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  1. lymex2018

    Can you keep the 12V outlets on when the car is off?

    All the USB ports turn off when the car is off. The phone can be charged through a 12V-USB converter running from that constant 12V.
  2. lymex2018

    Can you keep the 12V outlets on when the car is off?

    Add to the above post. I've also tested the original 12V which drop more for less current, 12.5V @10A. This probably because the wire is longer/thinner or there is additional socket and relay. By the way, the fuse for this Tesla 12V in the center console is 20A and it is F203 in the fuse box.
  3. lymex2018

    Can you keep the 12V outlets on when the car is off?

    I'd like to use a fridge and some astronomical devices when the car is off. Unfortunately both of my 12V outlet provide no continuous power and some tricks(current of OBD is small, find no relay to short) are not working for me. However, I find a way best suited to me. There is a main positive...
  4. lymex2018

    Reduced supercharge speed on 100D?

    The max charge rate of normal 18650 cells seldom exceed 1C. Sony US18650NC1, capacity 2.9Ah, standard charge 1A?, max. charge current 2A Sony US18650VC7, capacity 3.5Ah, charge current 1A, max. charge current 2A? Panasonic NCR18650BD, capacity 3.2Ah, standard charge 0.9A, max. charge current...
  5. lymex2018

    Renewing the debate on the best Fridge/Freezer for 6 seater MX

    I cannot see photos of previous post, but I bought this: TAWA Q36 - 20 degree C min - 31.6L capacity - dual bin - app controllable - lo-mid-hi adjustable battery protection - tempered glass top that can be used as arm rest.
  6. lymex2018

    Vendor Scan My Tesla, a CANBUS reader for Android

    Indeed it is a very nice review. @David99, can you just tell me what is the software for chart in the review? It seems very convenient and fast. So far I use Excel 2013 for process the csv files from Scan my Tesla but it is very slow and limited in to certain file length.
  7. lymex2018

    Tesla App server down again

    app was down in China too and is up now.
  8. lymex2018

    Model X 100D not 100kWh battery

    wk057 didn't say the usable full pack is 98.4kWh, he said the BMS reports usable capacity is: Pics and Info: Inside the Tesla 100kWh Battery Pack | wk057's SkieNET Actually, there is no such thing as "Usable Full Pack" in the BMS report, it is the term created by the author of Scan my Tesla...
  9. lymex2018

    Model X 90kWh battery pack degradation

    Very nice chart. How did you plotted?
  10. lymex2018

    Vendor Scan My Tesla, a CANBUS reader for Android

    Yes, normally after the car says 0%, even when 'usable capacity' reaches 0, there is still something left. This can be verified by the pack voltage which won't telling lies like the SOC on the dash. In my log example above, the average cell voltage is 3.11V which is about 0.16V above the...
  11. lymex2018

    Vendor Scan My Tesla, a CANBUS reader for Android

    In that case, I'll just buy OBDLink LX. There is a Bjorn's video indicating that SOC Min is the 'real' SOC (around 00:08:20), although I'm not sure what exactly is that mean. I would like to have these parameters back in the log file since they are 'raw' data of the BMS, but they can be hidden...
  12. lymex2018

    Vendor Scan My Tesla, a CANBUS reader for Android

    Thank you very much for the explanation. I may have to get the ODBLink LX in that case. I'd like to keep the old version because I have a lot of old logs and I need to compare them with new logs of the same meaning in case something is missing in the new version. If however every item in the...
  13. lymex2018

    Vendor Scan My Tesla, a CANBUS reader for Android

    Glad to have a thread for SMT which is my favorite app. One thing I'd like to do is to make recording while supercharging or on special trips and graph it later by Excel. Do you think the 'lags' (such as the 'Cell temp min' circled above) is due to the slow speed of my ELM327? Or simply the...
  14. lymex2018

    What is the deal with the Model X 100D range ratings?

    Yes I will still use the old version since I had a lot of old logs to compare with, if I updated to the new version.
  15. lymex2018

    What is the deal with the Model X 100D range ratings?

    Thanks very much for the clarification. Since you are here, I'd like to ask how 'SOC' in SMT is calculated? I learned that the BMS reports 'SOC Min' and 'SOC UI' but not reporting the one displayed on the dash. Someone said that 'SOC UI' was the one displayed on the dash before but Tesla...
  16. lymex2018

    (April Fools) Wow. Bjørn Nyland sells his Model X and is out of Tesla

    I watched that. He was barely holding his laugh.:p
  17. lymex2018

    12V battery issue fixed by software update

    That nice to know. What is the previous software/firmware version?
  18. lymex2018

    Home charging

    The on-board charger works more efficiently when the power is large, say 50% to 90% of full power. Although the charger in a 75D is not the high-power one, but 11kW? 120V and 15A is 1.8kW max, which is 16% of the full power, and the efficiency of converting this AC to high voltage DC is smaller...
  19. lymex2018

    Mountains and steep downhills

    I believe X and S behave the same as far as regen and downhill are concerned. There are two (may be more) factors for limiting the max regen power, which are extreme low/hi temperature and near full charge state of the battery. Apart from these. The max regen power of my car is 100kW according...
  20. lymex2018

    Draining close to empty

    Yes. And the "normal" value can be found here. You can select mileage or age to see of it is above the average or below.
  21. lymex2018

    What are those 12V voltage spikes when idling?

    My speculation is this: there is a small DC-DC converter in the main pack, it operate hourly to perform certain function, and also feed back to the 12V battery through the 12V cable.
  22. lymex2018

    Draining close to empty

    I'm not quite sure what this bottom mean. The full pack is the full pack energy when charged to 100%, but the BMS can estimated when not charge to full. On the other end, when draining the pack to 0%, then there will be zero. However, another parameter to look at is the internal resistance, the...
  23. lymex2018

    Draining close to empty

    One way is to look at the current full pack value (in kWh) and compare it to the "normal" value to see if it deviate a lot.
  24. lymex2018

    What are those 12V voltage spikes when idling?

    Spikes when trickle charging. The trickle charger is a constant current constant voltage source set to 13.5V and 0.8A. Setting energy saving on, I run the test for 80 hours and there is no turning on of the main DC-DC at all. However, because the 12 battery is in near-full state, the hourly...
  25. lymex2018

    12V battery replacement

    One of my fellow here has the similar situation as yours. As for me, I had a vampire drain of 12 miles per day before Nov. last year regardless of the setting. But now the car only draw less than 1 mile per day when I set "energy saving" on. I suspect that the "12 battery service" message has...
  26. lymex2018

    12V battery replacement

    Have you experienced any vampire draw when not plug in? What is the usual setting (on/off) for "Energy saving"?
  27. lymex2018

    Newbie Vampire Drain and Charging Questions

    From what I learned by testing the current and the voltage of the 12 battery of my X, the app call has very little effect on the added consumption when set Energy saving off, because: 1. the car is awake (the DC-DC is on) most of the time, and there are 4 remote calls from/to the Tesla server...
  28. lymex2018

    How much battery drain during standby mode?

    The vampire draw depends very much on software versions and the "Energy saving" setting according to my tests. At the current version (2018.10.4 and 2018.6.1, much improved compared to 2017's), the draw will be minimum at about 16 Watts for my X when set Energy saving on, that is equivalent to...
  29. lymex2018

    What are those 12V voltage spikes when idling?

    I tested again several times when Energy saving off and Always connected on, and I think I found the reason of the DC-DC current spikes of every six hours: it is the remote access. Not done by me, but and app call has the same spikes either when DC-DC is on or off. Four remote accesses a day...
  30. lymex2018

    Model X Battery Charge Questions

    If you running A.C or others while charging, the charging speed will be slow because the limit is the total power.
  31. lymex2018

    [UK] 75D or 100D?

    Pros of 100D: -- drive more on a single charge -- charge faster at superchargers for certain mileage both because of the initial speed (miles/h) and the delayed drop in speed. -- the battery cycles less for the same mileage driven thus it is expected last longer -- each cell in the battery...
  32. lymex2018

    Model X off-road videos

    This video is amazing. I mean the camera stability, not only the pointing direction is fixed, but the position is unchanged relative to the shake of the car. Any body know what kind of image stabilization equipment is used? Or just use a simple stabilizer and hand holding?
  33. lymex2018

    Tesla charging complete At 0% battery level

    If the battery suddenly died, it probably means a major problem happened to the main pack. I suggest try to charge the 12V battery for an hour and see if the main pack is chargeable.
  34. lymex2018

    Did not make it to Mountains :( Please advise

    I confirm that the estimation of energy needed takes elevation into account. I set two destination of different elevation but the same distance, and the car gives smaller value of SOC left for the higher one. However, the calculation for "the distance the car may drive" may be as simple as...
  35. lymex2018

    Tesla's 85 kWh rating needs an asterisk (up to 81 kWh, with up to ~77 kWh usable)

    I believe that 4kWh buffer is reported by the BMS, and comes to existence long time ago (ref: wk057's decipher). However, Tesla modify the algorithms from time to time, and the internal parameters must be modified too resulting sudden range changes on the dash. Therefore, I think this 4kWh is...
  36. lymex2018

    Tesla's 85 kWh rating needs an asterisk (up to 81 kWh, with up to ~77 kWh usable)

    I bought it on Google Play. It's for Android only.
  37. lymex2018

    Tesla's 85 kWh rating needs an asterisk (up to 81 kWh, with up to ~77 kWh usable)

    I've compared SMT and TM-Spy many times back and forth before. This was my TM-Spy screen at similar time where "Pack" corresponds to "Nominal full pack" of SMT. Also, that SOC=72.0% corresponds to SOC UI of SMT. One of my friend who also own a X 100D and his value of "Pack" is a little...
  38. lymex2018

    Degradation or change in software?

    It might be small like 1kWh, but so far I've seen no evidence. All the buffers below zero I saw are larger than 2.5kWh. I'm quite sure that there used to be no below zero buffer, but owing to the zero estimation error, there exist cases where some cars/some times run out of juice when the dash...
  39. lymex2018

    Sudden large degradation supposedly a "new algorithm"

    That's NOT the way to measure the battery capacity (whether it is a usable or full pack). Capacity is measured when discharge, not charge, and the difference is the discharge/charge efficiency which varies a lot according to the charging power. Of course the difference of true capacity (in terms...
  40. lymex2018

    2018.6.1 bug reporting thread

    My X also had the center console rebooted while driving shortly after I got the update, which never happened before.
  41. lymex2018

    Tesla's 85 kWh rating needs an asterisk (up to 81 kWh, with up to ~77 kWh usable)

    According to Scan my Tesla, the usable full pack of my car was 94.4kWh when it was fairly new. The full pack was 98.4kWh at that time.
  42. lymex2018

    Degradation or change in software?

    I didn't refer that video as the proof of the existence of the zero mile buffer, I referred it as there was software changes, which again answered the question in your first post here. However, the video did proof that the zero mile buffer exist after the change, because when the dash display...
  43. lymex2018

    Degradation or change in software?

    Then they are wrong. I've given two examples above proofing that the below zero buffer exists. Your puzzle in this thread is just because of the exclusion of the below zero buffer, and I added the buffer to explain the match perfectly. It might because of Tesla's modification to the parameters...
  44. lymex2018

    Degradation or change in software?

    All these are basically correct except "This is not correct". Beacuse we are saying the samething. Only that the 2.5kWh is not counted for range display on the dash, it is part of the below zero buffer, and is usable to the user when you drive below zero mile like Kman did.
  45. lymex2018

    Degradation or change in software?

    I once reached 0 mile just before arriving at a supercharger. Here is the screen shot before actual charging. 3.4kWh left when the dash display 0%, and the SOC of TM-Spy is 4.8%. There are some discussions here about the zero mile buffer.
  46. lymex2018

    Degradation or change in software?

    That 76.1 is without the anti brick buffer, but with the 4kWh zero mile buffer. That is to say, if you drive the car to zero mile, that "Remain" should be 4kWh. However, the figure may be reduced as the battery degrade. There is a Kman's video showing 2.5kWh left at zero mile. If that is also...
  47. lymex2018

    New FSD Video

    Although it's old and was the first, it looks more genuine than the second.
  48. lymex2018

    Rated miles added in 30 minutes of charging at a Supercharger?

    For Model X 100D with 295 miles range, 170 miles represent 57% of SoC. I don't think anybody can supercharge that fast on existing 120kW superchargers because the fastest charge period is roughly between 5% to 48% SoC. However, if the figure is reduced to 2/3, that is, added 113 miles (SoC...
  49. lymex2018

    What are those 12V voltage spikes when idling?

    12V Battery current measurement when Energy saving on and Always connected off at no load. 1. The battery makes a "cycle" in about every 40 hours. Consumption and charging in this period is about 4Ah both, which counted for only 7.3% of a full cycle (1 cycle = 33Ah) per day. In another word...
  50. lymex2018

    Tesla Goes to China

    Interesting to see old time discussions here. Tesla has got the Chinese name "特斯拉" in China last July which is the formal translation of Tesla (, Nikola). However, when I paid the deposit of my Model X last Sept, the receiver was still the old name "拓速乐".