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    Insurer that I can stick with?

    Still with the NRMA. Just up for annual renewal, premium up by $200 ($2,300, 5y ncd + 20% loyalty), agreed value down by $36,000 to $92,000. 2015 S85D + all optionals except hifi.
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    Anyone bought a "raven" Model S in Australia?

    Did you ask, 'How often do you drive from Melbourne to Sydney without stopping for something to eat or a cup of coffee?' While technically it could be done I suppose (assuming a very large bladder) it would not be pleasant, I'd only do it if I absolutely had to. My trip Syd->Mel took 5 days and...
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    M3 SR+ AC Charging

    Urgh finger slip I meant 32A 1 phase = 7.5kW or 16A 3 phase=11kW. Sorry.
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    M3 SR+ AC Charging

    As far as I know you can charge an SR+ at up to 32A 3 phase = 7.5kW, or 16A 3 phase=11 kW. I don't think the car supports dual chargers like the model S/X. The old model S's supported 32A 3ph=22kW if you installed a second charger. Superchargers are a different story of course being DC current.
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    Max 3phase charging, Model S - AP2.0

    Obvious first question, do you have dual chargers in the car. If you do, I would have thought Oct 2016 would have the old chargers which can do 32A/phase = 22kW. If you only have one, that would be consistent with 16A/3ph. Or, the charger is not correctly set up.
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    ?Drop off of rate of charge at Supercharger St Leonards

    Dropped in to St Leonards yesterday for a half charge (top half). A Model 3 came in after me, charged up and left before me. (S85D 2016.) Wow.
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    Tesla St Leonards to close

    Agreed, it would be nice to know. Of course, they're not under any obligation to do so, and sending an email out to everyone would just be spam. Perhaps a page on the Tesla site? If I was going to look at it completely objectively, not sure St Leonards is the ideal location for them. I do hope...
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    Will we see a "Tesla killer"?

    Been an enthusiast and owner since 2016. My reading, and reading between the lines suggests, if anything's going to be a Tesla killer (and hope there isn't one) it would be when the Model 3 has been going a few years and there are lots and lots of them, and as inevitably happens in that case...
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    Home wall charger single phase 32amp problem

    First, try a simple reset. Second, check it's been installed correctly. There are things inside - dip switches - that need to be set to say how much current it can supply, the manual tells you. If you're not comfortable changing them, you can at least look. It needs to be powered off before...
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    ?Drop off of rate of charge at Supercharger St Leonards

    Sitting here at St Leonard’s, no other car charging. Battery not overheated, came from the city. 1/3rd full at start, now sitting at 36kW. Tried a different bay, same result. But on one of our regular trips south, both Goulburn and Cooma started out at 115 kW (started 65 here and tapered off to...
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    Submitted without comment (can't think of one, too gobsmacked)

    Woman looking for the petrol cap Woman trying to put gas in her electric car
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    21" Silver Arachnid / 19" Silver Wheels (Standard Tesla wheels) for sale - Melbourne

    If you missed out on the 19" wheels and still want some or even just one or two, from Sydney, please contact me!
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    21" Silver Arachnid / 19" Silver Wheels (Standard Tesla wheels) for sale - Melbourne

    And if you're not in Melbourne but are in Sydney and Melbourne is too far for you to go/ship from and want 19" standard wheels, please consider mine ... see ebay or Tesla for sale group
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    ChargeFox EV charging Network

    Most chargers of this type have 2 cables, one a J1772 and the other a CHAdeMO. If the J1772 is the Combo Coupler variant of the J1772-2009 connector allowing charging up to 90 kW, there is at least the plus that potentially 2 cars could charge up at full rate. If both are CHAdeMO or there are...
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    How Green is EV ownership

    The myth that electric cars are more polluting over the lifetime of the car because of coal-produced electricity has been thoroughly debunked several times. Here is a paper that is as good as any https://www.afdc.energy.gov/uploads/publication/ev_emissions_impact.pdf . This includes a scenario...
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    EV fast-charging network to roll-out in Australia after funding boost

    350kW is a lot of current. Nothing currently available can charge at that rate, but the way of the future - we hope! I wonder about the technology, a Tesla cable at 135kW max is already 3cm or so thick! And 8 of those stations side by side would be nearly 3MW if all in use at the same time. I...
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    Can anyone loan a 19” Spare wheel and tyre in Sydney

    Sounds like a great trip! Yes, I can help you there, just changing over to slipstreams so I have (well, will have next week) 4 spare 19"-ers. Am planning to fix up a few 'rashes' and sell, but you can borrow one for a bit. I run my own mailserver so have set up a temp email (so I can deactivate...
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    19" Slipstream Wheels for Sale - Sydney

    Have bought them and picked them up, as described - a bit better, actually (tread good, and very clean), happy chappie.
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    19" Slipstream Wheels for Sale - Sydney

    Good-oh thanks, just out of interest why are you selling them?
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    19" Slipstream Wheels for Sale - Sydney

    Are they Tesla OEM?
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    Request for recommendation - Tesla detailing Sydney North

    Hi all, Evie coming up for 3 years and while in good shape I thought I'd give her a birthday present. Does anyone have a recommendation for someone who's got good Tesla detailing experience, Sydney North Shore - Wahroonga? Anyone between Chatswood and Hornsby would be fine. St Leonards won't...
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    Tasmania Trip

    Thanks! We're not doing anything quite that adventurous, we're going to Wynyard for the tulip festival, Lake St Claire, Hobart, then back up to Launceston. Already got most of the accommodation booked, all with destination chargers!
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    Australia: Summary of Charging Equipment & Options

    Ahhh. Makes sense. They probably shouldn't sell it in the aussie shop then!
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    Australia: Summary of Charging Equipment & Options

    I see that Tesla sells a J1772 adapter for $95 - Model S/X/3 SAE J1772 Charging Adapter . Is the EVnomics one for $270 better in some way, e.g. faster charging or doesn't need some other intermediate adaptor I don't know about, or compatibility or something? I'm thinking of getting it as an...
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    Tesla Upgrading Software to ‘Do Pretty Much Anything Via Voice Command’

    You'd need a powerful inverter to convert from high voltage DC to AC for any reasonable load. Not technically impossible, but does not exist in the car today and would be hard to retrofit. For new cars - well, there's nothing to stop you running bits of your house from that, and then we're right...
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    Tesla Upgrading Software to ‘Do Pretty Much Anything Via Voice Command’

    I've been saying for ages I'd like to be able to do voice commands for things like 'open the sunroof' in my model S. But whether it's possible or not - 'depends'. The car contains many separate and autonomous systems that are not necessarily linked. For instance, you don't want the steering...
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    Strata Issues

    That's a very big battery, or a very slow charge rate ... sorry, couldn't resist, I'll go quietly now
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    Model 3 base range concerns.

    There aren't Superchargers everywhere, but there are destination chargers. I'd stop for lunch at the City Centre Motel, and charge up at their Telsa charger. Assuming an hour's stop that would put another 54 km in your tank, you should be good to go. If you're prepared to buy a 3 phase plug, you...
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    Round Australia List! (put your name down if keen / serious)

    It's not the same sort of thing. If Tesla set up a few charging points in a Westfield then if I was Tesla, sure I'd be ok with them being shared. It would probably be more practical to set up a J1772 charger there as well, rather than relying on others having an adaptor. But the cost of setting...
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    Worlds largest battery to be installed in South Australia by Tesla

    I hope there are some caveats in that '100 days or it's free'. Otherwise my mind thinks of all the ways the SA govt could delay things ... 'sorry, Fred's off on long service leave ... let's resume this in 3 months'
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    Supercharger - Cooma NSW

    I stopped at the new Cooma supercharger on my way to Merimbula on Monday 26 June for a charge, and a couple of blokes from the council came over, said hello, and said I was the first one to use it (or at least the first they had seen, seems unlikely I was actually the first but you never know)...
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    Round Australia List! (put your name down if keen / serious)

    A small group would be fine ... 3 cars should be manageable
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    Round Australia List! (put your name down if keen / serious)

    No worries. Will look forward to developments then. My preference would be to go in a small group of cars rather than just having a known set of destination chargers & doing it all by myself.
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    Round Australia List! (put your name down if keen / serious)

    Ok, fair enough ... so, at the end of the process, will we have anything other than a list? For example, a mapped out plan where people can get around with the 300km gap between chargers or something?
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    Round Australia List! (put your name down if keen / serious)

    This looks absolutely fabulous, and would love to do it ... need to talk the missus in to it. To that end, a few more details would be useful. For instance, while I'd love to do it, I wouldn't be so keen on a marathon driving effort, trying to do a minimum 700 km/day and get it done in 3 weeks...
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    Has anyone obtained a Powerwall 2 installation quote yet?

    I'm going forward with Natural Solar. They gave me a quote of about $16,500 for the solar system, $27,000 with 1 powerwall and $37,400 for two. Going for two. Solar going in this week, powerwalls a bit later. The solar's expensive because I'm going for Sunsolar panels. Part of the cost is I want...
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    multiple Model X on well-known online Oz website?

    Clicking on the 'cars in stock' tab when you view them shows 'There are no cars that match the car you have enquired about.' So it's just a placemarker.
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    Surprise OTA Experience

    Good stuff! Enjoy your trip. Send me a message if you get stuck for a charge down there. I'll probably be going again in a few weeks, will try to post some more definitive kw/h usage info.
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    Surprise OTA Experience

    Welcome! Where will you be charging in Merimbula, out of interest?
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    Surprise OTA Experience

    Have a good drive! Suggestions in passing - I drove from Sydney to Merimbula last weekend (S85D). I went down the King's Road (i.e. via Bateman's Bay) from the Goulburn Supercharger, and made it to Merimbula with only a few Kms to spare on an 80% charge, so you'd want to be full up with a 75D...
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    Powerwall in Australia

    I reckon, based on my energy consumption, I'd suck one of them dry in about an hour ... I'd need 10 of them, or a 100kWh commercial module ...
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    Victoria Registrations - the most short sighted legislation of the year award!

    No discount for Tesla - not a hybrid "There's no reason for it, it's just our policy"
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    Spotted in Australia and New Zealand

    Spotted around Golden Jubilee Oval ... I don't often see his view, normally I'm inside it :-)
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    List of confirmed Australian Orders

    My delivery specialist tells me there is a ship coming to Sydney on Mon 14th ... and my car is on it
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    Tesla in Australia

    How long for build? I make it somewhere between 10 days and 2 weeks by the updates on the My Tesla. It's an S85D not a P, pretty much all options other than super hifi, solid white paint.
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    Tesla in Australia

    Mine too Mine by a good $20k since May. Status changed today to 'in transit from the factory' whoo and also hoo!
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    List of confirmed Australian Orders

    One eternity laterrr Mine too! Yay! Congats!
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    List of confirmed Australian Orders

    omg omg omg omg .... I have a VIN! ... for the register, cancelled the Executive seats and changed from solid roof to pano.
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    Re-Sale Value - Elon Tweet

    Based on this guy 2015 Tesla Model S 85 Auto people may be taking the notes about high resale value a bit too far. Wow, good luck there! If it was a P85D loaded with every option there is, maybe. But a plain ol' S85 with as far as I can see very few options?
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    Model S Insurance in Australia

    In general, for an unusual car like this one which is not well known, don't use the website. Ring during the week and ask to speak to an underwriter. Agreed value will probably need negotiation as they don't know about options and their value and the phone people only can insure for the base price.