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    Tesla now keeps all the SRECs [SREC = Solar Renewable Energy Credits]

    I live in NJ and am late to this discussion. I’m confused about how Tesla calculates the value of available incentives. According to its website, 14.40 kW Solar Panels $30,384 Cash Price $30,384 Federal Tax Credit -$5,017 Solar Renewable Energy Credit -$11,088 Price After Potential...
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    Slacker downgraded to free slacker?

    I agree that station is surprisingly good. It’s difficult to find I’m Too Sexy on it, but it has a lot of other good dumb songs.
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    Slacker downgraded to free slacker?

    Worse is that I think Slacker is intentionally burying the requested song now. At first with my Model 3 (2018), the voice requested song would play 90 percent of the time. I believe Elon touted that capability at one point. It was a fantastic feature. Couldn't successfully voice request the...
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    "Play [music]" voice command brings up search results and no longer starts music automatically

    This is very annoying. Also not that easy to tap on the top result - I’m tall but it’s still a bit of a reach while bouncing around a bit driving. This is a significant backward step. It doesn’t seem like it should be that hard to fix so the fact that a new major update came out and the...
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    Error message: “Autopilot Safety/Convenience Features Unavailable”

    “Autopilot Safety/Convenience Features Unavailable” Probably need to recalibrate radar.
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    Tesla glass: corners were cut

    I’m with OP. After 30 years of driving and never requiring windshield repair, within a few months of having my Model 3 I had one small chip on the driver’s side that grew into a massive crack overnight necessitating replacement, and then soon after the replacement another chip that thankfully...
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    playing songs from voice control in v10

    Same for me. Hoping this change isn’t permanent.
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    V10 Impressions from those who have installed the update

    I haven’t been updated yet but once Netflix and YouTube revert to WiFi only (instead of the current free LTE), when you are not in a WiFi area you should be able to tether from your phone so you can watch things on the big screen, correct?
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    How many Teslas you see a day?

    We’ve really hit a tipping point on Model 3s in central/northern NJ. From when I got my car in July through maybe 2-3 months ago, I saw very few. Then maybe 1-2 a day. But over the past month or so there seems to have been an explosion and I’m seeing about 10 a day now. Which strikes me as...
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    PSA: CAREFUL--Autopilot sudden braking

    This has happened to me 5 or 6 times recently while using AutoPilot. I’m on 2019.8.3. In each case I think the shadow of the car ahead of me in the adjacent lane freaked the system into suddenly braking. It probably thought those cars were coming over into my lane even though they weren’t...
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    Will the Model Y have third row seating?

    Another video of the rear seats followed by a discussion starting around 7:15. Sell Tesla Model X To Buy Model Y? Rear Seats Considered: Video
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    European Model 3 owners: How do you like the vehicle so far?

    A few translated via Google Translate: Acceleration is faster than my old S85 of course. And the Model 3 feels somewhat tighter / sharper / more direct / nervous than the S. Not necessarily better for my taste, but different. Finishing (inside and outside), I think look fine, but am not someone...
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    Lifetime Wh/mi

    Lifetime 232 wh/mi over 4,000 mostly highway miles with my LR using aeros. I drive @75-80 mph when I can (when the commuter traffic relents). I’ve reset Trip A a couple of times and over longish stretches, it also has ended up at 232 wh/mi. I guess 232 is my destiny.
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    Tesla backing away from "Phone Key as primary key"

    With over 3,000 miles now my Phone as Key has worked as intended exactly once (without me having to do anything except walk up to my car). Every other time I leave the phone in my pocket, the car completely fails to recognize it either to unlock the doors or to put the car in gear (if I have...
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    My center console

    Please put me on the list for a sunglass holder with tissue box access. Thanks very much. Nice work.
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    Model 3 Pulling to Right (FW Bug!)

    I just started noticing this problem (a significant pull to the right) yesterday. I have about 2,000 miles on the car and updated to software version 28.5 two days ago. Not sure if there is any connection to the software update but I hadn't used the car for a week while on vacation and hadn't...
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    Where to place my NEMA 14-50?

    Thanks to all who posted replies. I ended up having the NEMA 14-50 installed in the front right corner. I think it will work pretty well there. Still need some type of cable manager/holster to make it all work easier and cleaner. They ran the new wire from the basement breaker box along...
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    Where to place my NEMA 14-50?

    I’m new to Tesla charging and have an electrician coming early next week to install a NEMA 14-50 outlet in my two car garage. However, I’m not sure where it should go and am hoping for some advice. The garage doesn’t have a center post so I can’t put it there. The electrical panel is along...
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    Anyone else with delivery estimator of Oct-Dec??

    I'm in the same boat. Delayed configuring from 4/6 for a variety of reasons but finally caved late on 6/30 (then had a glitch in the configuring process so my order might technically have gone through just past midnight into 7/1). I'm showing an Oct-Dec delivery window. Does anybody know if...
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    Like Father, Like Son

    Do you have the matchbox size one to put in front?
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    Tesla trade-in

    The buyer pays the sales tax, not the seller. He won’t be double taxed.
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    Red not the best color for Model 3?

    Having seen all the colors my personal preferences are black (at least when clean) and midnight silver, with perhaps white being the best looking (but a white car is not for me for whatever reason). I hear a lot of people knocking black as impossible to keep clean and looking good. Having...
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    List of Early locations countrywide for Model 3 viewing in store

    When I stopped in the Springfield, NJ service center last week, the worker there said they expected/hoped to have one by the end of February.
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    Model 3 as a high mileage commuter car?

    I’ve looked at those TCO calculators but most are outdated/focused on the S. The first one would be good but it’s in Canadian and I can’t figure out how to reconfigure Excel to reflect U.S. prices, etc. I assume the high mileage S people are particularly happy with the free supercharging...
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    Model 3 as a high mileage commuter car?

    I drive about 28,000 miles a year and am trying to determine whether a First Production Model 3 for $50k will end up being much more expensive than a typical choice such as a mid-level Honda Accord for $27k. Troy’s estimator suggests I will get an invite to configure in about 3 weeks. Am I...
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    Anyone take delivery of a white Model 3 today from Springfield NJ?

    There were two white Model 3s in the rear yard of the Springfield service center Monday afternoon, along with a black one and a midnight silver one. Another black one was getting delivered. I stopped by to see my first Model 3s in person (extremely impressed by how good they look in real...
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    Battery is big disappointment

    Everybody on this board and every other board thought the base would come in higher than 220 miles, so there is some disappointment there. But the bigger "range sucks" issue is the $9000 cost to get any more range. A lot of people thought whether the base is 225 or 245, they would get the next...
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    Battery is big disappointment

    For the 220, what would real world range probably be in winter months in the northeast assuming mostly 75-80 mph on highway? If my daily commute is about 100 miles round trip (with no charger available at work), do I almost certainly need the 310?
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    Tax Credit Clarification

    Remember you would also need to get Tesla's written permission to transfer your registration number to whomever will actually be buying the car. If it's your parents (as opposed to complete strangers), that probably won't be a problem. Also, if your parents "sell" you a $35k car the following...