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    Bloomberg: Tesla Investors Press for Board Members w/o Ties to Musk

    Hello All! Story updated to include Tesla's comment that they ARE searching for independent directors. I have my own thoughts on this, curious if any names come to mind. Tesla Seeks Independent Directors as Board Pressed on Musk Ties
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    Elon: "This is all Tesla Vision software"

    I was on the call, but didn't ask a question.
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    Elon: "This is all Tesla Vision software"

    Hi there - any idea why the video is now private? Would love to listen to again. Dana Hull, Bloomberg
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    Bloomberg Tesla Autopilot Accident Story Today

    We don't know exactly what happened. I have the police report and spoke with the driver, but Tesla has not released a statement about this particular crash yet. I'm sure they have the logs and are looking into it.
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    Bloomberg Tesla Autopilot Accident Story Today

    That's one reason why this Texas accident is interesting: with so many variables contributing, was the failure the human, Autopilot failing to see the bend in the road or the emergency braking system?
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    Bloomberg Tesla Autopilot Accident Story Today

    Wow FredTMC! I've been covering Tesla since 2009. Sorry you feel this way.
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    Model X Signature Configuration has begun!

    Has anyone actually gotten/taken delivery of their Model S Signature yet? Not that I'm aware of - but then again, I don't know *everybody* on the forum - Dana Hull, Bloomberg News. [email protected]
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    Tesla Energy now cross-promoting Model S?

    Hi there. I cover Tesla for Bloomberg News and am curious if you've ever gotten anything about the Powerwall itself?
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    Supercharging letter from Tesla 8-13-2015

    journalism I'm not sure what you mean, exactly. Elon mentioned that the notifications were coming at the shareholders meeting. Now some people have gotten them. I'm not sure what's one-sided about reporting that.
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    Supercharging letter from Tesla 8-13-2015

    Hey there. What is your number? Would love to discuss. Dana Hull, Bloomberg News [email protected]
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    Thank you Jerome

    It's interesting that he gave notice of leave of absence Aug 4, earnings were Aug 5, and on Aug 6 the board determined he is no longer a Section 16 officer
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    States' concerns about incentive program trigger change

    Hi there - I cover Tesla Motors for Bloomberg News and have not heard of this issue in any other state. Would love to talk to you. Can you give me a ring at 415-617-7231? Much thanks, Dana Hull [email protected]
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    Tesla Referral Program

    Hi All: I'm looking to talk to some Model S owners in Virginia regarding the referral program. Much thanks! Dana Hull, Tesla reporter at Bloomberg News. [email protected] or call me 415-617-7231
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    Attn female owners: journalist comments on lack of female Tesla drivers

    I think this is an interesting topic. According to IHS Automotive, Model S customers are 78.5 percent male and 21.5 percent female. That is based on who registered the car at the DMV, so it can be skewed to who actually did the paperwork vs. who drives it on a daily basis. My own hunch is that...
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    Hello from reporter Dana Hull

    Hello Everyone, I wanted to let the forum know that I left the San Jose Mercury News and have joined Bloomberg, where I am covering both Tesla and SpaceX. My email at Bloomberg is [email protected] and I'm still on Twitter @danahull. I often write stories that feature Model S owners (and...
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    San Jose Mercury News journalist looking to talk to female Model X reservation holder

    Hello All - I am working on a story about women who have reserved a Model X. I have covered Tesla for five years at the San Jose Mercury News; some of you on the forums met me at TESLIVE in Milpitas. Happy to chat on or off record; I will fact check any comments or quotes for accuracy...
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    Michigan passes bill to ban Tesla!

    talk about Michigan bill? Hi there, I cover Tesla Motors for the San Jose Mercury News and would like to speak with Model S owners who live in Michigan. Is there a good time to reach you Monday? Warm Regards, Dana Hull [email protected]
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    How Teslanaires Made Fortunes - anyone here a Teslanaire?

    Hi there - Jivan also bought options. Traded common stock and options throughout the rise, mostly January 2014 calls.
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    Tesla Goes to China

    thank you blake! it helps that I am here in Silicon Valley and have covered company since before the IPO. have learned a lot.
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    I would love to talk to you. can you contact me at [email protected]?
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    searching for people who have invested life savings in Tesla stock for possible story

    Hello all, At the TESLIVE event last month I met several people who had invested a hefty chunk, if not all, of their life savings into Tesla back when the stock was trading at $30ish. Would love to talk to some of those folks now, as it closed at $153.45! Best to ping me direct at...
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    Tesla Goes to China

    good question. I think it would be hard for the Chinese to replicate the IP as well, particularly the power train. Was just interested that analyst Theo O'Neill had concerns about that.... - - - Updated - - - Hi there - I sent Kingston a message via LinkedIn but did not hear back from him. I...
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    Tesla Goes to China

    My latest story for the Merc: Tesla goes to China - San Jose Mercury News
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    Greetings from Dana Hull, San Jose Mercury News reporter who covers Tesla

    Hello Everyone! I am a journalist at the San Jose Mercury News and I cover Tesla Motors (along with other issues related to clean technology and California energy policy). I had the pleasure of meeting several of you Saturday at TESLIVE, and just wanted to say hello and introduce myself...