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  1. LevelHeaded

    Has the FSD Beta opt-in button been deployed yet?

    Musk mentioned an opt-in button coming that would put you in the waiting list for the FSD Beta. Has anyone seen it yet or heard more?
  2. LevelHeaded

    Parking pawl integrity

    I’ve never “long pressed” the park button on my M3 or MY. The normal “short press” has always applied what I thought was the parking brake and I’ve had no reason to explore the “long press” option... An interesting question is, in the absence of a transmission, what does “putting a Tesla in...
  3. LevelHeaded

    Model Y SR gone from options and LR dropped 1K?

    Please let me know which auto manufacturers revise the MSRP of a vehicle several times in the same model year
  4. LevelHeaded

    When is structural battery pack & 4680 cells coming & Why are you not waiting until then?

    longevity of the current pack is not a concern. Wouldn’t be unusual to get 1000+++ usable charge cycles out of the current pack, which would put the pack at far miles than the rest of the car is going to last (300k+).
  5. LevelHeaded

    SR price reduction

    The 7k tax credits are not only _not_ going to pass in 2021, but they _definitely_ won’t be retroactive if they ever do. They would exist to incentivize the purchase of EVs for those that would otherwise not purchase them. If you’ve already purchased one, you obviously didn’t need that incentive.
  6. LevelHeaded

    Snow and Ice effect on sensors

    The vehicle should be usable even if you don’t have 30 minutes to precondition it. And, the vehicle should be usable if the radars aren’t functioning. There is still a driver, after all
  7. LevelHeaded

    MY accelerated on it’s own!

    Hmm, did it?
  8. LevelHeaded

    MY Performance in snow

    You need to get different tires, and therefore probably wheels under 40 Fahrenheit on the MYP. Other than that, no difference.
  9. LevelHeaded

    Anyone thinking of switching to a refresh Model X?

    I thought about it, but I can only barely tolerate a Tesla’s lack of quality at the $65k price I paid. I know I’d regret spending $90k+ and feeling like I was driving a Kia. Don’t get me wrong, I love driving my Tesla’s. But they’re too expensive for what they are. In all likelihood I’ll...
  10. LevelHeaded

    My car is constantly charging, is this normal?

    Kinda strange, I thought Sentry, climate, etc pulled from wall power rather than battery if the car is hooked up to trickle power. This appears to be the case with climate, as I can leave it on for hours with no battery discharge/charge according to TeslaFi... dunno why it would differ with Sentry
  11. LevelHeaded

    Regen availability

    If the battery is not fully warmed up, regen is reduced
  12. LevelHeaded


    Sounds like the M3 had autopilot and not FSD
  13. LevelHeaded

    Mud flaps & Model Y

    My order for the Tesla flaps was placed on the 27th, but I’ve yet to receive them. Anyone else?
  14. LevelHeaded

    Summer tires are not ok for use in winter driving or parking

    This is common knowledge
  15. LevelHeaded

    Interior trim gap

    I have this on my 18xxx June 2020 build too. Never noticed it!
  16. LevelHeaded

    Regenerative Braking - Safety issue

    It should be the case that when your vehicle is not slowing down at the rate it needs to be, you apply the brake. This is true whether you expected it to slow down faster due to an incline, being in a heavier car, or not having regen. It’s simply how cars work. Want to slow down faster than with...
  17. LevelHeaded

    Model Y completely reset itself today?

    I hope both of you reported this issue so they could pull logs
  18. LevelHeaded

    Driver seat off-center from steering wheel

    This is a new one. Mine doesn’t appear to be off center
  19. LevelHeaded

    Who uses automatic car washes?

    I go weekly to a touchless car wash. My entire MY is satin PPF’d. No issues.
  20. LevelHeaded

    Model Y vs Mustang Mach E

    This. It also affects total emissions given most owners are not charging on renewable energy alone. Efficiency is still important in EVs if any part of your decision is eco-consciousness, because more efficiency = less power per mile = less emissions per mile, just like an ICE vehicle. No...
  21. LevelHeaded

    Model Y Thermal Image - Ultrasonic Sensors

    Fwiw, when I got home tonight the snow was melted off the radar dots but stuck everywhere else on the front end of my MY!
  22. LevelHeaded

    Front Bumper Debris Hit

    Looks like the bumper did exactly what it was designed to do!
  23. LevelHeaded

    Crash Test: All the Stars

    This. NHTSA tests aren’t all too valuable. More interested to see IIHS and (even better) Euro NCAP etc.
  24. LevelHeaded

    Finished MY brake upgrade - Performance rear + stock LR front

    I barely touch my friction breaks, so this is far enough down my list of priority upgrades that I’ll definitely never have reason to do it. Congrats, though!
  25. LevelHeaded

    After 3 months and a couple days with a Y

    Needless to say, Tesla’s are not setup the same. This can’t be a matter of “wires being crossed under the dash.” It’s pretty clear that this is a joke post from OP given the descriptions of some of their “issues.” If its serious, I’d be worried about this person’s ability to confidently control...
  26. LevelHeaded

    Covid Frunk

    My MY has no “close frunk button,” lol
  27. LevelHeaded

    Rear hatch weld issue

    This is located basically right above the license plate, near the license plate lights, in the crease
  28. LevelHeaded

    Rear hatch weld issue

    Noticed this on my June build when I got it. Assumed they wouldn’t do anything about it... maybe I should point out!
  29. LevelHeaded

    Tire Replacement

    Cheaper and better don’t usually go hand in hand when it comes to tires in my experience
  30. LevelHeaded

    Is the reduction in power with low SOC a software design or is it a physical limitation?

    Unrelated to the OPs question. Power is reduced as SoC decreases as a result of characteristics of batteries themselves as described earlier as _well_ as software implementation not only in the name of efficiency but durability as well.
  31. LevelHeaded

    What is the first Model Y VIN’s with pedestrian warning system?

    VINs aren’t strictly sequential so manufacturing date works better, which is yes Sept
  32. LevelHeaded

    Slipping on inclines while in park

    Maybe a dumb question as a new-to-snowy-residence person, but if the tires are indeed all sliding due to lack of traction rather than rolling, why would aiming them in a direction prevent it?
  33. LevelHeaded

    Winter handling Subaru vs dual-motor model Y

    Given that it’s basically an identical powertrain to the M3 which has been in customer hands for several years at this point, did anyone who’s having a negative winter experience start there first for info/analysis/changes to the experience over time? Those of you correctly pointing out that...
  34. LevelHeaded

    Scared to go to the carwash

    I’ve always done touchless on multiple Teslas in Seattle and SLC. If you go often you can get the cheaper washes that don’t include most of the random chemical treatments since you’re more so doing maintenance washes. But FWIW I’ve had no discoloration of trim in probably over 25 washes at my...
  35. LevelHeaded

    Significantly higher miles on the car at delivery than on the sales contract

    Hope you photographically documented the mileage the moment it arrived if you hope to have any leverage whatsoever!
  36. LevelHeaded

    It’s hard to change wheels

    I stay away from Harbor Freight. Harbor Freight Recalling Replacement Jack Stands - Second Recall
  37. LevelHeaded

    I Wish Tesla Offered A Discounted Acceleration Boost!

    Tesla has never raised the price of nor discontinued availability of (nor discounted) the Acceleration Boost product on the only other vehicle for which it’s been offered, the M3.
  38. LevelHeaded

    Model Y Performance In The Snow

    Whether or not you need snow tires is debatable based on how much snow you get and what the grooming situation is like for your roads. But whether you end up with snow or all season tires, you definitely shouldn’t be using summer tires below 40 Fahrenheit.
  39. LevelHeaded

    PWS - 2020 Model Y - Help!!!

    I have a June MY and have less than 0 cares that it’s missing the speaker. Mind boggled.
  40. LevelHeaded

    Buying a used MY - What information to request.

    The fact that they’re not budging is hilarious. Maybe they overpaid for it and aren’t willing to admit it yet.
  41. LevelHeaded

    Anyone Got back the $100 deposit by cancelling order?

    Mine was refunded to original payment method (AmEx)
  42. LevelHeaded

    Buying a used MY - What information to request.

    This would seem to confirm that it neither has EAP nor FSD, else there would be NoA options on this screen. Such a car would be $59,990 new from the assembly line, so I don’t think the price is good by any measure.
  43. LevelHeaded

    Anyone Got back the $100 deposit by cancelling order?

    No, well before that. My whole point is that they refunded the fee despite it being called out as non-refundable.
  44. LevelHeaded

    Anyone Got back the $100 deposit by cancelling order?

    No I actually placed the order earlier the same month (June 2020)
  45. LevelHeaded

    Anyone Got back the $100 deposit by cancelling order?

    Mine was refunded through no effort of my own in June 2020 when I requested a refund for my 2nd MY reservation on the website. I would assume it was automated.
  46. LevelHeaded

    Model Y

    You’re right, it shouldn’t be. The BMW, Volvo, VW and Honda that I’ve owned with automatic windshield wipers worked flawlessly. Difference is they utilized actual sensors rather than cameras and a neural net which hasn’t learned despite several years and what one assumes is millions of driven...
  47. LevelHeaded

    Model Y

    This has been an issue since I bought my M3 in Seattle in September 2018. Given they haven’t improved it in almost 2.5 years, don’t hold your breath!
  48. LevelHeaded


    Yeah, what is up with this. Funny and whimsical or borderline worrisome...
  49. LevelHeaded


    What an utterly dumb and meaningless update. Especially after all the actually useful stuff that most assumed Elon was referring to when hyping the holiday update over the past few months. My MY doesn’t have the PWS and I have no desire to have one retrofitted.