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    Auto wipers no longer mandatory when using AP?

    Which update? I finally got an update which gave me back control (2024.14.9) and don’t want to go back.
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    Sorry I didn't see you...

    This is why I’m more and more on the side of window tint restrictions; much easier to enforce than distracted driving laws. When you can see somebody’s eyes, you can make the call whether to evade or make noise. It’s especially important when riding a bicycle (or motorcycle).
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    Installer recommends an electric garage heater. Is it necessary? I’m in the Chicago land area

    Late to the party but, yeah, not necessary. My Chicago garage is unattached and unheated. I’ve had my Model 3 in there since 2018 and, at around 45k miles, still have roughly the original rated battery range thanks to being plugged in and set to maintain between 70% & 80% most nights. My condo...
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    Tesla M3 Voice command to open Radio will not work

    Hmmm. Since I don’t use Spotify, I’ve never had the opportunity to test commands while on that source. It wouldn’t surprise me to learn that Tesla suppresses some commands depending on active sources. I wonder if “radio” can be used within Spotify to specify a particular Spotify channel. Have...
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    Why don’t the cars talk ?

    When AI and voice recognition are truly perfected, will we really want audible acknowledgments? The Expanse used a lot of voice commands and zero (I think) audio/talking responses - computers just flawlessly executed instructions. If the car does start talking, I sure hope we users have the...
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    Tesla M3 Voice command to open Radio will not work

    There was a 3 month period where voice commands could tune a specific station (e.g., “play one oh five point nine”) but, when that suddenly stopped working, Tesla claimed it had never been implemented and was something on the distant horizon. Guess I had a bug or a test version. Since then...
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    Tesla M3 Voice command to open Radio will not work

    Surprisingly, “radio” works. Unfortunately, they still haven’t brought back the short lived ability to use voice commands to tune a specific frequency and they also broke the scroll wheel favorites cycling.
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    Turning signal button "stuck"

    That is a great post (if a bit difficult to read without paragraphs)! The fact that this system has faults is troubling but I'm sure they'll be ironed out after all the Guinea Pigs do their part. However, the critical aspect is that these buttons are neither intuitive nor, apparently, designed...
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    Inflation pressure for non-stock tires

    Yup, it’s not tire specific. Car manufacturers determine optimal tire pressure* for their vehicles and those apply to any and all tires which meet necessary specs to be installed on said vehicles. Buy the tires you like and can afford. There’s plenty of threads with recommendations. *...
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    FSD on older Model3s

    For the time being, anyway, there doesn't appear to be any difference regardless of vehicle age (those with the full camera complement, of course). My car is the same vintage as yours and has the same pros and cons with FSD as, reportedly, all the new cars. That said, I have no faith that the...
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    I've never received any notice about getting the car serviced

    I got one, too. Then, I realized it was just an advertisement and wasn’t specific to my car since there was no corresponding alert in the car nor were there any telltale odors. Recommended intervals guidelines which all say they’ll vary depending upon your driving behavior and environment.
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    Rear Ended Damage. Is it totaled?

    Not giving advice here but, depending on potential internal access (avoid sharp edges), it might be possible to manually flip the trunk latch so it will registered as closed allowing the rest of car will lock. Body shop might be able to do that while estimating.
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    How do i Unlink driver profile from my phone

    First, I’d suggest creating a new profile for camping where you have the seat set forward. You can switch to that one after you get out and the seat will adjust while you’re prepping the platform. As for unlinking profiles, the user manual describes it pretty well but, if I recall correctly...
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    Frozen charge port, how to fix?

    Perhaps it's a difference between our build dates/model versions because one of mine got pulled off by a supercharger and, every stop after that (regardless of temperature) resulted in the message in question. After I paid for replacement dead fronts, it worked fine until one of them got stuck...
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    Frozen charge port, how to fix?

    This and check that you still have both of your dead fronts (the plastic tips on the two pins in your port). If one is missing (or stuck in your charging wand), it could result in that same message and reduced rate.
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    Tesla’s do last

    At the very least, get rid of the apostrophe.
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    Snow, ice build up on Aero Covers?

    Yeah, I tried a season with them on thinking it would be better but, like you noted, the covers just trapped snow inside which caused a great deal of surface corrosion and pitting on the inner wheel and brake in the spring. Haven’t used the covers since (except for long, cross country drives)...
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    I have an FSD question

    You’d have to X Elon and have a lot of followers to get anything close to an official response but, from what I understand, it’s what they considered the next logical step toward truly implementing FSD and the next levels of autonomy. Since its beta, we’re opting in to let them test those next...
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    I have an FSD question

    Easiest way to “fight it off” is to cancel the turn signal before the car starts the lane change. Unfortunately, that will be after cars around you see the turn signal so it may annoy or enrage their drivers. If even setting minimize lane changes doesn’t reduce instances enough for you or...
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    Handheld wiper storage location ideas?

    When I first got my car, I had grand notions about creating a storage spot with good drainage/evaporation accelerant but, in the end, just installed WeatherTech floor mats and put the scraper/brush in the floor behind my driver seat like every other car I’ve had. I leave it in the garage for...
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    How to purge air for nitrogen

    Yup. Advice above is good and your call if you want to do the purge. There’s nothing wrong with mixing and oxygen (other trace elements) will leak before nitrogen or, at least, the concentration will always favor nitrogen. Remember, Costco doesn’t install tires in a vacuum so there’s always...
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    Reduced alert signal volume with 2023.26.7

    Turn off Joe Mode (see posts earlier in this thread). So far, alert volumes don’t seem any louder than they were before (with old version of Joe Mode on) so it seems as if they’ve brought all the volumes down a smidge then, made Joe Mode more impactful but, mistakenly(?), applied it to all...
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    Can anyone help me with these 2 problems please ?

    Previous response about checking controls is important. First, in controls, make sure NoA is enabled then, IIRC, there should be a setting to enable it with each drive right there. Otherwise, there’s little icon (used to have words explaining itself but Tesla made the decision to just display...
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    Not charging at home

    Sorry, didn’t see that you wrote Mobile Connector and just focused on the part about charging already requested.
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    Not charging at home

    Somebody on TOO (reported in the software build v11.1 2023.27.* thread - problem & solution?) just had this same problem associated with the latest Android app update and the WiFi connected wall connector. Apparently, the scheduled charging option in the wall connector software interferes with...
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    People Pulling Charger Out At Apartment Complex - How To Handle?

    No self-respecting pilot would take hand cream, shampoo, or conditioner: those bottles can be emptied and refilled by creepy pilots (and flight attendants) who were absolutely certain they could produce more than 3 oz of liquid or gel. As for BMS resets, I say you should only do that on a...
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    Keeping my model 3 Long term.

    Summon has only worked once when I needed it, all other attempts have failed but, in Tesla’s defense, those happened when I was trying to show it off and stage fright is a common phobia. As for auto-park, the same may apply but, even when I’m alone, it only shows available about 10% of the time...
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    Keeping my model 3 Long term.

    I’m not the OP but I’m gonna say yes to that question. Paid off is paid off and, with so little maintenance, the few enhancements in newer versions just don’t necessarily offset benefits of that first point as well as, maybe, a few others. For example, even without double pane, still the...
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    Can we create an "Is my car totaled/ What will this damage cost" Sub Forum?

    Unless there’s a clear description of that sub-forum’s intent, I fear that most people would equate it with shopping for insurance/comparing premiums (not that such an endeavor is worthwhile since everybody gets different rates based on their own situations). Maybe maintenance is better but...
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    Can we create an "Is my car totaled/ What will this damage cost" Sub Forum?

    Maybe we should shift our perspective and, instead of grumbling about these posts, we could turn them into a game: Whoever gets closest to the estimate and repairability decision first gets a prize. Of course, that requires the OPs to actually come back and let us all know.
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    Tesla app recommending charge level now?

    It does say “tip” so maybe they’re just displaying general info for those who aren’t active on these boards (repeating comment from other board).
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    Reduced alert signal volume with 2023.26.7

    Have other things gotten quieter in your life as well? If so, I’d recommend an audiologist. If not, sounds like you may have one or more bad speakers in the car or bad communication between the main computer and audio (sub) system.
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    Car Wash incident

    In a strange twist, I just ran the experiment again and, with no change in firmware, I’m now experiencing the same sequence as others. The gear definitely changes to neutral and the alert beeps when I try to switch to drive without stepping on the brake when trying to exit free roll. To be...
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    Charge port door not opening/closing

    Maybe so. I thought he removed the whole thing but the door is the part I paid for so I’m probably wrong. It was last September and I tried not to get in his way while he was working.
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    Charge port door not opening/closing

    Same year, same sequence of events; eventually stopped opening at all unless pried open with fingertips but could always charge. Fixed by Tesla mobile out of warranty - $120 part, $86 labor. Very fast but, even though the invoice says "charge port door," it was actually the complete charge port...
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    Car Wash incident

    Thanks for clarifying and no worries (just wanted to understand). Could be that it’s behaving differently with the two versions or it could be that we’re using different sequences. Have you tried it in a less stressful environment and/or did you try just exiting free roll first while staying...
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    Car Wash incident

    What do you mean “False”? My statement was based on empirical evidence from an experiment I ran 20 minutes before posting. I even said which firmware version (in the first post about that test). Granted, this was a sample size of 1 both because it was just tested on my model 3 and because I...
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    Front end damage, would this be totaled?

    Because strangers on the interwebs have the ability to make error free repair estimates based on a single photo taken in the dark? But seriously, it looks pretty bad and, considering parts and labor vs value, I wouldn’t be surprised if your insurance declares it totaled. Remember, you don’t...
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    Car Wash incident

    I was in drive when I entered CW mode and, even though pressing the brake is necessary to activate free roll, it stays in drive throughout. Just tap exit free roll when ready to drive again and no brake necessary. Exiting CW mode can also be done without any further pedal involvement.
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    Car Wash incident

    Just tested in my garage. Have to step on brake to enter free roll but can exit it without even while the car is moving. 2023.7.20
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    Car Wash incident

    Never used it in an auto car wash but tested it once and seem to recall I just had to tap the screen. Don’t know which version that was. Even if that isn’t the case, most auto washes I’ve used in the past had clear areas at the end where you could coast a bit away then have space to stop before...
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    Car Wash incident

    Maybe the takeaway should be, if it’s a working car and you’re already comfortable with the brushes, keep going but get in the habit of using CW mode and free roll. I did hand washing (waterless) for the first 4 years because I couldn’t find a touchless in my area (turns out there was one at a...
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    How To Adjust Trunk Latch

    Okay, well the latch itself should have a little play but only enough to move in it’s intended range of motion. Anything else is definitely in need of tightening. As for why it reseats itself after it’s moved an inch, if that’s not the electric opener failing to overcome gravity then it...
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    How To Adjust Trunk Latch

    Are you sure it's the latch rather than the struts? If those have lost charge, they may not be providing enough up force to counteract the weight of the trunk lid which may be why it's falling back and latching. Since out trunk opens to a sort of over center position, it's sometimes hard to...
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    Fitting a mountain bike upright in the back of a Model 3

    Probably won’t work. If you want to put it in through the back doors, you may have a chance if your frame and back tire aren’t too large but the doors don’t open wide enough to simply place a bike on the flat floor without maneuvering over the seat. With the seats down, you lose headroom for...
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    FSD Transfer Offer - COMPLAINT wrt totaled car

    Of course it’s an easy fix and, of course, they are refusing to do it. Unfortunately, in corporate America, there’s no “just” involved. Since the whole thing is about inducing demand, Tesla isn’t actually attempting to do right by the customer and normal motivators like competition don’t even...
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    2018 Model 3 warranty question.

    No, my 2018 LR RWD has the 120,000 mile limit you recall. I think the unlimited warranty stopped when Model 3 started delivery but there might've been some of the early deliveries in 2017 which qualified.
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    1st road trip on new M3P. Any advice?

    Agree with the “just put in your destination” advice. Unless you’re going somewhere with a route away from superchargers, you really should be fine just using them. You don’t have to sit in the car. As long as the location isn’t too popular and there are at least 50% of the stalls open, you can...
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    Tire failure after service center visit

    Best you’ll get because nobody apologizes anymore and responsibility is only a legal word. On the plus side, at least you know they’re not out to upsell by finding every problem; or any problem.
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    Where is the best place to purchase/replace/align tires on a Model 3?

    They typically do a New Year’s Day coupon for something like $50 off whatever the regular price is in your area. I waited and used that so it was $159 in my area for 2023 but that was slightly more than the previous year’s price. I don’t know if they always raise the price at the same time the...