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    Tesla releases big, new software update with Disney+, Car Wash Mode, remain connected to wifi, and more - 2021.24.x

    And now another update already... 2021.24.2 is currently installing. This one fixes the 2024 misnaming... Lol
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    Tesla releases big, new software update with Disney+, Car Wash Mode, remain connected to wifi, and more - 2021.24.x

    Apparently I have an update from three years into the future. Still no FSD button even in 2024... Lol
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    Tesla releases big, new software update with Disney+, Car Wash Mode, remain connected to wifi, and more - 2021.24.x

    I'm installing 24.1 now. I guess the .24 release had an issue so they held off on a wide release until .1 was ready.
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    Tesla releases big, new software update with Disney+, Car Wash Mode, remain connected to wifi, and more - 2021.24.x

    I'm installing 2021.24.1 to my 2020 Model S LR right now. I would imagine the .1 is just minor fixes to the main .24 release.
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    Excellent Tesla Service experience

    Unfortunately, the yellow border will come back. I've had my MCU screen on my 90D replaced twice for that issue before my warranty ran out. I am hoping this no longer an issue on the Raven and soon to be released Plaid editions of the car.
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    New Sofrware 2019.32.11

    I got the update last night in my 2016 AP 2 Model S 90D. Took a drive today. I do have Spotify but of course no Netflix. Autopilot has some changes. It now shows oncoming traffic, differentiates between dashed, solid, and double solid lane lines, and the animations are much smoother now.
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    NoA improved with 2018.49.20

    I finally got the NoAP feature today. I had a map update that was stuck in wifi delay but the Nashville SC forced it through. I used the NoAP during my drive back to Memphis. For the most part it worked great. Every now and then it would prompt me to return the right lane while another...
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    Battery runs out with 16% indicated range remaining

    I own a S90D (non-performance). It was advertised at 294 max range and it used to charge to that rating. Whenever I took long trips it would never come close to its rating though. The car would drop to around 270 after about 10 miles of driving. Now the car only charges to 274-277 max. I have...
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    Software Update 2018.48.x

    Moderator note (bmah): This is the first post of another thread discussing software update 2018.48.12.1, which has been merged into this thread because it's basically discussing the same thing now. Just installed version 2018.48.12.1. No Pole Position and no USB controller support added to my...
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    Still no Nav on AP

    So the Tesla guy on the phone said I was missing a map update required for the nav on AP feature. That was back in October. Now it is December and I still don't have said map update. There is a Tesla ranger coming out on the 20th to replace my MCU (yellow ring issue again) so hopefully he can...
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    Software Update 2018.36.2

    I have had issues with my displays rebooting and displaying various warnings while driving. Turns out that it was my Android phone causing the problems. If the phone was plugged in and in its file sharing mode it caused havoc with the Tesla computer. If I changed its mode to charge only all...
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    Model S Technical / Mechanical Issues

    Hello all, Has anyone here experienced an issue with the MCU display where a yellow-ish ring appears near the outer edge of the screen? This is the second time I am having this issue. The MCU had to be replaced the first time. I don't want to have to wait for another replacement if this ring...
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    Software Update 2018.28.5 377ec8b

    The nag is distance related so right now it's roughly every half mile. Tesla probably isn't going to change that anytime soon.
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    AP nag interval solved

    Hey all, Just wanted to let folks know that the nag interval for AP does not appear to be time based. It appears to be distance based. I found the interval to be ~0.5 miles between nags. This accounts for the uneven intervals others have seen when trying to time them as your speed factors...
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    2018.26 3bbd9fd .-

    I have a S90D AP2 car and just did my first dtive with 2018.26. Some roads that I experienced problems on are now smooth. These same roads did not have any issues with 2018.21 and earlier. I am beginning to think the minor fixes and improvements pertain to newly gathered AP data.
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    Model S Software/Firmware wishlist

    Multi-lane recognition on local roads with auto lane change would be nice too.
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    Model S Software/Firmware wishlist

    I would like to see AP in different functional levels. Kind of like software license levels. A basic AP that comes standard but only includes lane keeping, auto lane change on interstates, and TACC functions. Then an 'advanced version' that has everything.
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    Software Update 2018.21.9 75bdbc11

    I have been testing a road with every new version of firmware. This road isn't difficult as it is a divided four lane with 'turn around' segments every so often and the road only has a couple long sweeping curves. With 2018.10.4 the car would navigate the road perfectly. With 2018.18 the car...
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    Model S range and interior update imminent?

    I am about ready to trade in my S90D for an S100D. Don't know if I should wait until October/November to see if any changes are made.
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    Model S crashes... in Deadpool 2

    Just got out of the Deadpool 2 movie and I am pretty sure I saw a Model S crashing in that movie. Don't want to reveal any spoilers so I won't give any details since that scene wasn't in any of the trailers.
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    Software Update 2018.18

    I just received 2018.18. Browser is much improved. Speedtest.net actually works. Results were disappointing though... 1.5Mbps down and lost connection on upload test. This is over a 1 Gb fiber Internet. Wireless AC would definitely help here. I am guessing Tesla is still on wireless N for...
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    Buyer beware. Buying a CPO Tesla feels like a SCAM.

    Every car I ever traded in was in way better condition than that CPO car. It really doesn't take much to identify and correct the issues in your photos. Looks like someone at Tesla was being lazy with their job.
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    NTSB Wants Information on Tesla Autopilot Accident

    I have driven thousands of miles on autopilot and never ever came close to doing anything like this. Of course I actually follow the instructions given by my car and if I do need to look away or take my hands off the wheel I'll look down the road first to make sure there aren't any obstacles...
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    Early 75/75D pack degradation

    I have found that with my S 90D that the only way I can get even close to the rated range is if I drive in optimal conditions at an average of 55 mph. I personally go by the projected range instead and ignore the rated. I have 26,600 miles on my car and now it charges to 255 miles of rated...
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    2017.50.3.f3425a1 is out!

    My Model S is in for yearly service and I just received a notification on my app so I should get this update during my service.
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    A couple things I never noticed before

    Hello everyone, I just wanted to post a couple things on the interface I never really noticed before. First, the map on the driver interface actually shows elevation as well. I thought it was just a 2D flat map but I noticed the other day I could see differences in gray scale showing hills and...
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    Do you keep Creep on or off?

    I leave creep mode on and use hill hold when at lights or in a drive through. Very convenient.
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    AT&T garbage network

    I don't how good ATT has neen for other Tesla vehicles but its been a joke in Memphis, TN lately. Map data loads in patches and streaming radio constantly has loading errors. I have corrected the isdue by keeping my T-Mobile hotspot active in the car and use it instead. Now my map data loads...
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    Homelink auto close reliable for you?

    The 2017.42 uodate has fixed my Homelink issues. The auto open/close has not failed since the update was applied.
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    Just got new update: 2017.42 a88c8d5

    2017.42 has fixed my Homelink issues. Works great now!!! AP seems about the same.
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    Homelink auto close reliable for you?

    Homelink auto open and close worked great for me until I brought my car in for an AP issue that dealt with the angle of the forward facing cameras. After the front array was readjusted to correct the AP issue my garage door would only open and close about 50% of the time. My driveway has about...
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    Just got new update: 2017.42 a88c8d5

    2017.40 kind of broke my homelink. My driveway is at 30 degree incline so my homelink doesn't always open the garage on the first try so I have to manually push a few times before it works. Now when I push the soft button nothing happens so I end up using my phone app to open the garage.
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    USB-C connector for premium front console - no plans to release

    Well frick, I just ordered and installed the Cable Creation USB C cable... I used this one though: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01NA6L3UZ/ref=twister_B0719Q2G6D?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1
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    Dickson, TN Supercharger

    Stopped at the Dickson SC on my way out of Nashville today. This one's in the Holiday Inn Express parking lot immediately off of I40.
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    2017.34 2448cfc

    Hi all, Today I received firmware 2017.34 2448cfc on my Model S AP2 car. Nothing new in the release notes other than the usual "minor fixes and improvements" note. Autopilot on the local roads in my area was a little smoother. There was less of a tendency for the car to jerk over when the...
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    Update Withdrawal...a WiFi issue?

    With the rash of updates that have come out since 17.17.x, I don't mind waiting. There have been lots of bug reports for all of the latest versions so I am hoping the next update I get will be the one that addresses most of the current major reported bugs.
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    17.24.30 HW2

    "Parody" vs "parity".
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    17.24.28 released - improved 'silky' update from 17.22.46?

    I'm still on 17.17.17 but I can say after the SC in Nashville fixed an issue sited in a service bulletin that affected some AP2 vehicles, my Model S is performing much better when auto pilot is engaged. The bulletin had to do with the front camera assembly mount putting the cameras at the wrong...
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    What's your 6.0+ car name (if you are willing to share?)

    I've changed my car name three times already... It went from Elika to Veronica to Midnight Air.
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    17.11.45 AP woes

    I'll be so happy when I get it. I read 17.17.17 fixes a couple shortcomings in 17.17.4 so I'm glad I didn't get that update.
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    17.11.45 AP woes

    Okay, it seems ever since 17.17.4 and later hit the scene my car no longer let's me activate auto steer on interstates. I still have it on local roads at 35 mph but now when I'm on the interstate I only get the auto steer icon at 55 mph and below without auto lane change. I hope this gets...
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    How to stop these things from happening?

    I was at the Jackson, TN Supercharger earlier this year and this guy backed into a spot: Last I checked Dodge trucks were not compatible with Tesla Superchargers. Good thing the Supercharger was mostly empty Otherwise a Tesla driver would have had to wait for this truck to finish 'charging'.
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    Supercharger - Little Rock, AR

    The Memphis, Jackson TN, and Bowling Green Superchargers are all that way. I figured that was the norm and the one in Nashville was different. There is definitely no issues with clearance or other obstacles.