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    Vendor Model S Custom Headlights by Evil Headlights

    Is this related to the non-LED version of hte headlights, or can you do the newer LED versions as well with limited options?
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    Two tires in same day

    Yes my model S P100D is a nail/screw magnet, literally every 3 months give or take I have a nail to deal with, guessing it has something to do with the weight of the vehicle? Discount always pulls patches and replaces for free, they have had to lost money on me by now lol, always great to deal...
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    Running speaker wires thru the doors into the inside

    On my Nov 2016 build P100D it was straight grommet through door to interior, it's a bit tight but I pulled a pair of 14 or 16 gauge wires in the front and 2 pair in the rear. Just take your time, I think I used a fiberglass fish line to get through the grommet and then pulled them through. Was...
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    Unplugged Lowering Brackets Installation?

    It's very simple, its one electrical connector on the sensor and just a few bolts (actually 1 for the brackets I think) to remove the bracket and the sensor from the bracket. TIP take a picture before you remove the stock sensors so you can see the orientation of the sensor bracket and arm on...
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    Aftermarket subwoofer amp power wire NVX

    The one I'm talking about may not be available on yours if it's function was drainage for the pano, it definitely was not the big one, this was a blank grommet with no wires at all. Not sure where the big loom is located, but the one I used was on the far right passenger side. In a pinch there...
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    Aftermarket subwoofer amp power wire NVX

    When I did it there was a thin plastic grommet or plug in a hole on the passenger side firewall, I just took a utility knife and created two small slits to create an "X" in the middle then gently pushed the wire through. Worked like a charm for me, hardest part is just locating the hole, on the...
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    Power Frunk | No more fingerprints on the hood!

    How do you know if you have a 2 latch version, never heard of that prior to this thread?
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    Power Frunk | No more fingerprints on the hood!

    Awesome, wonder if this will work on my 2016 P100D with refresh front face. Install looks dead simple, with the exception of the one tapped wire on the one plug, but only if it were in a different location on different models. Great work!
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    Crazy ham radio install

    Now I'm curious, so educate a non ham user here, what is a fox run, and what's the purpose of the antenna configurations that are discussed above?
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    Pulling the ESP fuse

    I have been intrigued at the possibility of doing this for some parking lot fun as well...AP2.0 2016 P100D.
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    New soft closing door kit for Model S

    Looking forward to seeing the input from those that bought the 2 different kits!
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    Audio upgrade for Model S with standard package?

    NVX sells a model S subwoofer kit that will at least add the bass, it's pretty decent addition if your just looking for more bass. There was another company that was selling replacement speakers for the doors and I had those as well and was pretty happy...nothing like the custom systems I did...
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    bleeding our brakes

    Yes please keep us informed, I am way late but hoping to possibly do mine in a few weeks!
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    Lowered my car this morning with adjustable links: Key steps that ensure precision

    I got an adjustable replacement to allow for the adjustment of the camber, prior to that I was going through tires in like 5k miles. After that no issues, appears to be normal wear.
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    Up Lowered Ms Ride Quality

    I had it for a bit, it will get really low which looks really good but can be a harsher ride. I left it at the normal setting and that is probably equivalent to the Low setting without the brackets. Not terrible, but I'm also used to driving lowered vehicles they will always be somewhat...
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    Subwoofer installation question

    LOL, yep, yep, exactly the same here....first things on any car I've owned, tint, wheels, lowered, sound system lol. I had a P85 and just did the NVX upgrade, then traded for a P100D and last year got the bug and bought all the equipment for new 3-ways in the front new coaxials for the rear and...
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    Subwoofer installation question

    Lol, years of a misspent youth! I installed lots of systems for my vehicles and my friends, been awhile since I've done it. Actually have all the equipment and been planning for an upgrade for my S for about a year now. If work would just give me a 1-2 week window to focus it might actually...
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    Subwoofer installation question

    If the amp has line level inputs then it's probably not worth the effort on the L2Ci, both are doing the same function only difference might be the adjustability and options between the amp versus the L2CI....but when your talking about a sub you just need to pass the low level signal and your...
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    Subwoofer installation question

    You could set a distribution block at the location of the original power cable and then add another cable to extend it, you would end up with that junction point on one side, but they are typically pretty small. Alternatively, you could also just put an inline fuse at that location, provides...
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    Wrap Color - Satin Dark Gray or Satin Black?

    Depends, you want the full murdered out look that you see quite a bit now or do you want something slightly different? I would lean toward the gray just to be a bit different, but full black out is a tried and true good look. Sorry I guess I'm no help lol. Maybe look for more wrap colors...
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    Alignment gurus needed.

    Alignment can be ok per Tesla specs, but still result in wear due to the aggressive nature of the camber they from the factory. There are numerous threads on the subject, though I will say that some do not have issues with factory settings while others do...no one that I'm aware of has found...
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    Alignment gurus needed.

    Get one of the rear camber adjustment solutions if your running the lowering links, its the only way to prevent the premature wear especially if your aggressive in the lowering like I was....I think there are bushings available or replacing one of the rear supports with a machined version that...
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    Tesla Floating Center Cap

    Kind of hard to see in video, gotta link to the caps?
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    Anyone retrofitted air suspension? Or done a custom airbag setup?

    I was more into car audio toward the end, biggest system was 8-10” JL W3 with 4000W worth of Phoenix gold power In the extended cab of the same S10. Seems silly but it was the challenge of building it and seeing people’s reactions lol. There was no valid reasoning or purpose for such things...
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    Anyone retrofitted air suspension? Or done a custom airbag setup?

    No doubt that poor S10 that I had when from 3-4" lower blocks and cut coils, to hyrdro's in the rear only, then to the front, then the incessant urge to add batteries every few weeks. The speed and shock that those brought to unsuspecting people was priceless lol. Not sure I could do them now...
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    Anyone retrofitted air suspension? Or done a custom airbag setup?

    Ahh my apologies I totally overlooked that part, makes way more sense now. This would have been a super simple setup if you've done it before and don't have to worry about the stock setup. I'm like you had a few hydraulic trucks back in the day, never got around to air bags, though always...
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    Anyone retrofitted air suspension? Or done a custom airbag setup?

    I was planning on running them in parallel, replace the stock 12V with a lithium 12V and then add 2 more in the rear, I figure with 3 lithium that the car likely would not even see any difference. Though you make a good point, I could always monitor the current draw and see if seems to be...
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    Anyone retrofitted air suspension? Or done a custom airbag setup?

    I plan on having a separate 12V in the rear for some audio equipment, be nice to tire this all together back there. It would be tied to the 12V in the front, but shouldn't be a problem.
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    Anyone retrofitted air suspension? Or done a custom airbag setup?

    Yes please sign me up! Guessing you just ran new air lines and have it run off a normal aftermarket airbag system? Like you I just want to control ride height whenever I want. I love my cars low but realize to be functional it would be great to raise when needed like on the highway or rough...
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    Need help on A-pillar trim removal

    Good feedback, looking to pull mine soon to create a custom A-pillar pod for a small tweeter and mid....just been lazy and putting it off, but need to get it in gear and give it a go so I can finish the fiberglass work.
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    Before and after lowering brackets SAS

    Shouldn't with the warranty, but when I installed mine I chewed through a set of tires in one summer due to the camber. Got the adjustable links ASAP and seems to have solved the problem for me.
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    Charging two Teslas at once?

    Roughly half of the regular UMC at full power 40A from a 50A breaker. So what is that like ~14MPH. I think the link below is the one that I bought, definitely beefy and well built, leads me to believe they used full size cables throughout even though you can't pull 50A off either split if both...
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    Charging two Teslas at once?

    We have an S and X and I found a 14-50 splitter that allows me to plug our 2 chargers into the one plug, then we just set the charge current to 18-19A on each car and charge overnight. For our normal weekly commutes that is more than enough charge rate to keep both charged. Rare occurrence of...
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    UP lowering kit for Smart Air Suspension?

    Yeah, I had a set, they are very easy to install. The front you can actually do with the car on the high setting and remove one bolt for the stock bracket, disconnect the cable and you remove the sensor from the stock bracket and put it on the UP bracket, then reinstall the UP bracket with...
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    Model S A-Pillar Covers

    Looking for a set of A-pillar covers for model S, any color condition should work, want a set to retrofit a set of midrange and tweeters.
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    3D printed lowering links

    lol, I had done the flip of the arms on one of my many swaps by accident, just going to quickly not realizing. I've also had the reverse where the adjustable links came completely unscrewed and thus no arm connected, which set the car ALL the way down. Lastly I've had the dreaded service...
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    Track Mode on PXXXDL Model S or X?

    I would settle for just the ability to take traction control off, for a little parking lot fun.
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    Chrome Delete Folding Mirror Issue

    I'm assuming he is referring to the area under the mirror that only shows when the mirrors are folded in.
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    Chrome Delete Folding Mirror Issue

    Yeah, I'll have to pay attention to mine and see how much room there is, as you mentioned maybe the tolerance on yours was so close that the added width of the vinyl was enough to cause a problem. The pic almost makes it look like it touches at a point and then rubs down the length (looks like...
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    Chrome Delete Folding Mirror Issue

    Oh dang I had trouble with vinyl under the moving part of the mirror in the past, but that looks like your mirror is misaligned and/or just closing too far? If it is doing that to the vinyl was it leaving a mark on the chrome before as well? Either way, I've had vinyl wrap and plastidip and...
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    21" Tires for wet weather

    I don't have an answer for you other than the options for 21" tires is extremely limited due to the load rating requirements of the tire for the car. I was looking for all weather or winter tires and there were ZERO options available for true all weather or snow tires. I believe there are a...
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    10/16/18 Is LTE out?

    yep same here.
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    Looking for the Lighted Rear Appliqué

    Disco mode please tell me more? I'm waiting for updated version mine had water issues,hoping jurgen has it. Ready soon.
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    Think I found replacement lug nuts for the 21" wheels

    Geeze, thanks for the patience and info guys it is greatly appreciated!!
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    Think I found replacement lug nuts for the 21" wheels

    Thanks for the info, but not seeing the part number on the web link you listed? Those are exactly what I'm looking for though!!
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    Think I found replacement lug nuts for the 21" wheels

    Anyone have a source for black aftermarket lug nuts, possibly a set with locking or keyed socket? I got the gorilla from one of the Tesla online vendors but they are too wide to fit the aftermarket lug nut holes on my rims. Got a set from Discount, but they are at least twice as long as they...
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    DIY...Big Brake Kit for Under 2k

    Well done, way out of my skill set, but the final product looks outstanding. I am about to replace my stock calipers with new ones I had powder coated, any tips on swapping them and bleeding the brakes for the first time? Saw you mentioned something about the bleed pressure above?
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    Pothole > Blow out > Bottomed out > Bummed out

    Damn, now that is a pot hole, I had the same issue about a month ago, both right side tires and both aftermarket rims bent, but didn't get into the body at all. Sorry about your luck. No clue on how to fix it, take it to a body shop and get their opinion, guessing it will depend on how deep...
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    Android Tesla app alternative

    In a pinch just use the key fob, I've had issues described above and just pulled my key and used that to summon instead. It's actually quicker and easier than bringing up the app, logging in, getting to summon, etc. Not as cool of course, but has never let me down compared to the app at times.