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  1. Marc Connery

    2000+ mile Camping trip to Rushmore in a Model Y Long Range - First long distance trip and sleeping in the car

    As has been mentioned I liked having a clean mattress off the ground, and the camp mode was especially useful on two nights, one where a bus load of teen boys arrived at 11 pm and started pitching their tents, closing the hatch effectively silenced them. The other where the temperature got to 34...
  2. Marc Connery

    2000+ mile Camping trip to Rushmore in a Model Y Long Range - First long distance trip and sleeping in the car

    1977 I was 9 years old when my Grandpa Ben (Swedish name Bengt) bought a 1976 Coachman Leprechaun and first introduced me to camping. On that trip my family went to Mt. Rushmore, Salt Lake City, Reno and down the California Coast. 5 years later he passed from a brain tumor. Having left the...
  3. Marc Connery

    Home Wall Connector Install

    I used 6/2 Romex with a 50 amp breaker over a 80 foot run - PITA but worth it.
  4. Marc Connery

    Alternate wiring for Mini HUD using Swivel mount

    So awhile back I bought the Hansshow Mini HUD (Best Tesla Model 3 Y Heads-Up Display|Hidden Hud|Hansshow) but did not like the aesthetics of the wire being visible in my eyeline and blocking the vent. Throw in the fact that you have to jam it in the side panel to thread it, I figured this was...
  5. Marc Connery

    Money well spent: tire repair kit

    just added a plug kit after the last car had I leak that I could feel, otherwise the 4 other tire issues I have had in my life a plug kit wouldn't help. Two slow leaks, one unfindable leak and a blowout. I still keep a slime kit with inflator in the car as well.
  6. Marc Connery

    My project for when it gets warm again/ Mount Rushmore trip

    I bought this tent new at Goodwill for $50 only for a couple of trips and festivals. it has sat in storage since well before COVID. Since I Got it for so low (something similar is over $400 new). I don't mind possibly ruining it to modify it for camping with my Model Y. Sadly the backside...
  7. Marc Connery

    Towns denying Business to go with all electric vehicles

    By not saying what truck and the type of business they may only be charging every other day (for local hauling), slow charging at night at <100kw, or charge at megachargers on their route.
  8. Marc Connery

    Supercharging and Navigation

    I think you can, by voice command ask what chargers are on your route. Helpful if you think you want to get out earlier or later (eg. the SC after the one it lists has a restaurant you'll eat at during a longer charge.
  9. Marc Connery

    charge everyday or once in 3 days

    Somewhere on TMC I saw a recent study with cyclical degradation being slightly improved with a of 55% driven to 35% on the 2170 cells Some new data from research on Tesla model 3 cells For myself I charge up to 70% which safely keeps me in my occasional 100 mile days but allows me to top off to...
  10. Marc Connery

    Towns denying Business to go with all electric vehicles

    It's BS, the average electricity use per person population is about 32 kWh/day (not just their use but everything in the city they live in that makes it a city to be livable and productive) if it was the Tesla semi using a full battery of 500 miles, that's the as much as 1000 people and...
  11. Marc Connery

    10% better range by servicing brakes

    interesting about the range improvement you found. I don't have the performance but look forward to checking the difference when it is time to service my brakes. It's funny now that I have the need for oil changes (the disposal requirements sent me to service centers) I am looking forward to...
  12. Marc Connery

    xAI grok: Chat LLM

    When I saw " it has real-time knowledge of the world via the 𝕏 platform. " I was sure it was going to be antisemitic, -not bad.
  13. Marc Connery

    Stitch-on steering wheel cover review

    Very cool, how does the heated steering wheel feel?
  14. Marc Connery

    MYP - new off inventory

    Got my MYLR from inventory, crawled all over, no fit/finish problems.