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    Reduced Range - Tesla Issued a Service Bulletin for possible fix

    I have a model 3 Performance stealth. I purchased it 8/1/2019 and it was manufactured 7/2019. Attached is my battery report from TeslaFi's Charges, Battery Report Beta showing an initial range of around 310 miles (blue line) when I started using TelsaFi at 1,200 miles. It started decreasing...
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    New breed of Model 3 drivers out there.

    In the late '60s I had a Corvette and every drivers waved to each other. Mostly it was just lifting your fingers up from the steering wheel but leaving your palm on it. Reminiscing, I Googled "corvette owners wave" and found these links The Wave Rule » Vettes in Perfection Ownership 101 - 10...
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    Is 6 miles of battery degradation acceptable on 6k miles?

    I bought my M3 Performance in August. I started keeping track of charging with TeslaFi at 1,244 miles. Charging most of the time to 90%, range after charging was 308 to 310 miles. At 1,700 miles, range gradually declined to 302 to 304 until I reached 1,946 miles. I'm now at 2,390 miles with no...
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    Locking with the app - check for phone in car or window open

    I ran an experiment. I put my phone in the truck. I walked away with my wife's phone and used its app to lock it. It beeped as normal and the app changed to locked. I left the phone away, walked back to the car and the mirrors were folded. It appeared locked but I was able to open the doors and...
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    Locking with the app - check for phone in car or window open

    My wife and I went to the gym. I left my phone in the trunk. We walked away and she remotely locked the car with her phone. The app showed it locked. Later it timed out and unlocked. There's wasn't any notification this happened. (We have a Camry and can use one fob to lock the car with the...
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    Why doesn't Mod3 user interface make reading alerts easier?

    Why not let the user change the font size in settings like on Windows?
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    Tesla Service (or lack of)

    I made an appointment with the app last week and the tech came this morning. That appointment is still showing, I can't delete it nor schedule another appointment. I tried the website. I logged into tesla.com but didn't find a "chat" location. But I did find in the footer of the home page...
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    Locking Model 3 for surf session

    CAUTION: My wife and I went to the gym. I left my phone in the trunk. She took her phone and locked the car. I left the gym early, so asked her to unlock the car for me. But when she looked at her phone, the car was unlocked. When I got to the car I just open the door, got in, stepped on the...
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    TeslaFi or Not? That is the Question

    I decided to subscribe for the trail and used a referral code in this discussion. The trail must be a month plus two additional weeks for the referral. Created On: September 14, 2019, 7:42 AM Expires On: October 29, 2019, 7:42 AM (1 Month 14 Days)
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    Discussion: Floor Mats in Model 3

    I just got a Model 3 built in July. The inside rail on the driver's seat has some hardware on both sides that isn't on the passenger seat. I notice that the factory installed the rear carpet a little to the left; probably for clearance.
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    Wish my Tesla was not lazy - not waking up

    Mine wouldn't wake up on either my wife's or my iPhone. I moved next to the car and it still didn't. I entered the car and the car's panel showed a slash through the signal strength wifi icon. After 5 ot 10 seconds it change to 3 of 4 radial arcs and my phone updated. It looks to me like the...