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  1. PDB2655

    Steering Wheel Weights on ebay. Legal now?

    I only use it on my highway driving and would never fully trust it. Have one on my last two Model 3s use to work well never stopped. But lately its being picked up and telling me to remove the devise, i believe it due to the new updates we take. Was thinking of adding another one on the other...
  2. PDB2655

    Firearm storage model 3 [and other firearms discussion]

    My problem is i am left handed looking for the best place to store my Pistol in my model 3 had it in my center console. My son bought me a ARMOTECH holder looking for a place for it
  3. PDB2655

    Anybody come from a sports car to Tesla?

    I had Shelby cobra jet 2017 miss the ride but not the gasoline it could use. Now I just love my Model 3 dual motor plenty fast for me and very cheap to operate and maintain. Paid cash for it after I sold my gas guzzler done look back at all. Plus was amble to pick up some Tesla stock too
  4. PDB2655

    Apple Music doesn't start off where I left it

    It dose work just use the left scroll wheel push it down and it will reload we’re you left off. Been working for me 2 days
  5. PDB2655

    Hansshow dashboard touchscreen

    Mind has not been working right since the last Tesla update, working with and not getting any were with Hansshow via Whats App. About to take it out and trash it ??? i can mount my Iphone and do the same.
  6. PDB2655

    Why cant i get access to my Trip meter or Tire pressure readings

    Since the last two updates i am not able to pull up my info on miles or tire pressures. It just will not come up there are time when i can get the info prior to driving. but once i start driving its over the little car just keeps spinning around its got to be some king of glitch in the software...
  7. PDB2655

    Tesla Tires at Costco

    Going to look at tires from Costco I like there stuff bought tires from them before no problems great service
  8. PDB2655

    Aftermarket instrument cluster

    Theres a much better model out there for the same price you can get and use apple play with it dose a lot of other things.
  9. PDB2655

    Issue with keyless entry with iPhone 12s and iPhone 12 minis?

    I have iOS 14.4 and it happen 3 times yesterday ???
  10. PDB2655

    iPhone key?

    Mine will always lets me in the car but at time it wants the key card to drive or backup happen to me 3 times yesterday. Made Sure the the Tesla app was open each time but still wanted the key card. I reset my bluetooth this ha been a consent problem for me.
  11. PDB2655

    Issue with keyless entry with iPhone 12s and iPhone 12 minis?

    Mine is asking for the Key card quite often now I carry mine with me reset my bluetooth several times already still having these issues???
  12. PDB2655

    Michelin Primacy 18" tires shot @ less than 10K miles.

    Thats Great I use a Michelin driveguard only motorcycle absolutely love that tire that's going to my first choice when I change mine tires and Costco is the place to get them.
  13. PDB2655

    Michelin Primacy 18" tires shot @ less than 10K miles.

    Ive got a little over 12000 miles on mine and they still look new. Had them rotated at 7000 miles and will do it again at 14000 that's what my Tesla service guy said to do I am going to follow his instructions. For 35 bucks its with Worth every penny.
  14. PDB2655

    Home charging now stepping down to 24 amps during the charging session

    Nikola3327 hit it right on the head I believe that's the problem I had the same situation here in Florida. My wall charger was doing the something and I loss my WiFi connection some how. Once I got it back on the wifi haven't had any problems since.
  15. PDB2655

    High mileage Model 3's

    I am at 12000 miles in 6 months not one thing or one problem so far, Tires are great very little wear brakes seem find I love this car so much fun to drive I charge about 4 times a week. Bring to 100 percent prior to any long trips works great that way have used many super chargers.Works great...
  16. PDB2655

    Car kicks up dust and dirt on rear: Any solutions?

    I have madflaps they work well for me just have to keep the car clean just like any other vehicle. Teslas do get dirty then others its just part of regular maintenance of owning any vehicle
  17. PDB2655

    Tesla Model 3 addon dashboard $575

    Don't need two displays right now I have looked at that its nice because because it uses Apple play but that's really it very expensive right now and not worth it ti me right now. And yes Venders should be paying a fee for the use of this site.
  18. PDB2655

    Tesla homelink

    I use mine.to open my entrance gate and my garage door daily works fine never any problems I jus pay attention and just my Home-link button to by pass ant thing I want when I want too.
  19. PDB2655

    Accident in Model 3

    No way its totaled they can fix that stuff and even pull the frame if required no big deal.
  20. PDB2655

    Windshield washer fluid running over side window

    I don't know an have driven many Vehicles that do the same thing.Like it was said its just physics and can't be controlled.
  21. PDB2655

    Screen Changes with New Update

    Patients my friends this will all be taken care of down the road. Its a little change in things they're just experimenting with things I like it you Will be able set things the way you want them.
  22. PDB2655

    Recovering Dash Cam Footage From Tonight

    it really depends on how you set it up not sure if your in century mode you my have chance to Tesla may be able to help you get the footage your for. This is one of the problems by the time you hit horn or press the camera icon its to late. Good luck hope this helps
  23. PDB2655

    phone connection to new model 3

    Ive had these problems several times just have app ready to go and showing prior to using, mine wants the key card every once in while to reset so always carry a card with you. I know every time I've forgot my card it happens my son just last week had to bring my card to my Doctors office a...
  24. PDB2655

    What is it up to in the Garage?

    Have mine about 6 months and it always dose strange things and make a lot noises wile charging. My service rep told all that is normal there a lot going on inside the car while charging but this completely normal.
  25. PDB2655

    Hansshow Dashboard Touchscreen V2

    Nice stuff but do you really need a second screen. Just to use apple play seems very expensive, ill wait to see how they perform first not to sure about a second screen yet.
  26. PDB2655

    Iphone case perfect for Tesla Card

    never mind found it on Amazon
  27. PDB2655

    Iphone case perfect for Tesla Card

    what case is that and were did you get info please I like it Thanks
  28. PDB2655

    Supercharger experiences

    Let's face people bathrooms every charger I was at there were no problem with that stuff and there shouldn't be. These are not run down gas stations or truck stops if you can't find a bathroom that's your problem a am a trucker and never have those issues.
  29. PDB2655

    Supercharger experiences

    I wouldn't worry to much about all the stuff mention I used the Tesla app and it worked out great for me and my 3000 mile trip. Every supercharge took about 20 to 30 mins never any problems waiting or even sharing chargers with other that has been worked and are bunch or rumors. Just allow 30...
  30. PDB2655

    EZPass mount location

    Thats were I mounted mine never any problems it a great place.
  31. PDB2655

    Insurance question

    you would have to call them yourself to find out that stuff is not important to me.
  32. PDB2655

    Vandalised Battery Pack

    The pictures look to me like it was caused bu improper jacking of the vehicle why would you jack your own car when we have the Tesla Tech service. Doesn't make sense to me I have been jacking cars all my life I bought my Tesla to get away from that stuff I use use the Tech service its very cheap...
  33. PDB2655

    Kind of dumb question - leaving car sitting and tires deflate ...

    Tires we always have to keep an eye on our tire pressures the air leaks out from are rims due to expansion and contractions or hot or cold this is normal. I check mine and add maybe monthly or when needed I adjust to to 44 or 45 psi some can go years others days or months. Its a good idea or...
  34. PDB2655

    Your preferred method of washing your model 3?

    I wash mine once a week I have 2000 psi pressure washer and couple of different soap dispensers I use. They work well we have to keep them clean so one a week works for me.
  35. PDB2655

    Placement tips for wall charger?

    Your doing the right think I use the 18 ft cord with my charger it works great and his plenty long enough if your wife is going to use it too you my want to go with the 25 footer. I charge at night when I get home just hook it up make Sure your connect it to your wifi and your ready to charge at...
  36. PDB2655

    Vendor Model 3 jack pad adapter tire service tool

    Call your Tesla Service Rep its way to cheap who wants those headaches
  37. PDB2655

    My first Model 3 tire rotation experience at 28,000 Miles

    Just had my tires rotated at 7000 miles my Tesla rep came to me Tesla charge me 35.00 don't need to buy all those stinking tools which I have. I got my Model 3 so I do not have work on them I just call the service tech make my appointment and zip its done, I will always get my tires rotated at...
  38. PDB2655

    What is it with ICE truck drivers? Is it just me.....?

    I am a truck driver and drive 620 mile per day 5 days a week and we drivers feel the same way about the 4 wheelers. You guys are always us cutting off and doing crazy things, remember we have 80,000 pounds behind us and cant maneuver like you guys can. There are a lot of young truck drivers out...
  39. PDB2655

    Hack to keep autopilot engaged

    Ive tried all the stuff you see on UTube non of it works bought ankle weights just to much of a pain. Now I just use the scroll wheels on the Steering wheel works great.
  40. PDB2655

    Tesla Model 3 spoler efficiency question

    These type of test only work under wind tunnel conditions were everything is controlled it very hard to do on your own. If you like the conditions you did then go for it. I am not saying they don't work because we all know wind conditions means a lot under certain criteria such as Nascar were...
  41. PDB2655

    Tesla wall connector gen3 overheating fix

    Had the same problem last week 3 red blinking lights but once we reconnected to the WiFi it went away working great now.
  42. PDB2655

    Home charging setup

    I have mine set up with 60 amp breaker and a 12 foot cord works well charges my Model 3 in a couple of hours each night. Just make sure your charger is set up to your WiFi so it can get the proper updates Tesla sends to it. had that problem and I was getting 3 blinking reds wouldn't charge more...
  43. PDB2655

    Tesla Model 3 spoler efficiency question

    All that stuff is hype and looks if it really works Tesla would have has a option or even on their cars.
  44. PDB2655

    Charge or not?

    Have my Model 3 two months now and leave it at 80% and charge every night that way. Went on a 3000 mile trip prior to leaving I did a 100% charge it got me about 210 miles to my 1st charge went from Stuart Fl to New York ,NJ, PA .Did a lot of super charging I waited a extra 10 to 15 mins to get...
  45. PDB2655

    New tires killed my range (20-30% decrease)

    Any time you change tires you're going to go threw the rolling resistance. It take some time and miles on them to get worn in and your Range will always change. Happens on any vehicle
  46. PDB2655

    Insurance Tripled after adding Tesla

    Mine went up with Geico so I went to Progressive not even a month called Geico back and they gave me a better price so I went back. With Geico now you have to shop around, I cant get Tesla Insurance in my state yet when it arrives I will jump to it just waiting for the day. My policy includes 2...
  47. PDB2655

    Best way to charge?

    Mine is set at 80 percent since I picked it up, easy and works great for me every night. Went on a trip so I charged up to 100 percent using super chargers along the way takes a bit longer to get from 80 to 100. Maybe its there way of making us stay hooked for more money not sure but I have...
  48. PDB2655

    Getting ready for a long 3000 mile trip

    Being a Trucker I have all those problems covered bring my own potty with me I travel 700 mile a day 5 days a week in a big truck. Now going to do some distance driving in the Tesla just hopping the charing isn't a problem but from what I read there will be no problems. Just going to have to...
  49. PDB2655

    Tesla App + iOS 14?

    No issues here with iOS 14 working fine since I updated
  50. PDB2655

    Insurance question

    I was with Geico but there price to add my Tesla was very high Went with progressive they came in a little cheaper. I waited another month call back Geico and they came in much cheaper now I am back Geico. You have to shop around there no Tesla Insurance in the state of Florida but when it...