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  1. J

    WTT: Trade Model Y NEW 19" Gemini for 20" Induction wheel & tires (Los Angeles)

    would you want to trade up to the Uberturbines? I have MYP coming in this weekend and would trade to the Gemini. Im in LA
  2. J

    Light Harmonic speaker HONEST review and install

    You will need to cut the wires if are putting in an amp and upgrading the speakers. You cant have the MCU speakers wires feeding the speakers at the same time as your new amp. I spliced into the front kick panel speaker wires. You do not need to get behind the MCU. There are a lot of wires...
  3. J

    Model S - DIY UHFS Audio Upgrade - This may be a far shot

    There is no good reason to try to shoehorn the UHFS into a non-UHFS car. If you have the light harmonics already, just add in an aftermarket 4 channel amp. I haven's spent much time with the UHFS but a decent aftermarket amp will be way better. I added a 12 inch sub box first and then later...
  4. J

    Confused between Model S or Model 3

    $13,000 seems like too much govt money to pass up.
  5. J

    Light Harmonic speaker HONEST review and install

    Also look into a JL audio box/amp. i think a 12 inch would fit in the lower trunk section.
  6. J

    Light Harmonic speaker HONEST review and install

    @bigdave79 - I am assuming that the sub is wired so that the front left speaker level output from the MCU is branched with a y connector to both inputs of the sub amp, or if not it is a mono amp. if that is the case it probably will not make much of a difference to wire the other channel as...
  7. J

    Light Harmonic speaker HONEST review and install

    Ill just add to this that i recently repurposed the front door speaker brackets to mount the mids from a pair of Infinity Kappa 60CSX. They went in the bracket perfectly with a bit of scraping and cutting of the bracket and i used epoxy to secure them. The infinity tweeters went in the OEM...
  8. J

    Model S Snow Tires with TPMS

    Ok, they probably will not work on mine which is a facelift car. Too bad, you dont see snows in SoCal for resale too often
  9. J

    Model S Snow Tires with TPMS

    are you certain you have the old TPSM? is your vin lower than P50900?
  10. J

    Best Year/Model to Buy Used Model S

    A BMW M3 guy will be much happier with a 75D than an 85.
  11. J

    Best Year/Model to Buy Used Model S

    To the OP, your title was asking for the best model and year to buy and the real answer is the most expensive and newest one. If you want to add best bang for the buck so value is a qualification, the consensus here is it's a 75D or maybe a new M3. But if you want an EV for for $30k and also...
  12. J

    Best Year/Model to Buy Used Model S

    Figuring out if an S can be uncorked or not is more art than science because of the running changes that Tesla makes continually. For sure if you buy from Tesla and it lists 4.2 0-60, it is uncorked. You can also go with the VIN number and people are saying 130xxx and up can be uncorked but...
  13. J

    Best Year/Model to Buy Used Model S

    You didnt really provide enough info for a good recommendation, especially how much range you need. It is also hard to know if you are coming from a Tesla model 3 or a BMW M3. Personally I think the sweet spot is a facelift 75D with AP1 that has been or can be uncorked. it will be faster than...
  14. J

    The real purpose of the tri-motor Cybertruck

    A 300 mile, 4 1/2 hour one way trip from the city to the ski resort at 8,000 feet seems like a common enough use case. I wouldn't want to try that with less than 500 miles of range.
  15. J

    Supercharger - Bishop, CA (LIVE 18 Nov 2020, 12 stalls)

    I am assuming you have a 75D if you started the lease 2 years ago. you might still make it faster even with 3 stops now with a shorter charge at LP and a top off in Bishop
  16. J

    Insurance Question --- One Driver Insured with Two Drivers?

    Most auto insurance policies provide that residents of the same household as the insured are excluded from coverage. So you need to read the policy language.
  17. J

    Due for new tires - 19" Michelin Primacy Anything better?

    I got some Pirelli Cinturato P7 All Season Plus tires when I saw them on a great sale for about $150 each. They are a softer riding tire - much smoother ride and way more quiet than the original Goodyear's. The trade off is lower roadholding because of the softer sidewall. Highly recommended...
  18. J

    Text messaging Model S 2.0

    I received the update last night. i am unable to reply to text messages. It receives the message fine and shows it in the display and it also reads the message out loud. but when i click "reply" the mic says it is listening but it doesn't hear me. hum.
  19. J

    4 Oem Silver Slipstreams Tires Tpms Los Angeles $500 Or $150 Each

    I believe generation two, as they are from a 2016 facelift car
  20. J

    4 Oem Silver Slipstreams Tires Tpms Los Angeles $500 Or $150 Each

    bump with price reduction to $400 or $125 each
  21. J

    My 2016 Tesla Model S 75D story - purchased June 2019

    Congrats. I got a 75d about six months ago. 26k miles and only option was sunroof. Paid 51 so you got a great deal. If your car is not uncorked yet, make sure you call the service center and get it done.
  22. J

    4 Oem Silver Slipstreams Tires Tpms Los Angeles $500 Or $150 Each

    From a 2016 model S. Two tires are at about 4/32 and two are about 7/32. One tire was patched but it is doing fine. Tire size is 245/45/19 OEM Goodyears. Two of the wheels look great, almost new, the third wheel has some moderate curb rash, and the fourth has significant curb rash and is...
  23. J

    Silver slipstreams 19 inch SoCal

    Forgot to add price. $500 for all four of them or $150 each.
  24. J

    Silver slipstreams 19 inch SoCal

    I’ve got four Silver slipstreams with tires from my model S. One tire had a flat and I plugged it so that tire will need to be replaced. two tires are at about 4/32 and another tire is about 7/32. These are the OEM good years Tire size is 245/45/19. I am in SoCal in the Valley. Two of the...
  25. J

    2016 Model S 75D refresh, Midnight Silver, Seattle

    Nice car. But going from a 70 to a 75 battery is not known as uncorking.
  26. J

    Software Update 2019.12.x

    I have the same issue. Bluetooth connection stops working when I shift. I go back to streaming and back to phone.
  27. J

    14 P85+ vs 16 75D, need decision!

    I just (6 months ago) got a 75D used for $51k with 26k miles. So your price seems about right. Just for the new look, the awd and the warranty this is a no brainer. There are all the little things like slower mcu, 3g vs LTE, etc. And the resale value.
  28. J

    Want to buy: Model S parcel shelf

    I have a black one in Sherman oaks
  29. J

    No cellular service?

    In LA mine was out starting about 6pm. At about 8pm I was driving and it suddenly started working again. During the time of the outage, my AT&T phone was working fine for data and voice, so it doesn't sound like the AT&T network was the issue.
  30. J

    Tesla S 100D Sooooo slow to start up

    I have a 2016 75D and never saw this message. My car was in the shop and I had a brand new loaner and it iintermittently had the same problem. Pretty annoying
  31. J

    19" slipstreams for sale -$900

    Hi dave, im in LA. contact me about these. i don't see how to to a PM so PM me or reach me at 213 4hundred 2840
  32. J

    Fix scratches on a CPO MS?

    You car must be in amazing shape if these are your concerns. You might try cape cod polishing cloths. They put a mirror shine on metal. https://www.amazon.com/Cape-Cod-Polishing-Cloths-0-53oz/dp/B0017H3PIO
  33. J

    Is my unicorn dead and what next?

    PM me, i have some recommendations for you.
  34. J

    Anyone have a successful Diminished Value / Loss of Use Claim?

    I recently (obviously) handled a DV and LOU claim for a model 3 here in CA, which I settled for $13,000ish. I used a report from an expert who I have used in the past who estimated both components of the claim. This is a state law claim so my demand letter would be of no use to you since it...