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  1. NoirMS

    Are these stickers on my Model S instrument panel?

    yea, bubbles, mine just started...
  2. NoirMS

    Are they going to try and charge for autopilot?

    just checked app again... it's gone... hopefully 4 good...
  3. NoirMS

    Are they going to try and charge for autopilot?

    soon it'll be $49.99 a month if you want to keep regen braking...
  4. NoirMS

    Are they going to try and charge for autopilot?

    yea, this AP for 3 grand after already having it is causing me to rethink owning a Tesla... I've saved about $3000 in gas and that's about to be a wash.... nickle and diming me back to an ICE if this continues...
  5. NoirMS

    Are they going to try and charge for autopilot?

    smells like bs.... also, I signed up Jan 4th for Premium Connectivity and noticed it's been canceled without notice... had to sign back up again tonight... first billing even indicated recurring charge...
  6. NoirMS

    Best way to repair small scratch? Also, Sentrycam fail

    fyi, Tesla paint chip repair kit is Dr. Colorchip repackaged... literally the same product.
  7. NoirMS

    12v air compressors

  8. NoirMS

    Making the case for an Apple solution to the looming Tesla battery crisis

    I've recieved 2 recall notices since purchasing a cpo 2015 70 ms... bought it 10/18.... both recalls state I need to do nothing and I will be contacted by Tesla... to this day, crickets....
  9. NoirMS

    Upgrading front bumper

    Finished all updates/upgrades/mods on my outdated 2015 70 MS...
  10. NoirMS

    Tesla infotainment system upgradeable from MCU1 to MCU2

    your PS is dead on.
  11. NoirMS

    Tesla overcharge?

    def not weather for me... had the car too long and been through all 2 seasons we have, lol... I'm still simply blown away that I woke up to my 1st ever overcharge after reading this thread about overcharging for the 1st time.... will be monitoring next few charges and will post any anomalies....
  12. NoirMS

    Tesla overcharge?

    never experienced this.... 15 months owning a cpo 2015 ms..... I read this thread and the next night (last night) I overcharged.... barely but it did happen... still on v9... weird...
  13. NoirMS

    POLL: Will you buy?

    with an ol Tacoma sitting next to my S... I was really hoping to upgrade.... not with the Cybertruck tho.... I'll just say it.. Ugly.
  14. NoirMS

    ISO 2015/2016 Model S

    $30k-40k for Performance? ugh, I dunno man, hope you don't mind dents and scratches cuz that's gonna be tough to find.... more like $45k+ if you want performance (used 2015/16). Wish you the best tho... just be patient.
  15. NoirMS

    Anyone have experience with Wheelership Tesla Rims?

    love them, just had a bad pothole experience.... hit one going about 35mph and immediately blew out both left side tires...scuffed up the rims at the impact point but after throwing on some new tires, I've got 2 months of driving on them and no problems... rims took a hell of a hit and didn't...
  16. NoirMS

    It's too late, my MCU1 Died....

    watching thread.... 2015 S70 40k
  17. NoirMS

    Would you buy another MX after having a lemon?

    you're my counterpart in karma land... just hit 1 year ownership of a CPO 2015 MS and it hasn't seen the inside of a SC yet, zero issues... sorry what you've dealt with, can't imagine... but, didn't it leave ya with the itch for more? ;) I'd say you can only go up from your experience and I'd...
  18. NoirMS

    My 20-day-old Model 3 got rear-ended today...

    weird, so they actually stopped, then rear ended you... sorry that happened, hope ur ok... basically fkn sux...
  19. NoirMS

    Bubble on the side of my tire

    imo, bubble on sidewall becomes weakest point & highly likely to pop... I'd get a replacement... that's a blowout waiting to happen....I hit a pothole last month an blew both left sides on my S... doesn't take much, be safe.
  20. NoirMS

    Drive In, Not back into SC

    14 stalls...13 back and 1 nose... Orlando
  21. NoirMS

    Model S 21inch Silver Turbine Wheels

    update: 12k miles on wheelership rims... absolutely love them.... on 9-4-19 I hit a large pothole at about 30mph... sounded like a shotgun went off... i was sure i was effed and rims were bent.... 48 hours later i was back on the road, rims were just fine, these aren't knockoffs...they are...
  22. NoirMS

    White front badge vs no badge

    you can apply heat... then most use dental floss or some fishing string.... just use a saw motion to separate the badge from car, then some goo gone to finish cleaning up leftover sticky residue then a regular car cleaner to remove the oil from the goo gone... pretty easy diy process several...
  23. NoirMS

    What's your 90%?

    ouch!! I have a 2015 RWD 70... my 90% yesterday was 212... that puts me around 236 @ %100... (but you have almost 5x the miles, I'm only at 37,000)
  24. NoirMS

    Some people...

    wow, that's a douchey move... I haven't experienced that level of Richard yet...
  25. NoirMS

    My Model S has ruined cars for me.

    the hazmat part was great!:D
  26. NoirMS

    Model S blinking Morse code with headlights when parked?

    kinda creepy... you got creep mode on?;):D
  27. NoirMS

    What's the best Model S refresh front fascia option

    y dont you just call Unplugged Performance and ask them... you continue to cast doubt yet clearly the ducting isn't an issue regardless of UP or a retrofit. btw, the install directions for UP front fascia is on their website and you can look at it yourself for free.
  28. NoirMS

    How long until you received your license plates from the CA DMV?

    not CA but FL.... I went 94 days til I got my plates from DMV... multiple temp tags had to be issued during that time...
  29. NoirMS

    Another CPO question....

    nope, as is... bought a cpo 10/2018, under the cpo program, believe its "used" now.... my tires were pretty worn an had curb rash on 2 rims... along with a few dings/scratches.... pretty much the mechanics are checked but Tesla doesn't do much when its cosmetic... congrats by the way!!
  30. NoirMS

    Exact Build Date (m/d/y)

    yeah, I've gone the email route.... zero response so far (2 sent).... called but after 7 min in que, I gave up... (I've waited up to 35 min in que before).... so I turned to TMC.... I'll be setting up a SC appt this fall anyway so i guess I'll know then if no luck til then...
  31. NoirMS

    Exact Build Date (m/d/y)

    could use some help since getting Tesla to respond to my emails seems futile.... I'm interested in the Security Anti Theft for $350 from the Tesla store... problem is it's not for cars with a build date of 9/16/2015 or earlier.... my door placard has a 9/15 build date.... but what day!?!? anyone...
  32. NoirMS

    Starship Orbital Prototype - Texas Version

    Congrats guys.... legit.
  33. NoirMS

    General chit-chat in "For Sale" threads

    are the condition ratings based on a 5.0 scale? (like Manheim uses)
  34. NoirMS

    New Model 3, left unplugged for 5 days lost 80% of charge

    not much....I had mine in a shop for a week...checked the app everyday multiple times....max drain was 4 miles a day but 3 a day was my average....2015 MS
  35. NoirMS

    original msrp for used MS

    I'd guess the same.... 85k-90k mine was a base ms 2015 70 and they gave me the window sticker when I bought it last year.... sticker was 79,900
  36. NoirMS

    What's the best Model S refresh front fascia option

    are u talking about the radar dead center front on the lower portion of the bumper? that was swapped over from old to new along with 6 circle sensors.... yeah, the grill/nose cone is urs to do whatever with....
  37. NoirMS

    Model S 21inch Silver Turbine Wheels

    yes, used the same lugs that came with the 19s....just had to purchase grey lug caps from amazon.... Discount had no issues installing the tpms and tires.... I took the rims & sensors up to them but I personally swapped out the 19s to 21s....got almost 10k miles on the wheelership rims and...
  38. NoirMS

    Caught Speeding...

    Since these things are so damn fun to drive and cut through the air...I was wondering who out there finds themselves over the limit more often than not when driving their Tesla? Got popped 6 months in for me... 68 in a 45...
  39. NoirMS

    Replace TPMS sensors yourself

    been over 10k miles, no problems w the sensors...
  40. NoirMS

    SpaceX Prepared for 'Most Difficult Launch Ever' - STP-2 FH launch

    Some driveway shots...
  41. NoirMS

    Fresh Xenon bulbs after 4 yrs makes difference

    yes, 100% agree... pita but doable... I tried at first by just having the wheel turned, but ended up on a jack stand - wheel off - and pulled out a solid dozen clips to be able to peel back enough for bulb access....
  42. NoirMS

    Fresh Xenon bulbs after 4 yrs makes difference

    I went with Philip gen2 ... strong lumens Watch "PHILIPS BULB SHOOTOUT + XTREME VISION GEN2 OR OSRAM CBB?" on YouTube
  43. NoirMS

    Confirmed 150kW FL Superchargers?

    so for me, it looks like the best my 2015 70 MS is gonna get is 116kw @ 406mph as I went ahead last nite an rolled up to the SC with 1% soc with 2 miles remaining to see what kw I'd get at most charging needed... I'm fine w it, its def less efficient of a battery than a new 3 as others have...
  44. NoirMS

    Buying A Used Tesla Not Recommended

    yup, exactly my case.... fresh off 3 yr lease as a fleet vehicle 4.3 Manheim Condition report.... avg is 3.2 - 3.8....like u said, got lucky!
  45. NoirMS

    2015 Ms 70 Cpo 34,500 Miles Ap1 $40k

    Thank you to those who have dm'd me.
  46. NoirMS

    2015 Ms 70 Cpo 34,500 Miles Ap1 $40k

    thank you...aftermarket - unplugged performance (warranty NOT voided)... other upgrades: Tesla logo puddle lights, LED lit footwell, performance peddle set, LED cup holder center console, Evannex rear lighted T, carbon fiber spoiler (paint matched solid black), ceramic tint including front...
  47. NoirMS

    2015 Ms 70 Cpo 34,500 Miles Ap1 $40k

    Got the itch to go faster... Seeking performance... $40k is hard, as I really don't care if I sell or not, but I'd rather have an active thread in case someone wants a solid car with lots of little upgrades. Also have oem 19s, no tires just rims and all charging cables.
  48. NoirMS

    Confirmed 150kW FL Superchargers?

    weird....yours shows 132kw at 386 miles an hour yet I only got 116kw but 406 miles an hour...