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    Hello, I need feedbacks from owners with N2itive kit installed.

    Here you go. The front has always sat a little lower than the rears. Not sure if this was normal. Camber is -0.1 and 0.7 in the rear.
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    Hello, I need feedbacks from owners with N2itive kit installed.

    I just got a set installed and dont notice any additional noises. It does ride a bit rougher, but I also had them set the "low" height as if it was on "very low". As you go lower, the ride quality will deteriorate some. I have a 2016 P90d. Besides prolonging the half shaft and tire wear, it...
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    Model X front end creaking

    My 2016 with 82k miles just started to do this. I bought it used with 4 year warranty, so I’ve got an appointment next week to hopefully resolve. It sounds like a total hooptie driving slow
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    Refreshed Model-X "Light Show", no falcon wing door flapping?

    Is the new show only available on the newer x? I just did it earlier today on mine (2016 P) and it was the original one
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    Model X 90kWh battery pack degradation

    My 2016 P90D with about 75k miles 90% is at 199 miles. Seems to be over 10% loss if I back calculate the full range at 250 miles. Is this enough to request a replacement? Edit: read back some pages and I guess they don’t cover it for older cars.
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    What does (will) your personalized plate say?

    Here’s mine. It’s the only picture I have of it and I took it at the service center to show that the spoiler was stuck
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    Installed BlackVue 900X, CM100LTE module, and backup battery

    You have 3 cables running to the camera? I only have 2. No wonder it wouldn’t fit in the channel.
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    Installed BlackVue 900X, CM100LTE module, and backup battery

    I've noticed I have some significant drain on my battery. I dont think it would be the dash cam causing this, but I became more paranoid so I started paying attention to the mileage. I used a rental car for the last 3 days, and I noticed I lost about 18 miles in range just sitting in my...
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    Is Tesla service the best/reliable for windshield replacements?

    Do they take the camera, mirror and wiring off and reattach it on the new windshield? Just curious since I just wired up a dash cam and taking off the center channel was such a pain. I can’t imagine taking everything else off
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    Installed BlackVue 900X, CM100LTE module, and backup battery

    Did you trim the shielding off the power wires?
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    Installed BlackVue 900X, CM100LTE module, and backup battery

    what color is your acc and batt wire? Now that I’m thinking about It, maybe my wires are misplaced. My acc wire is red, and the batt wire is yellow Never mind, those are correct. Not sure why mine doesn’t work correctly
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    Installed BlackVue 900X, CM100LTE module, and backup battery

    I used a zip tie to feed through and pull out the cable. I’m having problems with the accessory mode. It doesn’t go into parking mode immediately when it’s switched off, nor does it go the other way around. Definitely have switched power going to the “acc” wire
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    Installed BlackVue 900X, CM100LTE module, and backup battery

    Here are some pics of mine. I got a dr900x plus, 2 channel. There was one spot where I couldn’t get the wire inside the liner by the sun visor. Rear looks basically like the others except I pulled my wire through the rubber conduit leading to the trunk. Not really sure if the parking mode...
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    Installed BlackVue 900X, CM100LTE module, and backup battery

    I just finished my 900x plus today. Mine is a 2016, so I pulled the channel and had to reattach it with some 3m tape. Broke the tabs on the camera cover but it fits well enough. Got all the wires hidden except where it connects to the camera. I ended up stripping the jacket around the power...
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    Black exterior rubber molding with cracks and chunks missing

    Costa Mesa SC would not fix mine under warranty. I had a piece separate from the end and was flapping around. I ended up just getting a razor blade and cut it off
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    EVOffer / Tesla Offer electric frunk install

    Thanks for testing out the load feature! 😂. I’ll make sure to stay clear when it’s closing. I’ve had mine for about a year now and no issues with 12v battery. I did get the battery replaced about a month after I installed it, and it was covered under warranty without question.
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    Since yesterday's update, can't change the charging limit

    Oh I found it now thanks to you. I didn’t see it mentioned anywhere in the release notes. I wish they would have left it on the Home Screen and used the new pin function as an togggle option in settings. I personally don’t see a need to quick access hiding/un hiding locations on the map.
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    Since yesterday's update, can't change the charging limit

    I’m bummed about the missing nearby supercharger locations list with the icon. I hope it comes back soon. Doing a search in the navigation searches in Colorado for done reason
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    Falcon Wing Door Glass Seal deteriorating

    Costa Mesa, CA would not replace mine under warranty and said it was a cosmetic wear and tear item. This was 2 weeks ago
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    Distance shown in miles in the App

    My car shows “miles” added as KM. Anyone else encounter this?
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    App and widget updating vehicle status separately?

    My widget option seems to have disappeared. I uninstalled and reinstalled the app, and no longer show the app listed when I try to customize
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    yeah, the app figured itself out. Its there now. Love that i can adjust on the fly to match solar output. I deleted my post. I also mentioned that the KW display wasnt working. But the car was off. DUH
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    Model X - SW ver 2021.32.20

    I like it because its a visual of when the power starts to taper off. When I stand on it, it’s near 400 kw when the battery is full, and slowly gets lower as the charge drops. I was bummed once when I lined up next to a gtr once and I was at less than 75 miles. Could feel and see the drop...
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    Model X - SW ver 2021.32.20

    Is the power output numbers still gone?
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    I haven’t installed 32.10 yet because I read it took away the kw output on the display. Did it come back with this version?
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    Got the option to upgrade, but I’m going to hold off because of the missing energy consumption values. Hopefully it gets fixed in upcoming releases.
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    Wireless charging and sentry setup

    I bought this and it’s been great. Looks to be out of stock, but I’m sure there are others like it on Amazon. TapTes Model X S Qi Wireless... https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07R1NPFX6?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share
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    Suspension Heights Wrong After Update

    Shoot sorry I see there might be a thread on this already
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    Suspension Heights Wrong After Update

    I noticed today that my suspension height settings look to be mis-aligned. I have the car set to “always low” when driving, but it now looks like it is set to very low, with the option to go lower. I assume the text is just misaligned, but curious if others are seeing this as well
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    looking for electric frunk feedback

    I love it! I have the Tesla Offer version. Customer support was top notch when I was installing. I did have my 12v replaced after it was installed, but it seems to have been from age and not the electronics.
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    Subtle clunk noise when flooring it or slamming on the brakes - any ideas?

    Front tow hook sliding in frunk maybe?
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    The shudder problem: Current status (end of February 2020)

    I just got mine replaced earlier this month (2016 P90). They used the same parts from the first time they fixed it feb 2020 HALF SHAFT - FRONT LEFT(1027111-00-D) HALF SHAFT - FRONT RIGHT(1027115-00-D) CLVS ASSY,DBL ISO,LHS MTR MNT,SDU-F(1055366-00-H) it’s getting a new front drive unit...
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    “Differential” wobble noise?

    Update: Had the car back in for some other repairs, and had them look at the noise again. This time at a different service center. They replaced the half shafts and mounts again and said it was fixed. That didnt do it so they told me to bring it back in. Now they're replacing the front...
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    Center cubby wireless charging mod

    That’s a whole lot of work!! I bought this thing and have been very happy with it. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07R1NPFX6/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apip_pVQlkfEmFYPpC
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    Excessive front tire wear

    I just had my axles replaced (for the second time) as well as the front left strut. They also told me the same thing that it didn’t need to be aligned. Ive had an independent shop align my car in the past and debating on bringing it back for them to check. On the other hand, the 22”...
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    What is the max KW consumption on a P90D?

    Does anyone know what is the max KW consumption on a P90D is on full throttle? Decided to look down away from the road the other day and mine is 400kw. Is that about right? Car has been feeling slower lately, maybe I’m just getting too used to it and need something faster :)
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    Rear trunk "TESLA" trim without text?

    I have a brand new one for sale if you’re interested. I had mine replaced, but the replacement was slightly scratched. So they ordered another for me. I could barely see the scratch and they were going to toss it, so they just gave me the new one and I left the scratched on my car
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    LTE Outage

    My streaming music hasn’t worked since Friday. Still not working for me. I’m also in SoCal if that makes a difference
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    Front axles keep breaking

    Has anyone done this upgrade? I’d like to try it, but I have another 3 years of warranty, so I don’t want to deal with having that voided because I’m trying to fix Tesla’s problem.
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    Help identify acceleration clicking noise

    Mine does that too, mostly on full throttle runs. I think of it more like a rattle. I think it’s related to the shudder. I’ve had the axles and mount replaced once already. I drive on low, and when I put in very low, it doesn’t make that sound.
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    2020 Model X Vibration in front of vehicle when just about to stop on a (slight) decline and wipers suck

    I was also getting the streak on the drivers side return, so I had my wipers replaced a couple weeks ago. decided to finally try them out yesterday and wash the windshield. Same exact problem. So either they didn’t replace the wipers, or the wipers suck
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    2017 X 75D suddenly increased max supercharging speed!!

    I was also capped at 92kw for thr longest time. I just got my MCU 2 upgrade and hit 160kw!! I’m assuming the newer unit was able to receive the latest updates and that’s the reasoning behind my bump. I was stuck on 2020.48.12 prior to upgrade this week
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    eMMC recall vs. MCU2 Upgrade

    Here’s a pic of my parts order email I did a google search for the part# and it seems to be for an S? Model S HW3.0 and MCU2 Upgrade Configurations
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    eMMC recall vs. MCU2 Upgrade

    I would assume I’m getting a new screen since my quote was for $1500. I can’t access my vehicle now to see if the estimate shows the part
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    eMMC recall vs. MCU2 Upgrade

    I have my car in now getting the upgrade. Hopefully will be finished tomorrow since I also had a list of other things to address The part ordered for me is: 9874564-00-A for my AP1.
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    "Tesla Offer" Models X (& S, 3, & Y) Powered Frunk Hood Group Buy?

    Tesla offer customer service is top notch if that’s a deciding factor. Raymond is always quick to respond
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    MCU Upgraders - Heads up

    I’ve got my upgrade scheduled in 10 days. 2016 P90. Got the email that the parts have arrived. What I’m most looking forward to is the instrument cluster starting up quickly. My IC takes a while to load up, even after only being away for a few minutes. Of course it seems to always happen...
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    News for Model X owners with the dreaded shudder

    mine is a 2016 P90. When I took it back last summer about the vibration, they told me this even though the car is on "always low": "Technician perform road test and verified there is a normal little vibration during the hard acceleration when suspension on standard. The vibration is more...
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    News for Model X owners with the dreaded shudder

    Mine is the 22nd since I’m waiting for the infotainment upgrade parts to come in. I’d like to see what your diagnosis is vs mine.