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    gen 3 wall charger install w 120v wire /20 amp breaker

    You should get an estimate from a reputable local electrician. You will need to upgrade the wire from the main panel to the sub panel in the garage, upgrade circuit breakers, etc. But, it will be worth it!
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    phone key set up problem

    Did you reboot the Tesla too? Generally a good idea to reboot after a software update. Good luck!
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    2017 Model S Advice

    We had a used 2013 Model S for four years, then bought a 2023 Model Y, dual motor, long range, with tow package. The Model Y meets all our needs, has more range, has higher ground clearance so is easier to get into and out of, is AWD, and can tow our utility trailer (when we need a "pickup...
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    charging adapter

    Craig, welcome to the Tesla community. What you want is the J1772 adapter for using generic Level 2 charging stations. It's available at Tesla.com/shop/charging/adapters, for $55. It comes with the car, so the person you bought from owes you one! It's important to get the terminology correct...
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    How to revert to bigger nav screen in 2024.14.9

    If your screen goes to full width visualization when you put the vehicle in gear, just swipe the right edge toward the left to show half nav and half visualization. The next time you shift into gear, it should go to half and half automatically.
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    Roof Rack - Is it Really a Risk?

    We decided not to use the roof rack, to keep aerodynamic drag to a minimum, and we think it looks better. We have the tow hitch option and a small utility trailer (can carry 4' x 8' sheets flat), that we use when needed as our "pickup truck". Works great, and no fears about damaging the Y.
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    24M3RWD: hitch noise from screen area and adding rear speakers

    We had a similar problem in a 2020 MY. There is a small fan inside the underneath part of the screen mount that circulates cabin air past a sensor. Should be able to access it by pulling off the small cover. Unplug the fan and see if that was the source of the noise. If so, you can order a...
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    Premium connectivity question

    Try a re-boot and see it that helps. (hold down both buttons on the steering wheel until the screen goes blank, then wait for the re-boot).
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    FSD 12 perspective from a previous skeptic

    Excellent review. Thanks. I also just received the new V12 and drove it for a short trip of just a few miles in rural/urban traffic. After having free V11 after purchasing our 2023 MYLR last August (our 3rd Tesla) I was not impressed. After my short drive, I'm still not impressed...
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    Do you think this is something the service center can fix?

    Did you point out these issues at the time of pickup? I'd ask the SC to fix them.
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    Should Tesla pay towing for a warranty battery replacement?

    You might want to call them at ‭(877) 798-3752‬ and ask for status, or just give them a little more time.
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    Less than 3 weeks from order to delivery

    Last August we ordered our MY LR, red/white, on Friday. Had a VIN on Saturday! Received delivery schedule on Monday for the following Thursday - Sat. We really had to scramble to get financing and insurance in place for Sat delivery, and turn in our leased MY, at a Tesla store 3 hour drive...
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    Greyed out chargers

    We noticed the same thing on a recent extended road trip. We re-booted (for another reason - the screen stopped responding to touch - twice!) and haven't noticed the greyed supercharger locations since.
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    Lease end question

    Our lease ended a couple months early when we turned in our leased Model Y during delivery of our purchased Mode Y. Our automatic lease payments ended automatically at the time we turned it in.
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    Just got my first Tesla

    Congrats on the new Tesla. I'd recommend reading the manual thoroughly. We're on our third Tesla (used 2013 MS, leased 2020 MY, bought 2023 MY) and have had very few maintenance issues. In 8 years, we've been to a service center about 4 times, and one of those was to take delivery of a set of...
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    Supercharger question

    If you tap your nav screen, to display the four icons on the upper right, then choose the lightning bolt icon at the bottom of that list, it will display the Supercharger stations nearby. The list includes whether it is a 150kW or 250kW station. Tap on of the pins on the screen, or on the...
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    Snow chains

    We have used Auto Socks, a legal alternative to tire chains and very easy to put on and take off, for the last 4 years. Although not often needed for a MY with snow tires and using "off road assist", they work great when needed for conditions or mountain pass signing requirements. They are...
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    Wall charger problem

    Be sure there is no debris in either your charging port, or cord plug. Then check the tightness of all electrical connections in the wall charger and at the circuit breaker for the wall charger. Particularly the ground connections. If you're not completely comfortable doing this yourself...
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    Rear camera issue

    That's not your backup camera, which would be visible if you are in reverse gear. It's the "new and improved" parking assist image.
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    What is this purpose on model x rear trunk?

    Looks to me like it would be an emergency tailgate release. If it doesn't work, perhaps a mobile technician visit could connect the wiring behind it?
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    MYLR snow performance

    Regarding the original poster's question about using one or two sets of Auto Socks. I just have one set and put them on the rear tires. It greatly improves traction going up or down hill, and, most importantly, it keeps the rear end from wanting to spin forward when braking going down hill...
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    MYLR snow performance

    Carry "Auto Socks", a legal alternative to tire chains. They are available at many tire stores, and on-line. Very easy to put on and take off, and they work great.
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    Winter Driving/Snow Accessories?

    We leased a 2020 MYLR and now have a 2023 MYLR. We had no issues with the stock tires on snow/ice, but have used the Tesla winter wheel/tire package each winter to be on the safe side while traveling over mountain passes and to our local XC ski area, which has notorious icy road conditions...
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    How to reset / open jammed M3 back door

    Have you tried using the manual door release to possibly reset the lock? Check your manual for the manual door release location (it varies with year/model) and give it a try.
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    FSD Question?

    Yes, your MY is FSD capable, but it's not installed.
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    Sentry Mode on during driving

    A system reboot might help.
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    Scratches around door handle from normal use

    We noticed the same thing on our Oct 2020 build Model Y (red). Car wax around the handles really helped.
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    Side camera view when reversing has disappeared

    Have you selected the faint, small "up arrow" in the lower center of the screen when in reverse? This toggles between just the backup camera and also showing the two side cameras.
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    Why can't the car just STAY ON (and hack-workaround)

    Just use a good quality tire pressure gauge!
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    Newbie looking for guidance

    Test drive both Model 3 and Model Y before deciding. My wife and I are also retired and in our 70s. We went from a Model S to a Model Y because: it's higher and easier to get into and out of; with higher ground clearance we can drive on back roads to hike and XC ski; it's AWD has "Off Road...
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    Mobile connector melted

    Also, have an electrician check connections inside the NEMA 14-50 receptacle.
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    We have camped in our previous Model S, and our current Model Y, at both private and State Park RV sites, sleeping inside the car or inside a tent or a small travel trailer. No one has ever said we can't plug in and charge. If you pay for an RV site with 50 amp service, you should be allowed...
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    Securing mobile charger to the wall

    You could mount a locking metal cabinet large enough to fit over the outlet and hold the EVSE and cord inside, with a small, edge protected, cutout for the cord to extend while charging with the door locked.
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    What features do you wish the Model Y came with (Dec 2022/Jan 2023) Wishlist

    I like many of the suggestions, but I would really like adjustable air shocks to raise ground clearance when traveling backcountry roads or sharp angled driveways.
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    "Acceleration reduced. Performance may be restored on next drive"

    Call Roadside Assistance. A reboot might help, or they can schedule emergency towing/service to clear your driveway.
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    MYLR Range Towing a Small Utility Trailer with a Quad

    We have towed quite a bit with our 2021 MYLR: 4' x 8' utility trailer (900 lbs empty, 3,500 lbs gross), 24' trimaran sailboat (2,900 lbs including trailer), and 17' travel trailer (3,000 lbs). No issues. Range loss is about 40%, regardless of what we're towing. I'm not sure how "tow mode"...
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    Powered cooler for sub trunk. Questions & Suggestions

    We just completed a 5,400 mile road trip and used a Dometic cooler. I don't remember the model. We borrowed it from a friend. They are pricey, but worked very well. Based on our observations, the 12v outlet in the left rear panel was "on" all the time. The cooler was very energy efficient...
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    Model 3 SR+ LFP Battery Range, Degradation, etc Discussion

    It's not degradation, it's the computer adjusting the range estimate based on your driving, weather, road conditions, etc. "Your mileage may vary."
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    How do I make it shut up!??

    This is what Camp Mode is for. It silences the alarm and allows use of internal lights. Use the app or screen to unlock the car to silence the alarm.
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    Sharing MYP towing range data w/ high loads

    We have an October 2020 build Model Y and also tow our 2012 Corsair Dash 750 (about 3,000 lbs on the trailer), and a friends Casita travel trailer (about 3,200 lbs on the trailer). We don't have as detailed data as reported by avramd, but have observed about a 40% range drop when towing. Even...
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    Replacing mirror

    Instead of duct tape, would it be possible to superglue it in place?
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    What have you done to your Y lately?

    Has anyone put adjustable air suspension on the Model Y to increase ground clearance?
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    Over Torqued Lug nuts

    I don't know about potential damage, but you should have them loosened and re-torqued, with a quality hand torque wrench, to the proper spec.
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    MX 2020 LRP - Shrieking sound when switching between park and drive

    That is the automatic parking brake setting and releasing, when you shift into, and out of, Park.
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    New MYP Owner: Learning Curve Tips Thread

    Welcome! "Once you go electric, you'll never go back." "EV grin" My most important suggestion is "Read the manual!" You will learn a lot that you didn't know you didn't know. :)
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    Need a replacement

    Tesla.com/used inventory has a bunch of Model Ss available.
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    Where to find the Supercharging rates on Navigation

    On your nav screen touch the lightning bolt icon on the upper right. (If it's not displayed, touch the nav screen near the upper right to display it.). This displays nearby charging stations. Be sure the "3 lightning bolt" symbol at the upper left is selected so Supercharger pins are...
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    Tesla Model 3 2019 RWD snow problems

    Try Auto Socks, they are an easy on/off alternative to tire chains, available from most tire stores and Amazon.
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    Trunk won’t latch

    Have you tried rebooting the system?
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    How much do I save in fuel costs over ICE? A lot, but at times it really depends....

    A friend, who has a PhD in Electrical Engineering, calculated this "rule of thumb" for comparing the cost of electricity to the cost of gasoline. Multiply the cost per kilowatt hour by 10, and that is the comparable cost of a gallon of gasoline. So the average retail cost of electricity in WA...