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  1. hsfrank


    GFCI’s are certainly highly recommended. However my thoughts are that if your outlets are dedicated and you do do anything stupid ( like using a screwdriver to pry the plug or touching the prong plug while plugging in or other stupid tricks) you should be ok. Use the money you save to buy a...
  2. hsfrank

    2000+ mile Camping trip to Rushmore in a Model Y Long Range - First long distance trip and sleeping in the car

    Thank for the write up. I enjoyed your narrative and analysis. your trip proved that Tesla is equal to and most likely more economical on long trips that ICE.Further when home charging on short trips vs supercharger it is far more economical. My home charging overnight costs 1/3 less than...
  3. hsfrank

    General insurance question

    BTW you should monitor this process to make sure that the decisions reached in the agreed price or what you want. For example some insurance companies will try to insist on aftermarket parts. Another example may be that the insurance company may not agree the certain things are related. You...
  4. hsfrank

    General insurance question

    here is the best way to deal with your situation. Choose a collision shop of your choice that has a good reputation. Tell them to contact your insurance company and get an agreed price on the repair. You will only be responsible for $500 no matter what the agreed price is, usually if there are...
  5. hsfrank

    How can I make the “home” location more accurate

    “your” possessive or you are!
  6. hsfrank

    How can I make the “home” location more accurate

    I live on a corner house. I have entered my address as the home location. When I am navigating to my house, the car navigates to the street that is on the side of my house not the front of my house. Is there anyway to set the home location as my driveway or the street that the front of my house...
  7. hsfrank

    what is this?

    and the cat had nine lives, none of which have been used except the current one.
  8. hsfrank

    Once again sc**wed by Tesla

    In retrospect it was a bit of hyperbole .
  9. hsfrank

    what is this?

    No concern just curiosity . As to my looking at wheels wells,well,like any conscientious car own I was adjusting my cold tire pressure to 42 lbs when I noticed this.
  10. hsfrank

    what is this?

    There is only one in each tire well.
  11. hsfrank

    Once again sc**wed by Tesla

    Now I am not a hater but just the opposite. I love my MYLR Tesla. I just don’t like being treated unfairly. First it’s was the lowering of the price (and trade in value) in Jan 2023 by a significant amount. Now it is offering FSD for the same price to upgrade to those who did not purchase EAP...
  12. hsfrank

    what is this?

    it’s in every wheel well.
  13. hsfrank

    Need advice on accident and claim

    there are also many things you can do to bring pressure on the insurance company to accept your appraisal. Reporting to the Better Business Bureau is one. Reporting to the insurance department of your state is another you must determine whether it is worth that effort to accomplish your goal.
  14. hsfrank

    Need advice on accident and claim

    your insurance is considered first party insurance. The car that hit you or as you state the other car and then into you is third-party insurance. Since you pay the premium for your insurance, the obligation is theirs to fulfill the contractual terms. They have the right to get an appraisal of...
  15. hsfrank

    My on going battle regarding my purchase of a used 2013 Model S P85+

    first of all, call your insurance company and find out if there is a difference in rates between a P 85 and a P 95. If there isn’t then there’s no big deal to you. If and when you sell, it just be accurate in your description of what your car is, and as the saying goes and the law is buyer...
  16. hsfrank

    Tesla service nightmare

    It would seem that your remedy would be with. the dealer who sold it to you, not Tesla. Granted Tesla has a waranty but usually that is to the original owner. You have privity with the dealer not Tesla. The warranty provisions stated in the owners manual. (here in the US) state it applies to...
  17. hsfrank

    Anyone else get 2024.2.12?

    I got the. 12 update which said it fixed a few bugs and minor improvements. Below on the release notes was v.11 which included auto park. However I never got v.11. I want from V.6 to .12 and now .13. Was V.11 included in ..12? I am away from home on a trip so I can’t check my car.
  18. hsfrank

    Sirius XM

    I had the same problem. My solution was to download the Sirius app to my phone. And connect my phone to Tesla via wire. That worked so I transferred Sirius on my old vehicle to my sister. (don’t tell Sirius) ha ha
  19. hsfrank

    how do you correct a GPS direction?

    WaWa is a chain of Gas Station convenience stores ( like 7-11, Dash In, Sheetze) mainly in Pa or De. The location of the supercharger is correct. If the voice was off and you just used the map, no problem. But with the voice direction on if it actually was on the left, voice directions say right...
  20. hsfrank

    how do you correct a GPS direction?

    I have a 2023 model Y long range with premium. There is supercharging in a Wawa near me. Every time I navigate to the supercharger the voice direction tells me it’s on the opposite side that it is actually on. Both map views (satellite and graphic) are accurate as are the directions except for...
  21. hsfrank

    New 240v outlet pulling 0 amps

    electrician, friend,mmmm . I am certainly no electrician, but I have done some minor wiring (not this) and made some minor mistakes. A friend like that causes me some suspicion. To check for the obvious. One is it wired correctly to the breaker? is it grounded correctly ? is the outlet a 14–50...
  22. hsfrank

    Hips...Easier to get in and out of a Model Y than a Model 3/

    wife had the same problem. Model Y was the answer.
  23. hsfrank

    The skull of my left (driver) side mirror has broken. How can I fix it?

    I had a similar situation with my Lexus. It turned out no matter which way you went. The cost was $1500. The problem is that the part comes unpainted and has to be primed, painted and clearcoated. Further, it Has to be hooked up which is labor cost. I wound up gluing the shell together and just...
  24. hsfrank

    Are you paying for premium connectivity?

    I pay the annual fee. The wide variety of music and news (via tune in) makes it worth it. The Satellite view map that constantly updates is a must have. v
  25. hsfrank

    Charging cable management?

    A simple solution would be to purchase a screw in wall hanger at Lowe’s or Home Depot. The excess cable could be hung on that.
  26. hsfrank

    Autosteer penalty

    With the new update and NHSTA recall if you get a force disconnect 5 times auto steer or FSD will not be available for one week . Does it reset to zero after 1 week ? How long is the period of time that it keeps count of the forced disconnects?
  27. hsfrank

    Only get 150 kw max at supercharger in

    Tonight at SC only 50kw from 60 to 85% but it is brutally cold at 33F
  28. hsfrank

    Only get 150 kw max at supercharger in

    My house is less than 5 minutes from the supercharger so I do’nt expect preconditioning. However I recently took a 60 mile trip and started on Autopilot navigating back to the Supercharger. Temp was in the 50’s. Trip took an hour and 10 minutes. Mostly 50-55MPH. Preconditioning went on and off...
  29. hsfrank

    Only get 150 kw max at supercharger in

    Middletown, DE Supercharger Wawa 5018 Summit Bridge Road Middletown, DE 94020 Driving Directions Roadside Assistance Number (877) 798-3752 Charging 8 Superchargers, available 24/7, up to 250kW Amenities restaurants wifi shopping beverage restrooms View all Tesla Location
  30. hsfrank

    Cheaper inventory vehicle available

    While I don’t believe you will be successful, the above will be your best option. You have ordered and paid for a vehicle that is now yours .
  31. hsfrank

    Only get 150 kw max at supercharger in

    thank you I’ll check for the silver ring next time I go
  32. hsfrank

    Only get 150 kw max at supercharger in

    yes to the first two questions. I did not see the message of battery too cold And the app shows it has 250 KW.
  33. hsfrank

    Only get 150 kw max at supercharger in

    2023 model YLR I charge at a 250kw supercharger. Even when no others charging battery fully preconditioned battery at 20% temperature in the 60’s I never got 250 kw best was 150 kw . Any reason?
  34. hsfrank

    208 volt 20 amp

    Great explanation and very clearly put.
  35. hsfrank

    Is there a reason to get the Tesla wall connector over other level 2 home chargers?

    I fail to understand your calculation of EXTRA cost between level 1 and Tesla wall Connector. The difference between the two is Amps. Amps is a measure of flow (speed).Cost per KW (amount delivered) is a dollar measure. Given the same amount of charge delivered the cost is the same. The time to...
  36. hsfrank

    Vendor Thor's Hammer Inspired Tesla Cable Mount

    I think it is a stunning design. I don’t know how it mounts but I would suggest an upside down keyhole design. You would screw into the surface first then mount thru the wide portion of the keyhole and drop the unit down onto the narrow portion. Also I trust the grip portion that holds the wand...
  37. hsfrank

    Vendor Closed!!! Unbeatable Black Friday Deals+Giveaway!

    What a great gesture. I would like the 2nd row back seat covers. I’ve been thinking about them for a while.
  38. hsfrank

    Tax credit question

    it is out and out fraud. Besides an IRS investigation which would cause additional taxes and penalty (although remote) you risk insurance fraud, which is less remote, and would deny you coverage in the event of any accident or claim.
  39. hsfrank

    Collision with a Deer on motorway. HELP

    well, I cannot speak for other countries, in the US striking an animal is a driver fault claim. it is no different (as an example only) from striking a pedestrian. You are required when driving to anticipate circumstances such as animals or objects in the road and to drive and appropriate speed...
  40. hsfrank

    trade in process

    My experience was quite good. Although Tesla was lower then Carmax or Carvana I choose to do it for the convenience and not having to ask a buddy to drive 50 miles to the dealer and drop me off. There was always the possibility that Carmax or Carvana would lower the price.
  41. hsfrank

    50 amp circuit

    Ok I found an electrician who installed a50 Amp circuit. . Now when I charge the car the wire gets hot. Is this normal?
  42. hsfrank

    50 amp circuit

    Thank you all
  43. hsfrank

    50 amp circuit

    thank you for your quick reply. However, my question is, is it safe for the wiring of the plug since it is rated at 30 amp and could possibly be drawing 32 amp
  44. hsfrank

    50 amp circuit

    I am looking to add a 50 amp circuit for my mobile charger. Tesla says that a 14-50 plug charges at 32 amp but the connecting plug says 30 amp rating. Is this safe?
  45. hsfrank


    can you refuse mobile service without charge if the technician determines it is not under warranty
  46. hsfrank

    can a battery regenerate power on its own

    I took a trip and was going to be gone for 15 days. I parked the car turned off the sentry and the setting to maintain internal cabin temperature. When I left the battery percentage was 80%. Two days later I checked and the battery was now 85%. When I returned the battery charge was 81% any...
  47. hsfrank

    Height Adjust Trunk?

    Here is my solution. This is pipe insulation used for copper hot water pipes. I mounted it on the verticle frame. This works when the door is up and the trunk is raised Then I put clear baby edge guards at the center. This is effective when the door is closed and the trunk hits the track of...