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    Front Passenger Safety Restraint System Fault

    I got this warning when my 2019 was about a year old. They fixed it with a "service kit". Fast forward to 8/2022 and now at 50067 miles, I received the same error again. I just dropped it off at the service center this morning and after approving warranty work outside the warranty period (67...
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    Preparing my Tesla Model 3 for a long [road] trip?

    As mentioned, using the car's navigation system is seamless. It will tell you when and where to stop, and when you are ready to leave so that you make it to your next charging stop or your destination. But that is only going to get you there. If you plan to drive around the area you are...
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    Interior temperatures too high

    Mine is the opposite. About once per month for a couple of days the interior cabin temperature reads low. The car can sit in 100F temps in direct sun for a couple of hours and the interior temp only reads about 95F (in app) while the actual interior temperature is closer to121F. This means Cabin...
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    Glass roof shades for 2018 Model 3?

    I bought these for my 2109. No problem with fit. They work well with the added shade to prevent any light fromcoming through.
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    Steering column harmonic vibration when telescoping

    Service tried to lube mine ('19 Model 3) after a year and it didn't work so they replaced the entire column. Fast forward to now and the second one is acting up. Tesla lubed it which worked for about a month but the problem is back. The car is approaching the end of the warranty so I am going to...
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    Go Anywhere app short hops between charging stations unnecessary?

    These are all guides and cannot predict the actual conditions that you will encounter. 225 should be easy but if you have 2 passengers and luggage, rain, a headwind, you leave at 4AM and want to use the heater because it is chilly out, and you don't fell comfortable driving under 20%, you will...
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    Autopilot fail with lane splitting

    It is not a unique stretch of road.
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    Range Loss Over Time, What Can Be Expected, Efficiency, How to Maintain Battery Health

    251 after 15 months and 17K miles. LR RWD with 19s (39 PSI) and climate control always on.
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    Model 3 long range vs other premium sports sedans

    Main difference is the Tesla has more wind/road noise and the ride is not at sophisticated comapred to a C-class or 3-series. IMO
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    2 USB Ports under screen not working

    I just posted this in another thread: A mobile ranger literally just left my house after attempting to fix this same problem. Software updates and reboots didn't work it so he replaced the appropriate hardware with no luck. So I have to bring it to a service center. He thought the problem was...
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    USB in front console stopped working

    A mobile ranger literally just left my house after attempting to fix this same problem (but neither side works in my case). Software updates and reboots didn't work it so he replaced the appropriate hardware with no luck. So I have to bring it to a service center. He thought the problem was...
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    Charging for Las Vegas roadtrip

    I believe you might be able to make a long stop in Baker that will allow a round trip back to Baker without a charge in Vegas. You'd have to plan it to check the possibility.
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    FSD: What’s next?

    Eliminate phantom braking.
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    Turn TACC off?

    I love cruise control and use it all the time. It is an important feature to me. But the Tesla TACC's phantom braking makes it nearly unusable. After every update I give it a go to see if any improvements have been made but I usually experience phantom braking again the first day and I abandon...
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    2020.12.5.6: Traffic Light & Stop Sign Control

    Yes. In a perfect world when all cars are FSD. But we are decades away from that.
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    2020.12.5.6: Traffic Light & Stop Sign Control

    As it evolves into tru FSD I don't see how it could be any other way. Self-driving cars are going to be the menaces of the roadways.
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    Any way to get safely on 4 jack stands?

    I use Liftbars Liftbars for my 911. The same principle would apply here so maybe someone makes something similar already?
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    Passenger seat belt rattling cause

    The loop side of velcro may work.
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    Next serious range increase?

    Tesla would benefit most by offering current capacities at a lower price point.
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    Next serious range increase?

    I'd rather see advances in charging speeds and lower costs for existing range.
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    Tesla 3 Performance v. Porsche 911 4S

    I'm fortunate to own the best EV and the best 911 (997).
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    Percent or Miles & Why?

    I prefer percent. I'm rarely in a situation where I would find myself at very low levels so it does not seem important to know how much range is left. Although when I am or intend to be, I prefer to use the Energy screen as it provides real-time range and range based on my recent consumption...
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    Model 3 delivery, they didn't show up

    On the bright side you didn't have to deal with a crappy dealer experience.
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    Need some help. Serious range problems. LR, Dual

    Test 3 is not so bad. When you take the 12% remaining and 8% lost due to vampire drain and you'd be close to 300 miles.
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    New or Used, I am sure it's been asked

    If you are buying from Tesla, it doesn't matter. But from another dealer or private party you will have the opportunity to test drive the used car you are buying. For me this is a big plus.
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    issues on delivery - return or fix?

    I would return it. Tesla walks a fine line. They take their lead in the EV segment for granted and continue to deliver substandard vehicles.
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    What is your real range?

    Yes energy consumption is the key. If you are punching it at every start, or driving above 75 on the interstate, your range will suffer. I'm guessing you are in the 330 Wh/mi range based on the info given, which is high.
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    Good window tint shops in Socal area?

    I second this. They did a great job on my car. Dropped the car off at the appointment time, walked to get some lunch and ready to go when I returned.
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    Would you trust FSD?

    FSD will go the way of 3D TVs. Unless infrastructure is updated to accommodate it, and cars can "speak" with each other, it will never happen in a meaningful way.
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    Shopping cart hit and walk-caught on Sentry cam

    People are lazy when it comes to returning carts. You can see them parked 10 feet away from the corral in the middle of the parking lot at my local grocery store.
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    Advice Needed: Convincing Husband to Go Tesla

    Bite the bullet. You can figure it all out later. You only live once. You won't regret it.
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    Good window tint shops in Socal area?

    I would definitely tint the windshield and roof as it makes a big difference in heat. I was a bit shocked how well it worked,
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    Where can we rent a Model 3 (or any Tesla) in LA?

    Try the California forum. There was a discussion about this (although opposite direction) but there are some on Turo willing to accommodate one-way requests. Tesla rent in San Francisco and return to LAX
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    Tint 35% vs 50% vs Leave it alone

    I don't think 35% will be too dark. But my suggestion is to do all the glass (especially the windshield) simply for the heat protection.
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    Waxing Model 3

    You won't need anything special for your car. I use this on both my cars with good results and easy to use: S100 13700W Carnauba Paste Wax https://www.amazon.com/dp/B000GZQP08/ref=psdc_15718371_t1_B002LOP5E4?th=1
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    Windshield tint prevented camera calibration [fixed]

    You should asked them to explain in detail why they believe tint is the cause. Tinted glass in front of the camera? Water damage? I think they are blaming something to blame something. Why would you need to replace the windshield?
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    Opinions on Chill mode?

    Love Chill mode!
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    Mustang Mach E is a Gamechanger - My Opinion

    I think your assessment of Tesla is spot on although I think 5 years from FSD is a overly optimistic. I am still going with my 2050 prediction which assumes that no changes to infrastructure are made to accommodate it, and no laws are created that make self-driving standards lower than that of a...
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    How to Delete Radio Stations

    I would like to remove these too. They should at least go away after a certain period of time. Perhaps you can be the guinea pig and continue to add stations to see if there is a limit. Maybe once this limit is reached it will allow you to get rid of them.
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    This is what getting a misaligned steering wheel fixed has been like.

    This is correct. All the videos I have seen regarding the wheel indicate that the wheel can only be installed one way. If it is cock-eyed, it is not because it was installed incorrectly.
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    Extend range

    You are charging to 100% right? What is your typical Wh/mi reading? It needs to be 230-ish to achieve maximum range. To help try to maintain a constant speed. Use Chill mode. Accelerate slowly. Use the brakes as little as possible. Max tire pressure. Aero wheel covers. I imagine you are mostly...
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    Quite disappointment with my new Model 3's range. Should I be?

    A quick calc and I am guessing you are 295ish Wh/mile which is high but not unreasonable depending on terrain and temperature. And that includes the 1% loss between drives. You'll need to be in the 230s to achieve the rated range. In the summer your range will improve without doing anything and...
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    New seats or new car, my spouse HATES the M3 seats!

    I use this guide for my 911 and Tesla. Might not help but good info regardless. Porsche Racer Shows You How to Set a Perfect Driving Position I find the seats comfortable.
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    Does Buying a Tesla Make sense for me?

    The fact that you can't (or choose not to in this case) charge at home would be a deal breaker for me.
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    I Can Think Faster than Auto Pilot

    The nature of the beast. The first FSD cars will be the most inconsiderate menaces on the road.
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    Diminished Value Claim (CA) for minor damage in 4-car Pile-Up?

    If you document the damage and repair, and it is really only a rear bumper cover/sensors/paint at most, I am not sure there is any measurable loss of value. Sure some will pass over a car with a damage report without investigating, but in these cases the repair could be $1000 or $20000 and it...
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    Charging stopped-rebuild title

    Try the Electrified Garage https://electrifiedgarage.com/ This is Rich Rebuilds from YouTube's venture. They have worked on many salvaged Teslas.
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    Buying Cheaper Version and Upgrading Later?

    The least expensive option is an SR which you will have to order at a Tesla store. It can't be ordered online. I believe that this does not come with Autopilot standard. You can then add Autopilot, FSD, or SR+ upgrade (more range) individually later on.
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    Not enough sales pressure?

    They should be up-selling like crazy.