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  1. n.one.one

    FSD now $99 a month

    Nice to see the subscription reduction. I'm currently on 2024.8.9 which is higher than any FSD versions. If I subscribe I assume I'll have to wait for FSD to catch up to be able to use it. Does anyone see a different scenario?
  2. n.one.one

    Lock Chime Collections

    Nicely done! I hope others will follow your lead with their contributions.
  3. n.one.one

    Tesla recalls 2 million vehicles to limit use of Autopilot

    notateslaapp.com release notes show this will include FSDb 11.4.9. https://www.notateslaapp.com/software-updates/version/2023.44.30.1/release-notes The downloads are increasing rapidly, now 500 pending.
  4. n.one.one

    Tesla recalls 2 million vehicles to limit use of Autopilot

    2023.44.30.1 has started on TeslaFi.
  5. n.one.one

    Any advice on FSD usage after 2 false strikes

    I'll give you one example that's hit me several times. If I look over at the main screen for slightly too long an alert will sound as well as flash a visual alert on my Model X dash screen. Naturally my eyes are drawn to the dash screen which uses enough time to get a strike.
  6. n.one.one

    Tesla recalls 2 million vehicles to limit use of Autopilot

    Correct 0.0004% Here is a little more explanation of the correct @dramsey answer. 1% = .01 0.01 * 2,000,000 = 20,000 0.00004 * 2,000,000 = 800 0.000004 * 2,000,000 = 8 When 0.000004 is stated as a % it is 0.0004%
  7. n.one.one

    Do FSD strikes ever get reset without striking out?

    Yes, after a week you have access again. I don't remember but you may have to turn it on again.
  8. n.one.one

    Discussion: Powershare [V2X feature currently announced for Cybertruck]

    Yep, Cybertruck only as of now, but I'm really looking forward to this on other Tesla models. I seem to remember reading that the electronics necessary to achieve this have been a part of some or all models for some time now. Does anyone else remember that?
  9. n.one.one

    Do FSD strikes ever get reset without striking out?

    There have been a few times in the past when a new version brought a reset of strikes. There is absolutely no guarantee that it will happen again.
  10. n.one.one

    Discussion: Powerwall 3 [Speculation / Discussion etc]

    I suggest calling Tesla solar support at 877-961-7652 and pressing option 2 for PW support. The last time I checked they were open 24 hours per day.
  11. n.one.one

    Discussion: Powerwall 3 [Speculation / Discussion etc]

    PTO is typically done after inspection by the utility. Even though PTO stands for 'permission to operate' in my installation Tesla made the system operational before PTO. PTO was required before exporting energy to the grid (think of PTO as PTE, permission to export).
  12. n.one.one

    Netzero App

    Nice improvements on the (Android) update today. I like the newly added data detail when you drag your finger along the timeline. The Tesla app has had that but the advantage with Netzero is that you see Solar, Home, PW, and Grid graphs all on one screen.
  13. n.one.one

    Hawaiian Electric forcing export of our solar?

    Is there any possibility that the Tesla app is calculating a financial advantage to exporting? Is the utility paying you for the power you export? What are your Tesla app settings for buying from, and selling to the utility? Are you on a time of use plan with the utility?
  14. n.one.one

    Netzero App

    Just installed this and I'm looking forward to gaining a further understanding of the gateway diagnostics.
  15. n.one.one

    Tesla abandons 11.4.7?

    As of today the 11.4.4.x versions are for general release. The 11.4.7.x versions can be found further down the list and are for beta testers (even though it's all in beta).
  16. n.one.one

    Discussion: Powerwall 3 [Speculation / Discussion etc]

    Ask for the 'complete plan set'. The number of pages can probably vary but my last one was 16 pages. They typically upload it to the documents section in your account and you can download the PDF from there.
  17. n.one.one

    Peak Supercharging Rate for Current Model X?

    I was curious as well and took a picture of the peak on my 2023 MX. 252 kW and 900 miles an hour make charging stops totally acceptable on a long road trip. I generally plan for 15-20 minute stops every 2-3 hours for a rest room break and a snack/drink. When I stop for a meal I let it charge...
  18. n.one.one

    Discussion: Powerwall 3 [Speculation / Discussion etc]

    I assume you know that PWs can be stacked (I believe it's a maximum of 3 deep). So your 4 PWs would only be the width of 2 with the required 3 feet in between. Here's a photo.
  19. n.one.one

    Discussion: Powerwall 3 [Speculation / Discussion etc]

    Based on your signature it looks like you're doing a totally new Tesla installation. Not getting the rebate is certainly a disappointment, sorry to hear that. I'm wondering if someone who is just adding PWs to an existing system might move along more quickly and still qualify for the rebate. If...
  20. n.one.one

    Referral credit counts against IRA tax credit limit?

    I don't have an answer to your specific question but I've wondered if one solution is to get the steering wheel and then after purchase pay for a replacement yoke (either Tesla or aftermarket). As things stand now adding a yoke to your order costs $7,750 ($250 for yoke plus the loss of the...
  21. n.one.one

    Connecting to Powerwall - Error & solution

    Connecting to Powerwall (error message) I'm going to impersonate 'Carnac the Magnificent' and provide an answer for a question that no one has asked (just in case someone searches for it like I did). I had my vehicle plugged in and Charge on Solar (CoS) was already setup and had been working...
  22. n.one.one

    FSD Price Cut to $12k Tonight, Aug 31/ Sept 1 2023

    Confirmed...it's on the order page along with a price reduction so that some configurations qualify for the tax credit if below $80k. No added cost for any color. Yoke option takes it over 80k.
  23. n.one.one

    FSD Beta v11.x

    It will be interesting to see what happens if a non-FSD, non-beta vehicle signs up for a new subscription. Will they get beta immediately...time will tell. I'll be watching TeslaFi to see any movement (eg 2023.26.8 to 2023.26.10).
  24. n.one.one

    Charge By Solar Not Showing

    Your PW and app meet the requirements but the vehicle firmware version needs to be 2023.26 or higher. I just dropped my FSD subscription and went from 2023.7.26 to 2023.26.8. I got CoS within 24 hours (I had to log out of the app and log back in for it to show up).
  25. n.one.one

    Tesla officially launches Charge On Solar

    I haven't tried your scenario but none of the things that I've tried have prioritized PW charging. I definitely want the PWs charged to 100% from solar every sunny day before charging the vehicle. I've tried Self-Powered and Time-based Control and neither prioritized PW. I've seen in this thread...
  26. n.one.one

    FSD Beta v11.x

    I've had three Model X's as shown in my signature. I bought FSD on the first one (2020 model year) but then sold that at the top of the market in December 2021, while waiting for my new order to be filled. My order was delayed for a year so I bought a used 2018 model that had FSD and beta, and...
  27. n.one.one

    FSD Beta v11.x

    Dropped FSD (beta) subscription - Why I did, and how the process played out. I dropped my FSD subscription the day before the sub ended and as of midnight last night FSD was gone. I've been on beta since the first safety score group was granted access on 10/11/21, FSD Beta Version 10.2...
  28. n.one.one

    FSD Beta v11.x

    Not based on historic actions others have reported. You'll have to wait until there is a beta version available that is worked into a firmware version newer than the one you now have. Tesla has not allowed firmware to move back to get FSD beta.
  29. n.one.one

    Does anyone know what those chevron arrows mean?

    They indicate that the subject vehicle (in front of the chevrons) is going slower than you are. Put another way the chevrons show that the subject is moving back toward you (relatively).
  30. n.one.one

    FSD Beta v11.x

    Excellent info, I wasn't aware of ElectraFi.
  31. n.one.one

    FSD Beta v11.x

    TeslaFi just reported this: "A new software version has been detected on TeslaFi.com - Software version 2023.18.0 was just detected as on a 2022 Tesla Model R1T Quad". Nothing about FSD beta but that is a Rivian model not a Tesla. Could this be testing for FSD licensing? It just makes you go...
  32. n.one.one

    Vehicle to Home Charging

    It's time to bump this excellent thread. I haven't seen any serious rumours recently about progress for running the home from a vehicle (rumours since this is predominately a UK thread :D). It would be an excellent feature since a typical Tesla battery equals about 7 Powerwalls. Another nice...
  33. n.one.one

    Two Powerwalls Should Hold 13.5 kWh... Right?

    If you have the time this weekend you can try calling anytime. I'm not positive but I seem to remember that has 24/7 availability. Use option 2 for Powerwall support.
  34. n.one.one

    Favorite voice commands - What's yours?

    I just found a new (to me) voice command which led me to wonder what others use as their favorites...what's yours? Press the microphone button and say: "Search Google for (...)" Access information quickly and easily by saying, "Search Google for X," where X represents the keywords or query you...
  35. n.one.one

    Why does the X never seem to turn on the climate in the back automatically?

    It might be worthwhile to experiment with different things under the child seats to help trigger the sensor. Perhaps you could try things like a folded towel, a small firm cushion, or even something that is firm/heavy to ensure the sensor is triggered (make sure whatever you use won't fly around...
  36. n.one.one

    Utility limit is 10 kW AC for net metering, delete one inverter?

    I was literally laughing out loud as I read your post because once again we're on the exact same page. This is new to me and as of now I'm having fun playing the game trying to optimize everything. The reality is I'll probably only have a minimum electric bill in the $20 to $25 range so none of...
  37. n.one.one

    Utility limit is 10 kW AC for net metering, delete one inverter?

    I'm thankful for your post and very proud to say I am already doing exactly what you suggest. I'm running self powered, 5% reserve, and charging my MX on sunny days when PWs are full. If there are numerous consecutive bad solar days I'll manipulate settings to run on the grid at night (all night...
  38. n.one.one

    Utility limit is 10 kW AC for net metering, delete one inverter?

    Great suggestion and as a result of your post I contacted my utility (Georgia Power). They absolutely don't allow a software limitation, they go by hardware nameplate AC capacity only. I went a step further and contacted a commissioner on the Georgia Public Service Commission who was well aware...
  39. n.one.one

    Utility limit is 10 kW AC for net metering, delete one inverter?

    You are on the same track I am, unfortunately I don't know the answer. I think GaPwr goes only by "Nameplate kW (AC)" capacity to determine eligibility so a software solution may not actually be a solution.
  40. n.one.one

    Utility limit is 10 kW AC for net metering, delete one inverter?

    TLDR - A very unique case that will only be of interest to those that like taking a deep dive (the type of person who might enjoy doing only the most difficult crossword puzzles). This is definitely an edge case but I'd appreciate any input as I'm searching for a creative solution. Georgia...
  41. n.one.one

    Blinker fluid, where do I fill on a Model X?

    As you can see from my avatar I'm a blinker fluid expert...but...I have an issue I need help with. I just bought a bottle of blinker fluid and I don't know where to refill it on a Model X. I see the fill point for windshield washer fluid but I don't want to mix that with the blinker fluid. Any...
  42. n.one.one

    Powerwall+ won't connect to Wifi

    That's exactly what support walked me through on my Gateway 2. FYI I used the eraser end of a pencil to push the reset button. I also had to connect to the TEG-x network while standing at the gateway. As a bonus I also had to re-pair my phone to the Powerwalls. That's a good doc you found and...
  43. n.one.one

    Powerwall+ won't connect to Wifi

    I suggest calling Tesla solar support at 877-961-7652 and pressing option 2 for PW support. I had the same thing happen this past weekend and at first I tried the same steps as you. They walked me through several steps and in the end it was resetting the gateway that fixed the problem. Good luck...
  44. n.one.one

    Strikes Against Car or Against Driver?

    I don't know the answer with 100% certainty but my strong guess is that any strike counts for all drivers, and that there is only one beta per vehicle, not one beta per profile. The release notes say "Improper usage is when you, or another driver of your vehicle, receive five 'Forced Autopilot...
  45. n.one.one

    How to mount cabin view camera (i.e. Gopro etc.) to record driving on beta

    Here is a video from November, 2020 by Zeb Hallock (I don't know if Zeb is on TMC). It's a 5 minute video showing his video setup and explaining why he set it up that way. He also lists the equipment he used. This is an excellent starting point for someone who wants to shoot quality video.
  46. n.one.one

    2023.12.10 - LTE online but Tesla Support + app can't connect

    I had the OPs issue yesterday, app couldn't see the vehicle for over 6 hours. Restarting the app didn't help. I went to the Model X and did a double scroll wheel reset, that resolved the issue immediately.
  47. n.one.one

    FSD Beta v11.x

    The suspension has been 2 weeks for a long time. You are locked out of beta after 5 strikes if you have an internal camera and 3 strikes if you don't have an internal camera. Unfortunately, except for a reset to zero strikes that Tesla granted to everyone a few years ago the strikes don't go...
  48. n.one.one

    FSD Beta v11.x

    An important change in 11.4.2 (2023.7.10) is that the suspension is now reduced to one week. It will be interesting to see what yours is. Good luck, and please let us know.
  49. n.one.one

    FSD Beta v11.x

    Now this IS news! From TeslaFi.
  50. n.one.one

    FSD Beta v11.x

    News...or...not news??? 1st is just an image, 2nd is a link to the tweet.