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    Sound coming from windshield?

    I have a sound that only happens on warmer / sunnier days. It sounds like it coming from the windshield or the A pillar on the passenger side. I turned off the audio to see if it might be related to the speaker, but it still persisted. Link to video below...
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    Vendor Official Tessie app talk

    VCRIGHT_a182_emergencyLatchRel APP_w269_autopilotLimited APP_w304_lssCamBlockedStatus APP_w073_issueEscalatedLDW PCS_a022_bmsMia EPBL_a179_epbProblem But none of these show on the in car display, just in Tessie.
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    Vendor Official Tessie app talk

    Is it normal to be seeing so many “recent alerts”?
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    Operation "Get Elon"

    Yet another recall over some real nit picky stuff. Sure seems like there is an active operation to "get Elon" or wrap him and any company he associates with. Tesla’s latest screwup involves making the font size of its braking system too small
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    Vendor Official Tessie app talk

    I removed and re-installed the app and still see the same thing. This seems to have started when I switched to Next-Gen, but I can't say for certain.
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    Vendor Official Tessie app talk

    I am having an issue with the Tessie Home Screen widgets on iOS. They all load as black boxes. Even when I try to delete and add a new widget. I have tried rebooting the device. Any help is greatly appreciated.
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    Bluetooth Streaming Audio Quality vs Tesla Spotify App

    Do you have EQ settings set on your phone? Those settings might affect the BT output as well.