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    Cables for 12v to Phone Wireless Charger

    Thanks. Will look up. Taptes v2 https://www.amazon.ca/gp/product/B07X2RJ2V4/ref=ox_sc_act_title_1?smid=ATCD34YX7TJXH&psc=1
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    Cables for 12v to Phone Wireless Charger

    Thanks Fred, I do understand that you can simply hook up using the front USB ports and use a splitter for the dash cam etc. This type of charging however is not “fast charging” but instead is a lower output. As noted above I was looking at fast charging from the 12v source which would be a lot...
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    Cables for 12v to Phone Wireless Charger

    I’m referring to fast charging - the 2 USB ports do not support that speed. In order to do so you need to use the 12v cigarette charger port in the main console and wire it from there.
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    Cables for 12v to Phone Wireless Charger

    Thanks, but not sure what you mean by too much. Using the splitter you linked, I would still need to get the cables to run from the 12v source to the charger down the side of the console. I’m not sure how long that run is and whether the standard 3’ would be enough. If I understand the...
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    Cables for 12v to Phone Wireless Charger

    Hello all, I am ordering the Taptes v2 wireless charger which is now available on amazon. I plan on wiring it to the 12v power source and running the wires down the side of the centre console (few videos on how to remove side). I know I need a 12v power adapter with 2 USB slots and that I’ll...
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    Recent Chrome-Delete

    I would highly recommend Nixon at Street Legal Tinting. We just had our M3 done there and he is one of the few who can do the back window in 1 piece. He has done quite a few M3’s
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    Dashcam / Sentry - Left & Right Angles Different

    New M3 owner for the last few weeks - watched my first dashcam and sentry videos yesterday and noticed that the driver side camera angle is tight to the car and I can see part of the body and further behind the car, whereas the passenger side is wider and does not display the side of the car or...
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    BC EV Charger Program

    First post - new Model 3 owner living in Vancouver, BC. For those in BC you may be aware of the recently announced government / BC hydro rebate programe for installing a L2 charger. Tesla was not an approved charging station - I followed up on this and just received the following reply: Thank...