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  1. UncleCreepy

    Not shutting off when I exit

    Could be the seat sensor. Do the lights all turn off after you get out of the car?
  2. UncleCreepy

    10% better range by servicing brakes

    That is exactly the reason why. My M3 has 148,000 kms or 92k miles on the odometer and still uses the original brake pads/rotors after 4.5 years. I take the car to a nearby shop every year to get the brakes cleaned and lubed after the winter is over (yes, they use salt where I live), and that's...
  3. UncleCreepy

    How many [lifetime] miles do you have?

    Well, that certainly explains why I feel so rested today.
  4. UncleCreepy

    Help - Unable to Charge vehicle due to "Paid Charging Unavailable" Error

    I had a similar issue not too long ago, although that was in Canada. After talking with Tesla (or texting, since you don't get to talk to them), all I needed to do was to delete and re-emter the address information for my credit card. They said it was a known issue. Whether or not it works for...
  5. UncleCreepy

    Best non-Tesla EV home charger?

    "Best" depends on what is important to you. Factors such as max power, color, WiFi access, price, size, configuration options, your affinity to brand names etc. may all affect your decision. Without knowing your priorities, it's impossible to give you a straight answer. Since getting the grant...
  6. UncleCreepy

    Service Mode - Camera Alignment Question

    These pictures are taken from my 2020 Model 3 AWD:
  7. UncleCreepy

    Service Mode - Camera Alignment Question

    The "Wide" view shows the blue line perfectly centered. The "Main" and "Narrow" cameras show the blue line a little lower. I think this just shows how far off the cameras are from being perfectly installed. As long as the blue horizontal line is still between the green lines, everything is okay.
  8. UncleCreepy

    Service Mode - Camera Alignment Question

    I'm not in my car right now, but I believe that the camera alignment is also available outside of service mode, in one of the sub menus. Either one should work, though. If in doubt, there is no downside to re-calibratong the cameras. I would just do it.
  9. UncleCreepy

    Battery Health Test missing

    That's strange. I'm on 2024.20.3, too, and I ran the battery health test last night. It took a while for it to actually start, but it eventually came back with a battery health of 88% and 461 km at 100%. Odometer is at about 92k miles or 148k kms.
  10. UncleCreepy

    Auto wipers no longer mandatory when using AP?

    Hasn't it been like that for at least several months now?
  11. UncleCreepy

    Outside temperature off?

    For me, it's usually fairly accurate while driving, however it can show higher than it really is if the car has been parked in direct sunlight.
  12. UncleCreepy

    Long dryer extension cord 10-30 100' needed

    Yes, there is. The Mobile Connector has a temperature sensor in its plug which can sense an overheating outlet and stop the charge. This mechanism still works at the end of the extension cord, but not at the connection between the outlet and the extension cord. This is a potential fire hazard...
  13. UncleCreepy

    Long dryer extension cord 10-30 100' needed

    If no one else wants to say it, I'll do it: From the Mobile Connector manual:
  14. UncleCreepy

    Parking inside a small garage

    Yes, they can be folded/unfolded for this purpose, and the location where to fold/unfold can even be stored, so you don't need to do it every time.
  15. UncleCreepy

    Supercharging disabled. Message says there is no payment method although my cc statement shows the charge

    And bingo... removing my address and re-entering it in the app did the trick (removing and re-entering the credit card information didn't). The message has disappeared now, and everything is back to normal.
  16. UncleCreepy

    Supercharging disabled. Message says there is no payment method although my cc statement shows the charge

    No iOS here. I called Tesla earlier as directed by the person responding to my ticket. They told me that this is a problem that they frequently see with Canadian customers. The solution seems to be to remove the home address from the app and re-enter it. If that doesn't help, I'll just remove...
  17. UncleCreepy

    Supercharging disabled. Message says there is no payment method although my cc statement shows the charge

    Model 3 SR, bought on Dec 14th, 2023. There was an end of quarter sale that included six month of free supercharging, which so far has been working flawlessly. Today, one day before it was supposed to expire, I pulled up at a supercharger and noticed quickly that this was not a free...
  18. UncleCreepy

    Driving my ICE vehicle while Model 3 RWD is on limited duty. Some simple observations…

    ^ That. Or, if you have a compressor at home, get something like this, and fix the tire at home: Tire Repair Kit I used it just a few weeks ago, and it works like a charm.
  19. UncleCreepy

    To protect the screen or not to?

    I second that. It's an excellent screen protector. I used to be unable to look at the screen as I was backing out of my driveway when the sun was at the right angle (and we all know it always is lol). I don't use it as a protector, it's more of an anti-glare device to me. Never had any issues in...
  20. UncleCreepy

    Can I use MX FSD in Canada (car originally bought in the US) ?

    It means the same as a green arrow to the left.
  21. UncleCreepy

    Using FSD for 3 months - Is my experience typical?

    That is true to some extent (I'm not disagreeing with you at all), but when it comes to cutting corners in left turns, going more than 30 km/h over the speed limit in chill mode or changing into a lane that ends just 100m later is not something I'd get more comfortable with over time. I really...
  22. UncleCreepy

    21 Model 3 LR Battery Test

    I've never done the battery health check, but for what it's worth, my 2020 M3 AWD is at 90k miles, showing 294 miles of range at 100% SoC.
  23. UncleCreepy

    Parking inside a small garage

    Tesla Vision still lets you hit obstacles. Unless it's a single occurrence, you might be better off using a mirror that shows you how much space you have, or the good old tabletennis ball hanging from the ceiling that will touch your windshield just when it's time to stop.
  24. UncleCreepy

    The few times Tesla has addressed battery degradation, they have simply lied and dismissed it.

    Like I wrote in #13: I start driving right after I reach my target, and then arrive at home at the recommended 80%. If less than half an hour is a significant amount of time, then so be it. I've logged almost 90k miles with my car so far and don't have any crazy degradation. To me it's more...
  25. UncleCreepy

    How to remove the Supercharging Unavailable message?

    There is a hint right under "Supercharging Unavailable". Have you tried adding a payment method? Adding it won't cost you anything, the card just needs to be on file.
  26. UncleCreepy

    The few times Tesla has addressed battery degradation, they have simply lied and dismissed it.

    Depends on what you are optimizing for. If battery life is all that matters, yes, then it's probably best to keep the car at 50% SoC in an air-conditioned garage. To answer your question, it takes about 5% SoC to return home from my daily commute, so I used to charge to 95% and arrived at home...
  27. UncleCreepy

    Does the highland LR have the option of acceleration boost?

    Do the Ingenext modules (not sure what they are called, I've never really looked into it) work with the Highland LR? That would be a viable workaround if Tesla doesn't want to sell the acceleration boost anymore.
  28. UncleCreepy

    Wall charger cable starting to distort

    Temperature has little to nothing to do with it. This usually happens when you twist the cord. I have a gen2 and a gen3 wall connector, and both their cords still look like new after 3-4 years.
  29. UncleCreepy

    Cabin camera covered with tape and now I can't use my $5,000 Autopilot option. version 2024.3.25

    That might be it. The FSD trial did not work with the camera covered. We'll probably never know. New members who make an account to talk about legal action usually don't come back.
  30. UncleCreepy

    Cabin camera covered with tape and now I can't use my $5,000 Autopilot option. version 2024.3.25

    I am still able to use AP with my interior camera taped, and my car is using 2024.3.25, too. There might be an unrelated reason why OP can't use their autopilot anymore.
  31. UncleCreepy

    The few times Tesla has addressed battery degradation, they have simply lied and dismissed it.

    FWIW: without using any more or less fancy app, my 2020 LR AWD started at 504 km displayed range. Now, 144,000 km (89,500 miles) later, 100% charge equals 474 km. Maybe there is more to it, but to me, that's 6% less mileage than what I had when the car was new. I can live with that. I regularly...
  32. UncleCreepy

    Will Tesla ever give the RWD a performance boost ?

    Probably not. It would take a lot of grip to accelerate harder with just RWD. More power would likely just trigger the traction control more often. AWD is your friend.
  33. UncleCreepy

    Touchscreen tint

    Okay... I'll try something more obvious next year for April Fools day
  34. UncleCreepy

    Touchscreen tint

    After I had my side and rear windows tinted, I decided it was time to get the touchscreen done, too. It used to be way too bright in most situations, but now it's not distracting at all anymore. The "expert" recommended not to use more than 30, but eventually I went with 5. Look at the...
  35. UncleCreepy

    Rear view camera is blurry

    FWIW, I just replaced the rear facing camera on my 2020 M3 LR AWD. The image was quite blurry, but now it's fully restored. The cost was $125 CAD plus tax, and it took me about 20 minutes to replace the part. I also tried to polish the lens (pretty sure it's plastic), but to no avail. This is...
  36. UncleCreepy

    Auto wipers no longer mandatory when using AP?

    I have them pretty much every day. I made it a habit to turn auto wipers off as soon as I engage TACC. I just wish they'd leave the setting alone when I engage AP. If the wipers were really necessary, then why is AP even available while I'm driving with my wipers turned off? That doesn't make...
  37. UncleCreepy

    Can you Walk-in and buy a Tesla Model Y on the spot? Inventory shows Immediately Available

    I bought a Model 3 for my gf in Dec 2023. That was in Ottawa, ON. We looked up the car we were interested in, and the only holdups on site were that I obviously didn't have a bank draft available (that can be arranged quicky unless you are dealing with an online bank) and that they were unable...
  38. UncleCreepy

    Alberta imposing $200 EV tax starting in 2025

    Not enough to matter. According to Fourth power law - Wikipedia. , the road stress ratio of truck to car is 10,000 to 1.
  39. UncleCreepy

    Model 3 Window tints acceptable?

    I got my windows tinted early in 2023. There's about a 3/64" gap at the edges. It's barely noticeable with the doors open, and not noticeable at all while driving
  40. UncleCreepy

    Feature Request - Eco-Mode Air Conditioning

    This thread is about a feature request and therefore refers to future models (all current models already haave heat pumps), unless you are expecting Tesla to retrofit older models.
  41. UncleCreepy

    Tesla blesses other cars blocking two stalls due to short cord

    It doesn't seem to be an issue at any of the CCS stations I've seen so far. Using longer cables to keep the number of blocked stalls to a minimum is a cost-effective solution.
  42. UncleCreepy

    Tesla blesses other cars blocking two stalls due to short cord

    Should be fun with a Ford parked sideways and two Teslas boxing him in. I think opening the SuC network is an incredibly dumb move until they replace the charging cords with longer versions so that every car can use the charger they're supposed to use in a specific spot.
  43. UncleCreepy

    Summon and FSD require more camera calibration

    Not in my experience. I agree with you when it comes to basic AP camera calibration, but FSD camera calibration (which this thread is about) takes much longer.
  44. UncleCreepy

    Summon and FSD require more camera calibration

    This thread is about FSD, not regular AP. I got another M3 RWD in December '23 that came with a 3 months FSD trial. It took more than a week before FSD was finally available. Took me less than a week to turn it off for good, but that's another story. AP, however, only took a few miles before it...
  45. UncleCreepy

    The Vehicle that Convinced Me to Go Electric

    Don't get me started with that crap company. I never thought I'd go back to gas, but now I enjoy my BMW K1600GT. Zero is dead to me.
  46. UncleCreepy

    Feature Request - Eco-Mode Air Conditioning

    You won't get any support because you are not making sense. Since you have already made it clear that you are resistant to education, I am not going to waste my time rephrasing what others have tried to explain to you. 'nuff said
  47. UncleCreepy

    Are you paying for premium connectivity?

    The same way it gets it with premium connectivity. The only difference is that with standard connectivity, you won't see the orange/red/deep red lines.
  48. UncleCreepy

    Battery drained to zero

    Or, while you're gone, you could just disconnect the HV battery plug under the rear right seat and then the 12V battery. Once you're back, reconnect them in reverse order. As @M1tch said, it shouldn't be a problem to jist park the car, but this way you can be sure the car won't stay awake due to...
  49. UncleCreepy

    Using only the camera turn signal when changing lanes

    I for one don't like to signal unless I've verified that I can safely make a lane change. The image on the screen only pops up after I signal, so it's a useless feature to me.
  50. UncleCreepy

    Battery Preheat - Down side

    Nope, quite the opposite. Charging is way faster with a preconditioned battery. The comparatively low amount of energy it takes to heat the battery means next to nothing in terms of charging time, but the warm battery will make charging much faster. Sorry if there has been any confusion.