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  1. David.85D

    Dot 3 or Dot 4 brake fluid?

    The online Service Manual for the Model 3 says DOT 4. This particular BASF product is hard to find, but the specs available are the same as the DOT 4 "Low Viscosity" fluids such as Pentosin DOT 4 LV or Liqui Moly SL6 DOT 4 Brake Fluid. Here is what it says as of today...
  2. David.85D

    Brake fluid question

    FWIW, the Hydraulan 404 meets the "low viscosity" specs for DOT 4. I couldn't find the Hydraulan product for sale anywhere either. If you are looking at other brands, you want the ones labeled "low viscosity". Pentosin calls theirs DOT 4 LV for low viscosity. The spec to look for is the...
  3. David.85D

    Failed driver's seat weight sensor - downsides to ignoring? Repair cost estimate?

    That’s a remarkably reasonable price! BMW charges over a hundred, if it’s available. On some models you have to replace the integrated foam, for $500+.
  4. David.85D

    Scrolling wheel on steering wheel easily breaks. Is the part available separately?

    Piece of cake. What size drill bit do you intend to use? Would you want a metal guide bushing or just be gentle? Do you have access to a 3D printer?
  5. David.85D

    Scrolling wheel on steering wheel easily breaks. Is the part available separately?

    Circuit board is easily accessible once you get the assembly out of the car. Its definitely a commercial mouse encoder part.
  6. David.85D

    Scrolling wheel on steering wheel easily breaks. Is the part available separately?

    Do you know anyone with a formlabs printer? Might be easier to print some locally. I can send the files.
  7. David.85D

    Who in Maryland has applied for the Pepco Time of Use Discounted EV Charging?

    My understanding is that the on peak rate is much higher than the standard offer. Are you sure about the pricing? I looked at it and it only made sense with a separate meter just for charging, which is pricey up front.
  8. David.85D

    Rusting of the rear lift gate attachment points

    They are very cheap from the service center. Just might have to wait to receive them if not in stock.
  9. David.85D

    AC compressor & Receiver dryer/desiccant

    Many “desiccant bags” also contain acid neutralizer. You have no good way to measure acid accumulation until something leaks or breaks. In addition, hybrids and EVs with high voltage electric compressors are especially sensitive to the breakdown of oil and/or acid formation which allows the...
  10. David.85D

    Anyone else have this unsightly issue on their Model S?

    That’s likely metallized plastic and chrome plated steel. It’s still failing. I doubt Tesla will warranty it
  11. David.85D

    DC - DC converter / AC compressor repair

    I did not do this test but it’s giving me a headache. Why would we expect the circuit to show continuity between different loads with a blown fuse? The idea puzzles me… shouldn’t they be reading as open?
  12. David.85D

    Rusting of the rear lift gate attachment points

    Why do you think they will replace the entire struts? They sell the parts separately and the problem is just rust on the pivot and clip.
  13. David.85D

    Rusting of the rear lift gate attachment points

    I fixed it myself. My ESA had a $200 deductible and the parts were maybe $15.
  14. David.85D

    Totalled Car - Comparable value

    Ev-cpo.com also saves data on sold used teslas. It’s a great resource for this type of research.
  15. David.85D

    European Spec Side Mirrors

    I’ve got friends I can ask in the EU, but really need to give them specific part numbers. I’ll look on uk and de eBay to see what I can find.
  16. David.85D

    European Spec Side Mirrors

    I know this is an older post… would appreciate if you could post the specific part numbers for the EU spec mirror (wide field of view). I’m looking for mirrors that are dimmable and are heated.
  17. David.85D

    Model S Rear Folding Seats

    Here you go… I have no relation to this seller… https://www.ebay.com/itm/115524631622?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&mkrid=711-127632-2357-0&ssspo=iP9y-m8pS8C&sssrc=2349624&ssuid=Mxg7xZJsThi&var=&widget_ver=artemis&media=COPY
  18. David.85D

    Model S Rear Folding Seats

    https://teslamotorsclub.com/tmc/threads/my-diy-rear-facing-jump-seats-retrofit-with-service-bulletin-official-instructions.94063/ The thread got a little sidetracked because they used two very similar (but different) torx-like fasteners. The bulk of the material is very helpful. The main...
  19. David.85D

    Model S Rear Folding Seats

    This is untrue. Tesla retrofit them for many years and the instructions and part list was posted online.
  20. David.85D

    Tire psi - app recommending 49psi

    I have 18” wheels and it says 42 for me.
  21. David.85D

    Model S spontaneously catches fire on California Highway

    It is an impressive statistic, but you also have to consider the mean age and age distribution. The oldest Model S is 10 years old. The oldest ICE is 100+ years old.
  22. David.85D

    Clunking noise from the rear of the car finally fixed!

    If you are going to do this, try the Tesa fabric based tape. It doesn’t get gooey in warm temps. It is made to wrap wiring harnesses and keep them from being noisy.
  23. David.85D

    AC compressor & Receiver dryer/desiccant

    Wow. This is such grand standing. All refrigeration systems leak at some rate. If they have rubber hose, those leak. If it has orings, those leak. EVERY SINGLE CAR I’ve ever worked on has a drier cartridge. EVERY MANUFACTURER requires it to be replaced at any time you open the system (such as...
  24. David.85D

    AC compressor & Receiver dryer/desiccant

    It’s not BS at all. It’s standard procedure to replace the filter/drier anytime you break vacuum on the system. It catches moisture and neutralizes acid that forms inside the system. This requirement is not unique to Tesla. I am EPA certified to handle refrigerants. I don’t know any compressor...
  25. David.85D

    Model S spontaneously catches fire on California Highway

    Looking at the photos leaves me convinced it was something under the hood and not the main battery pack. Perhaps they had a LiPo 12V that burned. Fire departments cut aggressively into burning Teslas to get access and cut power. I wouldn’t think much about the appearance of “damage”. If...
  26. David.85D

    How to validate Warranty information & options?

    I’ll post it later when I’m home.
  27. David.85D

    Great news for Tesla Model 3 owners with Pirelli PZEROs!

    I can add that I lost 2/32 in about 4500 miles…
  28. David.85D

    Passenger restraint system fault rendering car unsafe with passenger

    I don’t know and suspect most legislators wouldn’t have imagined it was something that needed to be spelled out in legislation.
  29. David.85D

    Passenger restraint system fault rendering car unsafe with passenger

    I don't know if it matters, but OP should be aware that people have reported that Tesla has banned some customers after a lemon law buyback and refused to sell them another vehicle.
  30. David.85D

    Ground Stud Nut over torqued

    I’ll start: 1). Open the frunk, and remove the frunk liner and plastic tub. There are YouTube videos on this. 2). Find your ground studs (I circled one in a post above). These are metal studs that were welded to the frame and have large nuts holding a wire in position. There is one on each...
  31. David.85D

    garage floor finish

    I’ve done it myself and most recently paid a pro garage floor company. Quite a difference. First, they don’t screw around trying to degrease and etch. They brought in a jumbo grinder and ground a new surface. Every hint of old coatings and oil and dirt gone! Then they apply a first coat...
  32. David.85D

    Any mods to make the M3P faster?

    And a big wing screwed to the license plate frame
  33. David.85D

    Severe traction issues on roads with ice/snow

    I don’t think you can from the normal screen. I believe the S3XY buttons do allow it, or something very close.
  34. David.85D

    Is it possible to get 250 miles on the interstate with a 2022 M3P?

    I charge at home for 1/3 the cost used in this comparison. It’s even lower since we are almost fully solar, but that’s what I pay for 1 more kWh. If you required the corvette to only buy AV gas from the airport concession, you would also get a different result.
  35. David.85D

    Frunk opening randomly

    I had this experience with my old S. Tons of warnings, but frunk was actually closed. Bad sensor…
  36. David.85D

    Has anyone sued Tesla over back-ordered parts and repair delays?

    I would have put a used strut in after a week…. They did change over time (spring rate, damping, etc) so I would either get a set of four that match or find a replacement with the exact same part number. The old one will have a sticker if it hasn’t been trashed, or you can get the part number...
  37. David.85D

    Has anyone sued Tesla over back-ordered parts and repair delays?

    What part are you looking for? You mean the actual strut or the strut tower on the body? I’ll help look if you want help. The Tesla certified body shops are forbidden from using used parts. Maybe they will be frustrated enough to forget about that for a day or two 😉
  38. David.85D

    intermittent headlight issue

    I don’t have my S anymore. Marked this photo I found the web. This is a RWD car. The location looks the same as my P85D. There is an identical ground on the left and right side. I’d check them both before looking into more complicated fixes. One was broken on my car and the other was “gross”...