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    Available 2008 Validation Prototype Roadster

    All I can say is "WOW!" Idk how you were able to get this gem. Congrats on the wedding and GLWS!!!
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    End of Q2 Model S Deals?

    That's a good question that I didn't ask!
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    End of Q2 Model S Deals?

    I got a notice last week that they’d transfer my lifetime SC to a new S
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    2010 Roadster Suddenly Bricked

    Isn't there a warranty on the battery if it's bricked?
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    Power Wall - No Solar Option

    I guess that could take the place of my Peloton!!
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    Power Wall - No Solar Option

    I have 3 PW's installed via the old referral system. I don't want to install solar yet as the roof will be replaced in about 3-5 years. Any creative ideas how to keep the PW's charged during a power outage? They seem to power the house for about 18 hours during an outage. Thanks in advance!
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    Roadster Owner in Spain?

    Hi Are there any roadster owners near Madrid, Spain? Thanks!
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    The CCS ECU and Combo 1 Harness Retrofit is now free?

    My 2015 MS has that done last year for free. I’m curious about retrofitting the winter package !
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    Sold IRO Dashcam for Tesla Model S AP2

    My 2015 MS is getting an infotainment upgrade with new MCU so maybe I’ll get AP 2? Currently have AP1
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    Roadster 3.0

    Thank you @hcsharp. At least I know the answer is unknown !
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    Roadster 3.0

    I read the thread. Is there any improvement with the 2nd iteration 3.0 battery?
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    BMS Balancing - Current Understanding

    For the non tech person (me) what is the best way to balance my 2015 MS 85D with 120,000 miles? I’ve noticed it has been losing charge more quickly when sitting overnight. Thank you
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    3.0 Battery Longevity

    What was the price??
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    3.0 Battery Longevity

    It’s actually a serious question. Still have t heard back from Tesla
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    3.0 Battery Longevity

    Thank you and I've reached out to Tesla to find out. Is there a Gen 3 version of the 3.0????????????
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    3.0 Battery Longevity

    I’m considering buying a 2.5 with a totally bricked battery. With everyone’s experience is it worthwhile getting the 3.0 battery? Is it the same as the R80? I think it’s the only option now. It won’t be my daily driver so should I be concerned about longevity of the battery? Thx!!
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    Infotainment upgrade worthwhile?

    Doing the upgrade ! Tix everyone
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    Infotainment upgrade worthwhile?

    I plan on keeping it for another 2 years most likely. I don't have time to stream and watch NETFLIX lol. I wish doing this upgrade would upgrade the sensors as well for safety/driving purposes.
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    Infotainment upgrade worthwhile?

    It's $1750 for the upgrade. @Evee did you get the upgrade and what do you like about it?
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    Infotainment upgrade worthwhile?

    Is it worthwhile to upgrade my infotainment system? I have a 2015 MS85D with 119,000 miles. They are recommending it because my Nav is lagging........... Thanks!
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    Roadster 3.0

    Is it accurate to say that the only new roadster battery available is the 3.0 which seems to have degredation problems?
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    First Tesla purchase turning sour.

    There is a forum for high mileage Teslas. I’ve seen members in the high 100’s to 250,000 miles
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    Inner Sills

    Bought CF door sills and they’re beautiful and excellent quality
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    Rear camera replacement needed?

    I texted and they said "it's just an estimate. We haven't checked it out yet!!!!
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    Rear camera replacement needed?

    Labor is $237.50 and camera is $395........
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    Rear camera replacement needed?

    When in reverse my rear camera goes on 90% of the time. I brought it to the SC for a few things and asked them to check it out and let me know before doing anything,. Just got the invoice and they replaced the rear camera for $856! Did the rear camera really need to be replaced or was it a...
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    Reengineering the Roadster: Custom Battery Upgrade for the Tesla Roadster

    Did anything happen with this project?
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    Roadster value

    I wonder with S/X $20,000 price reduction and Tesla stock tanking will affect the resale value of the iconic Roadster?
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    Best way to replace weatherstripping

    My 2015 MS pano rear roof weatherstripping has been eaten up over time. Aside from taking it to the SC are there any other ways to replace it?
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    Roadster 3.0

    Carl Medlock sorry
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    Roadster 3.0

    Contact Carl Medford in WA
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    Powerwall and EV charging

    I plug into the dryer plug as well
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    Powerwall and EV charging

    I have 3 PWs that act as back up generator if the power goes out. Most of the time they’re storing energy so I thought it might be more cost effective
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    Powerwall and EV charging

    Can you please share how I can do that? Thx so much
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    Powerwall and EV charging

    Is it possible to charge my MS directly from the PW without having solar panels?
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    Reply to question by 'bart513' on the classified ad '2023 Model S'

    Pics and more info please. I'm in NJ and possibly interested
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    Sold Free: sub-trunk organizer

    I’ll pay for shipping to NJ?
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    Thoughts on the i4 M50 from a former M3P owner

    My biggest concern as they open up SC stations to other brands is having to wait in line to charge ….
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    2017 Tesla Model S - Key Fob Low Battery

    At the SC I was told it needs to be a specific brand. On the Tesla website it says Panasonic. It’s never ever happened to me before when using energized batteries until now👀
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    Expired Tesla Model S X-Ice winter tires & rims (19”) [Expired]

    Front and rear sizes should be different right??
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    HV Battery Replacement Guide For Early MS 85kWh Pack Including Part Numbers And Prices (April/May 2023)

    What about the lifetime supercharging. Does that remain with the new battery ?
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    Model S Headlight Retrofit Kit - REFRESH HEADLIGHTS ON OLDER MODEL S

    Will Tesla install these? How long were they in use? Thx!