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  1. SunTek

    Vendor Know the Pros and Cons of Edge Wrapping Before You Get PPF

    Every SunTek dealer has their own process for paint correction and surface prep before installing PPF. Basics include a thorough cleaning of the surface and stripping of any existing wax or other protective coatings. We'd suggest you consult your local SunTek dealers to find out which process...
  2. SunTek

    Vendor Know the Pros and Cons of Edge Wrapping Before You Get PPF

    One of the unique advantages of Reaction is the topcoat has ceramic-like qualities that prevent staining agents / dirt / mud from sticking to the surface. This is what gives Reaction many of its benefits - ease of cleaning, stain resistance, gloss etc. It seems this same quality is what...
  3. SunTek

    Vendor Know the Pros and Cons of Edge Wrapping Before You Get PPF

    Some paint protection film installation pros like to wrap edges, and some don’t. Some recommend wrapping most edges but not all. And some even say you don’t need to wrap any. So what’s right? We’re here to break it down for you, so you can make a confident choice when you’re ready to invest in...
  4. SunTek

    Vendor Behind the Scenes of Window Tint & PPF Installation

    While we can't speak to other companies and their products, we'd be happy to tell you more about what makes SunTek great. What's most important to you when choosing paint protection film or window film for your Tesla?
  5. SunTek

    Vendor Behind the Scenes of Window Tint & PPF Installation

    Ever wonder what happens to a vehicle at the shop, after it gets dropped off for window tint and paint protection film installation? Watch our video to find out. It takes you to Jay’s Detail Studio in San Antonio, where two expert SunTek installers are working on a Tesla X. They’re tinting the...
  6. SunTek

    Vendor 8 Things You’ll Stop Doing with PPF

    There’s a lot you don’t have to worry about or suffer through when you upgrade your Tesla’s factory finish with SunTek ® paint protection film. It’s truly a modern marvel, able to help protect your paint for years, help preserve resale or trade-in value, and make washing a breeze. To make the...
  7. SunTek

    Vendor New SunTek Ceramic-Style PPF is 2-in-1 Protection

    Those average prices are strictly for the sale & installation of our PPF. Each car may have different needs when it comes to paint correction, so we cannot speak to what that would cost.
  8. SunTek

    Vendor New SunTek Ceramic-Style PPF is 2-in-1 Protection

    These are some averages: A partial front end (half hood, half fenders, mirrors, bumper) runs about $1,000. A full front end (full hood, full fenders, mirrors, bumper) is about $2,000. A full vehicle wrap runs $5k-$8k.
  9. SunTek

    Vendor New SunTek Ceramic-Style PPF is 2-in-1 Protection

    The price will depend on several factors, including the vehicle model and the amount of coverage you want. For example, some owners opt to have all painted surfaces protected, while others just go for the areas that take the most punishment (front bumper, hood, rocker panels, etc). The best way...
  10. SunTek

    Vendor New SunTek Ceramic-Style PPF is 2-in-1 Protection

    New SunTek Reaction is a perfectionist Tesla owner’s dream. It’s a 2-in-1 innovation mergingthe best features of ceramic coating and paint protection film. With Reaction, you get ceramic’sslick shine plus a top-of-the-line PPF shield to help keep your Tesla’s finish like new. Becausethere’s just...
  11. SunTek

    Stek Dynoshield vs Suntek Ultra vs XPEL Ultimate

    Noticed no one has responded to your thread. If you would like to check out the benefits of our PPF Ultra I provided a link below. Let me know if you need anything else. Premium Paint Protection Film | SunTek
  12. SunTek

    Vendor 5 Things You Need to Know Before PPF Installation

    There’s a lot of back-and-forth online about the best way to install PPF. Truthfully, there is no single way to do it right. But this doesn’t mean anything goes, either. Some techniques should be avoided, while others might make sense for you but not for someone else. Our experts break it down...
  13. SunTek

    Blog PPF is Personal – Choose What’s Right for You

    Level of protection, film finish, coverage areas…there’s a lot to consider after you’ve made that first important decision to get paint protection film for your Tesla. It can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. Steer clear of confusion by focusing on three key aspects of PPF first, and...
  14. SunTek

    Blog 5 Ways to Prepare for a Tesla Road Trip

    Hearing the call of the open road? Overdue to explore a new place? Missing familiar faces? Thinking ahead to the holidays? Whatever your reason for a road trip, we’ve got you covered. Follow the advice here to prepare yourself and your Tesla for the most stress-free, satisfying highway adventure...
  15. SunTek

    Blog Which PPF Install Method is Better?

    People argue that if the results are professional and precise, it makes no difference what method is used for your paint protection film installation.  But if you’re wondering what really happens during an installation, this won’t win you over. You’ll want to understand bulk and pattern...
  16. SunTek

    Vendor How to Make Your Tesla a Cleaner, Safer Place

    No more gas pumps are a bliss indeed. Thank you for pointing that out, we fixed it!
  17. SunTek

    Vendor How to Make Your Tesla a Cleaner, Safer Place

    We all do our best to follow CDC hygiene guidelines, feel confident that our hand washing technique has been perfected, and have a favorite 20-second song to prove it. But what else will help make your Tesla safer in a COVID-19 world? We’ve got helpful ideas for you. Disinfect Your Interior...
  18. SunTek

    PPF Suntek Versus X Pel

    If anyone on this thread is interested in help locating a qualified SunTek dealer/installer, message me. I can help find the right installer for you.
  19. SunTek

    PPF Suntek Versus X Pel

    We actually have the thickest PPF in the industry, SunTek PPF Ultra Defense. It's classified as our high-impact resistant PPF. Check out the video below where Stradman gets his Gladiator protected.
  20. SunTek

    Glossiness of Suntek Ultra vs Ceramic Pro

    It is safe to use ceramic coatings over our PPF, and they will not negatively impact the performance of our PPF. Let me know if you have any additional questions.
  21. SunTek

    Vendor Matte Madness: Teslas Transformed with Matte PPF

    Hi, it's great to hear that you are so happy with our Matte PPF. You should share some photos of your Tesla.
  22. SunTek

    Blog Talking PPF: Pro Terms to Know

    Glad it was helpful! If you have any more product questions feel free to reach out.
  23. SunTek

    Vendor Matte Madness: Teslas Transformed with Matte PPF

    Our latest Tesla photo roundup features a variety of models and colors, all showing off a fresh installation of cool matte PPF. Black finishes are the most popular choice for a matte transformation, but we worked with Exotic Vehicle Wraps in Sterling, Virginia to bring you a wide range of SunTek...
  24. SunTek

    Is Suntek PPF just as good as XPel?

    Hi PhilDavid, There is no difference in appearance of the "gloss look" between our Ultra Defense and Ultra products. I have seen them side by side on many cars. Here are a couple of videos we did for PPF consumer awareness and the added benefits of our SunTek Ultra Defense. The first is showing...
  25. SunTek

    Blog 5 Advanced Upgrades for Your Tesla’s Exterior

    Hi, It's actually 8 Mils in the article which is a different rule of measure than millimeter. You are right 8mm would be way to thick. Let me know if you have anymore questions. Thanks.
  26. SunTek

    Vendor How to Future-Proof a Tesla Exterior

    There are lots of products that can help your Tesla look like a garage queen, even if it isn’t. Do you have favorites? Post them here, and check out our review of 5 exterior upgrade product types too. 5 Advanced Upgrades for Your Tesla’s Exterior - Tesla Motors Club Find a SunTek Dealer...
  27. SunTek

    Blog 5 Advanced Upgrades for Your Tesla’s Exterior

    Thanks for reading! Also having 5 out of 5 is impressive, is there any additional advice you'd give someone who reads this?
  28. SunTek

    Do you have paint protection (PPF or ceramic coating) on your new M3?

    Seems to be some folks are wondering if PPF is worth the investment, and while it is far from cheap it can definitely drive up resale value. One thing I talk to people about is going to Kelley Blue Book and looking at trade-in and resell values. For a car in this price range, $1500/2000 to...
  29. SunTek

    Blog Tesla Delivered a Record 112,000 Cars in Q4

    This is impressive, we only see a glimpse - but this uptick is reflected in what we saw from our dealers as well. Tesla's in everyone's garage!
  30. SunTek

    Blog It’s Been a Good Year for Teslas and PPF

    Hello! Not a dumb question at all, could I ask the shop you are working with (shop name and location?) if they are willing to say the 10 year is SunTek then I am unsure if their 5 year film is SunTek, sounds like it may be something else. I would ask them straight up what brand it is, that...
  31. SunTek

    Blog Ceramic and PPF. What’s the Deal?

    Hi Neil, There is no need to wait for an OEM painted vehicle, you can apply SunTek PPF upon delivery! The ~30 day wait is for paint repairs, body shop work, etc. We stand behind our film and it being removed from OEM paint as we are familiar with the quality of the paint work from OEMs. The...
  32. SunTek

    Vendor Have you heard of the new thicker SunTek PPF? (Install Video added)

    We're currently working on updating the website with Ultra Defense content. Quite simply it is a thicker version of Ultra so the performance content on Ultra remains for Ultra Defense. Ultra is ~8 mil thick, and Ultra Defense is ~11.5 mil thick. This is designed for increased impact resistance...
  33. SunTek

    Vendor Tesla PPF Photo Roundup

    We’ve collected our favorite images of Teslas and PPF for you: some during installation, some slick and road-ready. Click through to see them all in our latest blog post.It's Been a Good Year for Teslas and PPF - Tesla Motors Club Post your Tesla’s most photogenic moment in the comments, too...
  34. SunTek

    Blog It’s Been a Good Year for Teslas and PPF

    Thank you so much! We strive to be innovative and be the best!
  35. SunTek

    Prospective new Model 3 owner is looking for adivce on the owning experience in the Tampa area.

    We have a lot of SunTek Paint Protection Film dealers along the western FL coast and in Tampa, you can search on our dealer locator by your zip code. Locate a PPF Dealer | SunTek Also feel free to call out FL office in Dania Beach who would be happy to give you some recommendations 877.678.6835...
  36. SunTek

    Need recommendation PPF service / installer in South Bay

    We have an office in Anaheim that services a ton of SunTek PPF dealers in Southern CA, you can use our dealer locator to get a list. Locate a PPF Dealer | SunTek I hope this helps!
  37. SunTek

    Blog Ceramic and PPF. What’s the Deal?

    The motor running and warming the panels - just to be clear on what that meant haha.
  38. SunTek

    Blog Ceramic and PPF. What’s the Deal?

    Both should be done by a trained installer but I would say coating would be less technique-sensitive. From a purely cost perspective coatings cost less, but you have to weigh that to benefits. It really depends on what you are looking for!
  39. SunTek

    Vendor PPF vs. Ceramic vs. Both

    Some people pick just one, but you don’t have to choose. You can have PPF, ceramic, or both. What’s your choice and why? Not sure? Check out our latest blog post to break it down Ceramic and PPF. What’s the Deal? - Tesla Motors Club Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.
  40. SunTek

    Vendor Have you heard of the new thicker SunTek PPF? (Install Video added)

    I have dug into this situation and this was actually our PPF Ultra product, not the thicker Ultra Defense product just to be clear. Regardless we are working to rectify the issue. Thanks!
  41. SunTek

    Vendor Have you heard of the new thicker SunTek PPF? (Install Video added)

    Hey Phil, one of your fellow TMC members posted a great experience with Ultra Defense you can find it here SunTek/Ultra Defense Paint Protection Film (PPF) Group Buy in NOVA/DC - TLC Auto Detail
  42. SunTek

    SunTek/Ultra Defense Paint Protection Film (PPF) Group Buy in NOVA/DC - TLC Auto Detail

    Awesome review, and we're very happy to see how well your PPF experience went. You definitely put in the time and research to understand what you wanted from film performance to installation quality and it paid off! John came by our booth at SEMA and is definitely a fantastic installer. Thanks...
  43. SunTek

    Vendor What PPF info do you want the most?

    TMC members, these are your top 3 PPF interests based on comments and interactions we've seen the last 6 months. 1. Whether PPF and ceramic should be used together or separately, and why 2. How to look at your PPF installation and know if it’s good or bad quality 3. What are...
  44. SunTek

    PPF (full wrap). Any regrets ?

    Great to see the positive experiences with PPF. Over the years technology for PPF has advanced and many films including ours now offer 10 year warranties against cracking, discoloration, etc. What we've taken pride in is the ease of removal when/if neccessary without leaving behind adhesive, or...
  45. SunTek

    Tesla paint options

    What are you seeing degrade about the finish? I've heard our dealers say the paint has been blemished in spots prior to PPF install but I am curious what people are seeing trend over time?
  46. SunTek

    Rear Trunk/Lift gate trim applique

    Paint Protection Film can be used on your new piece when you install it to prevent any further scratching.
  47. SunTek

    Is this a botched tint job?

    Yeah those are poorly hand cut edges. There is nothing wrong with hand cut over a computer cut pattern, but yes that just isn't done well. I hope you can have that corrected!
  48. SunTek

    Vendor Paint Protection Film Q&A

    Ask the SunTek team your most burning PPF questions, from practical to technical. We’ll post answers directly on this thread. Curious about installation? Watch our video of a pro installing SunTek PPF on a Tesla X. Find a SunTek Dealer Follow on Facebook and Instagram
  49. SunTek

    Blog That PPF Life: What It’s Like

    EDITOR’S NOTE: This is a sponsored post from Eastman Performance Films, respected worldwide as a producer of energy solutions including professional-grade window films, industrial coatings, adhesives, and laminates. Read this article before you turn over your keys and open your wallet. You’ll...