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  1. Eevee

    Registration Woes

    UPDATE Got my title! It doesn't list a model type but the VIN is correct and so is everything else. So I'm not going to complain about it. I'm just keeping it as is. On the same day that I received the title I also received yet more forms from Tesla to complete.These forms are exactly the same...
  2. Eevee

    Still No Title

    Trust me I have escalated plenty. These people simply have no idea what they're doing.
  3. Eevee

    Auto-Pilot Accident at 80mph - Totaled Car

    Still interested in an update from the OP about what Tesla found when they looked at the logs
  4. Eevee

    Still No Title

    Another month... no title here. It's been since November. I was able to get it registered and get plates - albeit with a late fee. But still no title. And the emails Tesla sends me about it all make NO SENSE. They are obviously very confused about it and it's going to take a while to sort it out.
  5. Eevee

    AP1 scare

    Yes, had this experience of the OP. So I do the same thing and set my TACC to lower speeds for the stop-and-go traffic. I think it's clearly a programming error by Tesla. And there are many of them. The car is a great electric car. But self-driving? nope
  6. Eevee

    Disneyland RoadTrip with 2yr Old Baby - Vegas to LA - Need advice

    Hi! I live in Vegas and I'm headed to Anaheim this weekend too :) We are going to see ISU Four Continents Figure Skating Competition at the Honda Center. I checked and there's a destination charger at our hotel so we plan to use that since there's no Anaheim SuperCharger yet and I hear the...
  7. Eevee

    Web Browser Issue - Workaround Available?

    I honestly don't understand what the browser is for. I have tried it many times and it's completely useless.
  8. Eevee

    Enhanced Anti-theft add-on from Tesla

    They're hiring kids who don't have experience or real-world knowledge. It's a shhhh show.
  9. Eevee

    Still No Title

    It has been over 2 months now since I bought my 2016 CPO MS. Still no title. The most recent update: a local Tesla rep sent me a HALF BLANK Vehicle Inspection Certificate that she's already signed herself. She has NOT inspected this vehicle (at least not to my knowledge, not since I've been an...
  10. Eevee

    model s hitch for sale

    Can I take this nearly anywhere to get installed or do I need to find someone special? I would like to buy this from you. I want a bike rack!!!
  11. Eevee

    Tesla login for TuneIn radio

    So... if you have a tune in account and you're logged in on your Tesla will it remember where you were in your podcasts?
  12. Eevee

    Use of Web Browser

    I feel like 'Whats the point?" about a lot of these Tesla "features." The concept of a web browser sounds great but then in practice it doesn't work AT ALL. If you're going to do it - do it well. Why all this crappy stuff that doesn't work? Is it just for show? Seems like it's just to seem cool...
  13. Eevee

    EV Car/My Tesla - An Alexa skill for Amazon Echo / Tesla integration

    Can you fix how she says EV Car? She pronounces it evv not eeee veeee. It annoys me.
  14. Eevee

    Bought CPO Model S yesterday and now Tesla says they made a mistake and will not honor the Price

    This is just the tip of the iceberg for Tesla. The cars are great. Everything else about the company is horrible. They can't get their shhh together. It's mistake after mistake after mistake.
  15. Eevee

    Registration Woes

    OMG they're FedExing even more documents for us to sign that they did wrong or didn't do during delivery.
  16. Eevee

    Web Browser Issue - Workaround Available?

    There's a website I would like to be able to use while driving. It's a special kind of map. Tesla allows the website. But the website login uses a CAPTCHA and the Tesla browser does not support the CAPTCHA. It won't let me login and instead tells me to update my browser. Is there any workaround...
  17. Eevee

    Lost Connectivity

    Reboot worked I don't recall the reboot being explained in the manual. Is it?
  18. Eevee

    Lost Connectivity

    Last weekend I seemed to have lost internet connectivity in my Model S. I have not tried to reboot yet (I forget how to do it). What could cause this?
  19. Eevee

    Should EVs Make Artificial Sounds at Low Speeds?

    I think it's ridiculous to make EVs become louder. Sound/hearing is not a requirement for being a pedestrian and is not considered a disability for walking. You don't see deaf people using hearing dogs as guides for walking around town. It's not even a disability for driving. Deaf people can...
  20. Eevee

    90% Of Electric Car Owners Won’t Return To Gas

    Husband and I were just talking about this. We're not crazy about Tesla customer service but he's 100% onboard the EV train. He says when his car is ready to be replaced he's going electric. He says he's never getting another gas car, this one he has now is the end. And our Tesla is basically MY...
  21. Eevee

    Supercharger price hikes: what's your opinion?

    I mainly charge at home and have free SuperCharging but I don't like the fee increases. I think free or low cost SuperCharging is a huge draw and can help get more people into electric cars. I don't think the model needs to be 'sustainable' at the moment. I think it must be seen as an...
  22. Eevee

    Buying from a dealership vs CPO

    When I researched the options, I decided to buy direct from Tesla for two reasons: - WARRANTY: if you buy from a dealer or previous owner then you can't get the warranty that Tesla offers - SELECTION: there are simply as not many cars available from dealers as there are directly from Tesla...
  23. Eevee

    Registration Woes

    I have another update: Sold the car that got the dent. Got less than I wanted BUT the funny thing here is that CarMax actually gave us exactly what Tesla originally offered as a trade-in. So, the dent didn't seem to really matter in the long run. Just annoyed that it happened. And from now on I...
  24. Eevee

    Over 1 month with CPO, still no title

    My update now... I've had the car two months and no title. Now Tesla is saying that they're sending me "two odometer disclosure documents that require your signature" that are necessary to get the title. This feels shady AF. On the plus side, they did offer a rental car while we waited to get...
  25. Eevee

    Car Seat Crunches Headrest

    I had that carseat for my son. It's a great seat! I used it about 6 years and since the lifespan for it is 10 years rather than the usual 5 years, I was able to pass it on to another family. I had it in a different car though. Most cars you can go under the headrest. It's both good and bad that...
  26. Eevee

    Takata Air Bag Recall - STILL!?!?!

    First, the Takata airbag issue has been known for YEARS and it's been known that ALL their airbags are likely defective. They have killed people and just because that hasn't happened in a Tesla yet doesn't make it safe or NBD. It's likely simply a sample size thing. Second, I can't just 'take...
  27. Eevee

    Takata Air Bag Recall - STILL!?!?!

    I received a notice 3 days ago that my 2016 CPO that I bought nearly 2 months ago needs to come in for airbag replacements. WTF??? Seriously? This Takata airbag issue has been known for years and years now. And my car was supposedly inspected and deemed safe to drive before I took delivery. So...
  28. Eevee

    Does Tesla tell buyers enough about range?

    There are many incorrect and misleading statements on the Tesla website. Not just about range.
  29. Eevee

    Registration Woes

    OK my update is that I was able to get it registered. I sincerely believe I just got a slightly incompetent DMV worker who processed my registration without all the proper paperwork. I believe this because a few of the things she said about taxes I fact-checked afterwards and it appears she was...
  30. Eevee

    Registration Woes

    Every state is different. In my state the CA tags are only good for 30 days, regardless of what they say on them. They are only good for 90 days IN CALIFORNIA. But I'm sure that there are plenty of people who have driven with these types of tags without getting pulled over. I'm going again...
  31. Eevee

    Registration Woes

    I've had my CPO for 6 weeks and it's still not registered, due to Tesla title issues. I haven't sold my other car because I wanted to make sure I got the title for the Tesla and it got registered before I sold it. Well, someone did a hit and run on that car while it was parked outside of my...
  32. Eevee

    Your Best Tesla Road Trip Advice?

    I feel like a CHAdeMO adapter is a good idea but Tesla wants $450 for one. Think I can pick up a good used one somewhere? I don't currently have a spare tire in the car. There doesn't seem like any good place to put it. Weird, right?
  33. Eevee

    Your Best Tesla Road Trip Advice?

    A month and a half ago I bought a used Model S. Over the holidays I flew to visit my sister. While I was there I got a bit frustrated with my ICE rental car and thought, "Why didn't I just drive instead of fly?" So now I'm thinking about what road trips I want to take with my Tesla. My normal...
  34. Eevee

    Supercharging promised but not delivered

    WOW I'm really disappointed in Telsa here. It does not seem like honoring it would have cost them very much to simply honor their promises and give you what you needed. This is really sad.
  35. Eevee

    Will Tesla ship CPO?

    I believe the new current option is to have the car shipped to you fora $2000 fee. I believe if it is shipped to your state and you have a nearby sales location available then that's where the delivery will be processed and so you can save some $$ on taxes in some cases. And it would save...
  36. Eevee

    Auto-Pilot Accident at 80mph - Totaled Car

    Again, we don't *know* that. He doesn't remember what happened and the witness could be wrong/lying/didn't see everything. Also, I think we're just going to have a difference of opinion about fault. People see the world differently... If a parent leaves a loaded gun in the house and a child...
  37. Eevee

    Auto-Pilot Accident at 80mph - Totaled Car

    OK Zeno, of course. But it's MORE likely that AP can handle a situation well if it has done so in the past numerous times. A normal person would be MORE cautious the first few times traveling that route/that style of driving than after they've done it over and over everyday for months or maybe...
  38. Eevee

    A word of warning for potential Tesla owners.

    This is a good warning for potential owners. And it's one of my worries - that any repair will not only be very expensive, but also very time consuming.
  39. Eevee

    Auto-Pilot Accident at 80mph - Totaled Car

    1st, I said MAY have happened. I did not assign a percentage of likelihood. 2nd, I read through this whole thread and looked at the pictures. He said he drove this stretch frequently without issue on AP so there's that. Then the damage to the rear wheel is really very bad and makes me wonder if...
  40. Eevee

    TeslaTari Game Controller

    Bummer :( thanks for the info
  41. Eevee

    Kids Model S

    Someone in my local Tesla owners facebook group is selling one. PM me and I will send you his facebook name
  42. Eevee

    Over 1 month with CPO, still no title

    In some states you cannot sell a car unless the title is free and clear and you have it (basically) in hand and can sign it over to the new owner immediately. (Same goes for real estate, essentially, in many states). Remember '60s movies about drag races and winning someone's pink slip? The pink...
  43. Eevee

    CPO MS ?

    If you really want to test drive an older Model S and a Model 3 you could try renting from Turo for a day. It would cost some money but could be fun and will give you a much better sense of the cars than a normal test drive.
  44. Eevee

    Been denied refund on CPO deposit three times

    If you can't get the money back you can likely transfer it to another CPO.
  45. Eevee

    Shop willing to install rear facing seats in Los Angeles area?

    I don't see anything mentioned here about heat and safety of those seats. There's lots of evidence that suggests those seats overheat very easily.
  46. Eevee

    Glass roof concerns

    I live in Vegas like Buster1 and I had worries about the glass roofs as well. So I researched it a bit and decided that adding the solar screens would be sufficient.
  47. Eevee

    Auto-Pilot Accident at 80mph - Totaled Car

    That's what I'm thinking may have happened - a mechanical issue. Or else someone swerved into his lane and the tesla avoided collision with the other car. Agree about 'compounding the error.' I believe it takes more time to react to an emergency driving situation when you're on autopilot than...
  48. Eevee

    Owner Frustrated with Tesla Depreciation

    I'm a CPO buyer - part of the group that is responsible for your depreciation. Sorry. I have some thoughts about your post: - As a CPO buyer I was not interested in a high end, all options, performance model. I think a lot of us are in that boat. We want a reliable electric car with more range...
  49. Eevee

    TeslaTari Game Controller

    I read that the most recent update (2018.48.12) allows people to play the video games via an XboxOne or PS4 game controller when plugged into one or the USB drives. This sounds great to me as I have a video-game obsessed kiddo and we have multiple gaming systems at home. I MUCH prefer handing...