as the lender but didn't catch when it switched over to Scotia. Would have been nice to receive a lower rate but the wait is over now and I can finally enjoy the car.
  8. gursky

    Model 3 Maxpider 3D mats on sale Costco Canada $160

    FYI for those that may not be watching the thread in the main Model 3 forum but Model 3 mats are now showing as available on the Costco/uguard website. E: There is also a $40 discount for orders placed between July 22 - July 28, so act now to get a nice discount.
  9. gursky

    3D MAXPIDER FLOOR MATS for Model 3 on sale @ Costco Canada

    I check a few times a day and Model 3 is now an option on the Costco/uguard site (wasn't on the two times I checked earlier).
  10. gursky

    Hitch and Bike Rack installed on Model 3

    I have looked in to the Torklift Eco Hitch and Stealth Hitch and what I liked about the Eco Hitch was the magnetic cover you could install when the receiver was removed (link: Tesla Model 3 Undercover - XA2002). I haven't seen anything similar on the Stealth Hitch site, unless it's related to...
  11. gursky

    Tesla shop shipping times?

    I saw the 14-50 connector was in stock a few weeks back and decided to put in an order. Here is my experience on order/delivery times: June 17 I ordered: NEMA 14-50, NEMA 5-20 and Aero Wheel Cap Kit June 20: Aero Wheel Cap shipped and arrived June 25 (no tracking number was provided) June 26...
  12. gursky

    Short & simple 6-20 and 14-50 setup guide

    Thanks for the videos! They are relevant to me as I plan on doing a 6-20 and 14-50 install for the various locations I will home charge my Model 3. All videos I have watched to date have been hobbyists installing a breaker for a new tool so nice to find two that are exactly what I will use...
  13. gursky

    3D MAXPIDER FLOOR MATS for Model 3 on sale @ Costco Canada

    Over in the Canadian thread a few posters indicated that they are temporarily out of stock and after confirming with u-guard.ca they should be in stock in mid/late July. The Maxpider mats are also out of stock at PartsEngine so it seems that their supply ran out, which seems to happen a few...
  14. gursky

    Model 3 Maxpider 3D mats on sale Costco Canada $160

    Thanks for the follow up! With Costco products you never know if it's gone temporarily or permanently and having u-guard.ca fulfill the mats I was concerned these were gone for good. The Model 3 inventory at PartsEngine appears to be gone too, but from this thread it seems the 3D stock comes...
  15. gursky

    Help me decide between LR and SR+

    This thread was created by @Mdubz and I shameless piggybacked on it but I have appreciated all of the responses directed to me, Mdubz or others. I have read countless threads on TMC, owners group's on Facebook and r/teslamotors looking for insight and have found the perspective provided here...
  16. gursky

    Help me decide between LR and SR+

    This thread is my exact struggle. I don't have any answers but I can share what I have gone through while debating SR+ or LR RWD on a daily basis for the last few months. Being in Alberta too I have looked in to the effectiveness of RWD in winter conditions and with proper tires any concerns...