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    CCS & NACS now possible for Roadster with Jdemo mod

    Along with the JDemo kit Stefan also installed a switch to manually turn on the ESS cooling solenoid, Inspired by this thread: https://teslamotorsclub.com/tmc/threads/manual-battery-cooldown-mod-a-cure-for-the-roadsters-insomnia.101406/ Thus, I always have AC cooling of the pack in order to...
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    CCS & NACS now possible for Roadster with Jdemo mod

    I have with my JDemo roadster kit (Stefan installed);) charged with a peak of 75 Kw (35 C pack temperature, 20% soc) on a newer ccs/chademo (75kw//300 kw) combi charger
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    Roadster production dates

    US Roadster Sport 2.5 #1012 “The Vegas prize roadster” 15 of July 2010
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    Any early Roadsters with the original battery?

    2010 US Roadster 2.5 sport, daily driver year round, sun, snow, rain. 85500miles/147000 km. Since 2018 primarely fast charged with Tony Williams QC quickcharge chademo kit (from milage 42000miles/70000 km). CAC 122 Standard charge 148 miles (246 km)
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    PEM second failure

    I got the PEM of my 2010 2.5 sport rebuilded by Dirk Hansen just south of the Danish German border. Kontaktformular - Dirk Hansen Elektro- und Windtechnik GmbH He is the European affiliation with Gruber, so performs the same Gruber PEM rebuild for around 4K euros. Highly recommend, nice guy...
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    JdeMO for the Roadster?

    Pretty cool! How are the charge rates on the 50 Kw/125 amp CHAdemo stations?
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    Roadster on destination charging doesn't work outside of North America

    Hi all, I got the error message "Charging problem" when trying to charge on the new Tesla locked HPWC's in Denmark with Henry's Can EU and the firmware on my 2010 2.5 sport. Is that the normal error message ? Thought it would a be pilot signal error message. These 3 Tesla only HPWC's...
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    2010 Roadster 2.0

    Hi Martin, I used the roll on/off service of K international, NYC-Bremerhaven http://www.kinternational.com/ (contact Julia Sirkis). Shipping by container requires 30-40 days of port clearance (with the car in a container not being plugged in) in both departure/arrival ports in addition to...
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    2010 Roadster 2.0

    @Martin, TM are so full of BS... I shipped my US roadster sport to Europe when relocating for a new job. I that had driven for several years in the US and despite what TM told me beforehand, there are no problems charging a US roadster in Europe. You just need to buy the adapters (32/16A-CCE...
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    When will a ~400-mile Roadster pack become available from Tesla?

    Elon Musk on Twitter: maybe time is near....:-)
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    #775 - Black - Denver, CO.

    Same car, different dealer: Used 2010 Tesla Roadster for Sale by Don Brown Transport Service Definitely a scam, here's what he wrote when asking why the car was for sale two different places and prices: " Hello We are a car sale company. We are from United Kingdom, Europe. We buy...
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    #804 sport, Thunder Gray - Los Angeles, CA

    Same car for sale on eBay Tesla : Roadster coupe Tesla : Roadster coupe | eBay However, different location of the car, now Columbia, MD