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    Bluetooth Version in Tesla 3?

    Yup, more than 4 years after the comment you are replying to was made
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    Rejecting my brand new model 3 Highland

    I purchased an MG4 last year. Had vibration at same sort of speeds. We had wheels balanced, re balanced, re re balanced. Was convinced it was the tyres and got a lot of push back from dealer. Eventually they changed the tyres and it solved the problem. They were flat spotted from sitting after...
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    Brake Brandishing [burnishing]/My wheels are trashed

    Source forgotten in the 17 intervening months that passed since that post was made
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    Thoughts on aftermarket taillights? Model 3

    Where does OP mention that their lights are leaking?
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    Hansshow audio upgrade 2021 RHD issues

    I can’t tell you if your cable is correct, what I can tell you is that I found Hanshow “support” non existent. Despite repeated attempts on WhatsApp and email they would not engage and did not provide a solution. I did a chargeback via my credit card, would never purchase from them again. I...
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    HVAC settings, when and how?

    Obviously there will be different opinions on the optimum temperature, some like it cold, some like it warmer. For me personally, 18 degrees Centigrade would make my car feel much colder than I’m comfortable with. I’ve had dozens of cars with climate control and they have always felt most...
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    Front and parking sensors not working

    I would imagine OP has the issue sorted now as they posted this 4 and a half years ago
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    Snippiness 2.0

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    Snippiness 2.0

    I’ll go out on a limb here. A car which literally is designed from the ground up around its connectivity, is probably not the car for you. 😂
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    Problem with Hansshow Support

    Did you pay with credit card? If so, do a chargeback through credit card company. I was completely ignored by "Support" so this was what I had to do and I see others in this thread did also. It was easy to get my money back this way. Seems to be a common occurrence with Hansshow.
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    Dealing with "Accessory-Itis"

    For me, accessory-itis would be a good condition to have. It’s being an accessory-aholic that’s the problem.
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    Delivery Day No MVPA?

    To be fair, your original post doesn’t ask a question, it’s a report of events. Not sure there will be much of use that people can say. 🤷🏼‍♂️ Hope it gets worked out for you 👍
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    Oops, driving car in icy condition and car slipped on ice and hit a curb hard

    I think it may well be fixed as it happened 1 year ago :rolleyes:
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    Bluetooth Streaming Audio Quality vs Tesla Spotify App

    The streaming stations that I want to listen to cannot be played via Spotify
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    Bluetooth Streaming Audio Quality vs Tesla Spotify App

    I have a 3 month old M3 RWD with the poverty spec audio system (no sub) I‘m pleased with the sound when I use the Tesla Spotify app via the center screen. Have noticed that when I stream audio from my iPhone 15 it is a very different sound. Even with a high quality stream, there is very little...
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    Charger supplied? UK

    Picked mine up 3 months ago in UK, comes with mobile charger
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    I need help to unlock a rear display from Hansshow

    I can't help you solve the issue but what I can tell you is that Hanshow refused to engage with me recently when I had a faulty item. I tried many times via email, WhatsApp and had only one initial reply from them on WhatsApp to confirm I had the tech support department. Fortunately I purchased...