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    tesla MC240-1 Charger

    I've love to buy it if you still have it. My MC240 stopped working and has no lights. PM if you still want to sell. Thank you!
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    HPC for sale

    Sorry, Now HPC is sold our HPC, the one that started this thread, is Sold. Thanks SC! - Enjoy. Rob
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    HPC for sale

    Mine is actually still for sale. Hi My HPC is still for sale. After several almost-sales, its still on the block. Please PM me if interested. rob
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    Towable Generators

    JB Straubel is the designer of the porsche pusher! I didn't see anyone document that the EV Pusher red 944 is JB's car! The very father of the Tesla built a pusher vehicle while in college. If anyone want's an answer to whether the Tesla could be pushed, just dial up JB. rob
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    It's the Batteries, Stupid!

    Does anyone know what mAh batteries Tesla uses? folks, Sorry if the answer to this is posted somewhere else here....I couldn't find it. does anyone know what density batteries Tesla is using? typical densities for these batteries are 2200mAh. Older cells are the 1800 mAh variety, and...
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    Will It Drift?

    i'd love to drag, or track. Yes, I'm a west-coaster. I gave up a shot at Laguna Seca track day 1 week after I picked my Tesla. [logistics, closed trailer hauling, etc. ...too much]. I live in Oakland, quite close to Infineon [Sears Point forever]. I need to peek around at the track day...
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    Will It Drift?

    No, it doesn't drift, this car plows. I sure wish it drifted, not that I drive it hard that much anyway. Yet I have to dispute the conclusion on the video.....the car in the video drifted for a few moments then went right back into its massive understeer mode. I presume that they had TC off...
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    HPC for sale

    Price is $2k. The price of the charger is $2k. So, if someone wants to save an even $1k for a charger that has been installed fewer than 80 days. This is for you. It works great, I've never had a fault except for the the smoke alarm. On install, it simply never functioned. I called Steven...
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    HPC for sale

    yep, its the original Tesla HPC, not a Clipper Creek Its an original Tesla HPC. I'd love to be able to donate it, but with changes in fortunes over the last year [i know i'm not the only one], I can't afford the hit, even if we confirm tax status. I'll try to post a photo later today. Rob
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    HPC for sale

    I am hoping to get our 240 charger in the next few weeks. As soon as I get it, our HPC will be offered for sale. We got our Roadster in Feb, and HAVE installed and used the HPC. Works great. I have only used it up to 40amps and typically only feed 24 amps through it since the incoming power in...
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    Unofficial Tesla Roadster Owners page

    got ours on feb 13, the day before valentines day...it happened to be our Anniversary. [which Tesla knew, and worked hard to meet]. car 173, glacier blue and living in the SF bay area. rob and jessie.
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    What did you have before the Roadster?

    2000 Honda Insight sold for Tesla. So sad to have replaced our 2000 Honda Insight when the roadster came. It was the funky green color [citrus yellow, only produced one year], and it had a 58mpg lifetime average. -Thats mixed city and hwy driving for 105k miles! And it only ever was serviced...
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    Production/Delivery Status

    dave, either your friend has moved up from #189 to 188 and his car IS twilight blue OR, your friend is really my brother in law. My brother in law's car is Glacier Blue, and while being car #190 for over a year, he was told last week that he is now #189. does your friend live in los altos...
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    Production/Delivery Status

    #173 was at Menlo on Tuesday This is a bit behind, but hopefully still useful: Our car, #173 was in the production building on Tuesday. We went for the Town Hall meeting, but the real bonus was Steve letting us sit in our car. It still had shipping tape, and had not yet entered assembly, but...