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    The unofficial "when do I get my FSD beta update" FAQ

    It’s 9/6/2022, do the pending safety score holders of 91+ getting let into the Beta this week or not until at least Saturday 9/10/2022? It hasn’t been clear and I’ve been reading post after post. Been enrolled since 6/2/2022 and holding this score with way over the 100 AP miles completed.
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    New FSD beta testers (June 2022) - First experiences

    Following. Will there be any new testers? I’ve been holding a 97 score since June 2nd with my 2020 MYP and hoping to get invited?
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    New FSD beta testers (June 2022) - First experiences

    I figured that, if I don’t get in this round I plan to go back to driving my car very spirited again since I have a performance model and enjoy a heavy foot ;)
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    New FSD beta testers (June 2022) - First experiences

    I see the next update was announced and most likely coming to a peasant like me that hasn’t been invited into the Beta yet but has a 97 score and has completed the 100+ AP miles in about 3-4 weeks. That’s a long time but let’s see how it goes I guess. Will everyone who meets the entrance...
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    New FSD beta testers (June 2022) - First experiences

    Go figure, the 1 time I enter it I have to wait the longest ever lol
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    New FSD beta testers (June 2022) - First experiences

    I missed the cutoff to get into the Beta for June so I’ve been driving gentle and now have a 97 score. When should I expect an invite for the next round since it should be due anyday now I hope? 2020 MYP
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    New build spotted 2022.20 question

    New build spotted 2022.20 question? Is this the build that will finally get those on .16 builds the Beta? I was unaware on how anything worked for the beta and have enrolled on June 6th and been driving with a score above 96to current. I did the 100 AP miles and had no clue the beta was...
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    My safety score went away, still no Beta.

    Hi, After reading all the posts I wanted to get your best guess when the next Beta might be rolled out to new users like me? I enrolled at the beginning of the month and am keeping a 98 score with over 100 AP miles and I got 3 FW pushes since enrolling. 16.1.1 16.1.2 16.2 I have a 2020 MYP and...
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    How I Recovered Half of my Battery's Lost Capacity

    Hey All, Is there any Cliff notes or numbered steps for this procedure?
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    What happens if your let it drain to 0%?

    My cousin hit zero once and the car shut off but She was driving on zero for about 17 miles which was bonkers! The reason it hit zero was the charger was broken on her way home so She had no choice but to try and make it home which she did but it shot off in her driveway so she got lucky. does...
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    Daily Charge Rate - 80/85/90 % ?

    I understood charging slightly different. Keeping this mid charge level will give you weaker range numbers even though it’s still strong. example, I charge 40-70% all winter and then try a 100% charge and my full range is only 264 mi vs the 306 mi it can charge to. MTP fix this I run the...
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    Suspension Clearances for Wider / Taller tires

    I want to thank you for taking this task on. I am very grateful for this info so now I can safely buy these tires blindly and know they will fit perfectly!
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    MYP - Time for new tires

    Thanks, that’s 5 pages of good info. Good to know if they air up to 45 psi they won’t run anymore. Which way is the speedo off by 4.6%? Does it read lower or higher with these new tires? I’m guessing it reads lower since they are taller which saves a tiny bit of mileage?
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    Suspension Clearances for Wider / Taller tires

    Can’t this plastic be warped with a heat gun to recess back a tad to stop rubbing?
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    MYP - Time for new tires

    Is there an option yet for all season tires or even a plus size for the 21” UberTurbines? I can’t find the post about tire options and I would love to get all seasons if I could on these since I love them that much
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    Trade new 20" Model Y Induction wheels for 19" Gemini wheels

    I’m interested and not only have a set of like new Gemini’s with zero covers but I have the carry bag for them and just had a 5yr Ceramic Pro coating put on them last Sunday. I am in NJ on your way home and I can even swap them for you in my garage so you have no labor involved. PM me if...
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    New Hansshow LED Tail lights

    These tailights would look great with the new rear lower reflector lights they make now that have the same pattern and lol from PimpMyEV
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    Model Y Heat stopped working

    They are putting a Super Manifold and compressor in my June built MYP
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    Why a Y Needs Mud Guards/Flaps

    After washing my MYP with less than 5k miles I rub my hand on the bottom back lower door where the paint meets the plastic and holy crap, it’s like severe Braille . It’s pitted so bad and I can’t believe what it would look like if I didn’t have Xpel on it. it’s peppered so bad now that I can’t...
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    Model Y Service Bulletins

    Odd, my issue was the compressor and not the switches unless they didn’t post them as they were in stock? Parts Ordered AC Compressor, Model Y Part #: 1501256-00-I Order Date: February 15, 2021 Please note: Parts required for your service that are available on site at our service center...
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    Do Winter Heater Failures Portend Summer A/C Failures?

    Hard to tell the reason exactly but, the SC emails I’ve seen say : parts on order , AC Compressor, part # 1501256-00-I. Please note: Parts required for your service that are available on site at our service center will not be listed here.
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    2021 model Y scan my Tesla battery size

    I DMT new June 2020 build MYP was 77.x kw and now shows 72.1kw, does that mean it is degrading too quickly? it is winter and very cold in NJ so I sure that is slowing son electrons down.
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    Do Winter Heater Failures Portend Summer A/C Failures?

    They said they can’t even take it in any sooner as they don’t even has any place to park them since this has been going on. they said if they did have space it would just sit anyway as they have to wait h til parts can get caught up on all the orders. I could take it to Cherry Hill SC but...
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    Model Y Acceleration Deficit Needs Fixing

    I don't expect anyone to agree with me but I feel my MYP is very slow and with tons of Dragy runs right off the charger when hot and when cold it never hits the 3.5 sec times they say it does. Seems the MYP is the only Tesla measured with a 1ft roll out to get these times? Seems odd they dont...
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    Bioweapon defense mode upgrade

    Cant we just retrofit a filter and then add our own UV-C light to a relay that triggers anytime the HVAC is on? Should be close enough and feasible?
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    Heater failures in Model Y

    Vin: 1144X Date of manufacture: 6/2020 Mileage: 5k miles Date of failure: 2021/02/04 Location: NJ, USA
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    Do Winter Heater Failures Portend Summer A/C Failures?

    Well, my heat failed last week on my June built MYP. I made an SC inquiry in the app and the soonest I can bring it in is 6 weeks from now. It sure sucks driving with my head out the window in 28-degree weather as the windows are fogged up and the snow, ice here in NJ has been more than in...
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    Radar Detector Xmas 2020 nightmare

    And here is how i accessed the 12v for the radar and ran some other USB cables etc to my center console
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    Radar Detector Xmas 2020 nightmare

    I wish I saw this post sooner. however I got it all up and running and my escort auto powers on and off so no need for a switched 12v. I also very neatly got the blend mount to work and looks great!
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    Blendmount radar mount doesn't work for model Y :(

    I’m able to dig around the lower mirror cover like you did with a gift card but it won’t break loose for me. I dig deep just like your video but just can’t get it to drip down yet. I marked it and I will use my deemed cut off wheel to make a clean cut for the mount to work but first I need to...
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    2020.48.26 Did you get Boombox?

    I’m in the USA and my SC keeps canceling my appointment for ordering the speaker. I told them just sell it to me and I’ll plug it in myself and they said there is no speaker at this time even though I gave them the part number. I also drove to 3 other regions to make a SC appointment in the...
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    One week in - A couple questions.

    I bought the Amazon harness that was posted here and besides it being unfinished to me it works flawlessly. keep in mind I already has one of these installed for my seat massagers so it made it much harder to fit both behind the panel. what I did was I kept playing with different angles to get...
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    Radar Detector Xmas 2020 nightmare

    How did you access the lighter socket? I wasn’t able to access it from passenger side when removing the panel. many tips please? I don’t want to do a relay for a radar and I think my radar turns off in 4 hours on its own so no worry about battery drain
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    One week in - A couple questions.

    Hi All, I bought the MX+ for my 2020 MYP and the scan my Tesla app so I can monitor when I have full power for my unicorn 1/4 mile runs to get the best scenario possible but where to buy the Y Adapter to connect to the ODB behind the rear vent? Keep in mind I already have the seat massager...
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    Jeda Hub for Model Y

    I’m hoping when the spacer arrives it helps with my iPhone 12 Pro Max to charge as I only have a skin on it and no case. where is the discount code we were promised also?
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    2020.48.26 Did you get Boombox?

    Well, all I got was the UFO sound, no boom box. I guess my VIN has to be added to the boob box pool
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    2020.48.26 Did you get Boombox?

    Mine is a June build and Daerik was a March build and his worked after the reset. I’m installing a speaker now (Prius PWS) just to see if it’s just noise without boom box or both.
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    3D Maxpider Model Y Floor Mats

    Where is the best deal on all 7 mats? Rpm Tesla has a sale now but not a great one.
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    Glovebox USB Port?

    Since my Jeda Hub from June may never show up I am relocating my USB port to the glove box so I can use the pin feature to lock my sentry stick in it and then leave a dummy stick in the blank usb hole
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    USB Hub from Jeda and Taptes

    Seeing the you tubers recently promoting these got me all fizzed up. I’m trying to hold off until mine comes but I don’t have much faith left.
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    But, where is Track Mode for tithe Mode Y????
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    PPF regrets?

    My fault for not being clear, I meant wrapped in general not stealth specific but I thing the pillars should be wrapped as part of the deal just like they do the headlights. sills are extra and I didn’t say I wanted them to be clear so they did stealth and I think it was funny they didn’t use...
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    Does this update have the glove box pin code option and the heated charging port?
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    Have phone on me, asks for key card

    I have the same issue and the fix is just to leave the Tesla app open on your phone at all times and it will always unlock. I had a habit of force closing my apps and once I stopped doing that it worked every time.
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    Second Acceleration Boost

    Better yet, where is the promised Track Mode for the Y?
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    Model Y tint using XPEL. Recommendations?

    This is how I got my XR Prime Plus done for it to match. Sunroof and all rear glass done in 70%. Windshield in 50%. Front side windows in 20%. I wanted the front sides in 35% but it was a far from match so went with the 20%. overall opinion? I think it is still too light as there is so much...
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    USB Hub from Jeda and Taptes

    For those who pre ordered it what should we ask for in return for being so late? $25 off or credit? I never want to buy from them again so I’d rather the discount on the HUB.
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    Gone in 60 seconds!!

    Can’t wait until the next update comes as we will get “Pin Lock” for the glove box. among a charger port defroster
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    PPF regrets?

    For everyone who has a complete PPF wrap, can you tell me if you also had the below done and was it included in the base cost or you had to request it please? I find this to be very important for every person wanting to get this done so there is no surprises! 1) entire car wrapped on every...
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    Heads Up Display Options

    I’m ready to buy, how can we speak first to ensure I order the configuration I’m looking for of what you offer? I’m very excited to tweak it with my ideas. do you have a short list of options that we can pick and choose? id like the bar graph to go with throttle response if possible with...