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  1. UberEV1

    2020.4.1 and AP1?

    Thus far, I've only seen it work with iMessage (or the phone's primary messaging app). Did not seem to work with messages coming across via Google Voice.
  2. UberEV1

    2020.4.1 and AP1?

    Voice commands working for me, but I think others have reported that the voice command button is now only push and release to activate, not push and hold. Text feature works well - nice to have this. Have not noticed any negatives (at least not yet).
  3. UberEV1

    Accident with total loss

    @slasher: Glad your wife is OK! My 2013 was totaled thanks to a red light runner, so I had to go through the same process. Insurance company used a reputable 3rd party vehicle value assessor, but they would not accept any additional comps I provided, including Tesla CPO vehicles (this was...
  4. UberEV1

    New member from Bavaria, Germany

    Welcome to the Forum Jetex Jim. Congrats on your purchase! Another Tesla (soon to be) on the Autobahn. Quick fun story . . . I had the opportunity to live and work in Germany for 5 years (loved it). Upon moving back the the States, I knew I had to sell my German car (2007 Passat wagon...
  5. UberEV1

    IRO DashCam - Model S AP2 unboxing

    He just asked me to do the same thing. That test doesn't make sense to me at all - the camera works just fine as long as you turn it on once after >6 hour off period. That sounds more like a circuit board component that isn't retaining charge properly (only guessing).
  6. UberEV1

    Low-tech Tesla tennis ball

    <=== I also went with the ultra low tech solution, upgraded a bit with a 3D printer (and yes that is the Tesla logo converted to 3D, sort of).
  7. UberEV1

    IRO DashCam - Model S AP2 unboxing

    Thank you for the update. On my end, they sent me a picture showing the electrical connections (which I already hooked up correctly) and said to hit the reset button (didn't fix it).
  8. UberEV1

    IRO DashCam - Model S AP2 unboxing

    Strange that two of us would bring up the same issue in the same few days - haven't seen this problem reported in any of the other posts. I have contacted the seller, but no reply yet. Perhaps you could do the same and then let's compare notes. Thx!
  9. UberEV1

    IRO DashCam - Model S AP2 unboxing

    Problem: Not starting to record automatically after powered down for several hours. Just installed the IRO Dashcam Model S AP1 and seems to work well except for one thing . . . it doesn't seem to power up and start recording on its own after the car has been off for awhile. When I come back...
  10. UberEV1

    Model 3 LR AWD bald rear tires @ 4200 miles

    IIRC - early Model S (circa 2013) with air suspension had rear wheel alignment issues that prematurely wore out the tires. Tesla identified the problem and implemented a fix. My 2013 with coil suspension did not have the problem.
  11. UberEV1

    Anybody have a suggested UMC holder?

    A few more options . . . Link: Organize your UMC: Wall Bracket for Charging Cable Controller
  12. UberEV1

    21" Turbine Wheels for Sale SF Bay Area

    Full set 21" Tesla Turbine wheels, silver grey Just removed this past week from my 2015 Model S 90D Excellent condition; 14,000 miles; with original tires Continental ContiSportContact tires (also 14,000 miles) 245/35 R21W All tires measure 7/32" tread depth (ranging from 13/64" to 15/64") All...
  13. UberEV1

    How to Cosmetically Improve Rubberized Rocker Panels (Sills)?

    Noticed that my new-to-me 2015 CPO Model S has some scrapes and "hanging chads" on the lower rubberized rocker panels. Seems there should be a best known method for cleaning those up (light scrape and/or sanding, plus polish or equivalent ???). Is anyone aware of a method for cosmetically...
  14. UberEV1

    Original Model S Floor Mats, 2013 & 2015

    Still have the 2013 floor mat set (black) available.
  15. UberEV1

    My S85D and Tesla life at 50K miles

    I purchased the extended warranty on my original 2013 Model S as insurance against the unknown. Felt it was a good investment for 4 additional years or 50K additional miles. Unfortunately, the car was totaled just a few months later. Good news, though, was that Tesla reimbursed a pro-rata...
  16. UberEV1

    Original Model S Floor Mats, 2013 & 2015

    I have two full sets of original Model S floor mats in good condition, one from my original 2013 and one from my recently acquired 2015. Each set is free to anyone who would like to pick up in San Jose, or for $50 if shipment is required. I'll give the local pick-ups priority for the next 48...
  17. UberEV1

    My car keeps calling my own phone

    Just installed firmware 2018.32.4 040c866 and now the car keeps trying to call my phone every time I get in. Rebooting main screen solve it for a few moments, then it tries to call again. Found that making a call directly from the phone, connecting, then hanging up seemed to clear it. Has...
  18. UberEV1

    I think my car is lying to me...

    Might the discrepancy be analogous to remaining gasoline in the fuel tank that is still measurable but below the outlet tube (i.e. not pumpable to engine)? Curious if ICE cars calculate remaining range based on what the fuel gauge measures or what is actually accessible from the tank. If the...
  19. UberEV1

    6 weeks and no plates

    Tried that and AAA confirmed that out-of-State cars need to be verified by the original registration State and this can result in the overall process taking 8 to 12 weeks (i.e. they weren't able to give me registration and plates on the spot because it was an out-of-State car). Thus, it looks...
  20. UberEV1

    6 weeks and no plates

    Not sure if I'm in the same boat . . . it has been 6 weeks since I bought a CPO from the Fremont center, and as of last Thursday the DMV had no record of the VIN anywhere in their system. I called Tesla and they said it could take up to 90 days and that I shouldn't worry. They also mentioned...
  21. UberEV1

    Anybody else abusing right rear tire?

    Just FYI - you may find a local mobile wheel rim repair expert who can repair the damage. I've done it twice and each time it cost $100 to render the damage invisible - not bad considering the cost of rims.
  22. UberEV1

    Out of warranty cost of repair

    Consider asking the 3rd party to buy the extended warranty / service agreement (+4 years / +50,000 miles) before he/she sells you the car. As I recall from other posts, if they are the original owner, they can purchase the extended coverage and transfer it to the 2nd buyer. That way you double...
  23. UberEV1

    Out of warranty cost of repair

    Agree with @ucmndd that a Tesla is not a cost saver in the long run. For example, even if you have no repairs, and save on fuel costs, routine services, higher tire replacement expense and higher insurance premiums will offset some of those savings. The reason to choose a Tesla as a commuter...
  24. UberEV1

    Question: Model S Motor Sounds S85 RWD vs. 90D AWD?

    Thanks to this post from @FlatSix911 (and a few others in that thread), I discovered one potential reason for the hard ride in my new 2015 90D . . . the tires had been inflated to 62psi (vs. the 42psi recommended for 21" tires)! Any reason Tesla would deliver a CPO car with 62psi tire pressure...
  25. UberEV1

    Question: Model S Motor Sounds S85 RWD vs. 90D AWD?

    Ah yes, should have said V1 instead of A for the 90D pack
  26. UberEV1

    Question: Model S Motor Sounds S85 RWD vs. 90D AWD?

    Just replaced my totaled 2013 S85 with a pristine 2015 90D CPO. Enjoying all the newer features on the 2015 that I didn't have before, but also noticing more motor whine. This may make sense given two motors, but seems proportionally louder to me (subtle sound like a jet engine throttling up...
  27. UberEV1

    Undocumented supercharging feature?

    Excellent - thank you all! Very glad to hear this.
  28. UberEV1

    Undocumented supercharging feature?

    Question re: supercharging stopping before set limit is reached: I haven't taken a long trip in awhile, but a colleague mentioned that a recent software update has the supercharger stop charging once the charge level required to reach your next waypoint is achieved, even if your desired limit...
  29. UberEV1

    Driving from SF to LA over July 4th weekend. Least crowded SC along the way?

    @xanatos : You probably only need to stop once at Kettleman City. From there you should make it to Arcadia without issue. I occasionally drive from San Jose to San Diego and with my S85 have only needed to stop twice (Kettleman City & Redondo Beach). Safe travels!
  30. UberEV1

    Help - S isn't repairable so a total loss. How does insurance decide cash value?

    I am not yet happy with the market valuation since they are not including Tesla CPO vehicles in the comps, but I'm still working on that. My offer included the following: Market value for car + Tax + DMV Refund - deductible (which should be removed once police report confirms not my fault and...
  31. UberEV1

    Help - S isn't repairable so a total loss. How does insurance decide cash value?

    @bakchod87 - very sorry for your loss! I am facing a similar set of questions and posted this thread. Market value will likely be determined based on similar cars for sale in your area, with $ adds and subtractions for differences in configuration. I am trying to convince the appraiser to...
  32. UberEV1

    Advice Requested on Replacing Tesla after Accident

    Thank you @nybw51mr42! Yes, other driver was at fault. AAA is my insurance company and they are trying to make me whole now, then go after other party's insurance later. Policy covers fair market value of my car on the day it died in an amount determined by a third party appraiser ("CCC")...
  33. UberEV1

    Podcast resume using TuneIn?

    Model S does the same thing, not always, but often. Sorry to hear that the Model 3 has the same bug. It is definitely one of those features that I wish were more reliable.
  34. UberEV1

    Advice Requested on Replacing Tesla after Accident

    Working with AAA to establish market value of my beloved green Model S. They say they cannot use CPO cars as a viable comp unless there is a clickable link and all required details are present on the screen, including location zip code. Has anyone had luck convincing AAA to use CPO comps in...
  35. UberEV1

    Advice Requested on Replacing Tesla after Accident

    To the Extended Tesla Family . . . A sad day, but another case of Tesla thoroughly protecting its driver. My classic sequoia green S85 was likely totaled this morning by a driver that didn't stop for a red light (I was turning left, and the other driver drove through the intersection against...
  36. UberEV1

    Looks Like I'm Going to Need New Tires Sooner Than I Thought...

    I've been very happy with the Michelins as well. Just put the third set on with 55k miles, so getting between 25 and 30k miles per set. Even though it is a bit more expensive, I like having the Tesla Service Center put them on since they have always included alignment at no extra cost.
  37. UberEV1

    Irrefutable Proof that Tesla Tops BMW

    Just saw this and had to share . . .
  38. UberEV1

    Green color Model S

    Also still love my green! Takes on a wide variety of hues depending on ambient lighting (looks black at night, metallic green in direct sunlight, dark green in diffuse light, etc.). And you don't really notice the color at all when you are behind the wheel. :)
  39. UberEV1

    Building inspector won't approve transfer switch

    Maybe it was already suggested, but what about switching your electric dryer for a gas dryer? Safely frees up the 240V circuit (and you get a new dryer out of the deal).
  40. UberEV1

    S85 Battery Degradation

    2013 S85, B-pack, 55k miles: 90% = 231 miles
  41. UberEV1

    Home charging

    Another consideration if you are on a Time of Use (ToU) electricity plan . . . depending on how many miles one drives, re-charging with 120V may span both peak and off-peak time periods (thus driving up average cost of electricity). Using the 14-50 gives you more flexibility to ensure your...
  42. UberEV1

    Time of Use Power Shifting for Powerwall 2

    @Frankman60 and @liuping : Thanks! Just checked PG&E rates from our August bill - $0.45 Peak; $0.25 Part Peak; $0.12 Off Peak. For the year, your average costs seem much higher down South, but not sure electricity production costs or infrastructure is much different.
  43. UberEV1

    Time of Use Power Shifting for Powerwall 2

    @Frankman60 - are your SDG&E rates really that high with such a wide spread? Here in PG&E territory with EV-TOU, we have roughly $0.32 Peak, $0.20 Part Peak and $0.13 Off Peak.
  44. UberEV1

    Aspark Owl

    . . . but the Tesla roadster will have a bit more range. (The video shows the "Pit Crew" pushing the car back to the starting line, so either it fully dumped the supercap in 1.9 seconds, or the Owl doesn't have a reverse gear ;))
  45. UberEV1

    Service Bulletin for Rear Drive Unit "clunk"

    Question to those who have experienced the drive unit "clunk" - how loud and how often? My 2013 S85 just started making a clunking sound in the rear upon normal acceleration from a stop. Doesn't always happen (maybe about 50% of the time) and sounds/feels similar to the front clunk when the AC...
  46. UberEV1

    Podcasts losing current position

    Frustrating indeed! Has been this way since Day 1 (if I can remember that long ago :)). @emissionzero is correct that fully downloaded podcast will still be in the buffer when you return to the car, so just need to drag bar to approx position where you left off. Unless of course you get the...
  47. UberEV1

    Another Newbie Question - Advice on driving SF to LA

    Congrats! Shoot for Kettleman City (nice charging stop), but use Harris Ranch if range doesn't cut it. From there, you should be able to get into LA without too much concern (my typical route from San Jose to San Diego is stop 1 @ Kettleman and stop 2 @ Redondo Beach).
  48. UberEV1

    What's your 90%?

    Very similar; my 2013 S85 #17xxx w/ 48,000 miles gets 231~232 at 90%. Last charge to 100% was around 259 miles iirc.