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    Looking for cheap MS

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    Sold Custom build Performance Tesla Model 3

    Nice Build. Throw up some interior shots too
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    Selling Tesla Model Y

    Oh this should be interesting.
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    Advice Needed on Used Tesla for Sale on AutoTrader - Local Deal

    Could be a decent deal but don’t trust what the seller is telling you or showing you about the accident. Do a ppi and let a pro tell you if it was kissed or not. Then you can decide if it’s a good deal or not. The warranty sounds great as well but you’ve really only got 15k left.
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    Price Range on AWD LR Model 3

    And one more question somewhat related, if you purchase private party, can you have FSD removed for full credit??
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    P85+ with all options (except subzero) for sale...taking delivery of 90D next week!

    Only badging for the pluses, not on the displays
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    2015 Model S P85D CPO - Dallas, TX

    Oh man. Yeah this won’t get far. CPO P90DL’s with more options and much lower mileage are going in the 60’s. Refreshed in the 70’s. I’m guessing $55-57k for this one.
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    2013 Tesla Model S P85+ 18,700 mi

    I already have one but I'll start the bidding. $18.00 Beat that nerds!
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    2018 Model S100D for sale

    Can you post the sticker. Thx
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    2013 Model S P85+ 7 seats, CPO until 8/2109

    That is one killer CPO deal. 91years and what, maybe 800,000 miles? :)
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    2018 Tesla Model 3: EAP, Red Seats, Ceramic Coating, PPF, Tint, Sport Wheels

    That is bada$$! A pet peave of mine is Tesla’s lack of decent interior choices. Red and Brown to start..... great job.
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    21 turbines staggered Socal, $900

    Oh, and silver or gray?
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    21 turbines staggered Socal, $900

    Any rash on any of them and do you have pics?
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    2014/15 Tesla P85D+ for sale (22K miles)

    Crud! No Air Suspension. Awesome car though, I can't imagine there were too many D's produced in brown. You'll have a captive audience.
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    2014 Tesla P85D only 8500 miles

    Great ride! Love the mileage What was the in service date? Any extended maintenance or warranty? How are tires? Performance package....I'm assuming that's the performance dual motor option. And this one is huge for me, for certain no air suspension? Thank you
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    2014/15 Tesla P85D+ for sale (22K miles)

    Also, please let us know in-service date for warranty. Thanks
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    December 2017 S 100d for sale

    Just confirming, you and car are in FL?
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    December 2017 S 100d for sale

    Do you have pics and a pic of the Monroney Sticker?
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    FS: 2015 P85D w/30K Miles $79K

    Nice ride, wish it was Ludicrous eligible. I know you would have mentioned it but no extended warranty or maintenance plan correct?
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    FS: 2015 Tesla Model S P90D Ludicrous

    Curious, how are you able to discern V1 or V2 from this sticker? Would love to know for my quest. Thanks
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    Help me vet this car

    Are you sure it’s a D? If so, $50k is more like $25-30k under value. It doesn’t add up at all.
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    Help me vet this car

    Have it inspected by a professional. Cheap insurance. If owner won’t let you have it inspected, run.
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    model s d100 for sale

    And what is a d100?
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    Model S P85D for sale, 26,000 km (16,100 miles) all upgrades

    This might be the worst for sale ad in the history of for sale ads. Can you give all the details? Or at least a shot of the Monroney and your asking price. Thx
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    Selling my fully loaded P90DL with AMAZING warranty

    I’m wondering about this too. The 100% charge range of 253 doesn’t say 90kw at all. Pretty sure an upgrade would take a new pack. My P85 is at 255.
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    Selling my fully loaded P90DL with AMAZING warranty

    That’s pretty cool. Ok last question and I’ll leave you alone. Was a new 90 pack installed for the conversion or is it software unlocked. Full charge mileage seems low for a 90. I get 255 with my 85. Thanks for all the info, very cool car
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    Selling my fully loaded P90DL with AMAZING warranty

    I think where my confusion lies is I didn’t compute this as a new car warranty even tho you wrote that. I had in my head it was CPO but you were stating it was equivalent to a new car warranty. Crazy stuff!
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    Selling my fully loaded P90DL with AMAZING warranty

    I would certainly want to confirm this with Tesla. I can’t imagine they would fully warranty a car to Oct 2025 and 143k miles??
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    Selling my fully loaded P90DL with AMAZING warranty

    Double checking but it seems not to have next gen seats correct?
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    2015 Tesla Model S P90D Ludicrous 3k miles Blue

    Just happened to run in to this doing a search. I'm assuming it is sold?
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    WTB: P85/P85+

    Not sure, haven't done a ton of research but sub 60k for sure. Exact same car with a little more warranty went for 59k in AZ this month.
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    WTB: P85/P85+

    I am looking for a D at the moment, if I can find one I want I will have a 2013 plus available. 24,648 miles (at the moment), CPO warranty for a couple more years and up to approximately 52500 miles. No AP. Also located in AZ so no taxes. Performance Plus Package - Grey Metallic Paint - All...
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    2016 Model S P90D - $92k

    Yeah I'm a bit leery of the lack of sunroof and mileage. I'm in AZ and have a sunroof now and love it. Not worried about mileage on a Tesla but the warranty is half burned. So was Insane only available on P85D's? For some reason I thought you could get that on the 90's too.
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    2016 Model S P90D - $92k

    I know you would have listed it, but just to be sure, no insane or ludicrous correct
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    2015 Model S 85D Slate Grey - No Longer Available

    Is this still for sale? I'm assuming not with the lack of replies or details. Let us know. Thanks