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  1. db93

    Screen viewing by old eyes

    UI is an art Yes even Tesla can do better here with text size for some of the objects on screen, without alienating those with perfect vision tbh, I've become so accustomed to where things are on screen out of necessity, as my near vision is somewhat poor Also the voice app is pretty handy at times
  2. db93

    The number of used Tesla 3/Y available is staggering

    Yes, sorry, meant not foreign as seen by NAFTA
  3. db93

    The number of used Tesla 3/Y available is staggering

    Cars made in North America, including Canada & Mexico, not foreign
  4. db93

    Regrets [Anyone regret trading in their ICE for their Tesla?]

    No regrets, I wish everyone drove an EV Can't stand fuel emissions, while driving, walking, cycling, etc Just awful for ones health As far as creature comforts, camping in the MY is simply sublime To each their own I guess
  5. db93

    Friend opening car with no cellphone or wifi covarage

    Average about 1% a week sitting in garage 2020 MY LR
  6. db93

    DIY tire rotation

    A little confused by [front-to-back rotation} ? As obviously the wheels are not the same size
  7. db93

    Essential apps?

    My list: Telsa app ABRP Plug Share Charge Point Volta Open Charge EVGO Stay n Charge EV Connect
  8. db93

    Wheel Cover Journey / Rimetrix Laminar Review

    The Laminars include foam tape, which protect the wheels, and eliminates any noises they may have been caused from oem Gemini hubcaps
  9. db93

    Does Auto Lane change works on non-FSD Model Y?

    Pounced on EAP when it was offered on the MY Could not be happier
  10. db93

    Does Autosteer include lane change

    One of the reasons I jumped at EAP back in 2020 Essentially it is FSD when on the hwy :cool:
  11. db93

    BMW using a brushed motor

    Happy to see BMW attempting a go at EV's Loved my E30 M3, imo, the last BMW that held the badge of The Ultimate Driving Machine
  12. db93

    Driving and riding style affect on Range. Planning to stop more often, drive and use “normally.” Thoughts?

    One thing I noticed on a recent road trip from SoCal to Boise Self driving, especially in heavy cross winds is almost un-noticeable, except for the hi speed tumble weeds This makes for a really relaxed drive, less stress, more energy and joy upon arrival
  13. db93

    How to clean full window?

    Maybe try car wash mode ?
  14. db93

    Vision Only vs Radar - Observations from a 3 year owner

    Love the EAP in our 2020 MY LR anyone else have experience with it ?
  15. db93

    1,100 mi Turo Tesla road trip w/ fam, am I crazy?

    On a recent road trip, I had little time to do much Use a restroom, maybe clean the windshield, and ready for next destination Stops were 10-20m mostly every 3 hrs or so 2020 MYLR
  16. db93

    CHAdeMO compatible with 2021 Model Y?

    More cringe than frozen SC stiff cables on a road trip ?
  17. db93

    The public does not understand EV range

    So I just drove from LA to Boise, 2/3 of the drive in teens to low 30's f 15 to 20m charge and always arrived with more than Tesla calculated, I feel this is due to maintaining 70mph rather than the posted speed limit of 80 in most parts, they must calculate speed limits as well as weather into...
  18. db93

    Wheel Cover Journey / Rimetrix Laminar Review

    Great product, with extra rim protection too
  19. db93

    Question about stereo system in Model Y

    If there are any F1 fans here, try watching an in-car lap on YT in your MY It doesn't just sound good, it feels like you are actually in the race car, the feeling as it drives over curbs is unreal !
  20. db93

    Automatic way to send address from iPhone to Tesla navigation

    I had an appt in my phone, upon entering MY Tesla, it asked if I would like to navigate there Didn't know it could do that, was pretty handy :cool:
  21. db93

    Car & Driver: The Mach E is simply better than the Model Y

    Both EV's are fantastic Hurst Communications (owners of C&D), This article, and many like it, are coincidentally going to favor it's paying clients
  22. db93

    There are no words - Irresponsible driver crashes Model Y into building

    We need a fifth element type of licensing, insert license to drive car
  23. db93

    What's in your (f/t)runk... RIGHT NOW!

    I use the frunk for groceries and take out, all the time
  24. db93

    I'm an OWNER! Time to celebrate!

    Gratz, enjoy 👌 I have the same config, 2020 Jun model
  25. db93

    Model Y LR and Performance Test-Drive Review

    Just curious if tyre pressures were at spec on either car, makes a noticeable difference with MY LR 38psi smooth and lazy, not great for pothole protection 44 psi not quite as smooth or lazy
  26. db93

    Cold legs new MY

    No issue here, feels the same face, floor or defrost Built June 2020
  27. db93

    How many Y do you spot in a day?

    I see at least 1 new MY every week
  28. db93

    Poorly Designed Induction Wheels

    I've seen that those cause more harm when they come off and gouge the bodywork
  29. db93

    Model Y vs Mustang Mach E

    Mobile service can take care of that :rolleyes:
  30. db93

    Is Phantom Braking Still a Problem?

    Not really a "phantom brake" incident though Cautious for sure :oops:
  31. db93

    Test drove the Model Y, Model 3 and the Mach E back to back to back, yesterday

    When late to the market, losses of revenue on a new model are a given I imagine Ford EV trucks will even this out eventually
  32. db93

    Is Phantom Braking Still a Problem?

    On EAP Haven't have a phantom brake case in the last few months Comparatively, use to have a few on the same route during work commutes
  33. db93

    Who supplies Tesla shocks/struts?

    Riding on the bump stops seems more of a performance model deal, with the included lowered ride height I have yet to feel anything like that on the LR MY, but is quite noticeable on a friends M3P That go kart handling on an M3P makes it quite fun to drive About 3k miles on MY LR, the ride has...
  34. db93

    Michelin will making EV specific tire for the U.S.

    Been driving on Michelin since I first had a license Look forward to getting off these Conti tires
  35. db93

    Model Y vs Mustang Mach E

    I love the M3, MY modern sparse interiors especially in white Nothing else like it Good to have choices
  36. db93

    Model Y vs Mustang Mach E

    Such a devisive world it has become Shame as we can do so much better together
  37. db93

    Model Y vs Mustang Mach E

    So many issues on the new Ford including Red Ring of Death Turns out, making new EV's is not no easy Mach E forums are interesting to say the least Looks like a decent car once they iron out the new model woes
  38. db93

    Elon Musk: Model Y will outsell the Model S, X, and 3 COMBINED... really?

    Living at a coastal community here in SoCal See about 10 MYs each way on a short 10 mile commute to work A lot of M3, MS, and MX as well, but those numbers seem stable compared to the growing number of MY around here Data point of 1 yes Love the way an M3 drives, but need the storage of the MY...
  39. db93

    Elon Musk: Model Y will outsell the Model S, X, and 3 COMBINED... really?

    If they can fit an M3 in the garage, they can likely fit an MY as well
  40. db93

    Glovebox Opening?

    Massive storage in center console ...
  41. db93

    Door cannot be closed as window is stuck open

    I know for a fact the I accidently open the right passenger window from time to time All thumbs it seems
  42. db93

    New Model Y Very satisfying but NO HOMELINK

    Going by 2020 sales alone of approx 500,000 cars, even at $20ea. the total cost to Tesla would be in the neighborhood of $10 mil
  43. db93

    Softer frunk closing

    Service center should be able to sort that out for you MY frunk is very easy to close when adjusted correctly
  44. db93

    Turn off passenger vent option?

    Should work fine If vents are un-synced, and nothing on the passenger seat Even a lightweight backpack on the passenger seat with enable the passenger side vent
  45. db93

    PPF interfering with Radar Signal

    No issues here, PPF installed a week after pickup, 6 months ago
  46. db93

    preferred game controller for MY

    Xbox The letters on the pad match the games as well
  47. db93

    Switch to white OEM seats on a MY

    The white seat sure are nice, no hot seats on hot days, and super comfy Never had an interest in the cream colored seats from other mfg's
  48. db93

    Switch to white OEM seats on a MY

    Time to hit the scrap yard ?