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    Supercharger - San Juan Capistrano, CA (7 V2 stalls)

    I agree with your post. SJC is one of the worst Super Chargers for always being full and the layout makes it hard to wait in line. I agree that I would rather pay so I can charge when on a trip and not have to wait. To me it is not about free charging it is about fast charging which lets me...
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    Supercharger - San Juan Capistrano, CA (7 V2 stalls)

    Making a trip the San Diego this Saturday so can you tell me where the Supercharger is in San Diego? Didn't find anything online about it.
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    Model S REST API

    I have been running a script for the last 2 years that logs my vehicle state every 30 minutes. As of today it stopped working. When I send my credentials the return cookie info is missing the user_credentials. I just did a software update last night triggered by visiting the service center...
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    Stuck on top of a mountain... radio frequency issue? Car won't see the key..

    So I had a similar problem at the top on Mount Wilson here in LA where all the TV and radio towers are. First no cell service and second the RF was so strong I could not even open the doors. I successfully was able to drive away after 45 minutes of trying different things. 1. For me the key...
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    Model S REST API

    New charging value as of 1.51.94 New charging value as of 1.51.94. fast_charger_type=ChargerTypeTesla (it is plugged into my HPWC) my complete vehicle charging list is: charging_state=Complete charge_limit_soc=90 charge_limit_soc_std=90 charge_limit_soc_min=50 charge_limit_soc_max=100...
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    Successful connection on the Model S internal Ethernet network

    I had tried this a year ago and when I connected the car went into some diagnostic mode, also could not see any traffic. Sounds like things have changed. Sorry for the list of questions but -- When you connected, what bit rate were you connected at 10/100/1 gig? Did you have to do anything...
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    Power drain while idle (Vampire Load)

    So I used the Tesla API to read the battery level every 30 minutes so I could plot battery drain overnight. Every night I check I see slightly different results. But as you can see in this graph the car will go for 2 hours without any loss and then a steady decline for about the same time. I...