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    Navigation update 2020.12 is out!

    not all model 3's with 202.12.1 and HW 3.0 got the full release capable of stopping at red lights and stop signs. I am one of them. I was fairly disappointed when I charged into the car to enable the feature only to find it, not there. The notes said map updates needed to be be performed but...
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    I’ll get roasted but here goes anyway

    That’s what I thought too until today, but I dropped my car off at tesla. Then took the Uber back home. And couldn’t get in. Damn I’ve gotten spoiled not taking keys with me and today it bit me in the ass. Until my phone can open my house which is probably some Something it can do, if I figured...
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    Stop Light and Stop Sign Software

    How do you know you have HW2.5? Since I bought FSD, I've been trying to find out how to determine (other than lack of functionality) where it says I have HW 2.5. I've heard on this forum that deliveries pre April 2019 were HW2.5. (I'm later March 2019). while it is obvious that I don't have...
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    changed location

    Just moved from silicon valley to the Las Vegas area. Seems silly to ask but the car was off the grid for a few weeks. I connected it to the WiFi at our new location. I kind of expected to start receiving notices of S/W updates. But nothing. Is it possible Tesla didn't push any updates in...
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    Premium Connectivity cost $9.99/month for many Model 3 versions

    tesla.com>sign>view details>subscriptions... ought to tell you when your free period ends...
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    MASTER THREAD: 2019.40.50.x - Driving Visualization improvements, new voice commands, Camping Mode

    Thanks. I thought I've been paying attention. I thought when I purchased FSD it was 3.0 compliant. How does one even find out if they're 2.5 or 3.0?
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    MASTER THREAD: 2019.40.50.x - Driving Visualization improvements, new voice commands, Camping Mode

    Thanks. I thought I've been paying attention but apparently not. Is the upgrade software or hardware. Damn, how does one find out if they're 2.5... and what the heck the FSD I paid for back when I ordered the car.
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    MASTER THREAD: 2019.40.50.x - Driving Visualization improvements, new voice commands, Camping Mode

    so I'm a March 2019 delivery, purchased FSD for $5K and I'm not seeing any of the visualization features... I'm bummed. Anyone else seeing this?
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    Tesla Owners Can Edit Maps to Improve Summon Routes

    Seems like a lot of fussing but we're early adopters so, it's fun. I've noticed that too much traffic in the parking lots is ver confusing to smart summon. Usually the car just stops and I end up walking to it anyway.
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    Newb Q--why must I use the brake pedal at all?

    That last 4 MPH is just what you need to bring the car to the stop line or light. I've been doing one pedal driving for some time now. One does get the hang of it quickly but having the car stop itself in precisely the correct spot seems a matter of personal preference anyway.. I like using...
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    Navigate on autopilot never requires user feedback

    I'd love every two to five minutes. Mine is every 35 seconds.
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    MASTER THREAD: all Smart Summon-related posts go here

    I did the same. In the less traveled lots it is a great feature. In the busy lots, there are too many drivers and pedestrians.
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    V 10 lane changing

    I've tested V10 on NoA several times with setting set to have me concur with the suggested lane change. That went so well I decided to take a chance on letting it change lanes without my consent. I've switched back. I like having the last word.
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    Tesla V10 software update rollout: post here if you are still waiting

    Summon work perfectly for me in a parking lot yesterday. Then last night a new version. I will have to try summon again today.
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    Oops, hit a curb, now the car drifts right

    I'm happy to report that a 15 minute drive - mostly freeway - and calibration is complete. My Tesla tracks straight as is possible.
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    255/40R18 Range/Driving Impressions

    All that said, and as one who love to limit wheel rash, will the larger tires actually rub the curb first? The cost of the 18" wheel and a new tire are about the same. So the dichotomy is, do I prefer wheel rash or tire damage?
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    Oops, hit a curb, now the car drifts right

    update, Had the car in for an alignment check. The right rear was found to be out of alignment and was subsequently realigned. Tesla service techs produce a nice chart showing the before and after alignment results. Took about two hours. However when test driving after the service the car...
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    Update 2019.28.2 Stuck in Update

    True that. Thanks, I'm the same. No 'first drive' conclusions. I'm kind of over the Dog Mode improvements. I get it but, I like driving the machine and watching it drive itself... Albeit with careful oversight by me.
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    Update 2019.28.2 Stuck in Update

    Any cool driving, auto pilot or summon features in this update?
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    Oops, hit a curb, now the car drifts right

    nope tried it on plenty different surfaces. Thanks i wish it was.
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    So, who is going to be the first to try “smart summon”

    I'll be trying it as soon as I get it. Most likely at 3am in an empty parking lot.
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    Oops, hit a curb, now the car drifts right

    Very sadly, I managed to scrape a curb with my right rear wheel when rounding a corner into parking lot. Speed was 10 to 15mph max. It really took me by surprise and of course was very frustrating on many levels. Not the least of which was concern over tire damage and an ugly scar on my new...
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    Is Autopilot camera recalibration ever needed?

    It is simply that the AP S/W fundamentally want to center the Tesla between the lines (lanes). So until the S/W becomes sophisticated enough to compensate (perhaps use left line only for a period of time) at on ramp or intersections, it is an issue the DRIVER must be aware of and ready for...
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    Summon cannot park in garage

    Back into the garage... ;-)
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    Can Acoustic Tire Liner be added?

    I must say that having read many of the tire threads on this forum, I've entered a state of tire overwhelm. The idea of researching alternative tires for my M3 MR with 18" aero wheels is just too daunting. However not wanting to be at the mercy of the OEM, my question is simply do the Michelin...
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    Phantom Breaking Getting Worse?

    Sadly, my wife won't ride with me in the Tesla if I insist on using TACC or NoA. Can't say as i blame her. Darn thing chooses the weirdest times to phantom brake. And yes, some smoothing of speed changes (except in emergencies) would be nice.
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    I want ver. 16 back

    You asked. I like 20.4 better but perhaps I'm just getting better at being a Tesla systems manager.
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    18" Aero wheels (Poll)

    Aeros off. Red caliper covers on. The grey on grey gives it a stealthy look that I like. There has not been enough convincing data around how much more efficient the car is to convince me i should even put them back on for a long trip at freeway speeds.
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    AP hugs left line (new development)

    Two things. First, recently I heard that at some point those of us that purchased Enhanced Auto Pilot will get a new controller or widget of some type to make the car more FSD capable. Second, how does one determine if their Tesla Model 3 has AP 2.5 and what is the difference from 2.0?
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    I ended up hitting a car *video*

    I'm not sure why the OP put himself out there but, Like aviation accidents, we can learn from him. Verify the TACC is active. Anyone who's been driving a Tesla with TACC engaged knows it simply will not drift in the way that the OP's did in the video. With NoA active it would not continue a lane...
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    Ca License And Registration

    I. Put the front plate on cause I got cited on the last car where I elected to leave it off. CA law requires it though it seems I’m the only person ever to get a ticket by the number missing front plates I see every day. That said, I have the chrome Model 3 license plate cover that looks great.
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    How Long Until Your Autopilot Calibrated?

    Where does on find this calibration status? Thanks
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    How Long Until Your Autopilot Calibrated?

    How does one find the information on calibration status?
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    Ca License And Registration

    An aside, you cannot apply for the HOV stickers until you have the plates.
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    Autopilot In The Right Lane Is Disconcerting When The Lane Gets Wider (for Merging)...

    When I first started driving with autopilot, I felt the same way. But I came to realize that I was expecting the Tesla to assess traffic, predict future driving needs and maneuver in traffic as I would. That is more than AI, that is mind reading. Even Elon isn't trying to do that. So I set...
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    Navigate on autopilot freeway change.

    If I understand your question... Which I'm not sure I do then..l It will go to the lane (except far left passing lane) that allows for the speed you've chosen. Then at some point it will decide that the car needs to be in the right (or possibly the left) so it can exit.
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    Long-term charging/storage

    Where do I find more information about the master Control Unit? A crashed MCU seems like a big deal.
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    Nav on AP with Auto-Lane Change unusable in current state

    I got release 2019.12.1.2 (from memory) while away on biz. Today I used NoA and to my great joy I immediately noticed many of the OP annoying NoA characteristics have smoothed out. Especially the phantom braking and seemingly random lane changing. Still, and though I have 'lane change without...
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    Largest concern about buying a model 3

    Just do it! The car will last six years. You will still get it repaired and serviced. You'll love it the moment it is delivered and there'll be no looking back. Car companies have been going bankrupt for decades and bailed out by the government when other institutions ruined the economy. I...
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    Auto Pilot considerations from a Pilot

    The car stays between the lanes all by it self with NoA off. So heading change not required.
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    Auto Pilot considerations from a Pilot

    While I agree the Tesla would need HUD, add clutter and likely be conceptually difficult for the average driver, the reason I suggested FSDD is for the Tesla AI to learn (as well as myself). Tesla's whole FSD program is constantly being updated based on actual driving data. That data - I...
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    Auto Pilot considerations from a Pilot

    LOLOLOLOL Point taken
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    Auto Pilot considerations from a Pilot

    Using an autopilot has been a part of my everyday life for many years. From heavy airliners to Cirrus Jets aviation autopilots all have something this pilot respectfully hopes Tesla will consider, adding as a feature. I'm naming it, Full Self Driving Director FSDD. In any airplane with a...
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    New wheels - FINALLY!

    boom shakka lakka - very nice.
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    Wheel Jog with Auto Lane Change

    Look Rdlink, Tesla is still selling cars and new buyers are adding FSD. What you've learned from all your sources is helpful to those just getting into a Tesla for the first time. Like myself. It is of course possible for one to read the whole owners manual and then just go use the features...
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    Wheel Jog with Auto Lane Change

    Good thread. I've got 40 mile freeway trip today. I shall test 'again' the constant torque method. My previous experience with constant torque was that an 'acknowledgement was still required.
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    Some people don't understand

    That is my experience as well except for the Tesla drivers who are also pilots.
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    Wheel Jog with Auto Lane Change

    And here I thought what a coincidence... has anyone tried changing the radio volume rather than moving the steering wheel? I plan to try that today.
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    NoA moves to the side of lane while waiting?

    All I notice is that if the lane is busy the car will ultimately slow to let the busy car pass. However, I never tried bumping the speed/. One more thing to try.