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    2015 Model S MCU Upgrade UK Delay

    I booked mine in April last year, and got the upgrade in September (With three re-arrangements from May, June and finally September).
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    [UK] 2023.2.x

    I got 2023.2.12 this morning and noticed something interesting - post upgrade I gained 4% of reported battery going from 77% to 81% immediately after the upgrade (and staying at that level since). This is on a 2018 Model S 75D.
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    MCU2 upgrade lead time

    I had my car booked in to Nottingham Service Centre for an MCU2 upgrade last week, along with a few other bits under warranty. However they weren't able to do the MCU2 as they didn't have any in stock, and no ETA on when they will get them. Has anyone had any recent experience here on the lead...
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    Buying a Tesla Used Inventory car in the UK

    So the car is booked in next week to sort all the body work issues, but just don’t get why they didn’t use the three weeks from order to collection to sort it…. In fact they did nothing! Now they have to loan me a courtesy car for however long it takes. I’d still say I’m happy overall, but the...
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    Used inventory MoT

    It’s booked in on Tuesday to sort out all the body work issues, and there wasn’t any argument of them being done. Just don’t get why it takes Tesla three weeks from order to collection when they don’t seem to do a thing to really prep the car! Now they have to loan me a courtesy car for...
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    Used inventory MoT

    I collected a used inventory Model S today. First issue was some bad bodywork they hadn’t fixed in the 3 weeks since placing the order and collection, telling me to book a service appointment to get it done. The other unexpected surprise the car only has 6 months of MoT left. I’d noticed this...
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    Buying a Tesla Used Inventory car in the UK

    So I’ve just collected a Model S today from Southampton. Firstly, timeline: 8th April - ordered the car after a phone call confirming spec, including 2 keys and CCS upgrade. 19th - received a delivery date of 28th, rang and requested 27th instead which was fine. 21st - invoice received for...
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    Rumour of free premium for leases cars ending

    Option to renew just appeared in the app for me, but the car is going back on Tuesday anyway as I’m leaving the company! I wonder how long it’ll take before Leaseplan remove the car from my account. The app update says option to ‘Manage lease returns’ and transfer ownership but don’t see...
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    Fully Charged Live 2022

    I’ve got two tickets for Sunday but looks like we won’t be able to go…. If anyone is interested in two tickets drop me a message!
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    TeslaMate [megathread]

    @Godsense I used pivpn to install the VPN on my Pi (PIVPN: Simplest way to setup a VPN) - just a scripted install, although I went for the Wireguard option rather than OpenVPN. Works well for me (using IPv6 as I don't have an internet routable IPv4 address from my ISP as I'm behind CG-NAT). In...
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    UK For Sale / Wanted / Free [closed for new items]

    Hi there, I’ve got a Nomad wireless charging mat for a Model 3. My other half got it as a Christmas present, but after some screw ups with my order I only just got my car on Thursday and it came with wireless charging! The box has been opened when I got it on Christmas, but hasn’t been touched...