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    FS: Model S 19” OEM Wheels with Michelin Pilot Sport Tires

    Approximately 5,000 miles. I'll try to find a penny to measure, but here's a close up, where you can see lots of tread left.
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    WTB - Model S Rims and tires 19" or 20" factory or aftermarket SW MO

    Send me a PM. I'm selling my 19" wheels with good Michelin rubber on them.
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    FS: Model S 19” OEM Wheels with Michelin Pilot Sport Tires

    Send me a PM. Lots of interest but no one following through yet.
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    FS: Model S 19” OEM Wheels with Michelin Pilot Sport Tires

    Sold my Model S with the original 21” wheels, so no longer need this second set. These are Tesla 19” OEM rims. TPMS included. Has Michelin Pilot Sport AS3+ Ultra High Performance 245/45R19 tires on them with lots of tread left. $1000 obo. Free local pickup in Florence, KY or will ship for...
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    7 years later what is your 100% on your 85kWh battery?

    2013 P85 87,000 miles. 100% is 235. A little disappointed in range drop, and still a bit bitter that I’ve never been able to achieve the advertised rated range even under ideal driving conditions.
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    Cincinnati Tint / Wrap Recommendations

    Thanks, will check them out!
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    2013 P85 Model S

    P85 - White, with Black Interior Bought New in 2013 (Build Date is 12/31/2012) 75,000 Miles Bumper to Bumper Extended Warranty until 100,000 Miles Free Supercharging Carbon Fiber Trim and Spoiler Air Suspension Tinted Windows Custom Installed Front and Rear Dashcam Original Owner - Meticulously...
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    Cincinnati Tint / Wrap Recommendations

    Getting my P3D in two weeks, and need to line up some detailers to get her looking the way I want. Does anyone have any recommendations in Cincinnati? I'm looking to get the following done: - Windows Tinted - Chrome Delete - Front Bumper PPF - Ceramic Coat Thanks, Dave
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    Red not the best color for Model 3?

    I really like this look. Do you mind sharing the color and type of wrap used for the chrome delete? Also your window tint and wheel choices? Thanks!!
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    Vendor Instructions for facelift bumper/fascia installation on nosecone Model S

    Coming to the party late... I need some work to my old 2012 P85 bumper and was thinking of refreshing with the new style. Am I to understand that this is not recommended, or is there a parts list / guide I could forward to my body shop?
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    Front Bumper Retrofit - Guide / Parts List?

    Sorry if this is listed elsewhere, I attempted a search but couldn't find anything definitive. I hit some road debris in my 2012 P85 and it will require some body work to the front end. Since the bumper will be off, I figure this would be a good opportunity to retrofit to the new bumper style...
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    Blog Tesla Restores Power To San Juan Children’s Hospital

    Does anyone know who's paying for this? Is this charity by Tesla? Paid for by the hospitals, government, or electric companies?
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    Firmware 7.1 - For Classic Model S

    This would be useful if the car associated the driver profile to the keyfob...
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    Proactive Contactor Replacement

    Update: Today was warm and I had no regen limiting at all, so that theory is out.
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    Proactive Contactor Replacement

    My regen has also been limited the past couple weeks. I figured it was just the cold, but did think it was weird that it wasn't going away even after a long drive. Sure enough, the service center called me to get the power switch replaced as well. I'm taking her in next week and will let...
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    "Power Switch and Power Supply" proactive replacement on D-pack?

    I just received a call to replace my power switch as well. I am VIN 32xx with a refurb B pack. Does anyone know what this power switch is? Where it is on the car, what its function is, etc?
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    Mac Address of Model S

    Check the connected clients on your access point, then turn on wireless in the car and see what new client appears!
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    Firmware 6.2 poll to say when you got it

    Got it today. VIN 3236. P85.
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    Supercharger - Lima, OH

    I used the Lima SC twice about three weeks ago. I can confirm that something funky is going on there. I had low power across all of the stalls I tried. This did not happen at the Dayton or Toledo chargers - something is definitely up with that site. I reported it to my service center, who I...
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    Opening the doors and starting the car with a dead keyfob battery

    I thought I'd add that Tesla can unlock the doors remotely if you call them. Don't ask how I know this. :)
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    Opening the doors and starting the car with a dead keyfob battery

    That's what I figured. Any other cars out there other than Tesla that require the 12V battery to open the doors?
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    Opening the doors and starting the car with a dead keyfob battery

    Don't want to go off topic, but someone asked me the other day how I'd get in the car if the battery was dead (car battery, not FOB). I didn't know what to tell him! Do the door handles still pop out, or is there a manual way to get in the car?
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    We Energies Jacks up Wisconsin Rates 51% for EV Owners!

    Duke Energy doesn't even have a TOU option here in the Cincinnati area.
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    P85D wiper blades

    I bought the ICON's in July 2014 from Amazon, and they are also terrible now. Streaking like crazy. Not sure if they're just worn out already, but the car lived in the garage all winter and has not had much use at all. The wipers worked fine initially, but their quality and longevity don't...
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    Brake and battery coolant fluid

    I'm thinking of getting Tesla to do just the brake fluid this year instead of the full inspection (I do my own tires, wiper blades, etc). Has anyone else done this? Do you know what they charge?
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    110/120V Charging - some questions

    Does anyone have any data on how fast you charge at 120V in freezing temperatures? I have a trip planned for next week, and I need to charge on 120V outside when the temperatures will be 10-15 degrees F overnight. I will have access to a 120V plug, but need to know if I'm going to be able to...
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    Supercharger - Lexington, KY

    I shop at the Meijer in Florence, KY (which someone brought up as a possible location) on a weekly basis. Yall will know immediately if I see any activity at all.
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    Supercharger - Lexington, KY

    Woohoo! Been waiting two years for an SC in KY!
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    Decreasing rated range.

    Here are my updated numbers: 216-220 Rated Miles at 90% Charge: 244-248 Rated Miles at 100% Charge: Refurb B Battery VIN 3236: 12/2012 28,000 Miles I typically charge to 70% 5 days a week, and 90% two days a week. The range in RM is because I do see the numbers creep up a bit if I do...
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    Supercharger - Grove City, OH

    Okay thanks. Was expecting a 30 minute charge, but with the cold soak, it took about that long to get up to full speed.
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    I-65 in KY

    I-75 this year if you believe their map timeline - which I dont. There was supposed to be one this year and it never happened.
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    Supercharger - Grove City, OH

    Supercharged there successfully this morning. IT took a long time to ramp up to full speed, starting off at only 29 mph. Could this possibly be because the car had been outside in the cold all night, and was only driven about a mile before charging?
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    Supercharger - Grove City, OH

    Was that you in the grey S85 that I pulled up to and said hi? Visiting the science museum with my girls and will be charging up there in the morning. Absolutely no way I could make the trip without this SC. Now I'm just waiting for a couple in KY!
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    Sluggish behaviours when cold (-20C)?

    I just had a very similar experience yesterday - which was also our first very cold day. Unsure if it's related to the cold or just a coincidence. Slow for the car to "boot up" (I have energy savings turned on), no sound from the turn signals, radio would not tune. Half way into my drive I...
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    Supercharger - Grove City, OH

    I'm in Florence, KY with a Tesla that only charges to 248 these days. Can't make it, especially in the winter. Unfortunately our plans were cancelled due to my whole household coming down with strep throat!!!
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    Supercharger - Grove City, OH

    Any further updates? Was thinking of taking my girls to one of the Columbus museums this week. Don't want to take the ICE!!
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    Model S Fair Market Value for Tax Purposes

    Hey gang, I have a 2012 P85, purchased on January 10th, 2013. I just received my property tax bill (eek!), and since they did not have a value for the car in the books, they're taxing me for 10% less than the MSRP. My thoughts are that the car is worth quite a bit less than that...
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    Minnesota Superchargers (location speculation, discussion)

    I only make this trip once a year, but to make it up to Canada I could really use a supercharger in Minneapolis and Fargo, ND.
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    Chicago trip advice?

    Glad the trip went well. Where did you charge in Chicago?
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    FS: Tesla Model S 3rd Row Seat - SOLD

    I have an early VIN, and may be interested in messing around with it. Does the SC center have to install it, or can you DIY? My 6 year old could ride back there on occasion, but we don't have any problem with her in the back seat for now, and I'm not really interested in throwing any more...
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    Supercharger - Lafayette, IN

    +1 for Louisville. Need this to visit my in-laws down south...
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    75% Insurance Increase

    I also had a Geico increase. I don't have the numbers in front of me, but it was more like 15%- 20%. Still stunk though. I thought insurance was supposed to go down as the value of the car depreciates!
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    built in exta mileage with in the battery?

    I understand what Tesla says on the matter. Just trying to figure out why I can't get the range that others frequently report.
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    built in exta mileage with in the battery?

    Wow, I've never been able to achieve even a one to one rated mile usage on a highway trip. Granted I've never set the cruise below 65, but even at 65 I was hoping to get the rated miles. Do you have an S? I've always wondered if the P's just use more energy, even with the same driving behavior.
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    built in exta mileage with in the battery?

    Is this a typo, or a real story? How fast were you going? I just tried to do a 248 mile trip on my 252 full charge. Going 65 with no climate, VERY weak acceleration, and driving behind a semi (not too close, but enough that there may have been a difference). Only made it 220 miles. Makes...