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  1. dlsspy

    Anyone get FSD beta w/ MX '17 100D - MCU2 Upgrade?

    That sounds a lot like my car. I've been using FSD for a few weeks now.
  2. dlsspy

    SoCal owners - front license plate - yay or nay?

    I used licenseplatewrap.com which was the best of all worlds.
  3. dlsspy

    Model X vs Model S for road trips?

    I like my Model X for road trips, but everything you said about the Y is worse in the X. It's a gigantic vehicle.
  4. dlsspy

    Should I upgrade from my '21 Model X

    I considered it for a bit. The performance model would be a pretty big upgrade from my non-performance 2017. 50% more motors! But I'd pay $10k more for features I've already got, and the whole supercharging thing. Overall, it'd be a nice thing to have, but cost me a lot more in a time when I...
  5. dlsspy

    Dreading warranty repair

    I've had a A (once on each side) and B fixed with mobile service. C doesn't require a full reboot -- I've done it while driving. I think I've noticed D recently. Haven't looked into it, but I'm due for a computer swap anyway.
  6. dlsspy

    Phantom hard braking on autopilot

    Oh cool, I haven't been driving a lot lately (for some reason…), but have been noticing a lot more of this recently. Thanks for fixing it all for me, everyone. :)
  7. dlsspy

    Model S REST API

    It looks like Tesla may have firewalled off cloud providers from using their endpoints recently. This is a bit inconvenient for me as it seems to have happened just around the time I got evacuated from my home due to fires, so I'm missing a lot of otherwise useful data that my app would've been...
  8. dlsspy

    Key not in car

    I don't understand your tweets. Is there something in particular you're looking for?
  9. dlsspy

    Model x for short people?

    I wouldn't worry too much about it. I hardly ever use the pedals (or steering wheel for that matter) in mine.
  10. dlsspy

    Model X Wannabe: How to convince the wife?

    Safety was the initial thing for us. We had to take a couple long drives every weekend. In addition to spending $400/mo on gas, sometimes we were just tired. EAP means more eyes on the road and they don't get tired. They also don't get distracted when someone yells. Someone mentioned dog...
  11. dlsspy

    Tesla Model X vs Lexus 450h

    I couldn't imagine having to drive another vehicle from my grandfather's generation. My wife borrowed her father's truck recently and it's been a miserable (and expensive) experience for her. I'm not super acquainted with Lexus, but I've not seen any products for them that wouldn't be a...
  12. dlsspy

    X or S?

    I wouldn't buy an X for the doors. They're a flex I don't really need. But when I drive an S after driving my X, I feel like I've got blinders on. It's bigger than I like, but I really like being able to see.
  13. dlsspy

    Calling all 2018 - 2019 100D MX - What's your range?

    I never look at those numbers. I don't think they're particularly useful. I look at the expected charge level at destination. One of my routes is somewhat uphill, and another is somewhat downhill. Each is different. I find people get really stressed looking at mileage numbers. It's really...
  14. dlsspy

    What happen After charge in full

    If it's a busy place, you make a bunch of people wait for you to leave so the rest of us can get on our way.
  15. dlsspy

    Model X reliability...

    I don't use my falcon doors much. One of them sometimes thinks there's something in the way and doesn't like closing on its own in my carport. But my carport is very small and I live at the end of a very dusty dirt road, so I don't complain about that. The front door actuators die, though...
  16. dlsspy

    Our license plates came. Did you install yourself or Tesla? If by self- what screws?

    I got my front plate here: https://licenseplatewrap.com/
  17. dlsspy

    How reliable is model x?

    I'm a bit over 60k miles in the last couple of years. I've had both from door actuators replaced (they came to my work and did it). I got the yellow border thing (they fixed that at my house). I think one of the fairing things got loose once. My wife dealt with that. I just recently took it...
  18. dlsspy

    Tesla should have digital license plate.

    e-paper plates are the weirdest gimmick I've seen in a while. How often do you change the number? I already have to pay extra for a state-mandated bumper sticker.
  19. dlsspy

    TeslaFi: What the heck is it supposed to be?

    I just built my own thing. Does all the things I want without sharing my data anywhere. :)
  20. dlsspy

    Model X with no kids?

    It was just my wife and me for a long time. Then she got a dog. So beware of dogs.
  21. dlsspy

    New X?

    ^^^ I've had this exact conversation a lot. Maintenance on my X so far: I got tires once (after 40k or so miles). I go through a lot of wiper fluid. A couple minor maintenance things that they came to me to take care of.
  22. dlsspy

    MX or ICE - so hard to decide

    I took a road trip in my MX about six months after getting it. I did end up in a place I knew wouldn't have a lot of chargers, and managed to get out with single-digit SoC. But even that wasn't particularly stressful. This is the second time we'd done this particular trip of about 5,500...
  23. dlsspy

    Light off roading possible?

    My driveway needs work. It's a mile or so of very weather beaten dirt road. I've taken my X a lot of places, though.
  24. dlsspy

    22s or 20s - Tell me your experience

    I took delivery with 22s, but replaced them with 20s. The 22s looked nice, but I couldn't see them from the inside so their one advantage didn't help me much. Powder coating the 20s made a difference, though.
  25. dlsspy

    Dash cam playback?

    I just got back to my car from Home Depot and it said I had a Sentry Mode alert. I pulled the card and stuck it in my phone and reviewed the video. I don't have any special software or anything, just stock Android. I also use it to format my cards when Tesla wrecks them.
  26. dlsspy

    I saw it but cannot find it again.

    Ah, I've not heard about that, but I've been having that problem at superchargers. It works fine on my home charger. You don't have to use the screen though, just poke the door with your finger.
  27. dlsspy

    Qs about Towing with Model X

    Were you still in trailer mode? It gets rid of a ton of features.
  28. dlsspy

    Model X gun locker / safe placement

    I'm not sure the frunk adds any security. It's one of the more vulnerable parts of the car.
  29. dlsspy

    Summon: your parked car will come find you anywhere in a parking lot. Really.

    My car has a lot of capabilities it didn't have when I bought it. I'm quite pleased with this.
  30. dlsspy

    Drivers door will not open

    I had that once. Service center fixed it. Whatever machinery actuates the latch was not doing its job, but there's another actuator to push the door out a little (which is what you were hearing) and that's separate from the bits that swing the door wide and close it. They took all the...
  31. dlsspy

    First 12K Service - now my Charging Numbers are Strange

    My general advice is to not look at those numbers. When I first got mine, I was confused by around the second day as to what those numbers meant, so I switched to percent and started getting consistent numbers. There's just no way for any meaningful distance value to be derived from a state of...
  32. dlsspy

    Vendor Help...Where in the (blank) can I find the FOB battery for Model X..?

    I ordered a bunch from Amazon.
  33. dlsspy

    Dash screen died on me while driving and on AP

    It sounds like you did the wrong reset. The scroll buttons reboot the nav screen. The top above reboot the other bits.
  34. dlsspy

    Navigate on Autopilot Messages

    I had this one yesterday.
  35. dlsspy

    Elon is asking for what you'll like fixed

    It's a few interesting requests hidden in a sea of idiots thinking they're original asking for free cars or suggesting it should fly. And a few idiots complaining about YT celebrities getting free cars for referrals. "Björn got a million dollars worth of cars!?" How many direct referrals does...
  36. dlsspy

    Are you OK with AutoPilot jail?

    I think I've had three jail events: Seeing what would happen. Passing a car and hitting over 90. Spurious. #3 is the worst... It went immediately from "everything's fine" to one beep and jail. I had to pull over and deal with that to get back to my previous level of safe driving. This didn't...
  37. dlsspy

    Is the missing bolt important?

    Are you talking about a tow hook?
  38. dlsspy

    Brown Marks Around Screen

    Yes, this happens. Service Center will fix it.
  39. dlsspy

    Dashboard view shows cars overlapping mine

    I think this only happens to me when I'm actually running into the cars around me. Though I can't be too sure because I don't do that very often.
  40. dlsspy

    MX with NO SOUND of any kind, not even blinker sound

    I've had it happen now and then. Luckily, rebooting those systems is safe to do while driving.
  41. dlsspy

    Getting tailgated by old, beat up cars CONSTANTLY!!!!

    I almost got rear-ended by a Tesla Model X yesterday. I do sometimes have people disappear from the view of my mirrors. That's always exciting. Getting angry doesn't help, though. It only causes you harm without having any effect on other drivers.
  42. dlsspy

    Driver Door Failure

    I have the same problem. You call it in and get it replaced.
  43. dlsspy

    Free 22 inch on my x?

    Mine was also delivered with 22s. I'm glad they took them back. They look nice, but I disliked everything else about them.
  44. dlsspy

    Access to all Tesla super chargers

    I've got an appointment scheduled for my door. Last Thursday, it wouldn't open. It started again, but there's apparently a newer actuator that is perhaps more reliable.
  45. dlsspy

    Tesla Hate - I hope v9 Dashcam feature is always on

    WTF is wrong with people? How is a Model 3 threatening?
  46. dlsspy

    Keyfob and 40bit crappy encryption and stupid password requirements

    Curse the people who sell you insecure security products. Praise the people who demonstrate the vulnerabilities. I do not prefer a world where only criminals know about vulnerabilities and as long as they keep quiet and don't cause too much harm, vendors keep telling you everything's irie.
  47. dlsspy

    Model S REST API

    My id, id_s, and vehicle_id are all different. Interestingly, id_s = str(id + 1)
  48. dlsspy

    Model S REST API

    Wait, I think I figured it out. There's a *third* ID in that list response called id_s which does work.
  49. dlsspy

    Model S REST API

    I came here with the same issue -- I can get a bearer token and I can list vehicles, but none of the vehicle-specific APIs are working for me. I get: { "response": null, "error": "not_found", "error_description": "" } for any API whether using vehicle_id or id as returned from...