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    How to get my SiriusXM streaming subscription to play on my Tesla

    After many hours of trial and error, I finally got it to work. First, I got SiriusXM to play on my iiPhone This was accomplished by purchasing and installing Ravf-VIVA (an Alexa device for vehiclesj, installing the Alexa Assistant, the SiriusXM App and the Sirius Skill for Alexa. Having...
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    How to get Sirius/XM in a Tesla

    Okay. Your post is two years old. But it is what I am tring to do today. Using my SiriusXM streamingsubscription I am able to listen on my. IPhone. But how do I get it on the AM radio in myTesla Model S? Step-by-step instru’ctions would be most helpful. Thank you.
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    How do I view Sentry Mode/Dash Cam video

    How do I play back Sentry Mode and Dash Cam video recorded on a USB drive by my 2017 Tesla Model S. I prefer a wireless solution that does not require removal of the thumb drive from the USB port. Step-by-step directions would be most helpful. Thank You.
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    How to get my SiriusXM streaming subscription to play on my Tesla

    How do I stream music from SeriusXM, for which I already have a subscription, to my 2017 Tesla Model S? I love listening to the easy-music broadcast on the Escape Channel 69. I have been sucessful streaming it to my Apple iPhone X; and getting the Alexa Skill to playit on my Amazon...
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    Apple CarPlay workarounds for Tesla Model S

    Lately, I have seen products on the Internet that are said to make it possible to use Apple CarPlay on a Tesla. in fact, I have purchased two of them. But, I have not been successful getting either one to work. Does anyone have a solution for getting CarPlay to work with a Tesla Model S? If...
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    New mystery sound when in Park

    Thank You DerbyDave, I've been hearing the sound for about three days. Mel
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    New mystery sound when in Park

    My 2017 Tesla Model S is making a soft humming sound, along with a beeping at a very low volume, when the car is parked in the garage in Park and with all doors closed. I think it began after installing 2020.36.1, but I am not sure. I tried turning off Sentry mode, but the sound continues...
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    Why Do Electricians Charge So Much To Install EV Outlets?

    Three years ago, I was a loyal Tesla supporter and a fool. I hired a Tesla Certified Electrician. They did a beautiful job but I paid over $2,000. Today, I am still a loyal Tesla supporter. but I am not a fool. Installing an outlet to charge your Tesla is a routine $300 job for most...
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    Would you Robotaxi your car?

    If it turns out to be profitable, I would purchase a Model 3 with a minimum of options, and go into the business.
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    HW2.0 and 2019.8.3

    Tam is right. 2019.8.3 does not include the no-confirmation option. Thank you.
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    HW2.0 and 2019.8.3

    First, some background information. My 2017 Model S was an Inventory car that had never been driven. It has a built date of August. I have read those cars have HW2.5; But it seems to me that my car has HW2.0. I also purchased FSD and the Delivery Specialist told me that Service would...
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    Curb Rash

    My 2017 Model S is the finest car that I have ever owned, and the most expensive (hahaha). I purchased an Inventory car which already had 21" wheels/tires. The green wheels on a red Tesla really look sharp. What I did not anticipate was the amount of money I would spend repairing the damage...
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    Why do I not have AP2.5:

    I have read that car built since August 2017 have AP2.5 (required to use TeslaCam). My Model S was built in that month but TeslaCam does not work. I posted the question to Tesla Executive Escalation and they confirmed that my car does NOT have AP 2.5. Why? [I did purchase FSD but apparently...
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    V9 Dashcam, have you made it work?

    My 2017 Models was built in August 2017 (AP 2) and the new TeslaCam feature DOES NOT work :(
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    Tesla autopilot free over the air autopilot trials

    The answer to the FAQ regarding cost says that the new autopilot features will cost $6,000 if you already have FSD, I thought that when I purchased my 2017 Model S 70 and paid for FSD upfront, it would be free. Please clarify.
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    Tesla Engineering Chief Doug Field to Leave Company

    Not much of a surprise. Not to me. If my boss took over my job, I too would begin a serious job search. But Elon did what was right for the company. He remained in the factory 24/7 to reach (and exceed) the lofty production goal he had set. I wish I had the money to purchase more shares of...
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    Can tire pressure be reduced to improve ride quality?

    Flatsix911. Great information. Thank You. I now believe the stickers on the door pillar that show 38 PSI (front) and 40 PSI (rear) are wrong. Sadly, a Senior Tech at the Costa Mesa SC told me that he verified that the labels were correct. However, they filled the tires to 42 PSI. Once...
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    Can tire pressure be reduced to improve ride quality?

    The door label on my 2017 Model S calls for 38 front and 40 rear; but the TPMS issues a warning when I set the tires to that pressure.
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    Music--How can I prevent duplicate Categories for a single Artist?

    I have used my Apple Laptop to download a number of Albums from www.hdtracks.com to a FAT32 formatted flash drive which I am then able to insert in a USB port on my 2017 Tesla Model 3 and play music. The individual songs from each Album get put into a separate Folders on the flash drive and the...
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    Blog Tesla Shareholder Meeting: Musk Remains Chairman, Promises a $35K Model 3 By End of Year

    I'm an even greater fan of Elon after watching his presentation. Well done!
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    Blog Report: Tesla Has Refunded 23% of Model 3 Deposits

    Like many other day-one reservationists, I canceled my Model 3 because I purchased a Model S. Why does the media play this up as the beginning of the end for Tesla? Pisses me off.
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    Creep on or off and why

    This entire thread is pretty creepy. But I'm glad Tesla gives us the choice.
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    Truly Buggy Software and Hardware

    I have to reboot about once a week but I am not troubled by this. I need to do the same thing when my PC freezes. Tesla is just one big computer.
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    Summon failure - sudden turn as reversing out of garage crushed mirror

    Oh! It hurts.. just to see the photo that OP posted. Summon has been working pretty well for me lately. I always back out of my garage with Summon. But I am always standing a few feet away with my finger on the keyfob. In other words, I love it; but I don't trust it.
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    Front Plate Removal @ Delivery

    I bought a 3D socket that I have never used because my car was in a Tesla-approved body shop and I asked if they would remove it. They did, without charge.
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    NEMA 14-50 quotes

    I paid $1,200 with a "Tesla Approved Electrician"--what a sucker I was.
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    Software Update 2018.14

    That's why I love this forum. Great sense of humor.
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    Backup Camera and White Guide Lines

    I made a mistake and it's going to cost me. Foolishly, I tried to back into a very narrow driveway bordered by a concrete block wall on one side and a house on the other. I felt a false sense of confidence as I kept my eyes on the big screen as I guiding the two white lines into the driveway...
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    Current Tesla owners low take rate on reservations

    Ahh, to be 30 again <sigh>. I am more than twice your age, but you have described my feelings exactly. I too expected to spend around 40-45K only to find that the configured price would be $60K plus tax and license fees.
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    EV Car/My Tesla - An Alexa skill for Amazon Echo / Tesla integration

    Thanks for the additional information. I already use the MyTesla and the EV Car Skills for Alexa. Are there any other services that support Tesla in Alexa which you recommend? I have ordered the Muse which I plan to tuck away in the center console of my 2017 Tesla Model S. At first I was...
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    EV Car/My Tesla - An Alexa skill for Amazon Echo / Tesla integration

    Fantastic! I try to keep up to date on technology, yet I had no idea devices such as this even existed. Thank you so much Akikiki.
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    Newbie asks: What is the current status of self-driving?

    Or if you want to hedge against paying $4k later and possibly more if it turns out that additional hardware is required.
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    Newbie asks: What is the current status of self-driving?

    I'd just continue to drive the 2017 model while waiting for FSD.
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    EV Car/My Tesla - An Alexa skill for Amazon Echo / Tesla integration

    I have an Amazon Echo Dot tucked away in the center console of my Model S. I am able to use the Skill that OP so generously created; but only when the car is in range of my home WiFi. I do own an iPhone so I know I can create a hotspot, but Verizon charges me for data. I know I can switch to...
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    Control Parameters Do Not Stick

    I set Steering to COMFORT and Acceleration to CHILL but it doesn't stay. Later when I check the screen I find that it no longer shows those choices. My car is a 2017 Model S 75. Does this happen to anyone else?
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    Jaguar I-Pace

    Wow! Thanks for putting together that comparison chart. That was a lot of work.
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    Jaguar I-Pace

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    Newbie asks: What is the current status of self-driving?

    I paid the $3K for FSD upfront because I plan to keep my 2017 Model S for at least 7 years; and (1) It will cost $4K later and (2) if hardware modifications are required, it will be at no charge.
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    Problem with screen not showing backup camera image

    Same issue as OP. I am driving a Model S75. It has happened several times when I go into reverse. The screen only shows the two parking guidelines but nothing from the camera. As a laxative, a reboot clears the problem every time.
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    Homelink & our Neighborhood Gate: Exit Probs

    I had the exact same problem as OP. It drove me crazy. Every time I drove through the exit gate, the adjacent entry gate would open. I was able to fix it by deleting the settings for the front gate and setting them up again from scratch. When I set them up again, I parked the car in front of...
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    Tesla moments

    I am fifty years older than you and I also get "what will people say" thoughts in my head. So I sit in my Model S, crank up the A/C, turn on the radio and silently glide out onto the highway. Suddenly, I don't care what people think. And neither should you.
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    Autopilot thoughts

    I sometimes wonder if the Tesla software engineers who work on AP drive a Tesla.
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    Transfer Model 3 to a Friend

    Can't swing it after having purchased a Model S.
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    Please recommend shops for paint protection film. And shops for Ceramic Coating.

    I own a 2017 Model S (3 months old) and live in Orange County, CA, more specifically in North Tustin/Santa Ana. Your recommendations will be greatly appreciated along with any suggestions or comments based on your experience. My plan is to use the film to cover everything up to the front doors...