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    Kicked out of the FSD Beta! (Long Post)

    I was suspended on 10.2. Millions emails, nothing. Finally got an update yesterday all the way to 2021.44.30.5, I guess based on the hole ATT thing they had to, but nothing was reset and I am still suspended. No safety score either.
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    Unplugged Performance Lowering Springs Moderate for Sale

    especially since unplugger sells them for less these days ;-)
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    Vendor DIY Chrome Delete Kit - Nikola Pro

    yes, this is satin black. Also, huge shout out to Stephen from Nikola Pro. I had screwed up two attempts of my passanger side mirror and was contacting them if I could purchase some replacement pieces. He wouldn't let me buy any, but simply shipped them for free!!! Awesome customer service...
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    Vendor DIY Chrome Delete Kit - Nikola Pro

    Thanks man. Appreciate it. I am moving slow on upgrades. Next will be window tint....after 19months of ownership.
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    Vendor DIY Chrome Delete Kit - Nikola Pro

    Got one half of the car done today. Actually redid the top trim, since I saw a tiny bit of chrome on the underside earlier today. The mirrors aren't easy and take some time. Only critic I would have is on the door handles. Not sure how long they will hold, since they do not wrap completely...
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    Vendor DIY Chrome Delete Kit - Nikola Pro

    Got one side of the trim done today. Thank God there are 2 sets each ;-). I messed up D-T2....all good now. Tomorrow other side and maybe I have time to get to the mirrors. Have to repair a garden CMU wall first. Will take photos tomorrow.
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    Chrome-delete...with body-color?

    That is SWEEEEET
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    Vendor DIY Chrome Delete Kit - Nikola Pro

    Got a delivery notice today....failed delivery attempt. I had it shipped to my office.....guess install will have to wait till next weekend...;-(
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    Vendor DIY Chrome Delete Kit - Nikola Pro

    I ordered yesterday, full set. Exited. If I get it on time, I'll install next weekend and will report.
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    App Connectivity issues, suggestions?

    I had the same after the last software update. September 2nd.... Log out of your app and back in. Solved it for me.
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    Roof screen should be opaque.

    I have this one. It is more than sufficiant. I am in LA in the West Valley with average temps above 100.
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    Painless dent removal - Recommendation in SoCal

    SOS autocrat on Sawtelle in West LA. They did a Mini for me a couple years back. Had a golf ball like dent in my door, nobody said they could take it out without major body work. They did it, and there was no way to tell after. I had to show people photos of the dent, because they did not...
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    Top speed limited to 70 mph....car dying?

    Maybe the valet guy turned it on
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    Top speed limited to 70 mph....car dying?

    LOL....thanks guys. Looks like that was it. Funny though, I did not turn it on.
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    Top speed limited to 70 mph....car dying?

    So weird thing happened today. My EAP stopped working. I get the error that Cruise Control and Autosteer are temporarily unavailable. Roster the car and everything, no success. Then I get on the highway, and the car will not accelerate past 70mph. simply limits the speed to 70 mph. Anybody had...
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    My center console

    Definately will buy one of these once you put them on the market.
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    Comparison of Rear Seats

    I want those higher seats as well.... well, I guess that's what you get for having an early pruduction model :(
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    New upper trunk molding

    I don't have it. Vin 13xxx
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    My progressive quote for insurance

    @PLUGZIN I have very similar numbers with Progressive. We are getting the downside of living in beautiful Cali.
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    Loan closure and delivery experiance with Loan from Logix

    I did my 3 through logic as well. Dud 3 previous cars with them before. I called them up, told them I needed a loan for a Model 3 and they simply asked me to give them the info of my Tesla Sales guy. They did everything from there. Check was overnighted. Logix literally took 5 minutes for...
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    Audio Settings location change - M3

    I actually have to agree with OP. Took me a while to find it, and you can only get to it if you expand the music menu. Old location might have been a bit more out of reach, but still easier to find.
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    Paint chiping?

    I just got my fenders repainted by Tesla (well, they used a Tesla approved body shop). Had paint blotches on them. Perfect job down. Cannot see a thing.
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    Panel mismatch

    My bosses 100k Jag has 1/4" misaligned panels....Jag says it is within tolerances. Funny how Tesla is being burned by this when every single manufacturer out there cannot do much or any better.
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    How much is Tesla spending to re-paint cars?

    Mine is being repainted, or better say was, getting it back today. But not based on rock chips but overspray with blobs of paint forming at the fender tips. They are spending a lot!
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    Light patch on paint just showed up today!

    brought mine in on Monday morning, they are repainting both fenders due to paint noses. Got a S75 as a loaner. Mine will be done this Friday. 5 days total. Van Nuys (Los Angeles) service center.
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    I am out of town and my 3 is sitting at home, but I got the notice for the update on the app. I would think it is a big fix for 18.1.....I had the same problem with my rear view camera, where it wasn't working 1 out of 3 times and I had to do a full reset. Will run update when I get back home...
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    Customizing Model 3 interior

    those seats are amazing. are they full replacement?
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    Front Fender / Bumper Gap

    I have it worse. Paint dripping at the end of both fenders. Have an appointment with service next week, though I don't know what service can do about it. Looks like body shop work to me.
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    Bluetooth Audio not working

    Found the issue. Not satisfied with the fix, workaround, but for know it will work, and it .ight be more of a phone issue than a car issue. If I have the M3 and my Gear S3 watch connected to my phone, audio will not connect to the car. Once I disconnect my Gear S3, the car will connect.
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    Bluetooth Audio not working

    Love the car first of all. Only had it for three days. Today is the first time I tried to stream from my phone over bluetooth. The screen shows what I am streaming but all sound comes of my phone speaker. Bluetooth setting have the audio greyed out. I am on Android, Galaxy S8+. Any idea?
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    Model 3 on display in various SoCal starting today

    I'll wave at you if I see you tomorrow. Picked up my 3 yesterday, and it will be on the 405 every day. From 101 to I-10. . I have seen quite a few every day on my 101 commute though.
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    Slacker not streaming

    seems to be back up.
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    Slacker not streaming

    Still down. This might require a reset or similar from Tesla. Not sure. If it still out tomorrow, I'll try a reset.
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    Slacker domain expired?

    Lol. Second day in my new car and I thought it is falling apart already when it would not connect this morning. Guess this explains.
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    Wiki Model 3 Order Tracking Spreadsheet

    Yes, Black with Aero. Got my VIN last Monday early morning. April 16th. Got an email from my DS around noon. He actually tried to get me the car before this passing weekend, but they could not make it. I could have picked up as soon as Tuesday, but had to push till Saturday, based on my...
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    Wiki Model 3 Order Tracking Spreadsheet

    Never mind, figured it out....all updates. Picking up next Saturday (juhu)
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    Wiki Model 3 Order Tracking Spreadsheet

    Quick question on the google spreadsheet. I tried to update my information, but now everything is blank and it says "see column AD) behind my user name. Anybody any idea? Username on google spreadsheet is same as this one.
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    Tesla Online Shop slow to ship orders?

    ordered the wheel caps 4/6....picking up car on 4/28, so hopefully get them soon.